His Favourite Addiction

His Favourite Addiction episode 25 – 27



❤(Melting His Heart)🖤

Chapter 25🌹🌹




” come on Jenna,let’s go have dinner,you can come back and watch your cartoon,it’s going nowhere” Kristen persuaded

” Am not hungry,,I can’t miss this” Jenna replied not taking her eyes from the TV

” Okay,do you want me to bring it here?” Kristen asked

” I hate the smell of food in the room,I can only eat junks here” She replied and Kristen shook her head and stood up.

” Okay then,,Iris and I will enjoy the food I prepared specially for you , i will be back” Kristen said walking toward the door

” Wait!!!” Jenna shouted

” What”

” You mean it was you who cooked?” Jenna asked

” Yeah,,don’t worry about it. Iris and I will,,,,,,,”

Before she could finish,Jenna already ran out of the room which made her burst into laughter.

She also left the room

” Careful Jenna,don’t fall!” Kristen shouted

” Am fine ” Jenna replied from downstairs.

Just then Iris also came out of her room with a wide smile playing on her lips,she was so engrossed in whatever she was doing on her phone that she didn’t notice Kristen standing.

” Hmm” Kristen cleared her throat and Iris looked up

” Oh Kristen” She said and inserted Her phone into her hoodie

” Oh Iris,what are You smiling at on your phone?” Kristen asked

” It’s nothing serious,,just watching something funny ” She replied.

” Something funny indeed ” Kristen scoffed

” Oh,,,am starving” Iris groaned and went downstairs

Kristen shook her head and followed,,

” I’ve been waiting like forever,,am really hungry” Jenna said as soon as Kristen got to the dining

” You told me you wasn’t hungry few seconds ago,so what happened to your stomach?” Kristen asked and sat down

” The food aroma made me hungry” Jenna replied and Iris scoffed

Kristen smiled and sat down,Iris was already eating.

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Eat up Jenna,what are you waiting for?” Kristen asked

” Feed me ” Jenna said with a smile

” What? Are you a kid?” Iris asked

” If am not a kid,then what am I?” Jenna snapped

” You told me you’re not a kid remember?”

” I can’t remember when I told you that” Jenna rolled her eyes and Kristen laughed

You’re a baby okay? And am gonna feed you” Kristen smiled and touched her cheek

” Thanks nanny” Jenna grinned

“it’s the boss,,” They heard the maids murmured

” Daddy is back?” Jenna asked

” Yes” One of the maids replied.

Almost immediately Nicholas showed up

” Hey Daddy!!” Jenna shouted waving her hand to his direction

” Hey baby” Nicholas replied and kissed her cheeks

” Welcome Mr Bill” Iris grinned

” Hey Iris,,how are you doing?” He asked

” Am fine,you?”

” I am good ”

” You’re Welcome sir” Kristen bowed without looking up and Nicholas smiled dryly and then walked away with Shane behind him.

Nanny,,the food ” Jenna said pointing at the spoon in her hand

” Am sorry,,,open up” Kristen said and continue feeding her

” Are you okay? You look somehow” Iris said

” Shut up and eat ” Kristen snapped

” Oh sorry ” Iris replied

After feeding Jenna,the three of them left the dining.

” But Kristen,you didn’t even touch your food just because you were feeding this adult kid,and what about Mr Bill? ” Iris said

” The maids are going to do that” Kristen replied

” What’s an adult kid?” Jenna asked

” A kid who behave like an adult” Iris answered with a smirk

” never knew you’re as dumb as this,,there’s nothing like an adult kid ” Jenna said and ran off

” Come back here let me teach you a lesson ” Iris ran after her

Kristen shook her head feeling frustrated already.

She stopped and sighed before turning toward the direction of Nicholas’s room,,,she knocked on the door and the door opened.

She went on and closed the door gently and went deeper into the room,,

She met Nicholas making a call,,he was in another outfit already.

‘How can he be so hot even at night?’ She thought,Nicholas turned to face her.

She didn’t move closer,he was still on the call.

📞I told you am not interested,what else do you want?

📞 Am not the only one available,,just try another company

📞 Am hanging up

Nicholas dropped the call instantly and looked at Kristen with his arms crossed expecting her to say something

” Am sorry,,” She said

” For what?”

” Oh,,,,,,,nothing” She smiled

” But am mad at you,,I almost kissed you right there but had to stop when you called me Sir,,I don’t see any reason to hide this,it makes me feel bad” Nicholas said

I’m sorry,,I was just,,,,am sorry I have no excuse ” She said

Nicholas walked closer to her

” Guess you need more time to adapt to this,,am not in for a private relationship” Nicholas said and she nodded

” Just give me a little time,,I don’t know why but i kind of feel uncomfortable calling your name. Am so sorry for making you feel bad ” Kristen muttered

” It’s fine,don’t worry about that. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable,,you can call me whatever you want” Nicholas said and pulled her into a hug.

They were still like that when the door alarm rang out,,

” It’s a maid sir ” The voice said

” What do you want?” Nicholas asked

” I bought dinner sir” She replied

” Go take it” Nicholas said to Kristen

” What? I,,”

” Then are you going to hide or something ?” He asked

” Yes ,am going to hide ” She replied and went into the inner room

Nicholas shook his head and went to open the door for the maid,,

” drop it on the table ” He said .

The maid bowed and dropped it,,she left. Nicholas opened the room where Kristen is,.

” Is she gone?” Kristen asked

Nicholas. didn’t reply

” Answer me,,,” He cut her off with a kiss

” She’s still there,,let’s go” He said and grab her hand..

” What are you doing? ” She asked struggling with him until they got to the room and she saw that it was empty

” Am sorry,,,I thought she’s here” Kristen said

Nicholas sighed and roughed his hair

“Can’t believe this,,am sure other girls will be happy to have me as their boyfriend,and now you’re here trying to hide so no one will find out about us??” Nicholas asked

” Am Scared,,” She said

” Scared? Of what?” Nicholas asked

” What people will say about me,,what if they think am only after your money? I don’t know why am suddenly thinking about all these,but I am scared ” Kristen said sadly

Nicholas pulled her closer and made her sit on his laps

” Are you after my money?” He asked and Kristen shook her head negatively

” No am not”

” You love me right?” He asked

” I do,,I really do” She replied

” Then don’t be scared of whatever anyone is going to say,this is about the both of us,not other people. Okay?” Nicholas said and she nodded

” Am sorry” She said

” Gosh,,when will you stop telling me sorry for everything ??”

” Am sorry,,,oh no” She said and hide her face in her palms

Nicholas removed her hand and placed a kiss on her lips

” You’ve not eaten right? Let’s eat together” He said


🌹(Melting His Heart)🖤

Chapter 26&27🍭🍭




” Nanny?” Jenna called as Kristen dressed for her

” Huh?”

” Do you like daddy?” She asked and Kristen heaved

” Okay I will take your silence as a yes ” Jenna said

” You’re too young to say that,” Kristen said

” Okay am sorry, but in case you don’t know,,you’re blushing” Jenna said and Kristen scoffed

” Am not blushing Jenna,stop it” Kristen said

” don’t worry,,am in support,,” .

” Support of what?’ Kristen asked

” You and daddy,,”

” jenna!!!” Kristen yelled and Jenna laughed

” Am sorry,,I won’t say a word again” she said

” You better don’t”

” Yes mom” Jenna grinned and Kristen looked up

” Mom??”

” You will soon be,,am just practicing. It’s weird to say that” Jenna smiled and Kristen shook her head

” What should I do about you now?” Kristen smiled

” Just marry my dad” Jenna replied

” Are you the matchmaker or something ? Am gonna spank you if you keep on saying that” Kristen said

Jenna smiled and hugged her,,they were both interrupted by the knock on the door.

” Let me get that” Kristen stood up and walked out of the dressing room,she opened the door revealing Nicholas. He looked so handsome as usual,,

” Morning” Kristen said with a smile

He immediately hugged her,

” Jenna is in,,” Kristen whispers
” I know” Nicholas replied and pressed his lips on her neck before letting her go.

” Nanny?” Jenna called

” Yes Jenna ” Kristen answered and they both went in

” Good morning daddy” Jenna ran to hug Nicholas

” How was your night??” He asked

” It was amazing” Jenna said and winked at Kristen,She scoffed

” Are you leaving already?? ” Jenna asked

” Yes,,goodbye kiss ” Nicholas said and Jenna pecked his cheek

“Bye Daddy”

” Bye baby ” He replied and got up

Kristen followed to close the door

” Bye,be careful” She said

” Just like that??” Nicholas Asked

” What? Do you want something??” Kristen teased

” A kiss ” He said

She held his cheeks and pulled his head down toward her face and then kissed him,almost immediately he took control and kissed her hungrily that she had to pull off

” Bye” She said and before he could talk,she already closed the door

Nicholas chuckled and turned to leave,

” That’s scary” Nicholas said holding his chest when he saw Shane right in front of him

” Sorry,I should have known you were busy” Shane said with a smile

” Did you see anything??” Nicholas asked

” Nothing,,absolutely nothing” Shane replied

” Good,,” Nicholas smirked and walked away,Shane grinned and immediately followed him.


” Hey Iris ” Jimmy joined her at the table

” I prefer eating alone if you don’t know” Iris rolled her eyes

” I don’t care,this is a school” Jimmy said and sat down

” Where’s Max?” Iris asked

” I don’t understand you,,whenever you two are together,you fight like rivals. But when he’s not here,you’re always asking for him. You’re confused” Jimmy scoffed

” Is it your confusion? Just answer the question” Iris said

” He’s with Natalie,now you know” Jimmy replied and started eating

” What are they doing? Thought Zack warned him to stay away from her” Iris asked

” Max is staying away but that girl wouldn’t,,He’s stuck” Jimmy said

” He’s coming” Iris said the moment her eyes caught with Max walking into the cafeteria

” Let’s not talk to him when he gets here” Jimmy said

” why?”

” Just do it ” Jimmy replied

They were still talking When Max joined them

” Jimmy,where’s my food am hungry” Max said and sat down but Jimmy ignored him and keep on eating

” I told you to get me something,where is it?” Max asked,Jimmy ignored him again

” Jimmy?” Max called but still got no response

He faced Iris

” What happened to him?” He asked

Iris rolled her eyes and continue eating

” Wow,,,you two decided not to talk to me?? ” Max asked still they kept quiet

” Now I look like a fool talking to himself,,,okay,I will just get something for myself,am starving” Max said and got up,he left

” That was amazing,,I was forcing myself to hold my laughter but you didn’t even have any expression,you’re scary” Jimmy said

” That’s what I do for a living you know” Iris smirked

” He’s coming back” Jimmy said and they immediately kept their straight face

” Am back,,,” Max announced

” Can I have one of your strawberries??” Iris asked

” Of course” Max replied

” I was talking to Jimmy” Iris said and took one from Jimmy

Max scoffed and started eating

” Open your mouth let me feed you” Jimmy said to Iris

Max dropped his spoon and looked up

” What is all these? Why will you even want to feed her? She have hands” Max said

Iris ignored him and open her mouth for Jimmy,,

” Wow,,,” Max muttered watching them

He bite his lips and got up,,

” Am leaving ” he said

” Are you leaving your food?” Jimmy asked

” lost my appetite” He rolled his eyes and walked away

” Is he angry?” Iris asked

” Yes,I never wanted it to go far” Jimmy said feeling guilty

” But I love it” Iris winked

” We need to call him back” Jimmy said

Iris groaned and they both got up and went after Max,,

” Max!!” Jimmy called

Max stopped

” We are sorry ” Jimmy said

” For what?? For flirting with each other? I only excused you both,you can flirt all you want” Max replied

” Flirt? We weren’t flirting” Jimmy said

He turned and faced them,,his eyes landed on Iris

” So what was all that?” He asked

” Actually,,it was a p,,,,,,” Jimmy almost told him but Iris cut him off..

” We were flirting,so what? You also flirted with Natalie or whatever her name is,so I don’t even see why we are apologizing for flirting,” Iris snapped

Jimmy gasped

” Not like I care,,” Max said and walked away

” are you crazy?!! How can you do that!” Jimmy yelled

” What did I do? It was you who brought the idea so why blaming me?” Iris asked

” I wanted to tell him it was a plan but you spoiled it with your bad mouth ” Jimmy said

” Say another word and i break your leg” Iris said and walked away

Jimmy let out a crazy laugh

” These two are making me go crazy” he said and rough his hair


Andrew was busy with some work in his office when he heard a knock on the door

” Come in” Andrew said and his PA,Mike came in

” What is it?” Andrew asked

” About the young lady you asked me to find out about,,” Mike said and Andrew looked up

” So what did you find out about her??” He asked

” Everything,,,but the most interesting thing is,She works in Mr Bill’s mansion” Mike said and Andrew raised his brow

” Nicholas?? What is she doing for him?” Andrew asked

” She’s his daughter’s nanny” Mike replied

Andrew scoffed

” That’s not stopping me” He said

” Here is the information,,you can go through it later” Mike said and dropped it on the table

” Okay,you can go” Andrew said and Mike went out of the office

” Kristen Craig,,,” Andrew said with a smirk.


It was late already,after Kristen finally succeeded in making Jenna sleep,she went into her own room to take her bath.

She was almost tempted to call Nicholas but she didn’t,not like it’s his first time getting home late. But she’s worried and she missed him.

She took off her clothes and walked into the bathroom,,she turned on the shower and took a warm bath for only God knows how long,

After taking her bath,she tied her towel around her chest and walked out of the bathroom. Her heart skipped a beat when she met Nicholas in the room.

” Oh gosh,,when did you get in?” Kristen asked trying to calm down

” One hour ago,and I still find it hard to believe that you almost spent one hour in the bathroom” Nicholas said

” That was because I stayed under the shower for so long,I feel so bored ” Kristen replied

” How are you doing my hidden girlfriend” Nicholas asked

” don’t call me that” She laughed

” That’s what you are”

” No am not”

” Then what are you??” Nicholas teased

” Am Mr Bill’s girlfriend” She said And Nicholas smiled

” Am sorry,,but can you excuse me for a minute? I need to dress up” She said

” You want me to excuse you? ” Nicholas asked and she nodded

” No I won’t,,it’s all mine anyway,you don’t have to hide it”

” What’s all yours? Says who??” Kristen asked

” If it’s not mine,then who is it for?”

” Hmm,,I won’t tell you. Just leave,,for a minute please”

” You can dress while am here,am not gonna hold you” Nicholas said

” Are you indirectly telling me to strip?” She teased

” If you can” Nicholas replied

” You’re a pervert,,”

” Only if it’s you,not anybody” Nicholas said and she smile

” Anyhow,just leave”

” Gosh,,come on am your boyfriend,are you chasing me out now?”

” Am not chasing you out,,fine just turn your face to the other side ” Kristen said

” Okay,,I will just leave,,a minute remember?”

” Yeah just a minute ” Kristen replied

Nicholas stood up and walked toward the door,,he stopped and went back to her.

” What” Kristen asked

He held the tip of her towel and almost loosed it,,

” What do you think you’re doing?? ” She asked and immediately hugged him

” Why are you hugging me right now?” Nicholas asked

” Don’t you dare look at me,,” She muttered hugging him more tightly so the towel won’t fall

” But I want to see,,” Nicholas said.

” Why?”

” Because you’re mine” Nicholas replied and she scoffed

” Now you’re claiming me already?” She mumbled

” Yes,,so let me see you. Please” Nicholas said

” Don’t stare too much,am gonna run” She said and Nicholas almost laughed,what type of girl is she ?

” I can’t promise” Nicholas said

” Then I won’t let go of you” She said

” Okay,I won’t stare too much. I promise ” Nicholas said

She waited for some seconds and pulled away from the hug

Nicholas smiled at her cute shy face and gripped the tip of the towel,she was staring at his hand all along and finally he released the towel making it fall freely,she immediately closed her eyes.

Nicholas fixed his paternal gaze on her from her white and smooth legs up to her fair pretty face and he smiled,,

” Can you open your eyes?” He asked

She shook her head negatively

He kissed her lips and she reciprocate to the kiss,

Within the blink of the eye,they were both on the bed already still kissing ravenously. Nicholas broke the kiss and moved his lips to her ear

” You look so beautiful,,,all over” He whispered and bite her ear lightly which lead to a soft and low m0an from her

He looked down at her br**st which was staring at him and calling out his name for his attention.
He captured the tit with his mouth

” Oh Nicholas” She m0an out and he stopped,she just called his name without knowing it.

He smiled and put it into his mouth again s**king her so gently while she keep on m0aning out his name

” Nick,,”

Nicholas almost laughed,,now he’s Nick?

They were both disrupt by a sudden knock on the door,,Kristen opened her eyes and they both remain quiet,the knock came again

” Who?” Kristen asked

” It’s Iris” The voice replied

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