His crazy Baddie episode 12 – 15


(Her lips and body)

Episode 12&13

Onella bounce on her crazily and chelsea scream out loud catching the attention of students passing by. Onella started punching and hitting her crazily consecutively without stopping..

Student has started to gather and watch…. Snow rushed to them and tried dragging Onella but it was impossible, she was more stronger than her.

Onella got hold of her shirt and tore it into two and the students gasped in surprise, her bra was revealing already and chelsea kept struggling, some are already making videos.

👥who the hell is she?
👥she’s not a student here.
👥i think she’s here for the scholarship exam.
👥like f*ck!! She’s crazy.

Two male students rushed to them and luckily, they were able to separate them, they dragged Onella from her and she covered her chest with her hand, Snow quickly off her jacket and covered her with it…

Onella was still burning with anger, her vein almost pulping out, she wished she could hit her more till she passed out.. She freed herself from the boys and pushed them, they stargered and almost fell.

She walked to where she dropped her jacket, she picked it from the floor and wore it back.. She walked to almost uncoucious Chelsea and squat in front of her… She was whimpering, blood all over her lips and nose. ..

She smile in satisfaction as she sight her bruises face

“Next time you cross my path, imma skin you alive, got that? Onella said meanly and she nodded quickly.

” Good girl.. “She replied with a smirk snd stood up. … She stood up and dip her hand inside her pocket, then began walking out, students pave way for her as the murmur increased…

Starr, Finn, Archie and Velvet was watching from afar, they moved more closer to the scene. ..

“Isnt this Onella?? Starr said inwardly… She was already leaving so he couldn’t see her face.

But the walking step, dressing and hair look familiar.

” She’s the one, bad girl.. “He thought and smile…. He wanted to follow her but she was already gone.

” She looks familiar”Finn suddenly said and they all turn to him.

“Who?? You mean the girl… ” Velvet asked and he nodded, still staring the direction she took.

“She look so much like the delivery girl.. ” He said..

“The one that kicked you on the face?? Starr asked surprisingly and he nodded.

So it’s Onella..

Chelsea was already taken away to the infirmary and the students have started dispersing.

” Finn… A voice said from behind and they turned.

It’s Peaches.

“Babe.. ” Finn wink and she blush heavily.
Starr scoff and look away…

Finn drew her closer and peck her lips..

“Is that really necessary?? Oppressing us?? Velvet whined and he laugh.

” See you guys later”he wink at the guys and left with her..

Archie’s heart hurt as he watched them leave.

Maybe i should told her on time”

He also walked out, leaving Velvet and Starr.

“Back to the cafeteria

” Yeah..

Onella walked out of the scene and took another turn… There… She found some people lining on a que in front of a big hall

She figured out they were not student because they were not on uniform, she rushed to them immediately.

“What’re you guys doing here? She asked the last person on the que.

” We’re here for the exam”the girl replied and she understood immediately.

The schorlarship exam.

The invigilators started calling names for them to come in…. She kept calling till it reach her turned.

Onella heard her name and walked in immediately… She got a seat at the back and rested her head on desk.


Chelsea sat up and a slight groan escaped her lips.. Snow rushed to her immediately.

“Are you okay?? She asked and held her arm.

” I’m fine…. She replied and Snow sigh.

“You shouldnt have slapped her… You should have just let it slide.. Snow said and Chelsea scoff.

” She bumped into me”She snapped.

“But she apologized, remember” Snow replied and she hissed.

“Oh please…

” Now look what you’ve done to yourself..

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“Snow, please… Spare me those talks… Do you think it’s over yet, she should pray she shouldnt cross my path again cos am kill her with my hand.. ” Chelsea gnash her teeth and Snow laugh.

“Beat who? You’ve got your mouth back, some minutes ago you were lying here almost uncoucious.. ” Snow chuckle.

” What’s funny? Chelsea asked with an eyeroll.

“Nothing… Snow replied.

” Get lost, just pray, she didnt get the scholarship, i’ll make life miserable for her”Chelsea spat and laid back to bed.


Onella walked ou of the hall and sigh out loud.
They’re already done with the exam.

She adjusted her baggy jeans and started walking to her parked bicycle.

“Onella… ” A familiar voice said from behind and she stopped.

It’s Starr, he has been waiting for her to come out of the hall.

Onella turned and her instinction was right after.it’s him, he was walking towards her slowly with a smile plastered on his lips.

“Baddest Onella.. ” He teased, immediately he got her.

He was expecting a reply but suddenly a big kick landed in between his leg and he groan.

“F*ck!! What’re you doing? He frown.

” That’s for leaving me with my wicked grandma, you ran off completely like a flash without waiting for me… “She said and started walking to her bicycle, he followed immediately.

” Hey, hey. I’m sorry… “He said after her and held her hand.

” Your grandma seems crazy to him,i just felt you should know how to handle her since she’s your granny.. “He said.

” Seriously?? She scoff and cross her arm across her chest.

“But you really took after her… ” He said and Onella face him.

“What aspect??

” Craziness, trust me… “He chuckle and she smile.

” You came for the scholarship exam, right?? Starr asked, as they start to walked out of the compound.

“Obviously… She replied with a shrugg.

” How was it?? He asked.

“Did what i know, not like i really want to pass or something.. ” She shrugg and Starr arch his brow.

Huh?? ”

“Never mind.. ” She replied..

“See you later.. ” She wink at him and ran off with her bicycle.

Starr smile as he watched her leave.

“Pretty baddie” He muttered and smile.

His friends were actually waiting for him already, Finn already confirm she’s the delivery. he has seen her clearly.

“That bitch… He mumbled to himself.

Starr got to them and they walked to the school garage.


Onella got home, nobody was home so she just change her dress, then walked out of the house. She’s not planning on going to any damn shop today since grandma didnt change her mind.

” That witch.. “She muttered and sighted and motorcycle from afar.

Quite an age she rode that, she prefered bicycle.

She walked to it and mount on it, then ignite the engine, it stabled immediately and she smile.

” Time for fun… “She scream and drove out with great speed.

She hit the street and started roding non stop, enjoying how the breeze blew her hair and dress.

Her eyes caught an icecream shop and she parked to buy some beside the road.

She hop down and walkes to the woman

” Two cons of ice cream… She said to the woman, her hand in her pocket.

Suddenly a car in high speed splashed some water on her and she gasp.

“Oh my God… She gasp lightly.

The moment she saw the car was not going to stop, she mount on her motorcycle and started chasing him immediately.

Finn was actually in the car and he intentionally did it as revenge of the punch she gave him that day.

Onella continue chasing him not planning to stop… It has been up to 30 minute now.

“Gosh, i’m in trouble… ” Finn muttered to himself scaredly.

“She’ll kill me.. He thought and didnt even when he started peeing in his trouser, his heart beating hard against his chest like a party drum



(Her lips and body)

Episode 14&15

Onella kept increasing the speed and Finn is also not planning to stop soon, he kept looking back every seconds.

“This girl is crazy… Stop already.. ” He muttered, his heart still beating fast…

It was as if they were in a race because of how fast they move…. People even stopped to stare at them.

“This bastard.. ” Onella gritted and increased the speed to highest, she started getting closer to him already.

Finn was already sweating profusely thinking of what she might do to him… How will a girl be this crazy.

Suddenly his car stopped and he almost hit his head on the front glass, he tried igniting the engine but it not working…

“Damn… ” He cursed and tried again and it started, he smile and breath out in relief… His smile dissappear immediately he saw she was already infront of him…

His heart skipped a bit.

Onella got down from the bike and walked to his car angrily… Finn also came down immediately but before he could say anything a punch landed on his face and he starggered.

“How dare you splash mud on me and ran off without apologizing!! She roar and Finn gulp down hard.

” I’m sorry, i didn’t know i splash mud on you… “Finn lied, holding where she punched him ealiar.

” Wait…. I know you”Onella suddenly said, remembering his face instantly when he look up.

“Yeah, you once came to deliver pizza, and you ate half” Finn replied and she rolled her eyes.

“You know i should just kill you right now, look at my dress… Just take a look” Onella half yelled.

“I can get you another one but please dont hit me” Finn pleaded and Onella almost laugh out.

This guy is a coward.

“I can see you fancy your face” Onella grinned.

“More than anything ma’am” He replied.

“If you really do, then you should stop crossing my path.. ” Onella said and he nodded.

“Leave.. ” She said and he look at her surprisingly.

He was actually expecting her to beat him to stupor… Wow

Thank goodness.

“What?? Onella snapped and he shook his head immediately.

” Nothing… “He replied and hop into his car immediately and drove away immediately.

It’s getting dark already because it already late

Onella ruffle her hair and walked to her bike, she mount on it and ignite but it didn’t work.

” What’s wrong with it..? She muttered and tried again.

Same thing.

She hop down from it and checked it round, that was when she discovered it’s thee fuel.

“F*ck!! She cursed and kicked it frustratingly.

” How do i get out of here huh!! She mumbled.

Nobody was even passing, everywhere was quiet as graveyard.

“Why am i not seeing anybody,, is this a ghost villa or what?? She muttered looking around..

What do i do??


” Where the hell is Onella? Hanuel asked immediately she entered the house.

She was just returning from the shop.

“She didn’t come to help you in shop.. ” Grandma said from the dining.

“No she didn’t” Hanuel replied and grandma furrowed her brow.

“Then where the hell did she go… It’s 8:30 already” Grandma said and Alex stood up worriedly.

She might be sturborn but will never stay out late at night.

“I think something is wrong, she should be home by now” Alex said already getting scared.

“Oh!! My baby” Hanuel said, almost at the brink of tears already.

“Chill mom, i’ll go look for her” Alex said and dash out of the house.

“Nothing happen to my Onella” She sobbed and grandma held her shoulder.

“She’ll be fine…


Mrs Marcelo was still burning with anger as she sighted Chelsea face.

Bruises all over her face.

” Just tell me who the hell did this, is she crazy?? How could she laid her hand on you”mrs Marcello yelled.

“I think she came for the scholarship exam, she really humilated me mom” Chelsea cried, fidgeting her shirt.

“And the principal didnt say anything, who the hell does that?? She yelled again.

” I dont know if he knew about”she replied and mrs Marcelo scoff, pacing round the room angrily..

“I need to teach whoever it is a lesson, i’ll see the principal tomorrow” She said and a smile crept on Chelsea lip.

Atleast she wont get the admission even if she passed once the principal saw her face.


Everyone was already seated in the dining as the maid arrange the table in front of them.

“Esmeralda, you should try to assist the maids too” Leilani face Esmeralda.

“What do you mean?? Esmeralda scoff.

” I mean what i mean…. Dont you think you’re too lazy…. You’re a girl and will get married one day.. “Leilani replied.

Starr look at her and rolled his eyes.

” You’re a woman too…. You can help them also.. “Starr said silently and Leilani face him.

” Why should i? I’m just tryna advise her to learn somethings in the kitchen…. I dont need to join the maids in the kitchen, i’m married… “Leilani stated and Finn chuckle.

” Married to who if i may ask miss… “He grinned and Leilani glare at him.

” To your father”she replied.

“Nah, i dont think so…. You’re more like a mistress here.. ” Starr smirk and Miguel look at him angrily with a glare plastered on his face.

“Yeah, a s*x doll” Esmeralda added.

“Will you stop saying trash about my mom… ” Miguel half yelled.

“And the dog chipped in… ” Esmeralda cracked and Miguel stood up angrily…

“You dont talk to me anyhow bitch… ” Miguel half yelled pointing at Esmeralda.

“Your mom is the bitch here not me” She snapped back immediately and Miguel made to slapped him.

Starr held his hand immediately.

“Dont even try it… ” Starr warned seriously and he snatch his hand from his grip…

“Get lost jerk… ” Miguel stated and pushed Starr, he almost fell so he held on the table for support.

Starr grabbed him by his collar and punched…. He fell immediately as he bled from the nose…

“Miguel…. ” Leilani called and rushed to him instantly..

“Are you crazy?? He snapped from the floor and Starr scoff.

” I think you’re the crazy one here asshole”Starr replied and walked out of the house.

“Cowards” Esmeralda clicked her tongue at them and turned to the maid.

“Bring the food to my room” She said and walked out.

“Yes ma’am” The maid bow….

“You’ll pay for this… Leilani muttered, helping Miguel up.


Finn walked into the house, his hand still on his bursted lips.

That girl is really crazy… She’ll pay for this.. ” He thought rubbing his lips.

He walked into his room and met his mom on the bed, already sleeping…. A picture lying on her chest.

Finn took the picture and stare at it for some minute.

“This picture again.. ” He frown and sat on the bed beside her.

“I really do have a sister…. For real!! He muttered staring at the little girl in the picture…

” She’s cute… “He mumbled and his phone rang, he dropped the picture and walked out of the room not wanting to disturb his mom.

It’s Peaches.

” Baby… “She whined immediately he picked.

” Hey pumpkin, how’re you doing?? Finn asked.

“Am cool, you’re home already?

” Yeah”Finn replied.

“I’m missing you here” Peaches said and a smile crept on his face.

“Really?? Dont worry, tomorrow is saturday… No school so we’ll spend the whole day together” Finn said.

“Really?? I cant wait” Peaches giggle.

“Me too…

” Alright, i love you”Peaches said and he frown.

What the f*ck is love?? Does that even exist”Finn thought.

“Same here, bye he replied and hung up immediately.

” Cant wait to get her f*cked”he muttered naughtily to himself and walked back to the room.


“He’s so cute” Velvet mumbled to herself as she stare at Archie’s pictures on her gallary.

She got a huge crush on him but he never noticed, maybe because they’re bestfriends and the fact that he’s even crushing on Peaches makes her more sad.

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She kept scrolling and scrolling till she got to a particular one they snapped together on Finn last birthday.

“We really look good together” She muttered to herself and hug her teddy bear more.

“I’m going crazy… Should i call him?? No why would i? What will i tell him? I wont call him..

She was still in her crazy thoughts when her maid spoke from outside.

” The food is ready ma”

“Okay, coming” She replied and kissed the picture before walking out of the room.


Onella was still stuck in the deserted area pacing up and down, checking maybe someone would pass by but hell no…

The fact that she didnt even know the area makes it worst.

Everywhere was as silent as graveyard and it’s dark already.,just the blur street light on … She would have called home but her phone was dead already.

“They’ll be so worried about me at home” She thought and dip her hand into her hair frustratingly.

“Gosh! You shouldn’t have chase him to this extent now you’re stuck in the middle of no where” Her sub conciousness yelled at her.

Suddenly she felt someone presence behind her and she turned slowly to see six men walking towards her direction.
They look like drunkard or should i say bad guys..

Onella couldnt deny the fact that she was a bit scared, her heartbeat somehow increased.
They kept coming till they got to her

“Hey pretty” One of the man said with an ugly smile as they moved closer to her.

“She looks pretty” The fat one said and made to touch her hair and she stepped back.

“Excuse me” She snapped and the men laugh.

What’s funny huh??

“Her voice sounds pretty too” One of man said nd they laugh again.

“How much for a night, huh? The fat one asked and Onella scoff.

Who are this animals??

” Dont worry, i’ll be gentle on you…. Am not sure if the rest would tho… Another one said and Onella punched him… He fell immediately and the rest gasp.

“Get her… One of the men yelled and her eyes widened.

The rest charged towards her and they began fighting hotly…. They’re also strong too but Onella is stronger.

She kept dodging their punches and within minutes, they were all already on the floor breathing and groaning.

” Animals, go to hell”she spat and stepped back from them.

Suddenly something hard hit her hard from behind and she fell…. It’s actually one of the guys who hitted and plank on her head.

She fell on the floor as blood started oozing out of her head.

“Ohhh… She groan in pain and the rest of the men stood up.

” You’re dead, trust me”the fat one gnash his teeth and started unbuttoning her shirt, Onella kept struggling with him but all to no avail, she was already weak as f*ck.

She lost alot of blood.

As he was about taking off her shirt, a car flash at them from afar and they stopped.

“Guys, let’s go, might be the police” One of the man said and they ran off like flash.

The car moved closer and parked in front of her.

It was Starr actually, he left the house after the arguments he had with miguel and Leilani.

He quickly got down from the car and look around first.

He stare at Onella from afar and could swear she look familiar.
He started moving closer and his eyes widened.

“Onella” He called and rushed to her immediately.

“Sa… Save me” She stuttered with so much discomfort in her voice, her eyes was already closing.

“Hang on Onella, you’ll be fine” Starr said and carried her in his arm.

He rushed her into the car and also hop in, then drove out roughly heading to the hospital.


Hanual, grandma and Alex was standing outside still worried at f*ck.

Hanual was already crying while Alex pat her back.

Grandma was just standing trying to be strong…. Numerous thoughts running through her heads.

Suddenly, the gate opened and two men came in…. They all rushed to them immediately.
“Good morning, we’re from Major high… Is this Onella Leonardo house please?? One of the men asked and grandma nodded.

” She actually won the scholarship and we’re here to deliver her uniforms and other stuffs”the second man said and grandma gasp.

She won!!!

She almost jumped up happily but the fact that she has not be found since yesterday changed her mood.

“Where’re you?? Hanuel sobbed more….

God abge OOO please save our onella