His Crazy Baddie

His crazy Baddie episode 35 – 36


(Her body and lips)

Episode 33&34


“Onella!!! Hanuel scream from where she’s standing and ran to them…

Onella was already lying on the floor, her eyes shut completely… Draco moved closer to her and shook her.

” Crystal… “He called, shaking her repeatedly.

” What did you do to her?? Hanuel yelled, tears welling up her eyes already.

She’s just recovering, now this again…

“Crystal… ” Draco called again and Hanuel looked up at him.


“Who’s Crystal?? Hanuel questioned confused by what’s going on….

” No time for question woman… Let’s get her to the hospital.. “Draco replied hastily and carried her in his arms, rushing out of the cafeteria.

Hanuel rushed behind them, her tears increasing.

Nothing must happen to her.


Marcelo kept stealing glances at Peaches who kept picking on her food, she havent even taken a spoon yet.

Ameera left for school already.

” Is there something wrong? Marcelo finally asked, and just as expected she didn’t reply… She was lost in her own thought.

Everything was still surprising to her, she just couldn’t believe he got her pregnant and left her… Well what does she expect from a playboy..

“Peaches… ” He nudge her this time and she jerked, snapping out of her thought.

“Uhm.. Mm” She stuttered, looking up at him.

“Are you alright? Marcelo asked and she nodded quickly.

“You look lost, are you sure you’re fine? You can talk to me” Marcelo said calmly, looking carefully at her.

She look at him and saw how worried he look… She gulp down hard and look away… She really needed someone to talk to, maybe she will be fine… It’s really eating her up.

“I’m fine, trust me” She forced out a smile and Marcelo nodded.

“Better now, you look cute when you smile” He wink…

“Really? Then i’ll smile more” Peaches said cutely and he smile.

“Can you tell me something?? Marcelo suddenly asked and she face him again.

” Yeah

“Why are you staying with us? And why arent you going to school? Marcelo asked and she sigh

” Ermm.. I had a little argument with my aunt so she told me to leave the house… “Peaches replied, trying to avoid the school part.

She couldnt imagine herself saying she’s pregnant at 18

” That’s harsh… What about school?? Marcelo asked and she look away…

“Ermm… M…. That? I’m just feeling a little bit sick today so.. ” She paused and shrugged.

“Ohh.. Sorry.. ” Marcelo said and she nodded.


” Yeah… So let’s eat. Table manners”He chuckle with a wink.

“You started it” Peaches replied and they both laugh…


“I still dont get why Peaches is not in school” Archie said worriedly…
He’s with Starr and Velvet at the cafeteria since it’s lunch..

Velvet heart hurt at the mention of Peaches and she look away sadly.

“He cares about Peaches but never notice me” She thought..

“Maybe she’s sick… Who knows” Starr shrugged and sip his juice.

“She has been absent since Finn broke up with her… That jerk” Archie snarl and turned to look at him.

He was sitting in different table, operating on his phone.

“You guys should should just settle already, it’s just so annoying you both are fighting over a girl” Velvet said and Archie frown.

“Annoying?? He hurts her feeling, broke her heart and shattered her… Dont you get? Archie said and Velvet scoff…

” Whatever… “She mumbled and look away..

” I’ll just ask Ameera about her… I’m worried as f*ck”He said..

“Yeah, you should…

Chelsea and Snow paced around the hallway as they wait for Ameera to pass by.

” I’m gonna deal with her real bad”Chelsea sneer, remembering how she beat her up.

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“I’m gonna pulled her stinky hair… She’s even close to my crush…. How disrespecting… ” Snow also said…

“Shh…. I think she’s coming” Chelsea whispered when she heard a footstep from behind.

They both hide and watch from the corner as she walk in with Jayden laughing out loud as usual..

“Hey…. Stop” Chelsea yelled and rushed to them..

“Wait… What are they? They look damn skinny… When last do you eat? Jayden chuckle and tried touching Chelsea.

She hit his hand off and glare at him…

” How dare you attack me? Chelsea snarl at Ameera.

“And how dare you attack my friend? How dare you sent boys to attack her” Ameera snapped back and moved closer boldly..

“Seems you wanna die” Ameera smirk and rolled up her sleeves.

“Give it up to Jackie chan Ameera” Jayden laugh from behind…

“Bring it on bitch” Chelsea said and rushed to her grabbing her hair roughly, Ameera also got hold of her shirt and started dragging in as they fight hotly.

“Bruce lee Jayden” Jayden scream and also dragged Snow spanking her ass hardly as she cried out loud.


“Chill girl…. He didnt even ask you out” Bitna said to Esmeralda and she frown

“But he told me he loves me… Like am so excited” Esmeralda blushed, remembering how he kissed her.

“Whatever… ” Bitna mumbled and Esmeralda laugh.

“You’re just jealous… You can go for Daniel” She chuckle and Bitna glare at her.

“That idiot…

Just then Daniel came by their table and wave at them.

” Hey Bitna”He wink and Bitna rolled her eyes.

“You see i told you… ” Esmeralda chuckle.

“Esmeralda!!! Bitna scream and she laugh out….

A student suddenly rushed into the cafeteria breathing heavily.

” Hey…. Princeton is uncouncious at the basketball court… He’s bleeding”The student said and everyone gasped

“Princeton… ” Esmeralda called fearfully and rushed out of the cafeteria while Bitna and Daniel also followed… Other students trails behind.


“I said get outt!!! Onella yelled again at Draco and he stood up.

” Please leave for now sir… It’s dangerous for her to shout now”The doctor said to Draco…

“Okay i’ll leave…. Crystal just forgive me” Draco said and turned towards the door…

“Go… ” She muttered with tears this time as Draco leaves completely.

“Onella… ” Hanuel pat her back slowly, trying to calm her down

“I remembered everything now.. I regained my memory but i wish i didnt… I went through hell in the past… ” Onella said, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“The so called devil tried selling me as a s*x slave to a drug lord” Onella cried and Hanuel gasp…

“He maltreated me so much… He hit me at any slight opportunity, he hate me so much… ” She said again, her tears continue flowing.

“What about your mom? Hanuel asked…

” I dont know…. He told me she left with my brother”Onella replied…

“He tried selling me out because he needed money but i escaped and while i was escaping… I got into an accident and lost my memory… ” Onella sniff, remembering how they chased her till she was hit by a truck…

“Yeah… We found you there and take you to the hospital, then the doctor told us you lost your memory.. ” Hanuel replied.

“Thank you mom, i love you guys so much… You’re my only family… You, grandma and Alex…and i dont want to be Crystal..i want to be your Onella forever” She sniff and hugged her tight.

“I love you too baby” Hanuel replied patting her back. ..

The door opened slowly and they turned.


“What’re you doing here? Onella snapped immediately…
Hanuel stood up and face Finn too.

” Can we talk please? He said calmly…

“I’ll excuse you guys” Hanuel said and walked out…

“How may i help you.? Heartbreaker” Onella asked angrily and he moved closer to her.

“I’m sorry… ” Finn said slowly and Onella crease her brow.

“For what? You should be apologizing to Peaches not me” Onella replied with an eyeroll and he sigh.

“Let’s be friends… I like you, i’m gonna apologize to her if you agree to be my friend” Finn said and Onella scoff.

“I dont want to be your friend…. Get out” Onella snapped..

“Just calm down Nella…

” It’s Onella jerk”she cut in…

“Can you just allow me talk… I dont love Peaches”

“She’s pregnant with your baby.. ” Onella said..

“Am not even sure the baby is mine so it’s nothing… I love you…i’m going crazy” Finn replied, looking directly into her eyes.

“Starr… ” Onella called and tried standing up…

“Wait…. Finn tried holding her but was cut off with a big slap on his face. .

” I hate youu”She yelled and ran out of the ward..

Finn ruffle his hair as he watched her leave

Peaches stare at the pills in her palm for the umpteenpth time, deliberating on whether to use it or not…

It’s actually an abortive pills,… She got it earliar from a pharmacy.

“He doesnt even want the baby…. I dont wanna stop school either, let me just end it once and for all… Yeah i should” Peaches said to herself and took the glass of water..

“I cant keep it…. Lord please forgive me… Finn i hate you so much… ” She cried and pour the pills into her mouth… She drank the water and swallowed everything as tears rolled down her eyes…

Oh no. Poor peaches 😭😭😭

One word for Finn

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