His Crazy Baddie

His crazy baddie episode 6 – 7


(Her body and lips)


Episode 6&7

“Beat me?? Starr asked surprisingly.

” Yes i will, dont try me”Onella said and crossed her hand over her chest.

Starr let out a throaty chuckle as he stare at the little creature in front of him. Short and tiny. Part of her short hair flopped on her eyes making her look more cute. Starr couldnt help but stare at her.

“How will you beat me?? Tell me ” Starr grinned.

“Hey, hey! It’s not funny…. I’m gonna hit you real bad, trust me” Onella snapped and Starr laugh out loud.


He got hold of her hand and shook it, tiny and soft.

“You’ll hit me with this tiny thing” He chuckle and Onella glare at him.

She snatched her hand from him.

“Are you underestimating me or what?? I’m really strong, check me out” She said, showing off her tiny muscle.

Starr just stare at her tiny arm.

“Why am i even telling you am strong, i’ll just show you who i am” She said and raise her fist to punch him but he was quick to notice.

He suspend her hand in mid air and pulled her closer.

“You are really strong, i can see that” Starr teased as she struggled to free herself from his grip..

“Let me go” Onella glare but he held her more tight.

Hanual has been watching them since Onella went to attend to him.

“Onella” She scream from behind and that was when Starr released her hand.

Onella glare at him and turned to her mom.

“What’s going on??

” Nothing”she quickly replied and turn to face Starr who has returned back to his seat.

“What do you say you want? Onella asked.

” Pasta and egg”he replied and she left angrily to get his order.

The fact that she wasn’t able to punch him really hurt her.

How can he be so strong??

She returned after some minutes and dropped the food on the table.

It made a loud sound because of how hard she dropped it on the table. She left angrily afterward and Starr chuckle.

“Crazy girl” He thought inwardly and began eating.


Starr drove into the school compound and got down from his car, he actually left the restaurant some minutes ago.

👥He really look cute today.
👥i know, right?
👥His lips tho.

They kept saying things as he walked past them.

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“Crazy crushers” He muttered and walked into the class.

Just few people are in… Almost all are on the field because it’s sport time.

Archie, Velvet and Finn are also in the class, already dressed in their sports wears.

“Look who we have here” Velvet said and they turned.

“And where the hell have you been?? Archie asked immediately he got to them and he frown.

” Not even a good morning”Starr frown.

“Oh, sorry baby. Good morning” Archie whined and peck his cheek.

Starr pushed him off immediately and they laugh.

“Idiot” He muttered and face Finn, his eyes were buried on his phone.

“P*ssy lord” Starr grin and he look up, starr gasp immediately as he sight a wound on his lips.

“What the hell? Who did this??

” Mighty pizza delivery girl”Velvet chuckle and Archie laugh.

“You think it’s funny” Finn glare and they shut their lips.

“She ate from my order and still have the gut to hit me” Finn said and Starr also bursted into laughter.

“This is crazy, i swear” Starr grinned and took his seat.

Peaches walked into the class and walked towards them.

“Starr, the coach wants you in the basket ball court” She said immediately she got to them.

Starr groan instantly and ruffle his hair, he is not interested in playing any damn ball today.

He’s actually the best basketball player in the school.

“Okay” He replied simply and Peaches turned to leave immediately.

Finn eye caught her a*s and he lick his lip as it sway left and right in her shorts.

“She look hot this morning” Finn said, still not taking his eye off her till she went out of sight.

“Dont bore holes in her body with those owl eyes of yours” Archie snapped and he face.

“Whatever man, she’s the next on my f*cklist” Finn said.

“Dont even try that” Archie half yelled and they all turned to face him because of how mean and harsh his voice sound.

“Why’re you taking it personal? Do you have a crush on her? Velvet asked and his eyes widen.

” Of course not”he quickly replied.

“I’m just trying to say…… He paused and scratch his head.

” Nothing, i will see you guys later”he said and left the class.

“Seriously?? I think he likes her” Velvet said and stood up.

“Obviously” Starr replied.

“Whatever, let’s just go to the field” Finn said and also stood.

“Yeah, i’ll just change my cloth” Starr said and they walked out of the class.


The junior students are already playing. Red team VS Blue team.

Student kept cheering for their teams to score as they continue playing.

“Go princeton” Esmeralda scream happily from where she’s watching with Bitna.

Bitna turned to face her the moment she called princeton name.

“Hey, i thought you’re blue, how come you’re cheering for team red” Bitna asked.

“My princeton is in red she replied smiling, not taking her eyes from the field.

Bitna scoff and turned back to the field.

” He even look hot when playing”Esmeralda gush and Bitna face her again.

“I still dont understand why you are obsessed with this silent devil” Bitna said.

“What do you mean silent devil, he’s cool” Esmeralda frown.

“He doesnt talk to anyone, always keeping a straight face. So annoying” Bitna said with an eyeroll.

“Whatever girl” She replied and turn back to the field.

Princeton was still in pocession of the ball as he dribbled other students non stop, the other team are started getting tired already.

The cheer increased when he threw the ball into the net again.


He suddenly stopped when he felt a sharp pain in his chest, he dropped the ball and everyone stare in confusion.

👥what’s happening??

He held his chest and groan out loudly and fell on his knees.

“Stop, get him to the infirmary” The couch yelled and a teacher rushed to him and took him out of the field.

“Oh my God!! Esmeralda muttered scardly as they took him out, she dropped the cardboard in her hand and rushed out immediately, following them.

” Esmeralda”Bitna called after her but she was already gone.


Princeton was lying on the bed, his eyes shut. The nurse already gave him some drugs though they didnt diagnose anything.

They only gave him some pain relief and ask him to rest.

Esmeralda peep in and noticed he’s sleeping. She walked inside and shut the door and walked closer to the him.

His eyes were still shut, Esmeralda just stare at his cute face. He’s just so cute.. Even when sleeping.

Esmeralda touch his forehead to feel his temperature and his eyes fluttered opened. She withdraw her hand immediately and move back.

He groan lightly and sat up.

“Are you alright? Esmeralda asked and he face her.

” What are you doing here? He asked immediately.

“Oh my Goodness, did he just spoke to me” She thought inwardly.

Princeton doesnt talk to anybody in school except when answering questions in class.

“Uhmm… I came to check on you” She stuttered and he stood up.

“Why dont you just rest first”She said immediately.

” I’m fine he replied simply and left the clinic.

“Oh my God, he just spoke to me… My prince charming” She blush to herself and held her chest dreamily.

Students has started dispersing already since it closing time.

“So you are going to the office now? Velvet asked as they walked towards the school park.

” Yeah, dad is something else”Starr replied tiredly and opened his car door.

“We’re going to have fun” Archie said.

“And f*ck some girls” Finn wink and Velvet hit his head.

“Not everybody is a jerk like you” Archie said and they laugh.

“See you guys tomorrow

Starr hopped into the car and drove out of the school compound heading to the office.

Mr Leighton travelled already and Starr would be filling his space till he’s back like he said.

Starr walked into the company and workers started greeting him.

He just nod and walked into the office…. Mr Saint followed him immediately with some files.

He’s the P. A

“Drop it and order me some food” Starr said and sat down.

“Yes boss he said and left the office immediately.

” It’s gonna be so hectic he muttered as he stare at the bunch of files in front of him.


Onella mount on her bicycle with the order with her heading to LEIGHTON COMPANY.

Someone actually ordered something from there.

She rode out of the shop murmuring some songs.

After some minute, she got there and walked inside, she met the secretary.

“Oh, the office is by the left” The secretary said and she walked away.

She got there and knock but no reply.. So she just walked in but nobody was in.

Onella eyes widen when she saw a cofee brewer, she dropped the package on the table and rushed there.

“Quite an age i drank coffee” She muttered and started making coffee.

The bathroom door flung opened and Starr came out. His eyes widen at whst he saw.

“Who are you?? He asked immediately and Onella turned and there eyes widen.

” You again
“You again.. ”

The both said in unison staring at each other.

“Making coffee in a stranger officer??



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