His Favourite Addiction

His Favourite Addiction episode 13 – 14



💖 ( Melting His Heart ) 🖤


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( Get mad, then get over it.)

💚Chapter 13💚


Kristen bites her lips so hard,,she was so embarrassed. But why didn’t he inform her beforehand?? Did he see her body?? The night wear seems transparent, even heaven knows that she wouldn’t have put it on if she knew she was still going to see anyone that night.

” I,,will be back ” She finally said and immediately went out of the room.

She came back with a shirt and trouser, but still looking beautiful as always.

” I think am better now,,,just give me some apple juice ” Jenna said

” You’re okay??” Nicholas asked and touched her body

” Her temperature,,, is normal. ” He said

” I will get you the apple juice ” Kristen said and touched Jenna’s hair before leaving the room

She went downstairs,, entering into the kitchen, she opened the fridge and brought out the juice. She took a glass cup and poured out the content until it got to half of the cup. She kept the rest in the fridge again and went back upstairs.

Nicholas was still there,,,

” I think,,, you should leave sir. You need to rest,she will be fine. I will stay with her until she fall asleep ” Kristen said

” Can you please sleep with me tonight?? ” Jenna asked sipping from her juice

” Me??” Nicholas asked

” No,,nanny ” Jenna replied

” I will,,,if that’s what you want ” Kristen smiled

” Thanks for the juice ” Jenna said and Nicholas was surprised to hear that

He have never heard her saying that word to anyone aside him,,, but now he’s seeing some changes in her.

He stood up and went out of the room.

As he entered his room,the first thing his eyes caught with is the picture frame of no one else but his late wife Sarah,,,even after all these years,it’s almost six years. He still couldn’t get his mind away from her,,he just couldn’t.


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is so much in love with her,,he would do everything for her,anything she wants. She was lively, respectful, caring,beautiful, and those pretty smiles of hers is not ignorable. She was perfect,, really really perfect.


have never seen anyone like her,,,

‘You have ‘ his inner mind said

” Who? There’s no one like her ” he said in a low tone and caress her face through the picture.

” Mr Bill,,,” He heard his name and turned

Kristen was right in front of him,,in the room.

” When did you get here??” He asked

” I knocked,, but got no response,, I,,”

” Don’t ever come here again ” He snapped angrily

” Am sorry,,I won’t come here again. You left your phone in Jenna’s room,,,here ” She said and dropped the phone on the small table

Am so sorry,,” She bowed again and immediately went out of the room.

Nicholas sighed and run his hand through his hair

Kristen closed the door behind her and breathe out ,what’s going on? Why did he suddenly became mad at her?? But why was her heart beating so fast??

She touched her chest and sighed,,she walked away and entered Jenna’s room. She was sleeping already,, she also joined her on the bed and switched off the bulb just above the bed. She closed her eyes to sleep but all she could think of,,was him.


Max touched his head which was almost healed as he dressed up for school, but it’s like he’s going to get a scar from it.

” That crazy girl really want to ruin my Handsome face ” He said still checking it out

” Stop f**king stare at yourself in the mirror we are running late,we know you are handsome ” a young girl of about 15 years of age shouted as she entered his room.

” That’s crazy,,I wasn’t checking my face,, I am trying to see if my injured head is okay ” Max replied

” Maxwell,, it’s going to heal up so just leave it ” Michelle groaned and sat down on the bed

” But that girl must be so crazy to do that,, what if something bad happen to you??” Michelle said

” She’s really crazy,,,she stinks of weed. Am sure she smokes ” Max said and Michelle gasped

” What?? How old is she??” She asked

” Heard she’s my age mate ” Max replied

” 18??? Weed?? That’s bad,,and she’s really a girl?? ” Michelle asked

” Yeah,,but she’s ugly ” Max scoffed

ugly?? Are you saying the truth or just because of what she is??” Michelle asked

” She’s damn ugly ” Max replied and took his bag

” Hmmm” Michelle said

” Anyhow,,let’s go” Max said and they both walked out of the room

” Max wait ” Michelle whispered and he stopped

” I think our parents won’t be coming anytime soon,,I heard granny talking with them on phone ” Michelle whispered.

” I don’t miss them, they can stay there permanently, like I care” Max replied with a scoffed

” Have anyone ever told you that you’re rude?” Michelle asked

” I know, but still I don’t deserve this ” He replied faking a tear and touched his head

” Wait,, what did you even say to that girl before she hit you??”

” I told her she stinks,,, it was a mistake though,,she was smelling badly ” Max sighed

” I will like to meet her one day” Michelle grinned

” I don’t pray for that,, I don’t wanna see her ,,if possible forever. She’s a devil ” Max said


As Nicholas dressed up,, he couldn’t take his mind off Kristen. Why does he feels like he should apologize for yelling at her??

He have never said that to anyone,, but why is he feeling guilty?? Maybe because she didn’t even do anything wrong,she only came to give him his phone and he shouted at her.

The door opened and Shane entered,,

” Sorry am late ” He said with a bow

” It’s fine ” Nicholas replied

Shane helped him adjust his tie

” You look good ” He smiled and Nicholas scoffed

Shane chuckled and took his briefcase,

” I will be waiting ” He said and went out of the room

Nicholas checked the time and also went out of the room hoping to see Kristen,,lucky for him she was just coming out of Jenna’s room. Their eyes met,,

” Good morning Mr Bill ” She greeted with a bow

He almost responded when her phone rang out,,,she picked the call while Nicholas waited

📞 Hello??

📞 Am sorry,,but who is this??

📞 Mr Andrew??

Immediately Nicholas heard that,he rolled his eyes and walked away. How can Andrew call her this early morning??!!


💖 ( Melting His Heart ) 🖤


❌ Do Not Copy Or Repost ❌

( Just thinking about you brings a smile to face, a twinkle to my eye, and a skipped beat to my heart.)

💚Chapter 14💚


Iris walked out of class after school ,she was putting on earphones which was loud with music,,MONEY by Cardi B.

She doesn’t have any friend, that’s because she doesn’t want any . Most of the girls are scared of her and the guys find it hard to approach her. Her face is always locked with a frown,you can never see her smiling. She have such a dark attitude.

Her dressing doesn’t classify her as a girl, the only thing girly about her is her long golden brown hair. She have tried cutting it numerous times but it’s only going to grow even more longer.

It’s like a trait,her sister too have an amazing long hair.

She suddenly felt some
one beside her and she reduced the sound of the song she was listening to. She looked at the guy beside her ,she have never seen him. Maybe because she doesn’t even give a damn about anyone in school.

” Hi ” He said with a smile

” Your smile is ugly,, what do you want ” she asked without emotion and the guy bite his lips

” Am Jason ” He said

” What do you want ” She snapped

” I see you don’t,, have any friend. So I was wondering if you want one,,,we can be friends ” Jason smiled

” I don’t need a friend,,, get lost before I loose it. ” She said

” But,,,,,”

” I won’t say this again,,get lost. ” She said and the guy nodded before walking away

” Lucky I haven’t taken my food today ” She said referring to weeds

As she walked home,she groaned and switched off the music. She walked to the uncompleted building along side the road and brought out a new wrap up weed,she took a lighter from her pocket and started smoking.

She began to hear some faint voice in the building,, a female’s voice. She was in tears,,and calling for help even though her voice was getting low already.

Iris keep on smoking just like her attitude, she doesn’t care. She just want to smoke this and get home. But the voice keep on coming,, it’s really disturbing her peaceful moment.

She walked into the building with the weed still in her mouth,,, she met them,,three guys trying to rape a girl. She’s obviously a high school student coz she’s on her uniform,,.

” Stop ” Her voice came out with anger

The boys turned and scoffed

” Who is this tiny thing, get out of here before we make you another example ” One of them said

” Please help me,,please ” The girl cried out trying to free herself

” Okay,am sorry ” Iris said and then walked out.

She began searching for something to teach the guys some lesson. Luckily she got a very strong plank,, maybe she wasn’t thinking that moment, she took it and went back in.

She hit the guy who was still trying to [email protected] the girl, right in his head and he fell down with blood rushing from his head.

The other two guys gasped and the girl immediately stood up adjusting herself.

” You two,, move closer. I hate walking ” Iris said pointing his finger at the other two. They immediately took to their heels,,she ran after them making sure they both sustain some injuries before going back to the girl.

She immediately freeze seeing Iris,,,is she really a girl.

” Go ” Iris snapped

The girl nodded and immediately ran off


” Why is daddy not back?? It’s getting late ” Jenna said as they both watch the cartoon in her room.

” Do you want to talk to him? ” Kristen asked

” No,,,” She replied

” Don’t worry,,he’s fine. ” Kristen said and kissed her cheek

Few minutes later, Jenna slept off. Kristen laid her properly on the bed and switched off the TV and then went out of the room.

She was becoming worried too,where could he be?? She was staring out of her window

Almost immediately his car came in and she sighed,, But then she was shocked to see Shane trying to hold him up. Is he drunk??

She gasped and covered her mouth with her palm,,, he’s really drunk. Did something happen to him?

She watch them until they entered the house,she sighed and fell back on the bed wondering if he’s fine. But he already warned her never to enter his room, so she closed her eyes trying to get some sleep.

” Miss Kristen,,, Miss Kristen,, ” She heard her name

She jumped out of the bed and went to open the door revealing Shane.

” Thank goodness, I thought you’re asleep. I need your help ” Shane said

” My help.? ” she asked

” Mr Bill got drunk,,,and I need to go home. It’s late I can’t take Care of him,,please can you do that for me?? Thanks ” Without waiting for her reply he ran off

” But,, Shane!!” She called after him but he was gone

” Oh lord,,what do I do?? If he wake up and find me beside him,he’s only going to get mad.

Nevertheless, she walked out of her room going to Nicholas’s room. She opened the door so gently trying not to wake him up,,she closed the door again. She moved closer to him on the bed,,his eyes were closed. She checked his temperature,, it’s so high.

She searched for the bathroom, she went in and filled a small bowl with cold water and then a towel.

She went back into the room and started cleaning his forehead with the w€t towel,,a groan escape Nicholas’s lips, She run the towel through his face and her eyes went to his lips. She touched it with the w€t towel,,she immediately shook her head coming back to reality.

She left the towel on his forehead and stood up ready to leave but Nicholas grabbed her hand and pulled her back making her fall on him,,she gasped and tried getting up but his hand was around her waist. She couldn’t get up,,,

She stopped struggling and became still staring into his eyes,,he opened his eyes and hold her cheeks
.He pulled her face closer and slowly his lips met with hers,she gasped and tried moving away but he was too strong,slowly she gave in to the kiss.

He taste so amazing even though it was mixed with the taste of alcohol,,, he moved her to the bed and he came on top still kissing her.

She couldn’t stop him even though she knew he wasn’t going to remember any of it when he wakes up the next morning.

As he kissed her, his hand was going into her nightwear which sent shiver to her spine,he was making her want him more with the touches. He left her lips and move to her neck,,,this time his hand already caught the full warmth of her br**st making her m0an out.

She felt so helpless under his touch but she needed to stop him,,she have to stop him or it’s not going to end well. He’s not even in his right sense at that moment,,,

She hold his hand which was still doing magic with her br****,,

” Mr Bill ” She called hoping he will recognize her voice and leave her alone but he didn’t.

She had no choice than to push him from her body,she arranged herself. She covered him with the duvet and immediately ran out of the room.


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