His crazy baddie episode 43 – 46


(Her body and lips)

Episode 43&44

Starr and Onella got into the car and Starr gave her a short peck on her lips.

“That was great” Starr grinned.

“The slap? I know, right? Onella smirk, flaunting her short hair.

” She’s your stepmom? Onella asked.

“Something like that… My dad s*x doll actually” He responded

“She’s so dumb, how could she left me like a piece of trash and came out from no where to claim me like that, who does that? She said with an eyeroll.

” She’s too selfish, even if you have to accept her, she should face the same pain you went through” Starr said.

“Who said am accepting her, NEVER” She said, emphasizing the never.

“She’s your mom yunno” Starr said.

“No, she’s not” Onella rolled her eyes.

“Fine, fine… Respect your decision” Starr smile and rub her hair.

“Thanks boo… I love you” She smile..

“Much more doll….


Leilani kept hitting and kicking everything in the sitting room, scattering everywhere angrily.

” I want my baby back…. “She shouted for the umptenth time, her hand bleeding profusely.

” That wont bring your baby back Lani” Draco snapped angrily and she stopped.

“Are you crazy?? What’s wrong with you? Adjust your character and beg them, they’ve been taking care of her for years” Draco yelled.

“Stop yelling at me Draco…. You tried selling her out” Leilani shouted back

“You know what? Get lost” He said and pushed her out of the way, heading towards the door.

“Dracoooo” She shouted as she watched him leave the house.


Archie and Velvet sat down in the bar, drinking wines.

“You havent tell me why we are here” Velvet looked at him and asked.

“Nothing serious, i just want us to chill together, i cant have fun with my bestie” Archie grinned..

She sigh on hearing the bestie… Why cant he just notice she has feelings for him, she’s tired of the bestie stuff.

She sigh out loud and frown a bit.

“Are you alright? Archie asked and she nodded..

” Do you wanna tell me something? Archie asked knowingly..

He knew she is in love with him.

“You’ve gotten over Peaches, right? She suddenly asked.

” Why do you ask? He chuckle and sip from his drink.

“I… I just wanna know” She stuttered and he smirk..

“Yeah” He replied simply and rest his back on the chair.

“Oh… ” She beam…

Archie suddenly move closer and held her both hand in his palm, Velvet looked at him confusely.


” Do you like me? Archie cut in and her eyes widened. .

“What’re you saying? She stuttered arkwardly trying to cover up with a chuckle.

” It’s obvious Velvet” Archie said, staring directly into her eyes.

“Is it? Velvet asked and took in her lips.

” Yeah…

“I really like you Archie, no i mean i love you, have been crushing on you for so long.. I love you so much” She rushed out her words and stood up, she ran out instantly with her palm on her face.

“Velvet.. ” He tried calling but she was gone.

“I knew it, cute” He smile….

Draco walked into the restaurant, eye searching for Hanuel.

“Dad ” Someone called from behind and he turned.


“Dad, what’re you doing here? Princeton asked, surprisingly.

” What’re you doing here? Draco asked back.

“I work here of course” He replied…

Just as he was about replying, someone called Princeton from behind..

They both looked back..

It’s Hanuel..

“Get back to work Prince” She said, staring at Draco.

“He’s my son” Draco said..

“Really? He’s Onella brother too” Hanuel asked.

“Yeah… ”

“Wow… Why’re you here tho? Hanuel asked…

” About Crystal… “He said…

“Am trying, just pray she accept and about her mom, she should atleast be nice and jovial”

“Okay, thanks… You look more pretty today” Draco said…


” I’ll take my leave now” He said and Hanuel nodded.

He turned around and left as Hanuel stood and watch as he leave.

“He’s cool…

Onella house**

“No lecture tomorrow” Ameera said and jump happily.

Ameera, Peaches and Jayden were in Onella’s house. They’re having a sleepover

“Why? Onella creased her brow, eating from her popcorn.

” We’re having a inter school sport competition so practice start tomorrow to know who will be representing the school, i’ll participating on bicycle cycling” Ameera said..

“Wow… I cant wait, i’ll participating on basket ball for sure” Onella smirk happily.

“Me too, i’m quite good at it” Peaches also said.

“Really? Come here, i love you… ” Onella said and they hugged each other.

“What about me? Ameera pouted cutely

” Am here for you baby” Jayden chipped in and peck her cheek.

“Get lost” Ameera snapped and they laugh..

“Your boyfriend will be participating on basket ball for sure, he is the best in that” Ameera said, referring to Starr.

Onella smile proudly..

“And Princeton, he’s cool too…

” Yeah…

“Jayden you should participate in the laughing competition… Ameera said and he gave a loud laugh.

Peaches exchange glances with Onella and and also bursted into laughter.


Velvet got into the room and dipped her face into the pillow..

” I shouldnt have said it… Gosh!! She mumbled and palm her face.

“How do i face him tomorrow, how?? She pouted and sat up.

” So i made it obvious..


Ameera, Peaches, Jayden Onella walked into the field and sat down.

Archi,Finn and Starr were sitting in a different seat…

Velvet sat in a different place avoiding Archie…

Finn couldnt stop staring at Onella.

“She look more cute in sport wear” Finn thought inwardly.
Velvet kept stealing glances at Archie.

“Why is Velvet sitting there? Starr suddenly asked.

” Dont know… “Archie smile knowingly and turned to look at her, she was staring at him already so he wink and she blush heavily and looked away.

” Basketball time… The girls first” The referee announced and Peaches and Onella stood up.

They walked to the field and the other girls….
The referee blew the whistle and they began….

Onella was in charge of the ball and everyone couldnt stop cheering as she dribbled everyone non stop.

“Gosh… Is she even a girl? Archie said watching with keen interest…

” That’s my girl” Starr smirk proudly, not taking his eyes off the field.

“I pray she falls” Chelsea spat jealously from her seat.

“Yeah.. ” Snow said also glaring…

They’re participating in tennis.

Peaches ankle suddenly sprain and she fell on the floor in pain…

Everyone stopped instantly, Finn rushed to the field immediately and bent beside her.

“Are you alright? Finn asked but she yelped in pain.

Finn carried her instantly and rush out of the field heading to the infirmary.

Ameera stood up but Jayden held her hand.

” She’ll be fine” He said and she sat back.

“Serve her right” Chelsea smirk happily.


Finn stood beside Peaches bed as the nurse attended to her…

“You wont be able to play with it for now” The nurse said and stood up.

“Let her rest for now” She finalized and walked out.

“Are you alright? Finn asked immediately.

” You can go” Peaches replied coldly and he sigh and stood up.

“Just be fine… I cant stand seeing you get hurt” Finn said and turned to leave.

“One more thing Finn…

He stopped and looked back.

” No matter what you do, i dont want to how caring you want to be… I’ll forever hate you…. She said meanly and his shoulder dropped…

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(Her body and lips..)

Episode 45&46

Finn walked back to the field looking sad, her words kept ringing in his head and he cant seem to get it off his mind right now.

He sat beside Starr and he turned to him.

“How’s she? Starr asked and he sigh.

” She’s fine but cant play for now” He replied simply…

Archie noticed the look on his face and tap him.

“Are you okay?? Archie asked and he nodded…

Archie sigh turned away from him, he knew something was wrong with him definitely… He turned to where Velvet was but she wasnt there again…

He stood up immediately..

” Am coming… “He said and walked to the girl she was sitting with.

” Hey.. “The girl beam a smile.

” Hii…. Sorry where’s the girl sitting with you? Archie asked.

“She told me she’s going to the restroom” She replied

“Thanks… ” He said and walked away immediately..

The referee blew the final whistle and everyone stopped breathing heavily…

Team Onella won so they will be representing,Onella and 7 other girls.

“Cycling time, the girls first” The referee said..

“It’s time dude, gonna show them what ve got” Ameera hit Jayden and ran away before Jayden could speak.

She ran to one of the bicycle and mount on it immediately, Snow was beside her.

“Hey idiot.. ” Snow said…

“Dumbass” Ameera smirk back and she glare at her.

“Get lost.. ” Snow spat..

“F*ck you!! Ameera gave her a middle finger and wore her helmet…

Others did too and they moved towards the start line…

The referee blew the whistle and they all started the crazy race….


Velvet dressed her hair with her hand as she walked through the hallway heading to the field back…

“Velvet… ” A familiar voice called from behind…

She knew who it was instantly, she bite her lips and turned to see Archie standing on the stairs… His hands in his pocket.

“Why have you been avoiding me? Archie spoke and she gulp down hard.

” Avoiding? I’m not avoiding you” She replied nervously trying to cover up with a chuckle….

“Seriously?? He chuckle lightly and walked closer to her, she looked up at him and swallowed hard.

He’s quite taller than her… No doubt.

” So what were you saying yesterday? He asked and her heart skipped..

The main reason why she has been avoiding him.

“Huh…?? Velvet mumbled and looked away..

” I love you too” Archie said and her eyes widened..

She faced him immediately.

“Are y… you serious?? She stuttered, staring directly into his eyes, desperately waiting for answer.

” Of course i do.. “Archie replied and she jumped on him instantly…

He chuckle lightly and hugged her back tightly…

” I love you…

“Me too

” I really dont know why you insisted on playing, are you sure you’ll be fine? Esmeralda asked from where they sat.

“Of course, trust me…” Princeton said and stood..

It’s time for the male basketball training already…

“I love youu” He said and peck her lips lightly before leaving…

Esmeralda sigh and turned to Bitna…

“Hey… She ruffle her hair and Bitna rolled her eyes at her.

” Oh please… You have my time now” Bitna frowned and she laugh lightly…

“Jealousy, just get a boyfriend girl… Daniel is available” Esmeralda said and she glare at her.

“I’m available… Anytime” Daniel shouted from behind and she laugh.

“Yoo, Daniel and Bitna…perfect march” She giggle and stuck palm with Daniel as they laugh at loud. ..

They suddenly held a loud gasp from people and they all turned to the field..

Princeton… He was lying on the floor bleeding already..

“Prince… ” Esmeralda scream and rushed to the field immediately..

“What the hell is that? Onella stood up with Starr as everyone watched confusedly.

Two teachers rushed to him and took him out of the field instantly…


Hanuel sang loudly and she swept the corridor . She decided to rest at home today so..

A car suddenly parked in front of the house and she stood up to take a look…

The door opened and legs in heel came into view, the car door closed and Hanuel hissed seeing who it was..

Leilani, she was holding some filled nylons

She walked to Hanuel and smile lightly.

“How may i help you? Hanuel asked with a frown…

” Good evening mrs, how’re you doing? Leilani beam and Hanuel scoff…

“What’re you doing here?? Hanuel asked…

” Just came to say hi and check how you’re doing” She replied with a smile…

“Well we’re fine… Thanks” She replied sharply..

“Ermmm, how’s Crystal? I brought this for her” Leilani said and streched the nylon towards her…

“You mean Onella? Hanuel asked and she frown.

” Whatever… Just give it to her” Leilani replied, getting pissed already.

“So you finally have sense… Wow, it’s nice to see you act responsible and not some mannerless bitch” Hanuel smirk and collected the nylon from her.

“What do you mean? Leilani almost snapped but controlled herself, she’s trying to follow Draco’s instruction…

Act nice so she could get her baby back, that’s all.

” Is she in? She forced out a smile again.

“No.. ” Hanuel replied and she nodded.

“I’ll just take my leave.. ” She said and walked away immediately, she wished she could strangled Hanuel right now…

If not for Crystal… She’s in no position to talk to her like that. ..

She held the sterling tight and closed her eyes.

“Just wait till i get Crystal back… ” She mumbled and drove off angrily.

Hanuel smirk as she watched her drove off furiously, it’s obvious she’s angry but trying to cover up.

Hanuel peep into the nylon and a light chuckle escaped her lips…

“Who told her Onella is gonna wear this dresses” She mumbled as she stared at tbe bitchy exposing dress…



Esmeralda, Daniel and Princeton mom pace to and fro waiting for the doctor to show up, they’ve been with him for over an hour now…

” He shouldnt have played” His mom cried.

“I warned him, he wouldnt listen” Esmeralda replied, her eyes red from excess crying already.

“Let’s just be persistent and keep praying, he’ll be fine” Daniel chipped in from behind…

“I hope so…

After a while the doctor finally came out and they all rushed to him…

” How’s he?

“Is he fine?

” Is he awake?

They bombounded him with questions and he sigh out loud…

“His condition was really critical like i said the other day… ” The doctor paused, as they stare at him waiting for positive response but it seems it was negative because he just continue staring at them wearing a sad look.

“What happened to my son? She cried out, almost holding his coat.

” Doctor, say something.. “Daniel said impatiently.

” We lost him… “He finally said and Esmeralda went down immediately….

” Noooooooooooo