His s*xual Addiction episode 12 – 13


{ His Personal Maid }πŸ’„

By, Cisca. H.

Chapter 12&13: GOSSIPS.

” You haven’t eaten since morning, you need to have something in your stomach.”

” Dacia, honestly I’m not hungry. ” He refused.

” You said that in the morning and now you’re saying it this noon? Come on, babe, eat something even if it is a bite. ”

” Dacia, you can’t force me to eat. If I am hungry, you know I will eat anything. But now I ain’t. ” He persisted.

” You have to eat something, please for my sake. ” She stood up, ” I’ll tell Stella to get the meals ready. ” She left home heading back to the mansion.

He didn’t know how to convince her that he was really not hungry, to let her know that he has lost the appetite to have anything without involving the fact that he is a blood s-cking vampire.

And even if he ends up dinning with her, he just doesn’t know how to avoid messing up in her presence. What’s he gonna do now? He thought.


The food was served, Dacia began to eat her food slowly while he held his spoon, staring at the food right before him.

He didn’t know where and how to start eating the meal, especially while she was looking at him. And the smell of the sausage made his stomach grumbled that he felt like vomiting.

” What’s wrong? ” She asked him.

He looked at her, ” What’s this meal? ” He asked, pretending not to know what it was.

” That’s sausage, My Love. You don’t like it? ” She asked again.

” No, I love sausage. ” He returned his gaze at his food again. ” Who cooked it? ” He asked.

” The Cooks. Is there a problem with the sausage? ”

” It doesn’t look tasty like the last one I ate. What happened to our previous Cook? ” He inquired.

” She was accused for stealing some food stuffs for her gain. ” She answered.

” What?! ”

” Yes, she sold them to the market while she took the money to herself. One of the chefs saw her and quickly reported her to me. I had no choice but to punish her, like you instructed. ”

” She’s dead? ” He asked.

” I had to. Besides, that is the rules and it should be kept. Well, ” she pick a spoonful of her sausage. ” this is still sweet. You can check it out yourself. ”

He knew he won’t win trying to ask about the previous Cook, Dacia was just too smart for his pretence. And no how, she was gonna make him say what he fears to say.

Finally he took a spoonful of the sausage, putting it in his mouth. She was happy when she saw him chew it. Stella walked in to whisper something to her, he quickly spat the sausage in his small towel.

After Stella had finished whispering to her, she turned her gaze to him, beaming a smile. ” I’m full. ” He said.

The smile faded, turning to a slight frown. ” Stella?! ” She called her back, ” Take the foods away. ”

Their eyes were fixed at each other, as Stella took the plates away. ” Why did you stop eating? ” He asked in a soft voice.

” Why did you stop eating? ” She asked back.

” I told you, I ain’t hungry. ”

” Well, guess I just lost the appetite just now. ”

” Dacia, you don’t understand. ”

” Then make me. I want to understand, what is really going on? ” She asked, sounding worried.

” Like I told you, I fell ill. I left my medicines, they don’t just cure the illness, they get me hungry. And now I’m not with it, I can’t eat anything without having the appetite. You have to believe me, I’m not the one depriving myself from eating. It’s already part of me now. ”

” Then we have to send someone to California to get the drugs, and more of it if possible. ” She suggested.

” Do you think that’s necessary? ”

” Babe, you aren’t eating anything since you returned. Of course, it is necessary. I’ll prepare the flight by tomorrow, we need to end this before it gets too serious. ” She stood up about to go. ” You have a rest while I go check on the girls, okay? ” She went to his side, placing a k-ss on his cheek.

She left the hall to inspect the maids. She first went to the kitchen, they were all busy. The room was filled with smokes from the stove and those leaving from the pots.

She didn’t stay too long because of the smoke, she left to the garden. The gardeners weren’t less busy either. They were divided into sections among themselves.

Some watered the flowers, some were cutting the over grown grasses while the others cleared it up. She was impressed on how they did their work perfectly well.

As soon as they noticed her presence, they all stopped what they were doing, bowing their heads at her. ” Good afternoon, madam Dacia. ” They greeted in unison.

” Good afternoon. ” She returned the greeting, leaving to the laundry room.

They were almost done washing the clothes and rinsing it too. She watched as they took it to the second garden where they had all the clothes spread.

She went over to see how those sections were doing. On sighting one of her washed clothes, she called the girl who had spread it.

” Hey, you! ” She used her first to demonstrate the word, ” come over here. ”

Avery dropped the blanket she was spreading to answer her. ” Yes, madam. ”

” That gown over there, ” pointing at her navy blue gown, ” why is that stain on it? ” She asked.

” I don’t know. I asked those who washed it, they also said the same thing to me. ”

” So, who dropped the stain on it then? ”

” I… I’ll return it back to them now. We’ll work on it before the day runs out. ”

” Better, or else every single one of you will have to pay for it. ”

” Yes, ma’am. I understand. ”

” Well, I change my mind. ” Avery whose face has been faced to the ground, slowly rose it up. ” I want you to wash the stains off yourself. Don’t expect me to remind you when to return it back to my room. Understood? ”

” Yes, ma’am. ”

” Good. You can return back to work. ” Avery watched her leave. She felt tired immediately Madam Dacia had ordered her to rewash the cloth.

She finished spreading the rest of the washed clothes before thinking of rewashing that of Madam Dacia’s. Victoria who has seen what happened, came to where she sat rewashing the cloth.

” I saw what happened. Tell me you weren’t the one who did this. ” She inquired.

” I swear, I’m not the one. Besides, what good is it of to me that I would want to destroy it? ”

” I don’t know if I am the only one noticing this. ”

” Noticing what? ”

” Madam Dacia’s attitude. It isn’t as annoying as before. Ever since The Master returned, she’s been a bit nice and head calmed to us. I guess he is her weakness or something. ”

” If truly he is the cause of her calmness, then I pray he never leaves until I’m dead. At least, no one will have to die a merciless death anymore. ”

” You’re talking about Eve, right? ”

Avery paused, ” I still have her in my head. She’s only nineteen. She doesn’t deserve that early brutal. ”

” There’s nothing we can do about it, she’s dead and gone. We just have to keep to the rules and avoid that woman’s dreadful judgement. ”

” What woman? ” Becca mimicked Madam Dacia’s voice, causing Avery and Victoria’s heart to jump. They turned only to see her hands hung in her waste, putting on a mean face.

” Jesus Christ, Becca you scared the shit off me. Why the heck are you standing there like that?” Avery breathed in a thousand times to calm her missing heart back to its chamber. ” I hate you for that. ”

” Sorry guy, just felt like playing pranks with you. ”

” Yeah, that was a dangerous prank. ” Victoria added.

” Chill girls, it’s me now. Come on, what are you two gossiping about? ”

” Madam Dacia. ” Avery answered. ” You shouldn’t be here, she is supervising the wh0le section. ”

” I know, she came to the kitchen first before any other place so calm down. She’s in her room now, probably with The Master. ”

” So, what are you doing here? ”

” I came to have a little gossip with you guys. ” Avery and Victoria exchanged glances. ” Before I start, why are you washing cloth? I thought you are among those who spreads the clothes outside. ”

” Madam Dacia made me wash it. She complained of a little stain at the wa-ist side. She said every one of us will pay for it if it doesn’t wash out. So, as you can see, I am working on it. ”

” Hmmm. That’s a tough punishment, I’d say. ” She sat down. ” So, back to my reason for coming here, I overheard some girls talk about The Master. They said since he returned, he hasn’t have a bit of his food.

Even if he does, it’s not even up to a full spoon. They think something is actually not right about him. ”

” Come on, you can’t judge yet. Maybe he’s lost the appetite or maybe the meals aren’t that sweet for his taste. ” Victoria defended. ” Just like my father, each time he goes out of the country for a business trip or whatever, two days of his return, he never eat mom’s dish.

Not that mom isn’t a good cook, no. But, he’s still adapted to the foreign meals he always eat at abroad. Then after the two days are over, he struggles for mom’s dish like he’s digging hell. So, maybe that’s the same thing that’s happening to The Master. ”

” I also heard Madam Dacia was the one who made him dinner on the day of his return? ” Avery asked.

” Yeah, she was. ” Replied Becca.

” No wonder! ” Victoria exclaimed, not too long for anyone to hear. ” Maybe her dish wasn’t tasty. He must have had a bite from it only to make her happy. Who knows. So, let’s not draw into conclusion yet. ”

” You know what, I doubt if she is really the one who did the cooking. ” Victoria looked at Avery who shrugged her shoulders. ” When she was cooking, she had the door locked.

Who knows if one of the chief cooks might be in there to help her, then she will claim it was her who cooked it. You two have to know something about that woman, she’s a damn lazy bitch. ”


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To Be Continued….

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