His crazy baddie episode 19 – 20


(Her body and lips)

Episode 19&20

Onella walked to the last seat at the back and sat with Peaches.

“Hi.. ” Peaches said immediately as if she was waiting for her to seat.

“Hey” She replied simply.

“Am peaches…. You’re cute.. ” Peaches said and she smile.

“Really?? You’re cute too.. ” Onella replied and she smile.

“She’s even smiling…. I’ll make life miserable for her here.. ” Chelsea spat and glare hatefully at her.

“I dont like her too… ” Snow said with an eye roll.

“Starr… ” Onella muttered the moments she sight him from afar..

The students kept murmuring staring at her non stop.

“Silence…. ” The teacher yelled and they all kept quiet.

“Class starts now……


” That was boring… 2hrs”Onella said and yawn tiredly.

“I know, right? ” Peaches replied and stood up, streching her body.

“Where are you going?? Onella asked.

” Cafeteria, it’s lunch”she replied and Onella also stood up.

She’s hungry like damn.

Peaches eye search Finn but couldn’t find him.

He left the class with his friends already.

“Why the hell is he avoiding me, huh?? She thought as she walked out of the cafeteria with Onella.

” This school is f*cking big”Onella suddenly said looking around.

“Yeah, dont worry, i’ll show you around” Peaches replied and she nodded.

“Onella… ” Someone suddenly called from behind and they stopped.
They both looked back.

It’s Starr.

“Hey crazy… ” He smile as he got to them and Onella punch him playfully.

He groan playfully.

“Samaritan Starr” Onella smirk and he chuckle.

Peaches sighted Finn from afar and turned to Onella.

“I’ll be right back” She said to her and ran off immediately.

“Finn… ” She shouted and he stopped and sigh tiredly.

“What?? He snapped harshly and Peaches flinch.

” What’s what?? I cant call my boyfriend”she asked and crossed her arms across her chest.

Finn scoff and look away.

“You’ve been avoiding me, why?? Peaches pout and held his hand.

Finn removed her hand immediately and tried walking away but she blocked him.

What the hell is wrong with him??

” Finn….

“Let’s break up” Finn interrupted and she flinch.

“What…. What’re you talking about?? She asked, shock written all over her face.

” You heard me right Peaches….. I’m tired already, you’re cheap”he replied and walked away.

Peaches heart shattered and sunk on her knees immediately…


How could he leave her after having his way with her??
Does it mean he doesnt love her??

“Noo” She palm her face as tears flowed freely.

Students started staring at her but she didnt mind at that moment…

She’s broken.. She could feel her world crumbling.

She stood up from her knees and made to walk out but she bump into someone due to the way she palm her face.

It’s Archie.

“Are you alright?? Archie asked and tried touching her but she hit her hand away.

” He’s a devil…. He used me”she cried and Archie frown.

“What’re you saying? He asked, looking confuse.

“I hate you Finn” She yelled and ran off immediately in tears.

“Finn…. Dont let it be what am thinking… ” Archie muttered to himself, his vein pulping out already…. He could feel his anger.

“Finnnn” He yelled and walked into the cafeteria looking for him.

He sighted him instantly, he was sitting with Velvet, he marched angrily towards him and grab his collar.

“What?? Are you crazy?? Finn asked, surprisingly and tried taking off his hand but his grip was strong.

” Archie… “Velvet also called, surprisingly.

“What did you do to her?? Archie half yelled and Finn crease his brow.

” Who??

“Peaches.. ” Archie snapped and he hissed.

“Can you just let go of my shirt… ” Finn said and yank his hand off.

He was breathing heavily looking angry.

“Answer me…. Dont tell me you used her and dump her like you do to other girls.. ” Archie glare and Finn chuckle.

“What do you expect?? Y……. Finn was interrupted by punch and he fell immediately.

Everyone in the cafeteria gasped.

” Archie… “Velvet called in a whisper and held him.

” Dont let me see your face around me else i’m gonna destroy them.. “Archie said seriously and walked out.

Velvet rushed to Finn who was still lying on the floor.

” Are you okay??

“Yeah…. ” He breath out heavily and stood up, his lips bleeding already.

👥What the hell just happened
👥Never see them fight.
👥me too..

The students kept murmuring as they stare at Finn.

He wiped his lips and walked out, Velvet followed..

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“So this is the school garden… ” Starr said to Onella who was just busy staring around.

He’s actually showing her round the school.

“Wow, cool… The school has a garden… ” She smile, walking around the place.

“Yeah, students do come here to have fun sometimes… ” Starr shrugged and sat on a pavement there.

“Hey, hey…. Dont seat…. Let’s leave, i dont really like flowers” She said and Starr arch his brow.

“You dont like flowers, thought all girls like flowers” Starr frown and stood up.

“Well, definitely not me, ion like that shit, can we leave now?? She asked.

” Are you even a girl?? Starr scoff and started heading out.

“Shemale actually” She smirk and followed.

“What the hell is shemale?? Starr scoff as they stepped out of the garden.

Onella breath out in relief and smile.

” Dont you have a basketball court or tennis? She asked and Starr face her.

“Of course, we do… You play basketball?? He asked and she nodded.

” Wow….

“What sport are you good at?? She asked.

” Basketball, am the best player in the school”he said proudly…

“Really?? Let have a challenge… Me and you” She said and Starr chuckle.

“I cant probably be playing with a doll,, you have no match for me” Starr chuckle.

“Call me a doll one more time and i’ll punch you….. Why do you like underestimating me huh? Just let try it out and you’ll see” Onella said.

“Okay… Fine, let’s do it” He replied and Onella jump up happily…

Starr just shook his head and sigh…


Princeton dribbled Daniel and threw the ball into the net again.
Daniel fell on the floor tiredly sweating profusely.

Daniel is Princeton classmate, he actually challenged him.

“Who’s the boss now?? Princeton smirk and took his bottle of water from the floor.

” F*ck!! You’re crazy…. I didn’t even score one”Daniel said still breathing heavily.

“I told you, you have no match for me, i’m the best and you know it” Princeton said proudly and drank from his water.

“I know…. But senior Starr is the best” Daniel said and he shrugged.

“Yeah.. I know. After him… ”

“Wait a minute, aint i lucky today? Daniel suddenly asked and stood up.

” Huh??
“Yeah, i mean the almighty Princeton spoke to me” Daniel grinned and drank from his water.

Princeton just chuckle and wore back his jacket.

Just then Esmeralda walked in. .

“Princeton.. ” Her tiny voice spoke as she walked in.

Princeton turned as she walked towards him.

“Hey.. ” He said simply.

“Thanks for saving me” She smile and Princeton just stare at her.

“She look more cute today or is it my eyes” He thought as he stare kneely at her not paying attention to what she’s saying. She really look cute…. Her hazel eyes to her lips which he felt like pulling her close and kiss the hell out of them

“Princeton… ” Esmeralda called and he snapped out of his crazy thought.

“Yeah.. ” He muttered and touch his head.

“Your jacket” She smile and streched it out to him.

It’s already washed and ironed.

“You can keep it with you if you want it” Princeton said and her eyes widened.

“Really?? She beam with a smile and Princeton nodded.

” Thank you… “She said, smiling out large.

Princeton just stare at her cuteness.

” I’ll see you later, bye she wink and ran out.

Princeton just stare at her as she ran out, he kept staring and Daniel cough from behind.

“You like her?? Daniel wink.

” Of course not, jerk”he replied immediately and Daniel laugh.


Chelsea sat down quietly, her eyes red from the way she cried earliar…. She still find it hard to believe…

He really used and dumped.

She’s so dumb to have fell for his lies.

Chelsea and Snow walked into the class and walked to her.

“Dont tell your lovely Finn is gone” Chelsea chuckle and she just stare at them not saying a word.

“Are you dumb?? How pathetic… You’re cheap yunno…. Am sure he f*cked your wide hole already” Chelsea said out loud and everyone laugh.

👥So cheap..

Chelsea stood up immediately and tried talking back but her mouth produce nothing, tears started rushing out already.

👥he really f*ck
👥damn, too cheap.

“Crying cinderella ” Snow mocked and everyone laugh.

“And what the hell are you doing?? A voice said from behind and they turned.

Onella. She’s coming with Starr, they’re coming from the basketball court.

” Messing with my friend”she smirk and walked closer to them..

“Dont you dare interfere witch” Chelsea snapped and Onella held her nose and step back.

“F*ck?? Why do you stink so much?? Did you brush your teeth this morning or perhaps is the odour coming from your p***sy” Onella asked and everyone laugh.

“What do you mean?? Chelsea snapped and walked closer to her.

” Come let me check your pant”Onella said and dragged her closer…. And Chelsea gasp.

Before Chelsea could talk, she dipped her hand inside her pant through the skirt and everyone gasp…

Starr eyes widened….

What the f*ck???!

OMG 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Onella just kill me already 🤣🤣🤣