Hint Of Darkness

Hint Of Darkness – episode 5


We spent most of the evening talking about the
kind of weakness that made a guy hit a woman
and how it was usually because the guy was
insecure himself. I wondered if I should have
Shade to teach her lesson or two.
When it was time to sleep, I asked her to give
me a piece of cloth to cover myself with as I
slept on the couch. she refused.
“Please, sleep beside me. I wouldn’t be able to
sleep if I am alone on the bed. I am scared”
“But I am just a door away” I said, hoping she
insists. But she didn’t.
I tried to force myself to sleep but I couldn’t, I
kept thinking of the lady in the other room. I
really wanted t spend the night in,side her, not
on her uncomfortable couch. I wondered if I
could just sneak out of the house and meet up
wit Jes. The drink was working, I was as Hot as
I slept off.
It felt like a dream, like figment of my
imagination. But she was in front of me. she
was Unclad. I closed my eyes again, expecting
the optical illusion to let go of me.
“Why are you closing your eyes, don’t you want
I gasped. This poo was real.
“I was thinking it is the least I can do for all
have done”
I wanted to say she shouldn’t bother, but that
was foolishness because I wanted her to. I
wanted to bury my face on those ripe looking
b—–s in front of me but I didn’t know how to
go about it.
She took my hand and led me into the room.
She squatted in front of me and fumbled with
my buckle for some time before wriggling it
free. then she car-ssed pulled my boxers to my
knees and brought out my Joystick. As she
squatted, I could see the dark sheen made by
hair pub-c hair, it was beautiful also. Her lovely
legs, one on each side of my leg, were resting
on her toes. her hand grabbed my asss as she
put first the tip of my Joystick in her mouth,
but she went further. I held her head as my
teeth grinded against each other.
After sometime of s-cking, she stood up with
legs spread apart, took my hand and put it in-
between. Her warm fluid spread along my
fingers, she mo-ned as I tickled her.
“I want you to make love to me on his bed”
I carried her up and covered the distance to the
bed, where I placed her gently with legs spread
“Bleep me like I belong to you”
I couldn’t believe my luck.
I plunged into her like my life depended on it.
she let out a scre-m that was more from
pleasure than pain. Her hands went across my
neck as she moved her wa-ist, meeting me
t—-t to t—-t.
After coming for the third time that night, I
to sleep. I woke up to a s-nsation on my balls.
She was s-cking at them. involuntarily i
became hærd.
“I want you to Bleep me an-lly”
a Vaseline that I didn’t notice earlier was
scoped by her, she rubbed it generously against
my Joystick and went on all fours. i faced
some initially resistance when my Joystick
wanted to get in, but after a few rhythmic
t—-t, it went in finally. I pumped her with all
that i had. the firs reason was because i like the
way she backed up her bums, the other reason
was i wanted to weaken her o she would let me
sleep. After about Fifteen minutes of heart
wrenching, hair grabbing, ball tickling an-l s*x,
came in,side her.
The last thing i remembered as i slept was her
beautiful satisfied face k-ssing me.
I woke up to a punch on the face. It was the
most painful thing i had ever felt. The man
standing in front of me was atleast 6 foot 4″
with the kind of beards that Rickross would
He must be her husband, i said to myself. I
wanted to flee but his big frame was covering
everywhere, i doubted if apologies would shield
me from further punches.
The girl i had just devoured still slept peacefully
on the bed, i was sure he was going to kill her
after he was done with me.
“I am sorry sir,” I said.
That was followed by a blow to my chest, I fell
back on the bed.
That was when she woke up.
They stared at themselves for a while. i
expected to see fear in her eyes and see hatred
in his but it wasn’t so. I saw defiance in hers
and astonishment in his.
“So you bleeped him?” he asked her, moving
closer to where she was.
“Yes, all night” she replied.
I wanted to beg her to shut up, i was in so
much pain so i kept quiet.
“Where you satisfied, was he any good?”
“Yes, though i have had better”
i didn’t know the kind of hatred she had for him
for saying all these things, but i wanted to be
“You packed the bags, why didn’t you leave?”
he asked her.
“There was no need to be in a hurry, they would
be back on Sunday”.
That was when i knew something was amiss.
“Who are they? I thought your husband was the
one coming on sunday, who is this?” i asked
the girl.
I passed out as the next punch made an impact
with my face.
When i woke up, the lady and her man were
counting some wads of Naira close to the bed.
“Who are you?” I asked the lady.
She smiled back at me, the guy didn’t seem to
bother, all his attention was on the money.
I realised I had been bound to the bed, both my
hands and legs.
“You ask too many questions”, she replied.
“Please just answer me, what is happening
She ignored me again and started arranging the
money in a different bag.
“So much money makes me Hot”, the heavily
bearded guy said.
“Come and Bleep me, i am Hot too” she said.
“I thought he bleeped you all night, ma
“But he is not you, dear”
She started pulling off her p-nt. I wanted to
throw up.
“No, i can still see his Fluid dripping off your
“So you rather Bleep him?”
He nodded.
I thought it was a joke, all i wanted to do was
beg for my freedom but i didn’t want to
interrupt their discussion, they could see it as
rudeness, I wanted to be polite.
She tossed him the Vaseline, the same one she
had used on me the night before. Then she
pulled my boxers, my butt, all Unclad was
facing the bearded guy. She went to him,
s—-d his Joystick for a while, then lubricated
it with the Vaseline she had tossed to him.
I begged, i cried, i threatened, then i begged
some more….the bearded guy didn’t care. he rammed himself into me.


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