His Crazy Baddie

His crazy baddie episode 33 – 34


(Her body and lips)

Episode 33&34


Onella opened her eyes slowly and cringe a bit as a slight headache hit her hard… She shut her eyes back for a seconds and opened it back..

“Baby.. ” Hanuel called and held her palm.

“Mom… ” She muttered silently and Hanuel kissed her forehead.

“I was so worried about you baby… ” She said, almost crying.

“Mom stop, i’m fine now” Onella said and force out a smile.

Grandma was just watching them from behind waiting if she would say anything about her memory…

“Grandma, i’m fine” Onella said, when she noticed the way she stare at her from behind.

Grandma moved closer to her and touch her head.

“Do you remember anything? Grandma asked and she frown.

” Anything? Like what?… “She asked, confusely.

“You shouldn’t bother her about that for now” Hanuel said and Grandma nodded.

Onella just stare at them confused about what they were saying.

The door opened from behind and they turned…

It’s Starr.

“Starr… ” Hanuel called.

“Good afternoon ma’am” Starr greeted and bow his head a little bit.

“How’re you doing??

” I’m fine”he replied and face Onella who was staring at him..

“Be right back ” Hanuel said and walkout with grandma..

“Onella… ” He called and sat beside the bed..

“I was so worried about you. … You really scare the hell out of me” He said seriously and Onella chuckle..

“I’m serious” He said, without smiling.

“Hey, hey… I’m fine now” Onella grinned and sat up..

“Are you feeling pain anywhere?? He asked and Onella shook her head..

” How was school?? What did i miss? Onella asked.

“Not really… We’re having our presentation tomorrow” Starr replied and her eyes widened..

“Oh… Then i’ll have to come” Onella said and Starr frown.

“Come where? You’re not fine yet… What’re you saying? Starr said..

” I’m fine, trust me”She replied with a wink and Starr smile.

“Nah, you’re not going… ” Star shook his head and she pout like a baby.

Starr started staring at her immediately, she even look cute even when sick… They kept staring at each other… Everywhere as silent as graveyard… Onella look away and Starr sigh.

“You once had amnesia” Starr suddenly asked and Onella face him..

“Amnesia?? She asked slowly and Starr nodded…

” I don’t know.. Why’re you asking? Onella asked..

“Nothing nothing…. What happened to you at the party… ” Starr asked, changing the topic.

“I dont know, some guys attacked me” She replied…

“I have a feeling Chelsea and Snow was behind it” She added and Starr furrow his brow..

“That witch… ” He muttered.

“I’m gonna find out…. What do you wanna eat?? He asked..

” Oh yeah.. I’m hungry… I’ll take noodles and plaintain”she replied quickly and Starr chuckle..

“Foodie… I’ll go get it” He said and stood up.

“I’ll be right back” He wink and left the room.

Onella smile and lay back on the bed..



Ameera got into the house and breath out loud.

” Gosh, that was so close”she said, remembering what she did to Chelsea.

“I wish i can just kill her, it’s not over yet” She gritted her teeth and clench her fist..

“Kiddo.. ” Someone called from behind and her eyes widened.

She recognized his voice immediately..

Marcelo… Her brother..

She turned and ran to hug him…

“I miss you so much brother” She said, still helding onto him tight…

“Hey chill… I left the house two weeks ago” Marcelo chuckle and she released him.

“That two weeks felt like years” Ameera pouted and he laugh..

“Who were you saying you wanna kill? Marcelo grinned, rubbing her hair.

“Some asshole, dont worry. I’ll take care of that” She said with a wink.

“You never get tired of trouble, do you? Marcelo chuckle and she rolled her eyes.

” Oh please.. Peace should never be an option but…

“Violence” They both said together and they laugh..

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“Ameera.. ” Someone called from behind interrupting them..


“Peaches.. ” Ameera called and rushed to her..

She’ll be staying with her for now..

“Have been expecting you” Peaches pouted and she laugh…

“Hey bro… Meet my friend Peaches… Peaches meet my big bro Marcelo” Ameera said.

“Hi.. ” Peaches said and bow her head a bit.

“Hey Peaches, nice meeting you” Marcelo said and streched his hand towards her for handshake.

“Same here… ” She replied and shook his palm…

Marcelo smile at her and she look away nervously…

“Okay… She’ll be staying with us for now ” Ameera said.

“Oh.. Good” Marcelo nodded and dip his hand into his pocket, his eyes not leaving Peaches.

“Let’s go upstairs, i’ll go change and we’ll visit Onella” Ameera said and dragged Peaches along, taking the stairs fast.

Peaches looked back and met Marcelo staring at her… She looked away quickly and he smile.

“So pretty.. ” He mumbled and also walk away.


Chelsea was lying tiredly on the bed while her mom stare at her… She was brought home by the security earliar…

“Mom, this is second time i’ll be humilated… Yet you didnt do anything” She cried and she face her…

“Is it the same girl.? She asked and Chelsea sniffed.

” Her friend”she replied and she sigh.

“I’m surely gonna make report to the school tomorrow, trust me baby… Am sorry” She said and peck her hair.

“Okay mom…


A lady was sitting on Miguel lap, twerking while he had a cigarette in his mouth smoking crazily… A slow song was playing underneath..

” Just 20million dollars… The lady said and kissed his lips…

“Get me my phone” Miguel replied and the lady passed the phone to him…

He started operating on it and after some minutes the lady received the alert.

“Oh my God!! She scream out loud and sprang on her feet…

” Piece of cake… Can we start now? He asked and smashed his lips on hers without waiting for her reply… She reciprocated immediately…. The door suddenly opened and Mr Saint walked in.

“20million dollars again?? It’s the company money not y….

” You’re sacked”Miguel cut him off and kissed the lady again..


Princeton and Esmeralda sat down together watching the water as it flows to and fro peacefully… The soft breeze kept blowing Esmeralda hair while Princeton just stare at her…

They actually came here to have fun since it’s his off day

” Why is she so cute? He thought inwardly..

“Mehn… The view is damn beautiful.. ” Esmeralda giggle and blew air out of her mouth.

“You’re more beautiful” Princeton suddenly said and she turned to face him surprisingly…


” Yeah, you’re beautiful”He said again, staring directly into her eyes…

They both started staring at each other till Esmeralda looked away nervously.

“Thanks” She muttered and looked away..

“You promised to tell me why you dont talk to anyone” Esmeralda said and face him.

“Yeah…. I dont wanna leave anyone broken… I’m leaving soon, just a month and some weeks left” He said and she crease her brow…

“Huh?? Where are you going? Esmeralda asked….

” Afterlife”He mumbled and Esmeralda flinch..

“What? How?

” Let’s just forget about Esme, let’s play games”he smile, trying to change the topic.

“No, i want to know… What do you mean afterlife… How? Esmeralda asked, almost crying.

He’s gonna die?

For real.

Princeton just kept quite feeling scared and devastated…. It’s so close already… Her mom, everybody.

” Prince…..

She tried calling but he shut her up with a kiss and she blinked severely.

“He’s kissing me again?? She thought inwardly.

She grabbed him by the collar and kissed him back… Sucking on each other’s lips slowly.

Princeton broke it slowly and stare directly into her eyes..

” I love you.. “Princeton whispered and her heart skipped..

” Huh??.


Princeton came out of the room already dressed for school, he walked into the living room and met his dad with one of his bitches kissing.

They stopped immediately they saw him.

“Shameless.. ” He mumbled and tried walking away.

“What did you say?? Draco snapped and stood up.

” You heard me right”Princeton yelled this time and walked out.

“This son of a bitch, imma kill him one of these days” He snarl angrily.

“Let’s go grab something to eat baby” The lady said and he nodded…

They both walked out of the house, they hop into the car and drove down the street looking for a closeby restaurant… They saw one from afar and drive towards it.

Hanuel restaurant.

After some minute drive, they got there… They both walked into the restaurant and sat down..

“Another customer”Hanuel said and Onella stood up… She has been discharged already but didnt go to school… Grandma insisted she rest a little so she followed Hanuel to the shop.

” I’ll help with that”Onella said..

“Are you sure?? Hanuel rubbed her boundage head and she nodded.. She took the menu list and walked over to them..

” Hi ma’am.. Hi si…. “Onella stopped abruptly when she sight Draco and her head started spinning… Draco also stare at her surprisingly.

” Onella… “He called and stood up..

She held her hurting head and tears slipped from her eyes… Some memories started flowing in….

” Dad… “She called and fell on the floor, she passed out immediately…

” Onella… “Hanuel shouted and stood up from where she sat….


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