Hint Of Darkness

Hint Of Darkness – episode 4


The building in which she lived with her
husband was in an isolated part of Jerico,
Ibadan. It must have been constructed in the
80s but renovated to give it a nice look. Though
the house boasted of a garden in front and
bright colors of paint at the exterior, there was
still a hint of darkness hovering over the
She led the way into the two bedroom
apartment. It was very dark in,side, I had to
watch my steps carefully, all of a sudden she
stopped moving but it was already too late for
me, so my body crashed into hers.
Immediately, the sweet fregnance of her hair
and the softness of her bumbum heightened
my senses.
“standstill, let me put on the light”, she said.
The living room was not too spacious, though it
was exquisitely designed.
“Are those your husband’s parents?” I asked,
pointing to an artwork made of oil paint hung
on the wall.
“Yes. Those are the people that gave birth to
the b—–d!”
I held her as she started crying again. I must
admit that I was getting turned on by the
softness of her b—–s arched against my
“You are safe now”, I said.
She held on tighter and it felt good.
“I am sure you think I am a mess, I am sorry.
Its just that I gave my all for this marriage to
She freed herself from my embrace and walked
into what I supposed was her room. It was
already 5:30pm, I wandered if I should try to
convince her to stay in my apartment for the
night and leave for Lagos the next morning.
My phone rang, it was Jes. I switched it off.
When she came back t the parlour, she had two
big travelling boxes.
“Don’t you think it would be a better idea to
stay in my house tonight and leave for Lagos in
the morning?”
She looked at me for some seconds before
“Don’t you have a wife or a girlfriend that would
cut off my head?” she asked.
“No, I am single”.
“You really think its a good idea?”
She dropped the boxers and walked around. it
was clear that she was thinking about my
“Why don’t we stay here for tonight, then you
can take me to the park in the morning. I would
prefer that, I hope it wouldn’t be much trouble.
I pretended that I was considering it for a
then I agreed.
“Thank you very much, I really didn’t want to
go and meet my friends today with a swollen
She came for another hug, I obliged her.


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