His crazy baddie episode 27 – 30


(Her body and lips)

Episode 27&28


“Tell me the truth, what do you know about it?? He asked for the umpteenth time and Onella rolled her eyes.

“We know nothing about it sir” Ameera said.

“Stop lying” He yelled angrily this time making them flinch.

“Sir…. Peaches tried speaking but he cut in with another yell.

” Dont sir me, you dont know about it? Then why did she mention your name?

“I’m sure she’s trying to frame us sir” Onella said and he frown…

“Why will she frame you??? He asked..

” Maybe because she hate me”Onella said.

“Yes sir, she hate us to the gut” Peaches added from behind and he sigh.

“Leave… ” He said and they rushed out…

“That was close.. ” Ameera breathed out in relief.

“Yeah, we should be given the award for best liar.. ” Onella said and they laugh…

“She’s so dump… I cant wait for her party after school” Ameera said..

“Me too, Peaches.. You’re tagging along, right? Onella face Peaches.

” No… I’m not really strong”she replied simply and she nodded.

“I understand…

Chelsea took her phone and click on the audio searching for the record.

” They’re doom already, i pity Peaches”Snow laugh beside her..
She woke up already..

“Where the hell is it?? Chelsea frown when she couldn’t find it..

” What?? Snow asked from her bed…

“I cant find it” She replied with a frown.

“Wait, dont tell me they deleted it” Snow suddenly said and Chelsea eyes widened.

“F*ck!! They deleted it… Those witches, i’m gonna kill them” Chelsea gritted her teeth and clench her fist angrily.

“I cant believe we lost it” Snow mumbled sadly…

“Well, she’ll face the wrath at the party

School finally close for the day and Starr drove out of the school immediately heading to the company…

He was in a hurry because of the contract… That was the only thing on his mind…

After some minutes drive… He got there and rushed in instantly…
He walked in and met everyone standing, they were looking dull and sad.

” Good evening boss”They chorused.

“What’s up with the contract?? Starr asked, ignoring their greetings.

” Uh… Mmm, actually…..

“Say something” He cut in, getting inpatient and curious.

“We lost it”the P. A said and he flinch…

” Damn!! Starr cursed and dip his hand into his hair frustratingly…

“Why?? How can we lost it?? He scream and kicked the nearest table…

” But we did our best.. “He said hurtfully.

” Yeah, i’m even confused”the P. A said…

Just as he was about replying his phone rang…

His dad…

“Hey d…. He wasnt able to finish his statement before he cut in angrily.

” You lost the contract?? How will you lost such a huge contract?? What’s wrong with you?? Mr Leighton yelled and Starr swallowed hard.

He knew he was gonna yelled at him that was why he did his best but unfortunately…. The outcome was bad.

“Dad, we did our best… We tried”Starr said.

” I felt you’re smart and competent, that was why i asked you to take over till i’m back but my thoughts was wrong… I should have gave it to Miguel and i will”he said and Starr shook his head..

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“Dad, dont do that…. Am sorry….

He hung up and Starr sigh out loud..

He walked out of the company immediately and hop into the car…

” F*ck!! I cant believe i will loose the company to that jerk”He thought and clench his fist.

Just then his phone rang.


“Hey” Starr muttered silently.

“Are you okay? Wait… Dont tell me you lost the contract” Finn almost scream out.

“I lost it and am loosing the company to Miguel” He replied…

“F*ck!! I dont really feel bad, not that you’re interested in running the company anyways, we’re already going to Chelsea party” He said and Starr sigh.

Guess he’ll just go, maybe to drink and clear his head…. He really tried his best but he ended up losing it.

“I’ll see you there… ” He replied and hung up..

He ignite the engine and drove off immediately.


“No, you can definitely put this on, it’s too big” Ameera shook her head at Onella..

She was already dressed up and was there to select for Onella.. Peaches’s not going, so…

“What!! It’s cool… This is the fifth cloth i’ll be changing too” Onella frown, checking herself in the mirror.

Ameera walked to her small wardrobe and shook her head, everything is baggies.

“Come with me.. I’ll get you some dress, we need to rock that party” Ameera said and dragged her out of the house..

They hop inside Ameera car and drove off..

They got to the mall and entered the mall.

“Look at this” Ameera scream, holding a sexy crop top and a short.

“There’s no way am wearing that” Onella shook her head…

“No, you’re putting it on” Ameera replied and pushed her into the dressing room…

Onella frown as she put the dress on, she has never wear this kinda dress before..

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She finally put it on and stare at herself in the large mirror…
A wow escaped her lips

She really look sexy right now…. From her sexy belly button to her cute legs in the short.

She rushed out of the room and Ameera gasped.

“You’re sexy, i’m jealous… Your curves, belly, legs….

” Oh please… “Onella cut in and they laughed.

They paid for the dress and drove off heading to Chelsea house for the party.

The music was booming from the speaker as the students drink and chat while some rock their body to the music.

Starr, Velvet and Finn was sitting together, Archie was sitting in a different seat cos of Finn, he has been avoiding him since they left school.

Archie couldnt stop staring at Velvet, she really look cute right now that he couldnt stop looking, he kept stealing glances at her as she drink and talk with the guys.

Chelsea walked up to them…

“Hey Starr, didnt know you would come” She smile at Starr.

“Now you know and please dont disturb me, i just came here to have some fun… I might just decide to leave” Starr snapped.

“Fine, i’ll just leave, have fun” She said and left.

“Bitch” He mumbled and drank more drink.

Onella and Ameera walked in and all eyes diverted at them… Onella precisely.

“Oh my God” Finn eyes widened instantly as he stare at the beauty entering….

Starr eyes followed his eyes and it landed on her…

His jaw dropped instantly…

👥Gosh, her belly button
👥her legs
👥f*ck, i dont know she’s this cute….
👥Onella Leonardo

Everyone kept murmuring as they watched.

“See, everyone is talking about you. All thanks to me… Ameera nudge her and she rolled her eyes.

They got a seat and sat down.

Chelsea glare at her at her from afar as everyone praise her.

” I think i just fall in love”Finn said holding his chest.

Starr and Velvet gasped.

“Fall what? With who? Starr frown immediately.

” Onella….

“Dont even go there” Starr snapped and he frown..

“What?? Why are you taking it personal?? Finn snapped back..

” Stop, what’s going on?? Velvet said, noticing the look on their faces…

They sound mean…

“That’s Finn, i cant wait to punch him” Ameera sneer and clench her fist.

“I wanna use the restroom when i’m back, we scattered everywhere” Onella smirk and walked away..

“She’s going to the restroom already” Chelsea smirk evily at Snow…


Finn and Starr kept arguing and Velvet stood up.

” I’m outta here”she said angrily and went to sat with Archie.

“What’s up with them? He asked…

” Fighting because of Onella”Velvet replied and he scoff.

“Fighting for another girl, Finn is a bastard” Archie said.

“You look pretty” Archie said and Velvet looked up surprisingly.

She could feel butterflies in her tummy, did he just compliment her??

“Uhmm.. Thanks” She replied slowly, her cheeks red already.

Archie smile at her action and drank from his cup.

Onella finished in the restroom and arrange her dress…

She turned to the mirror and stare at herself… She really look pretty if she dress like a girl.

She was about turning when she felt a presence from her back.

“Who’s that? She thought….

She turned slowly and a hard plank with nail landed on her head… Blood gushed out instantly….




(Her body and lips)

Episode 29&30


Onella turned around slowly and a hard plank hit on her head..

“Ahhh… ” She scream and fell immediately, it really wound her badly because she started bleeding instantly..

She managed to look up and saw two guys in front of her, they were the ones who hit the plank on her… Her vision was blur already… She’s loosing alot of blood.

“Hey sexy… ” One of them smirk…

“Wh… ” Onella tried speaking but was cut off with a slap on her cheek…

“Ah… ” She yelped as her cheek stung so badly…

“Let’s start… ” One of the guy said and bent towards her. ..

He took his hand towards her blouse and tried taking it off but Onella held his hand and shook her head…

“No… ” She gasp as she felt life leaving her already, she was too weak right now, she had no strength to shout for help…

The guy yanked his hand away and successfully took off her blouse….

The door suddenly burst opened and Finn came in.. His eyes widened immediately.

He actually came to use the restroom.

“What’re you doing here? One of the guy snapped and Finn punched him hard on the face with all his might, he fell immediately…

The other guy charged towards him and kicked him across his face… Finn fell

” F*ck!! Finn muttered and held his forehead where the kick has hit him…

He stood back on his feet and the guy punched him again, he starggered back…

Finn returned the punch and the guy fell…

“Am sure they would have been done by now ” Chelsea said…

“Sure… They should just rape her to death” Snow spat and Chelsea giggle..


Ameera kept looking at the direction Onella took to see if she’s coming already but hell no… No sign of her.

“Where’s Onella? She’s taking too long” She muttered worriedly and stood up..

“And where the f*ck is the restroom? How do i locate it? Ameera mumbled and walked to a girl…

” Hey.. Please where’s the restroom? Ameera asked.

“Upstairs… The fourth room” The girl replied and she walked away…

She rushed there and her eyes widened at what she saw..

“Oh my God… Onella” She scream and rushed to her, her eyes are already close..

Finn already beat the guys and they were still lying on the floor, he was bleeding from the head…

“What the hell happened? Ameera yelled at Finn, still holding Onella in her arms..

” They were trying to rape”Finn replied breathing heavily..

“Am i sure you didnt gang up with those guys, you jerk” Ameera snapped.

“Hey, stop talking… We need to get her out of here” Finn said and bent to carry Onella…

“Dont touch her” Ameera snapped…

“Will you just shut up” Finn snapped back and carried her in a bridal style and rushed out of the room, Ameera followed behind immediately..

He got to the party floor and all eyes turned to them….

👥what the f*ck!!
👥isnt that Onella
👥Oh my God

They kept mumbling as Finn rushed her out of the place…

“Onella… ” Starr muttered scaredly and rushed to follow them immediately..

“Dont tell me they saved her” Chelsea said to Snow…

“Dont know, let’s check the guys ” She replied and they both rushed upstairs
“F*ck!! Chelsea said as she sight the boys lying lifeless on the floor..

” Told you they’re weak ass”Snow frown and kicked them..

“I should’ve known…

Ameera, Finn and Starr paced to and fro the passage waiting for the doctor to come out… He has been with her for more than hour now…

” What the hell happened to her? Starr asked for the umteempth time…

“I said i found her with the guys, what else do you wanna hear? Finn yelled…

” Dont f*cking yell at me dude”Starr snapped back…

Onella’s phone rang and Ameera checked…

It’s her mom..

“Her mom” She said and face the guys.

“I’m sure she’s calling because it’s late already” Starr said..

“What do i say?

” Tell her she’ll be having a sleepover at your place else she would be so worried”Starr replied and she picked.

“Onella.. ” Hanuel called immediately

“Hi ma’am, it’s her friend speaking” Ameera said trying to sound cool.

“Okay, where’s Onella? It’s late already” She said worriedly.

“Actually, she’ll be having a sleepover at my place so she wont be coming home” Ameera said and bite her lips, hoping she would believe.

“Ohh… But can i speak with her?? Give the phone to her” She said and Ameera look at Starr, not knowing what to say.

“Tell her she’s in the bathroom” Starr whispered.

“She’s having a shower ma, she’ll call you once she’s done” Ameera said.

“Okay, thank you” She replied and hung up..

“F*ck! That was close” Ameera muttered and held her chest…

The doctor came out and they rushed to him…

“How’s she?

” Is she fine?

“Is she awake?? They bombounded him with questions immediately…

” Calm down, her condition is quite critical now… She lost alot of blood”The doctor said….

“I can donate for her” Starr replied instantly…

“Really? Let’s check if you can” The doctor said and started walking out with Starr… He suddenly stopped and face them again..

“Has she ever had an amnesia before? The doctor asked and they all exchanged glances.

” We dont know”Ameera replied and he nodded and walked out with Starr..

Ameera’s phone rang and she checked.. It’s Peaches..

“Hey babe” Ameera said…

“Hello.. ” Peaches cried from the other end and Ameera crease her brow.

“What’s up? Why’re you crying? Ameera asked worriedly…

” She chased me out of the house already”Peaches replied.

“F*ck!! Is she crazy? It’s late already… Come over to Ray hospital” Ameera said.

“Hospital? What’re you doing there? She asked immediately.

” Onella is not alright”Ameera said and she gasp.

“Oh my God… On my way” Peaches replied and hung up…

“Peaches.. ” Finn muttered as she hung up.

“She cant meet me here, i dont wanna see her” He thought and walked out…

Ameera rolled her eyes as she watched him leave.


“So what would be the result?? Princeton asked Esmeralda as he mixed the chemicals..

” It’ll produce a foam”she replied and bite her lips, praying silently it works… It’s really a long process.

They’re actually having the practice at Esmeralda’s house…

After waiting for sometime, the foam appeared and Esmeralda jumped on Princeton..

“It work.. ” She scream happily, clinging on him tightly while he just stood surprisingly…

This’s the second time she would be hugging him that way…
But he couldnt denied he loved it… Her touch and scent.

She disengaged and smile largely.

“Let’s clean the table” Princeton said and took the napkin, but suddenly he felt a sharp pain across his chest…

“Ouch!!.. ” He groaned and held his chest, a line of blood stream down his nostril..

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Esmeralda rushed to him immediately…

“Are you alright?? She asked, holding his hand.

” Should i get water? She asked worriedly and he shook his head..

“I’m fine” He replied silently and wiped the blood off, the pain already seized..

“Are you sure?? Esmeralda asked and he nodded…

” Are you sick?? She asked again and Princeton sigh.

“Why’re you always worried about me doll? He asked and fold his arms.

” Huh?? I j…. she stuttered and bite her lips, not knowing what to say…

“As your friend.. I should be worried” She replied but Princeton just stare at her…. Her lips pricisely which was slightly red from the way she bite it earliar.

“Is there something on my face?? She asked, when she noticed the way he stared at her.

He started leaning closer and Esmeralda stood like a statue surprisingly….

” Princeton… “She called silently…. His face already close to hers, his eyes not leaving her lips.

” Stay still”he muttered…

He slid his hand at the back of her head and draw her closer….

“Prince….. She wasn’t able to finish her statement before he crashed his lips on hers….

Her eyes widened instantly….

” Did princeton jus…. “She thought and blink severally, her eyes refusing to close as a result of the shock….


Finn got into the house, his mind on Onella…

He couldnt get his mind off her…

” Why am i this worried about her?? He thought and ruffle his hair crazily..

“Baby, you’re back” Mrs Chyrl said from behind and he turned.

“Mom… He called and she hugged him…

” You look worried”mrs Chyrl frown and held his cheek.

“I think am going crazy mom” He replied tiredly…

“Crazy,?? Why?? She asked and he sigh out loud.

” I think i’m in love”Finn replied and her eyes widened…

“You?? Love??


” I want to fly!!!! Velvet scream drunkenly again as Archie carried her out of the car in a bridal style….

She actually drank too much at the party so Archie brought her home…. She lives alone, her parents stays in carlifonia so she stay alone…

Archie opened the door with Velvet in her hand gibbering rubbish….

He walked upstairs and opened the door to her room…

He walked in and tried placing her on the bed but she clutched on him more tighter….


” I love you”Velvet cut him off with her eyes closed and his eyes widened.

“What the hell are you saying?? Archie shook his head and finally drop her on the bed.

He covered her with the duvet and tried walking out but she held his hand..
” Archie, i really do love you alot…. It hurts to see you crushing on Peaches… I love you trust me”she said, swaying her heads left to right….

Archie just stare at her as she talk…

“Sleep… ” Archie said silently and place his palm on her forehead. . .

“Ach…. She couldnt finish her statement before she doze off finally.

Archie sigh and walked out of the room, thinking about what she said earliar.

” She’s just drunk”he muttered to himself and walk out of the house….


“Will she be fine?? Hanuel asked worriedly, she was with grandma and Alex.

Ameera later told them the truth later since she wont be waking up any time soon.

” Yeah…. She’ll be fine with time, trust me”he said and Hanuel nodded.

“She’s just getting into trouble these days” Alex mumbled, he was already dressed in his uniform…

“I’ll see you later mom” He said and walked out…

“So…. She once lost her memory before, right?? The doctor suddenly asked and Hanuel flinch…

She exchanged glances with grandma immediately…

” Is her memory back? Grandma questioned back….

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