His crazy baddie episode 4 – 5


(Her body and lips)

Episode 4&5


“Nooo” Onella scream and bursted into tears.

“What?? Alex look at her in suprise as tears fell freely from her eyes.

Like what the f*ck?

He thought she was faking it.

” Are you being serious?? Hanuel asked suprisingly.

“Mommy, i dont want to, i really dont want to…. I’ll help you in shop, i’ll always wake up early, i wont cause troubles anymore, i’ll be a good girl… I promise…. Grandma i wont cause trouble please……. “Onella spoke out in a rush without stopping, her fake tears still dropping freely.

She just dont want to go to school.

Hanuel and Alex stared at in suprise.

” Silent!!! Grandma yelled and barge her hand on the table loudly.

“You are starting school and that’s final” She said, pointing her index finger at her face.

“The exam is two days time, so prepare…. You must not fail it and am serious… Onella am not joking this time” She said and Onella stood up.

She rushed out of the dining and entered her room.

“I swear… I hate you grandma” She said angrily and wiped her tears.

“It’s my life and i can live it the way i want it” She ruffle her angrily and sat on the bed thinking of what to do.

“Even if i pass, i’ll make sure i get expel from that damn school” She thought and smile.

She fell on the bed and close her eyes.


Chelsea was lost in thought staring at the mirror.
She has been thinking about what Starr said to her school.

Like what the hell is his problem?? Is he a gay or what?

Am i not pretty?

The flung opened and a maid walked in.

Chelsea turned angrily immediately.

“What did i tell you about knocking before you come in to my room, you dont just barge in like a lost dog” Chelsea snapped and march angrily towards her.

“Are you daft?? She yelled and the maid shiver, scared of what she might do to her.

” Am so….. She wasnt able to finish her statement before chelsea landed a slap on her face.

She fell on her knees immediately and held her cheek.

“Am sorry” She cried.

“Get out” Chelsea snapped and the maid stood up instantly and rushed out.

“Nuisance” She mumbled and walked back to the mirror.

The door flung opened again and she look back.

It’s her mom.

Mrs Marcelo.

“Chels, what’s up with you and the maid? She asked immediately.

” Mom, she’s mannerless… I really need to get her sack… She replied angrily and Mrs Marcelo shook her head.

“Are you alright?? She asked and Chelsea face her.

” Of course mom, that bitch just ruin my mood”she replied.

“Come downstairs, the food is ready” Mrs Marcelo said.

“Am not hungry mom” She replied and sat on the bed.


” Mom,, please”she interrupted and roll her eyes.

“Fine, good night” Mrs Marcelo said and walked out of the room.


“How can you smoke in the house, it’s wrong Miguel… Dont you get? Leilani yelled at Miguel who stare blankly at her.

” Mom, are you supporting him… I mean Starr”He asked.

“Of course not, why will i support that jerk…. This is about you Mig, you need to change…. That’s why Leighton doesnr see you as a son, he sees you like a bad influence… He doesn’t like you” Leilana said.

“I dont need him to like me mom” He replied with an eyeroll and Leilani sigh.

“Mig, you dont understand…. He needs to like you… Do you think i got married to him because i love him… You know why…. All i need is his money, we need his money. You have to gain his trust and love, you need to change” She said and Miguel sigh.

“I’ll try” He muttered simply and left the room.


Finn walked into the house and everywhere was as silent as a graveyard.

“Thought mom said she’ll be here” He thought and walked upstairs.

He got into the room and met his mom there.. She was sitting on the bed staring at a picture.

It was a picture of a her, Finn, a girl and a man.

“Mom Finn called from behind and she snapped out of her thought.

” Ohh Finn, you’re back she said and stood up.

“Who are those people mom?? He asked curiously, his eyes on the picture she was holding.

” You said you’ll tell me about it”Finn added and she sigh.

“Who is the girl and man in the picture?? He asked.

” The man is your dad”she replied and Finn frown.

“And the girl??

” That’s your sister, i left him with your dad when we divorced but i wish i never did”she muttered, almost at the brink of tears.


” The last time i went to check on her, your dad told me she went missing”she replied the tears finally dropping.

“So i have a sister” Finn mumbled.

“I really want my baby back….


The alarm rang beside Onella’s bed and her eyes fluttered opened immediately.

She has planned on doing the house chores this morning maybe grandma would change her mind about her starting school.

She stood up from the bed quickly and rushed out of the room to kitchen

She moved to the plates and started washing them.

After washing the plates…she put the food on fire and walked out of the kitchen, she took the broom and started sweeping, sweating profusely already.

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“Damn you grandma!! She cursed under her breath, clean her sweat with the back of her palm.

She has never done this shits before.

All she do is eat and find troubles.

Hanuel woke up when she heard sounds of broom from the sitting room and she stood.

” Who is that? Alex would still be in bed and grandma will never sweep… And Onella?? She paused.

“Who could that be?? She thought and stood up from the bed. She rushed to the sitting room and her jaw dropped at what she saw.

Onella with a broom?

Like what the f*ck

” Onella”Hanuel called surprisingly and she turned.

“Oh, mom good morning” She smile.

“What’re you doing?? Hanuel asked and move closer to her..

Is this really Onella or an imposter?

” Doing the house chores”she replied with a smile again.

Hanuel raised her hand to her forehead to check her temperature.

“Mom, what??

” Are you sure you’re fine?? Hanuel asked and she nodded.

“Onella, you’re sweeping? Like seriously?? Hanuel chuckle this time and she nodded.

” Go wake Alex and grandma up, their bath water is ready”She said and continue sweeping.

Hanuel just stood like a statue, mouth agap as she stare at the crazy Onella.


“I wonder why you insist on going to a restaurant when there’s food in the house” Esmeralda said to Starr as she munch on her food.

“Just wanna change taste” He replied and took his bag.

“Tell the driver to drive gently, okay? I’ll see you in school” Starr said and peck her cheek.

“Bye brother” She replied with a smile and continue eating.

Starr hop into his car and drove out of the compound.

He’s just not interested in eating in the house this morning.

He will just look for a close by restaurant.

After some minutes drive, he sighted a restaurant and he sigh in relief. He parked the car and walked in.


Onella has been busy attending to customers respectfully without causing any trouble and amaze Hanuel the more.

She was just watching her as she move up and down.

Onella saw another customer walking in and she rushed to him immediately.

Starr walked in and sat down and Onella rushed to him.

“Welcome to Hanuel reta…… She stopped talking when she noticed the demi god in front of her.

She stare at him from his curly hair, sexy eyeball, perfect nose, his lips.

” Is he for real? How can someone be this handsome.

” Hey… Starr said, snapping her out of her silly thoughts.

“What will you like to take?

“I want pasta and egg”he replied and she nodded.

She was about turning back but her eyes caught something.

His badge.

Major high.

” You attend major high? She suddenly asked and he nodded lightly.

“Good she smile and sat down on the chair opposite him.

” Major high do evict student right? She asked.

“Of course….

” What’re the offences you can commit that can make them expel a student? She asked and Starr just stare at her.

“Get me my order and stop asking dumb question” He said and Onella stood, leaning closer to him.

“Tell me or you wont get your order” She smirk and Starr stood up.

“Then i’ll take my leave” He replied and turned to leave but she dragged him back.

“Are you crazy? Starr snapped.

” Of i’m crazy, how did you know my name? She smirk.

“It’s either you tell me or i beat you” Onella said, flexing her neck already.



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