His Crazy Baddie

His crazy baddie episode 3 – 4


(Her body and lips)

Episode 3&4


Onella kicked him on the face and he fell immediately.


Finn eye widen instantly, shock written all over his face. Did he just kicked him?

“Are you crazy? He snapped, his hand on his bursted lips.

” Thought i told you earliar that my middle name is crazy”Onella smirk and squat in front of him.

He shifted back in fear as he stare at the little devil in front of him.

He couldnt afford to take another kick again so he just kept quiet.

Onella laugh lightly at his expression and dipped her fingers into her short curly hair.

“My money” She said and streched her palm forward.

Just as he was about speaking, A voice spoke up from the stairs and they both looked up.


Her eyes widen when she saw Finn lying on the floor.

“Who are you?? Mira asked and rushed to him.

” What did you do to him? You thug! Mira snapped and Onella scoff.

“Are you dumb?? Am talking to you” Mira yelled and march to her angrily.

“Mira, stay back” Finn said from behind but she didn’t listen.

“Answ….. Mira wasnt able to finish her statement before Onella held her neck, choking her.

Finn eyes widen immediately.

” Ah.. gh”Mira stuttured as her eyes started turning red.

Onella only tightened it more and she kept struggling with her.

“Tiana give her the money” Finn yelled at the maid and she rushed to give her.

“Here, here!! The maid said quickly and she released her.

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She fell directly on the floor holding her neck, she was breathing heavily.

Onella counted the money and she smile, she walked to Finn and bent in front of him.

” Good boy”she ruffle his hair and stood up, she walked out of the house and Finn rushed to Mira.

“Get lost” Mira said and pushed

“You couldnt do anything when she was strangling me, you were lying there like a log of wood, damn you! She spat angrily and walked.

Finn ruffle his hair and stare at the pizza on the floor.

His hands went to his lips and he wince in pain, it was a bit swollen.

” Damn!! I swear i’ll kill her he said crazily to himself and kicked the air.

“I’ll see you guys tomorrow, and make sure my assignment is done” Mr Mark said and left the class.

“That was tiring” Velvet said.

“I know, right? Archie replied and face her.

” To the cafeteria, Let’s go Starr”Archie said and they all stood up.

“Hey” A voice said from behind and they turned.


“Starr, let eat together” Chelsea smile at Starr and he scoff.

“Not interested” He replied simply and walked away.

“Oh, sorry” Velvet chuckle and she glare at her.

“Let’s go” Velvet said to Archie and they left.

Chelsea fold her fist angrily as she watched them leave.

“He didn’t even look at me, is him a gay or what? She said crazily to herself and ruffle her hair.

” Chill, he’ll be yours”Snow said from behind and she sigh.

Snow is her bestfriend.

“When?? Tell me” She said and stomp her feet on the floor.

“With time, let’s go to the cafeteria” Snow replied and dragged her out of the class.


“Heard there’s going to be a scholarship exam” Velvet said.

“Yeah, but it’s gonna be tough, i guess” Archie replied.

“Just one student will be pick” Velvet said.

“Registration closing tomorrow..

” Yeah. …

“I’ll be back guys, I need to visit the restroom”Starr said and left.

Chelsea followed immediately, she was also in the cafeteria…. She has been watching them since morning.

” Starr”Chelsea called from behind when they got to the hallway.

Starr stopped and looked back.

“Chelsea he called and she smile.

That’s the first time she’s calling my name.

” What? He asked.

“Uhhh, actually, i need your help with something” She said.


” I didn’t really understand what the physics teacher taught us…. I dont know maybe you can explain to me”Chelsea said and Starr scoff.

“Do i look like a teacher to you? Meet the physics and explain to him you dont understand” He replied coldly and turned to leave but she held his arm.

“Why are you hurting my feelings? Chelsea asked, almost crying.

” I dont get, i’m just tryna tell you i’m not a teacher…. You can meet the teacher or even other students in class… How am i hurting your feeling…. Starr said and dip his hand into his pocket.

“I like you… Chelsea said and moved closer to him.

He shifted back immediately.

” Too bad i dont feel the same….. So he paused.

“Get a life and stop going after boys” He added and left the hallway immediately.

“He doesn’t feel the same, how?? Am i not pretty? She asked herself crazily.

” Not all about being pretty, get a brain Chels”someone said from behind and she turned.


Peaches is one of her enemies in the school, she hates her gut alot and they’re always on each other neck.

“You got rejected Peaches chuckle and she glare at her.

” Mind your f*cking business”Chelsea snapped and walked out immediately.

“Asshole” Peaches said and also left..


“He really look good today, right? Esmeralda asked Bitna pointing at Princeton.

“Yeah, i wonder why he’s always silent” Bitna shrugged.

Princeton is one of the brilliant student in the junior section, always on his own.. But he’s a demi god…. Cutest in the Junior units… Every girl crush on him but too bad he doesn’t notice anyone.

“Yeah, who knows…. But i really like him” Esmeralda pouted and Bitna face her.

“And when did you start crushing?? Bitna asked.

” Ever since the day i set my eyes on him”she replied and Bitna chuckle.

“Your brother will skin you alive, trust me” Bitna crack.

“It’s just a crush*Esmeralda said and they laugh..


Starr and Esmeralda walked into the house and met Miguel sitting, he was smoking.

*what the hell is this? Esmeralda asked and cover her nose.

” What do you think you’re doing? In the sitting room… Starr yelled and walked closer to him.

“Are you crazy?? He yelled again but he just continue…. He didnt even look up.

Starr snatched the cigarate from him and he stood up.

” Cant you just mind your f*cking business? Miguel growl and grabbed his collar.

“You cant smoke in the house, you bastard” Starr snapped and he punch him.

He starggered and almost fell..

He returned the punch and Miguel lip bursted.

Esmeralda rushed to them immediately and held his brother.

Miguel also punch and they started fighting hotly wounding each other’s face.

“What’s going on here? Leilani shouted from behind and they both stopped glaring at each other breathing heavily.

” Answer me …. Leilani snapped.

“Ask the motherf*cker you call son” Starr said and pushed her, she almost fell.

Esmeralda also followed

Miguel also walked out…..

Starr got into the room and ruffle his hair.

He would really killed that jerk one of this day.

His phone beep and he checked.

It’s a message from their group.

It’s there private group chat, just Finn, Velvet, Archie and Starr.

Archie:You mean she ate from it and hit you🤣🤣🤣

Finn:seriously?? You need to see my face😒😒

Velvet:This is crazy, i would really like to meet her😁😁

Archie:Serves you right tho😌😌


Starr just smile as he read it, he dropped his phone and walked into the bath room.


They’re all eating in the dining table.

“So Onella, start reading” Grandma suddenly said and She look up.


“Why?? She asked, suprise written all over her face.

” I registered you for the ongoing schorlarship exam in major high she replied and Onella choke on her food.

“Why?? I never said i want to start school” Onella said.

“Am tired of your troubles……. Besides your mates are in school” Grandma said and Hanuel smile.

“Wow, grandma that’s great” Hanuel said.

“Noooo” Onella screamed and bursted into tears.


Poor Onella she doesn’t like going school 🤣🤣

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