His Favourite Addiction

His Favourite Addiction episode 32 – 33



🌹(Melting His Heart)🖤

Chapter 32🍭🍭


The class was really noisy as the school closed a minute ago,the kids all waited for their parents,the class was complete,none of them have been taken. Its normal for them to wait for at least 20 minutes before their parents or guardians get to them.

” Jenna!! It’s your dad!! And mom!!” A kid shouted pointing out of the class and the kids all turned to see Nicholas and Kristen coming toward them with a teacher with them talking

” Wow!! She really have a mom!!” Anpther one shouted

” I knew Aly was a liar” A boy said and the class laughed

Aly who was still shocked couldn’t say anything

Jenna didn’t move from where she was sitting,she was confused and shocked to see her father. When did he ever come here to take her? But she was even more happy that he came with Kristen.

” You are not going to stand up?” Alex asked

” I feel like am dreaming” Jenna said

” Dream? You mean this is just a dream?!!” Alex asked Instantly

” Am not saying this is a dream,,I only felt like,,,,gosh must you believe everything I say?” She shook her head and stood up

” Hey Jenna” Kristen waved her hand toward her direction

” Mom!!” Jenna shouted

Kristen and Nicholas faced each other and then back to Jenna with confusion

” Baby,,come here ” Kristen said and hugged her

” Mam,,are you really Jenna’s mom?” A boy asked

Kristen looked at Nicholas who only smiled and nodded,,

” Yes,,am her mom” She said with a smile

” Wow!!! She’s really beautiful like Jenna said!!”

” I love her smile”

” Is it true that you are an amazing cook???” Another girl asked and Kristen almost laughed but nodded anyway

” yeah,that’s right” She replied

” I told them you’re the best cook ” Jenna said and winked at her

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Can we come to your house?!! We want to taste your delicious food please!!” A girl said

” Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Please!! Please!!” the whole class started shouting

Kristen chuckled

” of course you are always welcome” She replied

” Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!” They screamed

” You all are so cute,” She said and waved at them


looked down at Jenna and kissed her cheek then hugged her

” They are so cute together” the whole class clapped except who was feeling ashamed to even look up.

” Bye Jenna!!!” They waved at her
Jenna faced her classmates and waved at them with a wide smile on her lips

To her,today is the happiest day of her life.

After they left the class,,she hold Nicholas hand and smiled at him

” I thought am invisible already” Nicholas teased

” I love you” Jenna said and Nicholas carried her

” Daddy loves you more ” He kissed her cheek

Drop me” Jenna said and he dropped her without argument

She hold his hand and then Kristen’s hand with her in the middle

Kristen and Nicholas smiled at each other,,,


As Andrew walked out of the company with Mike behind him,he suddenly remembered something and he stopped

” You said you have something to tell me,what is it??” Andrew asked and continue walking

” It’s about Kristen” Mike said and Andrew raised his brow

” What happened to her? ” he asked

” I think,,she’s going out with Mr Bill” Mike said

” Going out? What do you mean by that?” Andrew asked

” I mean,I think they are in a relationship,they are couples” Mike replied and Andrew scoffed

” You’re joking right? You told me she only works as a nanny in that house,so how are they suddenly couples?” Andrew asked

” I saw them with my own eyes hugging each other,,,I just wanted to tell you” Mike said

” Anyone can hug her,,that doesn’t mean anything” Andrew snapped trying not to believe what Mike said

” Am sorry sir ” Mike apologized

Andrew rolled his eyes and went into the car

‘ it better not be true,am going to do something crazy to that motherfvcker,he can’t take everything from me. Not Kristen’ he thought inwardly


Megan hissed out as she checked the time again,she carried her bag and walked out of the office with her phone in her Hand.

She have been trying to call Nicholas since forever,but he wouldn’t pick the call.

” probably still with that slut” she scoffed as she stormed out with her shoes making a loud noise due to the way she was walking angrily.

Shane met her about going into the elevator and he immediately joined her

” Are you okay? You look angry” Shane said

” Its none of your business” She snapped

” Wow,am just trying to be nice here ” Shabe said

I don’t need it,do you understand??” Megan said

” You are really angry,,,is it because Mr Bill didn’t come back to office??” Shabe asked and she kept quiet

” Oh,,I guess am right” Shane said

” And who the hell was that lady?” Megan asked

” I don’t think you should say that if you don’t want the boss to get mad at you,,” Shabe said and she looked up

” Mad at me?? Are they some couples or something?” She asked

” I can’t tell you that,,” Shane replied

She rolled her eyes and looked away

” I wonder why you are crushing on him,,he doesn’t even care about you. You should work on your feelings” Shane said and faced her,,he moved to her front and caged her with both hands

” What are you trying to do??” Megan asked almost angrily

Shane lean closer and almost kissed her,,she pulled him off and landed a slap on his face.

” Don’t you dare!!” she yelled

At that moment,the elevator stopped and opened

She eyed him angrily and walked away


🌹(Melting His Heart)🖤

Chapter 33🍭🍭


” Daddy,,why did you come to my school today?” Jenna asked curiously

” You don’t want me to come?” Nicholas asked

” No,I love it. Am just wondering why,but you two really came at the right time ” She said

” What do you mean by that?” Nicholas asked

” Now everyone knows I have a mom ” Jenna rolled her eyes and Nicholas chuckled

” Are you being bullied for not having a mom?” Kristen asked and the car was silent as Jenna didn’t say a word again

” Jenna?? She asked a question” Nicholas said

” I’m not bullied,I just want them to know. ” She replied

” Okay,,Jenna do you want anything?? Daddy is with you today so bill Mr Bill” Kristen winked at her And She laughed

” I don’t want anything” Jenna replied

” That’s unlike you,,come on. Are you okay?” Kristen asked

” Am fine ” Jenna replied

” Your birthday is coming,what do you want me to get you. Ask me anything” Kristen said

” Are you sure I can ask for anything?” Jenna asked

” Yes,,don’t worry. I will get you anything” Kristen replied

” Marry my daddy” She said and Kristen was shocked,,

Nicholas chuckled and looked at Kristen whose face was blank already

” You won’t reply her?” Nicholas asked

” You said you’re going to do anything” Jenna said

” But,,that’s not what I meant. I was talking about a gift,birthday gift” Kristen said

” That’s what I want” Jenna said

Kristen couldn’t talk,she sat down properly and kept her gaze away
The road was really busy in the evening as Iris walked gently trying hard to avoid trouble even though she couldn’t promise herself yet,,

She was still walking when a car parked right beside her,,she ignored it and continue walking with her two hands tucked in her trouser

” Iris” she heard her name which made her stop and look back..

” Maxwell?” She called and Max moved closer to her

” Why didn’t you come to school today??” Be asked

” Why are you asking me that?” She asked

” don’t answer my question with another question” Max scoffed

” Fine,,I was absent because I didn’t feel like coming,” She replied

” And you didn’t bother to tell anyone? You’re annoying” Max said

” Sir,,we need to go ” The driver called out

” Just give me five minutes” Max replied

” What will you be doing here for five minutes?” Iris asked

” I want to talk to you” Max replied

” About what?”

” Nothing,,,we didn’t see each other today ” Max said

” So?? ”

” Where are you going?”

” Just taking a walk,never knew this place will be busy tho” Iris said

” Sir,,,”

” Am coming” Max cut the driver off

” Go,,you’re keeping him waiting” Iris said and Max groaned

” Or do you have anything else to say??” She asked

” No,,,I will see you tomorrow right?” He asked and she nodded

He smiled and walked back to the car,, Iris also turned to leave

” Hey Iris,,” Max called and she turned again

” I wanted to tell you that I missed you today,,,” He said and then waved at her before going into the car

Iris stood there and watched until the car was out of sight. She then smiled before walking again


Night ✍️

Kristen kept on tapping Jenna’s back to make her fall asleep but it was fruitless,she was even the one getting sleepy herself…

” Jenna,why are you still awake? It’s late” Kristen said

” Why don’t you want to marry my dad?? I want you to be my mom,,please” Jenna said

” Is that why you are still awake?” Kristen asked and she nodded

” Okay,,am going to marry him okay? ” Kristen said and Jenna sat up

” You will become my mom?” She asked amd Kristen nodded

” Wow!!! Can I call you mom from now!?” Jenna asked out of excitement

” What?? That’s going to be weird,we are not even married yet” Kristen said

Jenna sighed sadly

” You’re right,,but am going to wait until you get married. So when are you getting married??” Jenna asked and Kristen groaned

” Jenna,,you have to sleep.” Kristen said

” Please,,tell me” Jenna pouted

” Okay,,tomorrow okay? We are getting married tomorrow.” Kristen replied

” Then I should sleep,,can’t wait for tomorrow” Jenna smiled and laid on the bed,

” Good night nanny” She said

” Good night Jenna ” Kristen replied

In no time,she was asleep already. Kristen groaned and shook her head before standing up,,she opened the door and left the room.

She was already walking toward her room when she turned back to Nicholas room,,she opened the door slightly and went in.

Nicholas was busy,,.

” What are you doing?” She asked

” I missed some stuffs today at the office” Nicholas replied as he followed her with his eyes

” Are you okay?” He asked

” Am f**king tired ” Kristen groaned and fell on the bed

She closed her eyes almost immediately,,minutes later she opened her eyes and was surprised to see Nicholas still awake.

” What are you still doing?? ” She asked and sat up

She hugged him from the back

” Come sleep with me,,you can do this later” she said and Nicholas faced her

” Sleep with you? Really?” He smirked

Kristen moved away from him

” Not what you’re thinking,I mean come sleep beside me. Damn,you’re naughty” she hit him playfully and Nicholas smiled

” Are you coming or not ” She pouted and hugged him again

” Okay,,anything for you ” Nicholas said and faced her

” Thank you” She muttered and planted a kiss on his lips

” Can you do that again?” Nicholas asked

She smiled and kissed him again,he wrapped his hands around her waist kissing her more.

” Nicholas wait” She said and almost gasped when the name left her mouth

” Am I Nicholas now? I thought am Nick” He teased

” Stop that,,it was a mistake okay?” Kristen rolled her eyes

” I understand I have so much effect ‘ Nicholas said

” Let’s not do this,,I really want to sleep” She said

” Okay,,you can sleep”

She moved into him and placed her head on his chest,,she closed her eyes

” I love you” She mumbled sleepily

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