His Crazy Baddie

His crazy Baddie episode 16 – 18


(Her lips and body)

Episode 16


Starr was pacing around the room as he wait for Onella to wake up. He had brought her since last night.

She was still lying on the bed, the bondage on her head… The drip was passed through her arm as the monitor beep slowly.

Starr was so damn worried that he didnt even sleep last night, he was just staring at her the whole night.

What was she doing there in the first place?

His phone suddenly beep, it was a message from Esmeralda.

**WHERE ARE YOU BROTHER?? He read silently and that was when he realized he didnt called to inform her he wont be home.

**I’M FINE BABY, WILL BE HOME SOON**He texted back and sigh.

He suddenly heard a light groan from behind and he turned immediately.

It’s Onella, her eyes was already fluttered opened.

“Oh… ” She groan in discomfort as a sudden headache hit her hard.

“Are you okay?? Starr asked and touch her forehead.

” Where am i?? She asked looking around the whole place.

“You dont remember, last” Starr said and she touch her head.

She closed her eyes and the memories rushed in.

The guys…

“You brought me here??

” Of course, you were really wounded”He replied and she sigh

“Are you feeling any pain?? Starr asked and she shook her head.

” Wait a minute,….. My mom and grandma will be so worried about me, i need to go”she said quickly and made to stand up but Starr held her downn.

“You’re not fine yet” Starr said.

“I’m fine, trust me” She said and fake a smile.

She sat up and got down from the bed, she yank the drip off and groan.

“Onella, this is not right…. You’re not fine yet” He said worriedly.

Just as she was about to reply, the doctor came in and his eyes widened as he saw her on her feet.

“What’re you doing?? Thought i told you to let her rest” He said facing Starr.

“I told her” Starr replied.

“I’m fine now doctor, trust me” She smile largely and the doctor shook his head.

“No, you cant do th….. He wasnt able to finish his statement before Onella ran off.

” Send the money to your account already”Starr also said quickly and followed her before he could reply.

The doctor shook his head as he watched them leave.


“Wait, Onella” He scream and ran after her, Onella stopped immediately.

“I’ll drop you” He said and Onella beam.

“Really?? Let’s go” She replied and they both entered the car and hit the road immediately.

“You’re really crazy yunno, how could you think of leaving the hospital when you’re not fine yet” Starr suddenly said she face him.

“And who told you am not fine… I’m fine already dude” She hit his arm and he smile.

“Wait, what’s your name?? She asked and Starr scoff.

” You dont know my name?? I’m Starr”he replied and she nodded.

“Thank you” She said and he smile.

“But what were you doing there in the first place??

” Long story, will tell you later”she wink.


After what seems like forever, they got there and she alight immediately, Starr also followed and they both ran into the compound.

Grandma and Hanuel was still standing, their eyes widened immediately they sight them.

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Hanuel stood and ran to hug Onella immediately.

“My baby” She sobbed as she hugged her so tight that Onella found it hard to breath.

“Mom, i’m soffocating”she chuckle and Hanuel released her and that was when she noticed her bondage.

Grandma was just staring at them smiling.

Starr was also watching… He wished he also has a mother who would care about him but hell no…. She’s gone.

” What happened to your head?? She asked touching it.

“Some bad guys but trust me i’m fine now, all thanks to Starr” She replied and Hanuel turned to Starr who bowed lightly.

“Thank you” She said and hugged him.

“Enough of that…. Guess what Nella” Grandma chipped in and she frown.


” You won the scholarship”Grandma scream and her mood changed instantly.

Like what the f*ck!!

I dont wanna go



(Her lips and body)

Episode 17&18


“Add more gloss girl” Chelsea snapped at the maid, who was working on her face.

“Yes ma’am” She replied immediately and put more lip gloss.

“Ayla, get me a glass of water” She said and the other maid rushed out instantly to get the water to avoid trouble.

Her phone rang from the bed and the maid took it for her.

It’s Snow

She picked immediately.

“Hey Snow…

” Babe, how’re you doing? She beam from the other end.

“I’m cool” Chelsea replied.

“Nice, the scholarship result is out anyways” Snow said.

“Really? So fast…

” Yeah….. I just wish it’s a boy”Snow gushed and Chelsea chuckle.

“Wanna have a crush too” She said.

“Seriously?? Chelsea laugh.

” It’s boring here”Snow whined.

“Should we go out?? Chelsea asked.

” Sure, sure, let’s go clubbing”she scream nd Chelsea laugh.

“I’ll go dress” She added and hung up.

“Need to get something to wear” Chelsea said and stood up, walking to her closet.


Starr walked into the house and Esmeralda rushed to him.

“Brother” She called and hug him.

“I was so worried, where the hell have you been, huh??

” Hey, chill… I’m sorry baby.. I didnt know i wont be coming home last night”he replied, rubbing her hair.

“Stop doing that, i’m not a kid” Esmeralda snapped at him and he chuckle.

“Yes adult” He smile and withdraw her hand from her hair.

“Heard the scholarship result is out” Esmeralda said and his mind drifted to Onella….

He couldnt believe she actually won ur despite her craziness.

She’s indeed a genius

“Yeah, i know” He replied and started walking upstairs.

“I prepare your best food any anyways” She said from behind and he stopped.

“Really?? Let me go have a shower and eat that” He replied and ran upstairs.

Peaches hop down from the car silently staring at the building in front of her, She know they will coming to his house.

They’re back from outing, Finn actually took her on a date

“Are you going to stop here and stare at the building or come in” Finn said bringing her back to reality.

She held him by hand and followed immediately with a smile.

It’s great to be the all mighty Finn girlfriend.

They got to his room and the maid walked in.
Finn went into bathroom immedietely.

“What should i offer you ma?? The maid asked and she smile.

” Uhhmm…. I’ll just take beef stew”she replied with a smile and the maid walked away to get her order.

The bathroom door also opened and Finn walked in dripping wet, his towel around his waist…. He got some part of his hair flopped toward his eyes and his dangerously wet lip… Damn he was looking so hot….

“Peaches gulp down nothing as she stare at him intensely so much that she didnt know when he came closer.

Isnt it lucky to be the Hottest Finn girlfriend.

” Dont just bore holes into my body, i’m all yours”Finn smile sexily and Peaches stood.

“Yes my king” She replied playfully and smash her lips on his.

Finn held her by waisting instantly drawing her more closer.

He took over the kiss making it rough, they kept making pouting crazy sounds with their lips as they kissed hotly.

Mehn!! He’so magical.

He sent his hand into her crop top and give a b**bs a little bit.

Peaches moan into his lips and it was as if that turn him on because he pushed her to the bed immediately and yank her cloth off her body impatiently.

Peaches moan filled the room throughout.


Onella was still at home, she didnt come with Hanuel to the restaurant since grandma insisted she should rest and the fact that she’s even starting school the next day.

Hanuel has been so busy like damn, same with her customers…. A guy in hoodie suddenly walked in and the female workers started staring at him… He really looks so cute, his hand dip inside his pocket.

“Back to work” Hanuel yelled and they all snapped out of their thought, resuming to work.

Hanuel walked to the guy immediately.

“How may i help you?

” Good day ma’am, i saw a vecancy out there, i dont know if the job is still available”Princeton said.

It’s actually Princeton, he already made up his mind to do different part time jobs to be able to get money before his time elapse.

“Of course, it’s still available… But are you sure you can do it, you’re too cute to be a delivery guy” Hanuel teased and he chuckle.

“Of course i’ll do it, i’ll start now” He said and Hanuel nodded.

They walked in deeper into the shop discussing about the payment, the payment is quite huge.

“This is the address of the first delivery, Leighton mansion” Hanuel said to him and he dashed out immediately.

“Isnt that Esmeralda house, her surname is Leighton” He thought and took a cab.


“I ordered for pizza already” Esmeralda said to Starr who was already going out.

“Okay baby, see you in the night” Starr replied and walked out of the house, heading to the office.

Miguel came downstairs immediately Starr left and wink at Esmeralda.

“Is he crazy?? She thought angrily and made to walk away but he held her hand.

” Hey step sis, why’re you looking so cute?? Huh? He grinned and drew her closer by her waist.

Her eyes widened immediately and tried pushing him but he was damn strong.

“Let me go” Esmeralda cried as she struggled to free herself from his grip.

Miguel kissed her neck softly.

“Sweet sister” He whispered into her ear and pushed her on the nearest couch, getting on top of her.

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“Let see who’ll save you now, bitch” He gnash his teeth and yank off her cloth, revealing her singlet.

“Brother” She cried out as she kept struggling Miguel on top of her.

Suddenly the door flung opened and a guy comes in.

“Who are you?? Miguel snapped instantly and walked briskly to him.

He just ruined the moment for him.
It’s actually Princeton, he came to delivr the pizza.

” The devil”Princeton snapped and punch him hard sending him to the floor.

He took off his hoodie and threw it at Esmeralda who was still weeping on the couch.

She took it immediately and wore it.

Princeton walked to Miguel angrily and started giving him serious punches.

“How dare you touch her?? He snarl as he continue throwing punches.

Esmeralda just cry watching her prince charming fight for her.


” You need to look good”Hanuel said as she dressed Onella in front of the mirror.

Onella just sat, wondering why Hanuel is so bothered. It’s school not party. …. How will she even walk in skirt?? Gosh!!

She was already in her uniform, the white long sleeve shirt tucked in with her high waist skirt which brought out her tiny sexy figure then to her dangerously sex legs.

“Isnt this too short?? Onella thought angrily as she stare at her leg, she has never wear skirt in her life…. Just her baggy dresses.

Hanuel finished combing her short curly hair and she stood.

” You look so cute baby”she smile and peck her.

“Come down for breakfast, let me go set the table” She added and walked out.

Onella just stare at her wondering why she looks so happy.

She turned to the mirror and stare at herself….

“I look cute tho” She thought and took her pink bag.

“Why pink of all colour, am i a baby or what?? She scoff and walked out of the room angrily.

Food is already set on the table, grandma smile immediately she sight her and she rolled her eyes.

” So you’re pretty”Alex chuckle and she glare at him.

“My baby… ” Grandma gushed and she started eating without replying.


The class was noisy as usual since there was no teacher in….

Every one was busy talking about the scholarship student.

👥i cant wait to see him or her
👥.me too
👥he or she must be damn brilliant.

They kept saying different things as they await her.

Starr just smile knowing who she was already…. The almighty crazy Onella… He cant also wait to see her crazy face this morning.

Finn was sitting in front with Velvet and Archie.

Peaches walked in and wave at Finn with a smile but Finn ignored her and focused on his phone.

Almost everybody noticed that
👥what was that??
👥Did they fight already?
👥maybe he f*cked her already
👥so cheap.

“Dont tell me you f*ck her already” Velvet asked and Finn smirk.
Archie tightened his fist under the table waiting for his reply.

They kept blabbing and Peaches made to walk to him but the teacher walk in interrupting Finn as well. She walked to her seat as everywhere became quiet.

“So we have a new student admist of us and i believe we’ve all been expecting” The teacher spoke as everyone look more curious to know who.

“Please welcome Onella Leonardo” The teacher said and they all diverted their gaze to the door.

Onella opened the door and bounce in sassily…. She’s looking extremely hot right now that everyone mouth opened agap staring at the beaut in front of them

👥Oh my God!? She’s so pretty
👥Her lips tho.
👥her legs
👥gosh!! Is she an angel.

Finn eyes widened recognising her immediately, he never knew miss trouble is as pretty as this… He just couldnt look away from her.

Starr on the other also kept staring, a smile on his face

Chelsea glare at her hatefully from where she’s sitting, same with snow.

“She’s ugly” Chelsea muttered jealously.

“I’m Onella Leonardo but you can call me crazy” She said and everyone crease their brow.

Starr just chuckle.


“Yeah crazy” That’s my middle name, you might wanna try me and i’ll show you why am called crazy”She said with a wink.

“I hope i enjoy my stay here if only you’ll all cooperate with me but if you do otherwise, you face the consequence” She said and walked to the last seat at the back.

Everyone just stare at her, even the teacher.

She’s indeed crazy.



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