His Favourite Addiction

His Favourite Addiction episode 15 – 16


Double Chapters 💞😘

💖 ( Melting His Heart ) 🖤


( There is nothing that makes its way more directly to the soul than beauty.)

#Chapter 15&16


Nicholas groaned and tried touching his head,he felt a towel on his head and took it. He was confused,how did it get there??. He felt so tired and hold his head trying to remember what happened to him.

He could remember getting drunk,but what happened after that? Who left the towel on his head?? He sighed and got out of bed,he went straight into the bathroom.

He couldn’t remember when last he took alcohol,but last night was really worst for him. Her memories keep on coming,more than usual. Maybe because he keep on seeing things she always do when she was still with him.

But it’s like its hard to think straight,what is that thing that keep on reminding him about her??


After getting dressed fully,it was like Shane was spying on him because it was at that moment that he came in with a broad smile.

” Morning Boss ” He greeted with a bow

Nicholas nodded,,

” Are you okay now?? How was your night??” Shane asked

” I guess I slept well,,met the towel you dropped on my head this morning. Thanks for that” Nicholas said

” Towel??” Shane asked

” You don’t know anything about it?’ Nicholas asked and Shane shook his head

” Oh,,I guess its Miss Kristen,,it was so late last night I couldn’t take care of you. So i asked Miss Kristen to do that” Shane explained

” Kristen??” Nicholas asked in surprise and Shane nodded

He walked out and Shane followed,,,

” Just 15 minutes to the first schedule of the day,,” Shane said

” How did you know that?? ” Nicholas asked

” The thing is,,,,Miss Megan sent everything to me. I think she have an emergency to attend to,,she claimed calling you but got no response” Shane explained and Nicholas nodded

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Good Morning Sir ” The maids all greeted and he nodded as usual

” What about Jenna ?” He asked

” She left hours ago sir ” One of them replied

” Sir,,,breakfast” A maid said


immediately,Kristen came in with Richard beside her. The two were talking and laughing but they stopped when they saw him.

” Good Morning Sir ” Richard greeted

” Morning,,,Mr Bill ” Kristen also greeted

” Am not hungry” He replied the Maids and walked out ignoring their greetings.

” I guess He’s not in a good mood ” Shane whispered to them before going after Nicholas.

” I will leave now ,,thanks for making me laugh ” Richard said with a smile and went out.

Kristen couldn’t respond,all she was thinking about was Nicholas,how could he ignore her just like that?

Just as expected,he doesn’t even remember anything he did last night. Now she felt so stupid for letting him touch her,

Miss Kristen,are you okay? Tears,,,” A maid said

She immediately wiped her tears and went upstairs,she entered her room and burst into more tears.

She was so stupid,she should have pushed him away when he started touching her. But she couldn’t even stopped him,,because,,she loved the way his hand felt on her body.

” Am such a fool to fall for his touch” She mumbled in tears

Now she can’t even get it off her mind,,his touch were like magic in her body. But he can’t even remember,he can’t even imagine himself doing all that to her. He was the first guy to ever touch her that way,,but it wasnt even mutual. He was not thinking straight while doing that,,if she had given him all her body last night,same thing would have happened too.


” I told you I have a gist for you ” Mitchell said as she joined her brother in the car.

” So what is it? I pray its something meaningful” Max said and she scoffed

” Its really meaningful” She replied

” Okay,am listening” Max said

” You know my friend right? ”

” You have more than twenty friends,,just to say less ” Max snapped and sgs laughed

” Okay am sorry,,,its Laura ” Michelle said

” I don’t know her,,just say whatever you want to say ” He snapped

” Your crush ” Michelle teased

” That tiny girl?? Am not f**king crushing on her,” Max said

” I know,,but she’s madly in love with you. You should have noticed,,” She said

” she’s not my type,,just go on ”

” She almost got raped ” Michelle said and Max faced her immediately

” Raped???!! How the hell? Who??” Maxwell asked

They are not our schoolmates,,”

” So,,what happened next?”

” She claimed getting saved by a girl” Michelle replied

” A girl? That’s crazy ” Max replied

” Not just a girl,,a tomboy. She was even smoking,,and I suddenly thought of the girl who hit your,,,,,,,”

” Don’t bring her into this Michelle,let’s forget about her. Thinking about her make me wanna go crazy” Max said and Michelle laughed

” That girl can only kill,,she can’t even save. They are two different girls,so don’t compare them” He added

” Okay Boss ” Michelle said


” What’s wrong with you nanny? You don’t look happy” Jenna asked and touched Kristen’s cheek as she undressed her

” Am fine Jenna,,don’t worry about me ” Kristen said and smiled.

” Fake smile” Jenna scoffed

” That’s rude ” Kristen said and kissed her cheek

” I’m sorry,,am just worried about you. ” Jenna pouted

” Its okay,,,” Kristen said

Jenna on the other hand was beginning to think of a way to cheer her up

” Nanny? Let’s go swim” She grinned

” What? Swim? You will catch cold,,”

” no nanny,,I won’t. I feel so hot right now. So let’s do this,,we are going to drink a very hot coffee after swimming” Jenna smiled

” If that’s what you want Jenna,then let’s do it. ” Kristen said


” Wait,,Jenna,,can you swim?” Kristen asked worriedly

” I was taught when I clocked five,,but the teacher or coach said I must always hold my lifejacket” Jenna said showing her the jacket

” Wow,,you’re so smart Jenna ” Kristen smiled

Without waiting,,Jenna jumped into the pool

” Oh my God!!” Kristen screamed

” Am fine nanny,,get in ” Jenna said and Kristen breathe out. She moved closer and sat down

” The towel,,you have to remove it” Jenna said and Kristen laughed

Who is this kid behaving like an adult??

” Okay Jenna,,coming” Kristen said and dropped her towel. She joined Jenna in the pool,,,


Nicholas wasn’t himself the whole day,he was down with headache and regretted ever getting drunk. He keep on seeing things which made the headache even worst.

It was like he tried to remember something all day,but he couldn’t. He decided to take a nap,when he woke up everything became clear to him. He had done some silly things with Jenna’s nanny,,he remember himself kissing and touching her last night.

” What was I thinking??” He asked himself and groaned

He immediately stood up and walked out of the office,,he made a great mistake. He did all that and she still greeted him and he ignored it all in the name of nothing,,,,

He needed to apologize,,he really have to make it clear that it was all a mistake or she’s going to think He’s a f**ker.

As he walked out of the company,ignoring every greetings as usual,Shane ran after him

” Sir,,,” He called

” Drive me home Shane,,” He snapped and entered the car

He roughed his hair

Shane also got in and without asking any other question,he zoomed off.
In few minutes they were home,,,Nicholas got down from the car and went in with Shane behind him.

He opened Jenna’s room but it was empty,,he knocked on Kristen’s door but got no response. A maid showed up,,

” Where is Jenna and ,,the nanny??” He asked

” Swimming Pool Sir ” She replied

” Swimming pool??” He asked and the maid nodded.

They passed the entrance of the pool and went downstairs,,,,He could hear their laughter from afar,as they walked closer he was able to get a clearer view. He couldn’t help but to admire her body,,she’s really hot.

He wondered where the thought came from,,he faced Shane and caught him staring at her too.

” You can go now Shane ” He said

Shane bowed and walked away while he stayed watching their every move,,,and then he realized,,she’s really the one bringing back the memories of his late wife.

But why??

Her smiles,her generosity,her respect,,,all caught his attention.

His thought were cut off when Jenna called

” Daddy!!! Join us!!” She screamed and that was when Kristen discovered he was there. She turned her face to him and their eyes met,,she didnt break the contact and he didn’t either.

She came to her right sense almost immediately,,

” You’re welcome Mr Bill ” She greeted

” Jenna,,come out of the pool. You’re going to get cold ” He said.

” We are coming out right away ” Jenna grinned and went out leaving Kristen in the pool,,she couldn’t move. Obviously she can’t get out of the pool like that,,,

A maid was passing at that moment and Nicholas told her to get Jenna a hot coffee

” I want to talk to you Miss Kristen ” Nicholas said and Kristen’s heart started beating fast,what are they going to talk about?

” Bye nanny ” Jenna winked at her before going with the maid which made Kristen confused. What’s that wink?! She almost forgot she’s in the pool

” You are not planning to sleep in there,are you??” Nicholas asked

” Oh,,,am sorry” She said
Nicholas turned ,,she smiled shyly and quickly went out of the pool,she wrapped the towel around herself

” Am,,,done ” She said staring at the floor and Nicholas turned.

” Do you want us to talk here??” He asked

” I,,,,,no,,,” She replied nervously

Nicholas started going in and she followed closely even though there is enough space between them. They climbed the stairs,,finally they got to the door to his room

He opened the door and went in while Kristen stayed behind,,he turned back

” Why are you outside?” He asked

” Am sorry,,,but you were the one who,,,,,” She was Cut off with the way he grabbed her hand and pulled her in. He locked the door and Kristen backed the door.

” I guess we can talk now” He said and Kristen nodded

” About last night,,,,,,,” He started and Kristen felt her throat becoming dry

Why must he talk about it? He’s only going to tell her it was a mistake,,its going to make her even more sad.

Kristen took her lips in as she was getting cold already

” That was a,,,,,” Nicholas stopped and couldn’t help but stare at her lips which had become so red,maybe because of the cold.

She brought it out from her mouth and looked up at him expecting him to continue.

” Damn,,” he muttered
He never fall for seductions,but the lady right in front of him is seducing him without knowing,,bad thing he fell for it.

” Mr Bill??” She called but was interrupted by a great shock.

He pinned her to the door and smashed his lips on her red lips.


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