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His crazy baddie episode 39 – 40


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Episode 39 & 40

“No… No.. ” Mrs Chryl shook her head shockingly and fell down directly on the floor.

“Mom.. ” Finn shouted and rushed to her immediately…

“What’s happening?? Marcelo asked and move to her..

” Please get the doctor… “Finn said to Marcelo scaredly, holding her closer in his arms..

Marcelo nodded and rushed out immediately..

Peaches just remain on the bed as she watched the whole scene not moving.


” Mom, can you just stop? Princeton said for the umptenth to her mom but her cries only increased.

“Gosh!! He sigh out tiredly and shook his head.

She actually found out about his sickness already..

” You have an heart disease and didnt bother to tell me Prince . What have i done to deserve this from you Prince”She cried out more..

“Mom.. I’m fine now” Princeton replied simply and she turned to look at him.

“The doctor said you have 1 month to live” She sniff as another round of tears rolled down..

Princeton felt a sharp pain the moment she said that, the fact that he’s going to leave her alone with his nonchalant father, the fact that he is gonna leave his loved ones is hurting him so much..

He didn’t know when tears laced up his eyes

“But i’m still here” Princeton said, trying to fight back his tears, he didnt wanna break down in front of her,he drew her closer to himself and pat her back gently…

“I dont wanna lose you.. ” She sobbed out loudly..

“You wont mom, let’s be persistent, doctors aren’t God. Miracle can happen, who know? He said and she nodded..

She raised her head and cupped his cheeks with his palm.

” Why didn’t you tell me about it earliar? She asked and Princeton sigh.

“I dont wanna bother you mom” He replied simply.

“But it hurt.. ” She said

“I’m sorry mom.. ” He muttered…

Just as she was about replying, the door opened and Esmeralda walked in. She was dressed in her uniform, just coming back from school

“Doll… ” Princeton beam and she let out a cute smile.

“Good day ma’am” Esmeralda greeted with a slight bow.

“How’re you dear? She asked with a smile. .

” I’m fine ma’am”Esmeralda replied..

“Is she your girlfriend? She asked and Esmeralda eyes widened.

” No


They both said in unison and she chuckle..

” Are you both serious at all? Dont worry, i understand. I’ll just excuse you both… “She wink at Princeton and walked out.

” What was that for? Princeton face Esmeralda immediately.

“We’re not dating, you’re the one lying” Esmeralda roll her eyes and sat beside the bed.

“Then should we date? Princeton wink and Esmeralda eyes widened.

” Huh??

“Be my girlfriend Esmeralda” Princeton said and held her palm….

Esmeralda blink cutely as she stare at him..

“What?? You dont love me? Princeton frown and she shook her head instantly.

” No, no. I’ll be your girlfriend”She replied quickly and jump on him hugging him tight.

“Silly.. ” Princeton grinned as he hugged her back..

“I love you..


” Please, can you just help me talk to her”Draco pleaded and Hanuel roll her eyes.

“I can only do that if only your wife stop being rude. How can you left someone for years like trash and came back from no where to claim her, it’s not done” Hanuel said, her arms across her chest.

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“I regretted my actions, i tried my possible best to look for her but all to no avail” Draco said and Hanuel sigh..

“Fine, i’ll try to talk to her” Hanuel said and Draco crease his brow.

“Really?? Thank you” Draco said happily.

“Alright… ” Hanuel replied and turn to leave but Draco held her hand.

“Can you atleast give me your number, we can talk later” Draco said and Hanuel glare at him..

He released his hand immediately.

“Good day” Hanuel said and walked into the restaurant.

“She’s pretty.. ” Draco mumbled, staring at her till she went out of sight.


“Mom, what’re you trying to say? Finn asked, not wanting to believe his ear.

” She’s your sister, Peaches is your sister” Mrs Chryl cried and Finn shook his head and stood up.

“Mom, you cant tell me that. Peaches? We dated” Finn said, tears laced his eyes instantly…

He ruined his sister’s life… How pathetic..

Peaches who have been eavesdropping with Marcelo bursted into tears.

“Do you hear that? My own brother impregnated me, my own brother ruined my life…. No, no” She cried out loudly and barge in..

Mrs Chryl looked up immediately.

“Tell me it’s not true” Peaches cried and Mrs Chryl stood up..

“How?? Just tell me how?? Finn yelled out in tears, as he stare at Peaches pitifully.

He ruined his sister completely, she cant conceive…. He regretted ever being a playboy.

” Are you sure about this ma’am? Maybe you should try a DNA text.. I mean Peaches have a family right? Marcelo chipped in from behind.

“I’m very sure…. I tied this necklace on their necks… ”

“How come we didnt grow up together? Finn asked from behind.

” Years ago. … I worked as a maid in Thai mansion, Thai and his wife were lovely couples, they have a lovely marriage you will ever wish and pray for. Kind and jovial to their workers but mrs Thai couldnt conceive… Thai parent wouldnt stop bothering and threatening her so i met with her and we came up with a plan”She paused and sat down…

“We planned she pretend to be pregnant since i was pregnant with you two that time, and since i was carrying a set of twins, i promised to give her one of the baby once i birthed which is you Peaches” Mrs Chryl sigh and looked at the both of them…

They both has traces of tears on their faces…

“So you gave me to her…. No wonder aunt Lucy never liked me” Peaches sniffed.

“You stay with Lucy??
” Yeah, Mr Thai and mrs Thai died in an accident years ago so i stay with aunt Lucy, she treated me like trash”Peaches said.

“That was because she knew about our plan and she wasnt in support of it, she didnt want Mrs Thai for her brother.. ” Mrs Chryl replied..

“So you’re trying to say we’re siblings? Finn asked slowly, staring at Peacges

“Yes Finn..

” This is crazy, we… We had s*x mom. She was pregnant for me…. She”He stopped and ruffle his hair crazily..

“This is crazy” Marcelo mumble, his hand on Peaches shoulder..

This is a mess…. Mrs Chryl just stare frustrating not knowing what to say. How could fate bring them together this way…

Now she regret ever giving her baby to her boss… She regret everything.

“Peaches… ” Finn called and Peaches sprang up immediately..

“Dont you ever call my name, you idiot…. I’ll never take you as my brother, i’ll never see you as my brother. Dont ever come near… I hate you so much Finn Bruce” Peaches spat hatefully and walked out angrily, Marcelo followed immediately…

“I’m screwed” Finn muttered and palm his face…


Starr:Wtf… You mean Peaches is your sister😯










“No…. I dont wanna see them mom, they left me like i was nothing” Onella shook her head and fold her arms

“I understand but your dad is sorry, dont you get, he wants you back” Hanuel said and move closer to her.

“That devil tried selling me out as a s*x slave to a drug lord, what if i didnt escape that day…. Mom, none of them love me” Onella paused…

“Mom, i want to remain your Onella, i dont wanna be crystal” She said and look away.

Just then her phone rang and she checked.


“Peaches.. ” She called as soon as she picked.

“Onella… You wont believe Finn is my brother” Peaches cried and her eyes widen.

“Which Finn? Onella asked walking out of the house leaving Hanuel in the room.

” This is gonna be tough…. She’s so stubborn”Hanuel sigh and closed her eyes…

Onella please try to forgive ur parents, I know there really hurt you 😭😭
Finn u have mess with ur sister’s life, I pray she forgive u one day

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