His Bodyguard

His Bodyguard episode 15 – finale

his body_guard
chidinma Jerry m
“Maya you where sent to earth because of the Kai network. you are meant to stop them. the destiny of your country lies in your hands. one of them is your soulmate, the other is your helper. on the last day he will help you fulfil your destiny”she said.
“who is it!”I asked
“you won’t know,you will see”she said.
I stood up then headed home
I got a call from min hoo
“am waiting”he said I looked around then I saw min hoo I ran towards him he smiled
“oppa”I said he moved my hair into my ear.
“Maya I wanted you to take a look at this list. there are only 37 men in the k network”he said and turned on the system. but the first name was canceled.
“why is the first name covered?” I asked
“the leader… no one knows his name.. I saw it like this”he said
“uhmmm transfer the list to my phone”I said he nodded and sent it.
I bowed then walked in front.
soon I entered my car and drove home. I texted Chloe to come to my room.
I walked into the compound and my detective sight went up to Lara’s room balcony.. I smiled.
I tried calling out to her when Daniel walked out of her room I smiled as they both hugged while leaning on the balcony.
I leaned on the car and watched her in all smiles. finally her crush fell for her..
I moved my hair into my ear as he k-ssed her l-ips. I smiled..
they k-ssed for a while and he raised his hand to her Bre-st
what she let him
she let him
she is just seventeen
“hey Lara”I shouted and tried runing but someone dragged me back. I turned it was kyle. I smiled as he pulled me into his arms and hugged me from behind with his back leaned on his white car.
I smiled as I touched his hand then relaxed on his arms
he smiled and k-ssed my ear.
I laughed as I turned to look in his face.. he looked pretty in a white top. I smiled as I hugged him he held me tight
“look she stopped him”he said I turned and watched Lara gently unlock from the k-ss I smiled.
“let’s go in,side”I said to kyle
“let’s take a walk”he said.
we both Walked into the streets while holding hands
“I miss candy”he said
“am jealous”I said he smiled then k-ssed my cheek.
finally we both headed to his suite..
“how dare you device a detective.. my bestie is waiting in my room”I said
“you see her everyday… we just got together”he said I smiled soon we walked in and closed the suite door.
he turned on the light and I spinned around happily.
the bed was so beautiful.
“kyle…. what’s your plan?”I asked he smiled then k-ssed my l-ips.
I k-ssed him back then he took of my gown making me laugh
“cutie stop am hungry”I said
he carried me up..
“Kyle “I shouted he smiled then turned off the lights and placed me on the bed..I smiled as I took off his top then wrapped my legs over him trapping him in my arms.
“I love you”I said he moved down and k-ssed my tummy leaving me in all mo-ns. I smiled as he carefully pulled out my under wear.
“kyle”I said shyly
he k-ssed my tummy then took his l-ips down there.
“oh Kyle” I mo-ned as w¡dened legs.
he held my wa-ist freely.
minutes later
I mo-ned in sweet breathes as Kyle moved in and out of me.
his fingers car-ssing my br**st and ni**le. he was so gentle then so sweet.
I mo-ned sweetly then moved my fingers behind him.
after a while he moved out then I moved into his arms on the bed.
he lifted the duvet to cover my body after which he k-ssed my neck then k-ssed my shoulders.
I smiled as I held his hand to hold me tight before falling asleep.
“if you leave me I will beat you up”I said he laughed
“only death can do us part”he said.
I turned into his arms and hugged him.
Chloe’s POV.
I waited in Maya’s bed.
am glad I decided to move on from min hoo
he can’t love anyone else but Maya.
finally I decided to move on..I will give Sam a chance.
he is so sweet.
where is Maya.
finally Maya walked in while smiling happily.
I watched her step then fell on her pillow.
“I will tell your mum you had-
she hastilly used her hand to cover mouth.
“shhhhhh shhhhh”she said I smiled then watched her sit on the bed
“kyle right?”I said
“yes my sweetheart”she said I laughed
“ok Maya, the mission”I asked.
“here is the list. the first name is canceled. these men do not know that we have found them out. we can only end Kai network when we successfully get all the 38 men involved in this. this is why we must abduct them all. am glad that k.k is gone. their guards are nothing we cant handle. you are to get The first ten men abducted, Sam will get the second ten,min hoo will get The third ten while grace will get the last 7. I will personally find out who the main leader is”Maya said
“k,I will inform the team. we will all meet in a place then load them in a train after which we will transfer them to f.b.I. that will be the end” I said
“it will only work if we get the real leader. God help me”Maya said.
“me too” I replied as I took the list then hurried out..
Maya’s POV.
tomorrow is the biggest day
tommorow is the last day
I can’t believe I had s€×..
I miss mum.
I ran into her room then hugged her so much that she fell on the bed.
“Maya”she said
I placed my face on her chest
“mum I can fall in love. I k-ssed someone and he didn’t die. “I said
she hastily stood up
“really?”she asked
“yes I will call him now wait wait wait”I said she smiled happily.
I texted kyle.
just then Lara walked in
“mum are you hungry?”she said
“I was but not anymore. listen my love.. Maya k-ssed a boy but he didn’t die”my mum said.
Lara hastily hugged me I held her firm.
just then kyle walked in while pushing the black band into his hair he saw us and froze.
his l-ips childishly open
“mum his my boyfriend”I said
“huh Mr lee’s son?”
“the president’s son?”…
I smiled as I watched kyle move back I hastilly stood up and dragged his hand
“kyle k-ss me
“ahhh no am shy
“k-ss me please
“no no am shy am shy
he tried runing everybody laughed.
“oppa”I said
he used both hands to cover his pretty l-ips
“am shy”he shouted
I smiled he chukled then removed his hand.
“hey you–“I hastily pecked his l-ips.
he pouted his l-ips angrilly.
my mom and sister where so happy they didn’t know when they hugged him I stood by the door laughing as my mom forced chocolates into his mouth.
I laughed and suddenly started crying
“are you my soul mate??? I love you please be my soul mate”…
next morning.
the d day.
Maya’s POV.
I woke up from the bed then k-ssed Kyles sleeping l-ips.
he smiled and pulled in the k-ss I laughed
“am late”I shouted
he turned me over then hugged me tight.
he started k-ssing me all over my face.
I smiled as he k-ssed my neck down to my chest where he placed his head.
I smiled and touched his hair.
“Kyle”I said
“don’t go out today.. am scared. I have a big mission today ok”I said
he nodded then placed His face on my tummy I smiled as I took a deep breath.
it was time I stood up and k-ssed his l-ips then ran off.
he laughed.
I ran off.
I made a plan which I will use to catch the main Kai today.
I snucked into Kai’s house and sent him a text to meet Kai at the field. that is where I am headed.
I ran off and soon I arrived.
I his behind a car that was where I saw the governor, sir ronaldo. am so shocked.. I always suspected him.
I walked out
“you are under arrest sir”I said
“why what is going on,I don’t understand. I got a text telling me to come here” he said
I smiled
“you really think you can trick me? come here”I said and dragged his hand but thousands of fighters walked out.
I held his hand
“what did you do?”I asked
“I didn’t–
I pushed him away then started fighting the fighters off.
Chloe’s POV.
what is wrong
where is Maya.
we all already brought our own share of men from the k network. the train is full. its remaining the leader and Maya. where is Maya.”I walked to min hoo
“sir where is maya, we no longer have time.”I said
“she is coming”min hoo said.
just then Maya walked in wearing glasses.
wait Maya doesn’t wear glasses.
some thing is wrong
“I will drive this train to f.b.I” Maya said and tried entering the train
min hoo dragged her down and threw her to the floor.
the wig fell off
it was k.k
she faced min hoo.
Maya’s POV
I feel like these fighters are here to distract me from something.
I hastily grabbed sir ronaldo and held my knife to his neck
but fighters kept coming and coming.
that means
he is not their leader.
I left him and ran away in high speed.
I got to the meeting place everyone was bleeding on the floor.
I ran off in speed and soon I SAW the train I chased after it.
k.k wants to throw this train off the cliff
oh no
she wants to kill them so FBI won’t ever find out the real Kai.
she is immortal so nothing will happen to her.
k.k’s POV.
I drove the train
Kai Jung wook my formal boss is even here.
but I have no choice
its better they die
they have to die cos that’s the only way to protect kai woo bin.
Maya can’t do anything
I know her weakness.
I tried driving off the cliff when someone pushed the train back.
I sped off but she pushed the train with all her strength.
Maya’s POV
I can’t let this train fall off noo
I stood at the edge off the cliff then pushed the train backward.
I almost fell but I pushed it back
I heard my name
“detective Maya, I know you have super speed. now tell me, who will you save..your reputation as best agent or Kyle”he said
I turned and Charles was holding a knife to Kyle’s neck.
my eye w¡dened.
tears started falling
so it was Charles, director of n.s.a
“kyle”I shouted
“better come and save your love amaya..let them die”he said
oh no
if they fall its over.
there will be no evidence against Charles woo or should I say kai woo bin.
he will start another network.
“kyle”I shouted
“Maya let me go,let him kill me. Dont leave that train to come for me my love….look your dream is at stake … please”kyle said
my tears started falling
“you said ending the k network will make you happy right?? well I want to make you happy.. I won’t let you fail “he said then forced the knife into his throat
“kyle”I shouted as I angrilly pushed back the train In such force that it went a lot of miles back ward. then i rushed Charles.
kyle fell into my arms..
I hugged him and we both fell on the floor.
“Kyle.. I quit.. I won’t be an agent anymore. let’s get married. ” I said and k-ssed him
he k-ssed me back then closed his eye.
Charles ran away..
I chased after him in high speed.
I finally got him
I dragged him up then hit his head on the wall.
I dragged him out.
my fingers kept growing long as my anger grew.
I tried deeping my fingers into his heart when someone pushed me out
“Maya stop.. you are not a monster”he said
I turned.. min hoo.
I felt so angry that I couldn’t wallk well
I staggered like someone was drunk..
I smiled when I felt k.ks presence.
I ran off.
soon I found her then dragged her back
I deeped my fingers into her tummy then got hold of her heart.
I tried dragging it out
“Maya” min too shouted
I pushed her to the wall.
“Maya stop” he said
I dragged her up then wrapped a steel rod round her neck.
I dragged her hand then sped off in high speed.
soon I arrived at the ocean
“maya stop”she said
“your worst mistake was hurting kyle”I said.
I dragged her down.
I don’t know what came over me.
finally I got to the middle of the water.
I pushed her into the water and she tried dissapearing but I held her down
“today I curse you k.k. you will forever be a water being and you shall never see earth again” I shouted then pushed her her down until she disappeared.
I cleaned her blood on my face as I walked into the ocean
“kyle it’s over…let’s get married now please”I shouted.
“kyle am going home.. I have no one else to live for.. no one” I said and tried entering the water but someone hugged me from behind.
” go away min hoo…I will kill you… am evil now..I won’t stop killing” I said and pushed him away this made my fingers wound him
he still turned me and hugged me again
I felt my fingers moving in,side
I was able to hug him without wounding him
“kyle” I shouted. So Kyle was the love sent to help me achieve my dream. If he didn’t kill himself I would have ruined everything for him. While min hoo is the love who is meant to stay with me. Kyle was never meant to stay with me..if he didn’t leave now he will still leave later. I hugged min hoo tight. At least..k network ended.
the end
abeg don’t attack me am not feeling fine ooo

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