His Favourite Addiction

His Favourite Addiction episode 10 – 11



💖 ( Melting His Heart ) 🖤


( Goals are dreams with deadlines.)


” Mr Nichols,, everything is ready sir ” Megan said with a small bow

” So what time was concluded?? ” Nicholas asked

” 2pm sir,,we still have a lot of time ” Megan replied and he nodded

” You can leave ” He said


A guard immediately opened the car door for Nicholas and he stepped out,,his looks was enough to kill. Looking more like a bad boy than a CEO,,so hot,with his saucy face.

Shane and Megan took their positions both on his left and right,,they started walking into the large company following the lead of one of Mr Ben’s guards.

As they continue walking, different people were bowing with respect. Finally they arrived at the meeting hall,,looks like everyone is present already.

” Oh It’s Mr Bill,,we’ve been expecting you ” One of the men available said with a smile

” You’re Welcome ” They keep on greeting

” Thanks ” He replied shortly and sat down,Megan took her place beside him too while Shane stood behind them.

Nicholas’s eyes met with Andrew who smirked,, Nicholas looked away wondering why Mr Ben is not available yet.

” Am sure he will be here soon ” Megan whispered to him seeing he was becoming impatient

Shane had showed him everything he was supposed to know about the man,,He’s almost in his late 50s already but he’s really a successful business man.

Finally the door opened and Mr Ben came in with two guards behind him,,

” Sorry for keeping you all waiting ” Mr Ben said before sitting down

” So,,firstly I want us to know each other more then this “…..

And the meeting started,,,,,,,,,,,


” You look worried,,what happened?? ” Jenny asked sitting beside her best friend

” I am just thinking about something ” Jenna said with a cute smile

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What is it??” Jenny asked

” You know I really wish I have a mom ” Jenna said sadly

” Okay??”

” I think I’ve gotten someone who will become my mom ” Jenna said with a smile

” Daddy,, is getting married?? ” Jenny asked but Jenna shook her head

She’s my nanny,, but I think am beginning to like her. She’s so different,, even when I say rude words to her, she doesn’t scold me back ” Jenna Whispered

” What If she’s only pretending to be nice??” Jenny asked

” Don’t worry,,,am still watching her ”

” But,, how can you make someone your mom without your daddy’s approval? ”

” I know before she can become my mom,,dad have to marry her. But I don’t think daddy likes her that way ” Jenna said

” So what will you do??”

” Am going to make daddy like her,,” Jenna replied

You are so brainy,,high five ” Jenny said and they both did a high five with their palms

” But,,who made that breakfast you brought me yesterday?? I’ve never tasted something like that ” Jenny asked

” Waffles Sandwiches,that’s what she called it ” Jenna smiled

” Who made it??”

” My nanny,,she can make delicious meals. I can’t wait for her to become my mom ” Jenna said happily

” Hey Jenny,,mom is here ” Joel said to her twin sister who got up almost immediately

” Wow,,I’ve been waiting like forever ” Jenny said and rolled her little cute eyes

” When will she come?? ” Jenna groaned

” You’re waiting for your mom??” Joel asked and Jenna nodded

” Bye Jenna,,” The twins waved at her before running off

Almost immediately Kristen entered with a bright smile on her lips as usual,,Jenna immediately ran to hug her

” I missed you so much Jenna,, how are you?? ” Kristen asked

” Am fine,,good to have you back ” Jenna smiled

” You look cute in that outfit,, who dressed you up??” Kristen asked as they both walked out of the class

” Are you kidding?? This outfit is rubbish,, those maids knows nothing ” Jenna said and Kristen laughed

” Anyhow,, but remember everything looks good on Jenna Bill right??” Kristen said and she nodded with a pout

” You look really beautiful, always remember that. ” She added

Jenna laughed with her cheeks burning red already

” Oh Jenna you’re blushing ” Kristen smiled and kissed her cheeks

They entered the car,,

” Hi Miss Jenna ” Richard teased..

” Hi ” Jenna replied

They keep on talking until they got home,,they dropped off the car and walked in

” Welcome Jenna,,” The maids greeted and she rolled her eyes ignoring their greetings

Kristen was shocked,,, who is this kid?? Gosh,,

Hmm,,Jenna? Don’t you think that’s a little bit harsh??” Kristen asked as they climb the stairs together

” What??”

” You didn’t even answer the maids when they greeted,they are all happy to see you back home. ” Kristen said with a smile

” Well,,i don’t know how to reply to that. When someone tells you something like Welcome,, what should be the response? ” Jenna asked

” A simple thank you would do,,” Kristen said

” Really? Thought thank you are for those who gives something to others ” Jenna said a little bit confused

” Yeah you’re right,,A greeting is also part of giving too, so you have to thank them ” Kristen said

” Never heard of that anyway,,okay ” Jenna said

” When someone tells you something like this too,,you can say thank you,, ” Kristen saud

” Oh,,thank you nanny. ” Jenna smiled

Kristen nodded and squeezed her cheek playfully making her smile again.

” Oh my God!! I just remember something ” Jenna shouted

” What ??”

” My birthday is next month,,I will be six next month. I can’t wait!!” Jenna said jumping round her room

” Be careful, don’t Fall ” Kristen warned

” I really can’t wait for next month,, it’s going to be so amazing as usual,,what will you give me as a gift??” Jenna asked

” It’s gonna be a surprise ” Kirsten winked

” Okay,,can’t wait ”

” Let’s go take your bath now ” Kristen said lifting her up

” Oh come on you don’t have to do that, I will be six next month ” Jenna said

” Even if you’re 10,you’re still a baby ” Kristen replied

” Really?? ”

” Yeah Jenna ”


” Goodnight miss Kristen,,” The maids greeted

” Thank you,,, oh let me say a good bye to Jenna. ” Kristen said turning back

” At the dining table ”

Kristen nodded and walked to where the father and daughter was having their dinner almost silently,,

” Hi Sir ” She greeted and Nicholas looked up,,he nodded

” Hey Jenna,,am leaving. Have a good night rest ” Kristen said and pecked her cheeks,, the maids standing in the dining was somehow shocked,, Couldn’t believe she really allowed Kristen to do that.

” Join us Nanny,,” Jenna said

” I can’t,, you don’t have to worry about me okay??” Kristen said and looked at Nicholas who wasn’t even listening to them

” Please,,, Daddy tell her to join us ” Jenna said and Nicholas looked up

” Maybe she have somewhere important to go,,” Nicholas said

” She’s going home ”

” She want you to join us,, you can ” Nicholas said

Kristen bite her lips and sat down,,A maid immediately served the meal in front of her.

” Thanks ” Kristen said trying not to look at Nicholas.

” Daddy??” Jenna called

” Yes baby? ” Nicholas asked

” Don’t you think Nanny should be living with us??” Jenna asked and Kristen almost choked on her meal


💖 ( Melting His Heart ) 🖤


( He who wants a rose must respect her thorn.)

💚Episode 12💚

Kristen couldn’t stop thinking about who the young lady is,,is that his new girlfriend? Is he planning to get married to her?? Not like she cares about whosoever he get married to, but it’s happening so fast that she keep on thinking about it even as she helped Jenna with her night wear.

” Nanny?? Are you okay??” Jenna’s voice brought her back to reality

” Am fine Jenna ” She replied and touched Jenna’s cheek

” I’ve been calling you,,more than twice but you didn’t respond ” Jenna said

” Am fine,,I was thinking about something. Sorry ” She said

” Am starving, let’s go have dinner. So sad daddy won’t be joining us tonight ” Jenna said with a pout

” I guess he have an important meeting ” Kristen said

” I don’t like that girl,,she’s ugly ” Jenna scoffed and Kristen laughed out

” What’s funny? ”

” Everything is funny Jenna,,firstly, she’s not a girl. She’s a lady ,,or woman. And secondly she’s not ugly, she’s really pretty ” Kristen saud

” Even with those makeup,, you’re more beautiful nanny ” Jenna smiled

” Thanks,, but Jenna is more beautiful than Nanny ” Kristen said

” Thank you nanny ” Jenna chuckled

” You’re welcome,, now let’s go eat ” Kristen said holding her hand as they finally walked out of the room

” Nanny??” Jenna called

” Yes Jenna?”

” Will you prepare my breakfast tomorrow?? Please? ”

” You don’t have to say please, anything for Jenna ” Kristen smiled

” Yeah I think, What Jenna wants,,”

” Jenna Gets ” Kristen completed it and they both laughed

” You’re so smart Jenna,,”

” Thanks,,, I think I got it from my dad,he’s really smart,,” Jenna said and Kristen nodded

” Yeah it’s obvious ”

” And you’re smart too nanny ” Jenna said looking at her face

” Really? I don’t think so ” Kristen laughed



The car stopped in front of the club, this club is not just a usual one,it’s mainly for Billionaires,,

A guard immediately rushed from another car to open the door for Nicholas and Megan, they both got down from the car looking like the hottest couples in town.

Nicholas was putting on a very expensive and beautiful suit while Megan was putting on a complete red dinner gown which was touching the floor. Her not really long hair dropped on her shoulder and her lips with red lipstick. She look extraordinarily beautiful,,

Nicholas looked at her and it was like she knew what he was saying,, she immediately hold his arms and they started going in.

As she hold him,,she was blushing so badly and at the same time couldn’t stop to imagine them as real couples. They will be the best ever.

People were inside,,different group of people with different businesses.

” Oh my God!! It’s Nicholas!! ”
” Wow,,he’s so handsome ”
” I love his savage look ”
” The lady beside him is also pretty ”
” I’ve seen her countless time,,she’s his secretary. So lucky ”

They keep on hearing the murmurs, while Megan was blushing,Nicholas released a scoff. Can’t they just keep quiet for once??

A waiter rushed to them,,

” Hello Mam and Sir,,what group?” He asked politely

” Mr Ben’s ” Megan replied

” Oh,,come with me mam and sir ” He bowed and led the way almost immediately

Finally they got to Mr Ben,he was sitting next to a woman,maybe his wife. Just maybe,,

” Wow Mr Bill,,you’re here. With your,,girlfriend?? ” the woman was the one who talked

Megan didn’t say anything, she was waiting for Nicholas’s response

” Nice meeting You Mr Ben,, and Mrs ” Nicholas said ignoring her question and Megan sighed

” Have your seat,,you’re welcome ” Mr Ben said

Nicholas and Megan sat down

” I want us to chill before we talk about the business” Mr Ben said and raised his hand up,,

A waitress came to them,,

” Place your orders ” She said with a bow giving each of them their order lists

” You can give me Chicken Lap,,and wine ” The woman beside Mr Ben said

” Same thing with her ” Mr Ben smiled

Megan waited for Nicholas to say something

” Miss Megan,,what do you want? Why quiet?? ” he asked not looking her side

” Uhm,,,I will go with this,, Sheet Pan Sausage and Veggies ” She said pointing at the image

” Mr Bill??” The waiter asked

” Same thing ” He replied and a smile escape Megan’s lips

” What the hell!!!” Andrew hit his hand hardly on the table

” How could Ben do that to me?? That business would have made me more richer than Nicholas ,why must he get everything?? Why?? That business worth so much!! ” Andrew yelled angrily

” Take it easy Mr Andrew,,,we will surely get another one ” Mike,his PA said

” How are we going to get another one while Nicholas is still alive?? Tell me!! How!! Everyone always choose him!!! Everyone!! I don’t f**king know what’s so special about him ” Andrew said and threw the bottle in his hand away

” Please take it easy,,”

” Shut up Mike!! Get out!!” Andrew yelled

Mike sighed and immediately went out

Andrew was foaming with anger all over,,

” Am going to teach you a lesson Nicholas,,a great lesson ” He said said with his palm shaking on the table furiously.

Nicholas’s Mansion ✍

Kristen pat Jenna’s hair slowly as she sleeps peacefully,,after a while she got up and closed the curtains,she switched off the TV and then walked out of the room.

She entered into her own room,she walked into the dressing room and took off her clothes,she then went into the bathroom.

After taking her bath, she came back and put on her nightie. She walked to the window and sighed wondering why Nicholas is not back yet. She waited for some minutes before climbing the bed.

She took her phone and was shocked to see missed calls from Iris,,,

She immediately called her back wondering if something is wrong,.

📞 Iris

📞 now you have my time
Iris said with a scoff

📞 I’m sorry,,I was working.

📞 I just want to inform you about my exam fee,,it’s closing next week. I can’t afford to repeat class,,just do something about it

📞 All those silly money you use in smoking,, where are you getting them from?? Why asking me that,, you have a father right??

📞 I don’t care,,I’m sure you have the money. Just send it to my account. $30,000

Iris said and hanged up

” What?? $30,000!!!! What the hell!!!” Kristen shouted

” What the f**k,,Gosh.” Kristen sighed and sent the money to her,she have no choice does she?? Their father is the most useless man in the world, always getting drunk and all.

Iris call came on,,

📞 Seen,,thanks anyway

She hanged up again

Kristen threw her phone on the bed,,

” That little brat doesn’t even appreciate it,,that’s more than half of my monthly payment ” Kristen sighed

She heard the sound of a car and she got up,, she opened the curtains and breathe out

” Finally he’s here,,now I can sleep ” She groaned and fell back on the bed trying to sleep but it seems like it’s not coming easily.

She was almost asleep when she heard a knock on the door,,she opened her eyes.

” Who is it??” She asked

” Is Jenna in with you? She’s not in her room ” Nicholas said and she gasped rushing to the door,,she immediately opened the door exposing Nicholas’s hot face.

” She ,,,was in her room when I left her. I will check ” Kristen said nervously and opened Jenna’s room. Jenna was just coming out of the bathroom,

” Are you okay Jenna” Kristen asked

” My head hurts ” Jenna said and Kristen touched her head

” You have fever,,,” Kristen said worriedly

” she’s running temperature?? ” Nicholas asked coming in

” Yes,,it’s bad ” Kristen said and hugged Jenna

” Jenna,,do you want to go to the hospital?? ” Kristen asked and she shook her head

” I hate hospitals,,, ” Jenna murmured

” But you’re not okay,,your temperature is so high. You were fine just few minutes ago” Kristen said almost in tears

” Okay,,I will go ” Jenna said

” I will call the guards ” Nicholas said and Kristen nodded

Nicholas was almost calling but he stopped,,

” I,,think you should put on something ” Nicholas said to Kristen and she almost gasped,,

She have been wearing her nightie all through!!!


Summer Gold ✍🏻
I love y’all 💋💋

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