The One I Have Been Looking For

His Favourite Addiction episode 34 – 35


🌹(Melting His Heart)🖤

Chapter 34🍭🍭


” Why are you in a hurry this morning?? Am not even done yet,can’t you at least wait for 10 more minutes?” Mitchell asked

” There are numerous cars in this house,why must we go together?? Am driving to school,you can come with the driver ” Max replied going out of her room

” You know Granny wouldn’t take it easy with you if she find out you are driving again” Michelle snapped

” Am 18,,I can do anything I want. You can tell her if you want ” Max said

” I never said am gonna tell her,I don’t gossip” Mitchell rolled her eyes

Max chuckled and walked out of the room leaving her behind,,

As soon as he came out,,he was shocked to see their granny before him

” Oh,,Granny,you scared me ” Max said

” Why can’t you wait for your sister so the driver can take you both?” She snapped

” I have something important to do,,I promise to be gentle,,”

” You? Gentle?? Wait and let the driver take you,,” She said

” But Granny,am old enough to drive,I know I once drove recklessly and caused you a lot of trouble,but I promise,,I won’t do that again. Just give me another chance please? Am going to be careful” Max pleaded

” I don’t trust you,,so wait,,,,,”

Max k-ssed her cheek and ran down the stairs

” Max!! Come back here!! Now!!”

” I love you granny!!” He shouted back and ran out of the house

” Oh,,this boy won’t be the end of me” She sighed.


” I almost forgot,,,you’re getting married today right?” Jenna asked as Kristen dressed for her

Kristen kept quiet

” So,why am I going to school ?” Jenna asked again but Kristen didn’t reply

” Am asking a question” Jenna said

” Jenna,,,we are not getting married today. We can’t get married without any preparation,,” Kristen was still talking when Jenna broke up into tears

Kristen sighed watching Jenna crying,

” Jenna am sorry,,I didn’t keep my promise. I only said that last night because I wanted you to sleep,am sorry.” Kristen patted her but all to no avail

The door opened and Nicholas came in fully dressed

” What’s wrong?” He asked gently

Kristen stood up and sighed

” She want us to get married today” Kristen said

” What??” Nicholas scoffed

” It’s my fault,,I promised her we are really going to get married today” Kristen said

” You told her that? Why?”

” Because I wanted her to sleep badly last night,,I was really tired I couldn’t wait for her to sleep ” Kristen explained

Nicholas nodded and moved closer to Jenna

” Jenna stop crying okay? We are going to get married ,but not now” Nicholas said

” Then when?” Jenna asked

” Very soon,,so stop crying” Nicholas said and hugged her

” But she promised” Jenna said sadly

” Am sorry ” Kristen said and touched her hair

” No,,am angry” Jenna said and shook her head

” You’re angry with me? Am sorry Jenna” Kristen said and bent before her like Nicholas did

Jenna smiled and k-ssed her cheek and then Nicholas’s

” So,,are we good now?” Kristen asked

” Yes,,I love you” Jenna replied

” What about me?” Nicholas asked

” Nanny loves you” Jenna winked making Nicholas laugh

” Now you don’t love me again?” He asjed

” I love you both ” She replied and hugged them together
” You should agree with me that Jenna is something else ” Kristen said as she followed Nicholas out of the room

” I know,,but she’s right. We should get married ” Nicholas said

Kristen gro-ned

” Am going to come home a little bit late today,,,don’t miss me too much” Nicholas said

” you have alot of things to do??” Kristen asked

” Yeah” He replied and stopped walking

Kristen also stopped and looked up at his face

” Don’t stress yourself too much,I don’t want you to fall sick” She said and touched his face

” Am stressed,,so k-ss me to make me feel better” Nicholas Said

She smiled and stood on her toes,,she k-ssed him slowly on his lips which was waiting for her soft lips already.

They were still in that position when two maids appeared,,

” Oh no” They gasped and the stuffs in their hands fell and broke into pieces getting the couples attention.

Kristen froze

” We are sorry sir!! We are so sorry” the maids pleaded at the same time

” Do you want to get sacked? Clean this mess and leave” Nicholas snapped

” We are sorry sir” they bowed and immediately packed everything before running away

Nicholas faced Kristen whose face expression look so funny to him

” Are you okay?” He asked

” The maids,,they,,caught us” Kristen said and he scoffed

” Caught?? Are we doing something wrong? ” He asked

” No,,,that’s not it. Oh God ” She bite her lips and sighed

” Bye,,and stop thinking about what happened. They are not going to do anything about it” Nicholas said and placed a k-ss on her lips before walking away

Kristen sighed and scratch her hair

” Nanny,,am hungry” Jenna called from the back

” Am coming right away” Kristen responded and went to her


As Max walked into the class,his eyes were searching for just one person,Iris,,, but he was disappointed when he didn’t see her.

” Can’t believe I ran down here only meet nobody” he sighed and dropped his bag

He was almost going out of the class when Iris appeared from a distant

” Oh,she’s here. ” he muttered with a smile but then immediately stopped smiling

” Why am I smiling so much these days? Am I crazy or something?” he scoffed

” Hey Max ” Iris called as she got to him

” Thank goodness you are here,I thought you wont be coming” Max said

” What about Jimmy?” Iris asked innocently and he frowned

” Why are you asking for Jimmy? Are you two having some business or what?” He asked

” Must we have some business together before I ask for him?’ Iris asked

” No,,,,” He muttered

” Hey guys!! Wow,,Iris you are finally in school!!! I missed you!!” Jimmy shouted and pulled Iris into a hug which made Max’s eyes grow wide

He immediately went between and separated them leaving Iris and Jimmy in shock

” Why did you do that?” Jimmy asked .

” How can you just hug her like that,you want to choke her ?” Max scoffed

” But,,she didn’t complain. Did I choke you Iris?” Jimmy asked and Max immediately faced Iris

” No,,you didn’t” Iris replied

” You see?” Jimmy smiled and almost hugged Iris again

Max immediately smiled and hold him

” I have something to show you,,” Max said walking away with him

” What about Iris?” Jimmy asked pointing at Iris

” We will see her later” Max replied

” Bye Iris ” Jimmy waved back at her

She was about waving back when Max pulled Jimmy’s hand down making Iris stop

” What’s wrong with him?” She wondered

Max looked back and winked at her before going out of sight with Jimmy.

” What,,,what just happened?? Did he just,,winked,,at me??” Iris asked with shock all over her face.


🌹(Melting His Heart)🖤

Chapter 35🍭🍭


Kim left her room and stopped in front of Mrs Bill’s room,she opened the door gently and went in but it was empty. She closed it back and went downstairs,Her parents were eating and talking at the dinning room.

” You always tell me no chatting while eating,but you’re doing the sane thing you correct me on all the time ” Kim rolled her eyes as she entered the dinning room revealing the two old couples in their 60s ,,even though they look so young and attractive.

Mrs Bill have that amazing blue sparkling eye balls and black hair which have been trimmed into a short bun,while Mr Bill is just the replica of Nicholas,same face,hair,nose,everything. But the old age has really done some things to Mr Bill’s face.

” So,,is that how you say good morning to your parents??” Mrs Bill asked

” Morning mom,morning dad ” She gro-ned and sat down beside Mr Bill.

” Hmm,,good morning to you baby” Mr Bill said

” She’s not a baby anymore,,she’s getting old already” Mrs Bill scoffed

” No matter how old she is,she’s my baby,right Kim?”

” Yes Dad ” Kim smiled and rest her head on his shoulder

” Reason why she forgot to say good morning,,you need to handle her hardly not this” Mrs Bill scoffed

” She doesn’t need a hard hand,she’s a good girl and I know that” Mr Bill said and rub Kim’s hair

” Mom doesnt trust me,,am a good girl” Kim said and took a plate to serve herself but Mrs Bill stopped her

” Why mom?” Kim asked

” If you are going to eat in this house,you need to get up early and cook,nobody is your maid ” Mrs Bill said

” But mom!! Dad talk to her” Kim frowned and faced Mr Bill

” Come on sweetheart,let her eat” Mr Bill said

” She should start learning how to work,,she’s no more a kid. Come on ”

” You know she can be tired,she works everyday” Mr Bill said and Kim nodded in agreement

” Is she the first person who works everyday?? That’s why I love my son,so hard working” Mrs Bill rolled her eyes

Kim chuckled and grab the plate ready to eat

” I know mom,,He’s your favorite. But I have dad ” Kim said with a wink

” Yeah ,,she have me ” Mr Bill said and Mrs Bill scoffed

” You seem to be more early today,,are you having some important meeting at the company today?” Mrs Bill asked

” No mom,,I am going early because of brother’s,,,,,,,,,,” Kim immediately stopped

” Nicholas’s what?” Mr Bill raised his brow

” Oh,,I mean,,,,brother’s,,,,,,his,,no,,I need to call him immediately I get to the office and besides we have a new staff at the office ” Kim replied

” Are you sure that’s it?” Mrs Bill asked

” Yes mom,,that’s it” Kim said and continue eating

” Talking about Nicholas,I need to see that young guy. We have a lot of things to talk about” Mr Bill spoke up

” Like what dad?” Kim asked

” Are you even talking to your brother at all? Seriously he need to get another woman,,if he’s not ready. I think am going to bring my grandchild down here to stay with me ” Mrs Bill said

” Oh,,You think Jenna will leave her dad and come stay here?” Kim scoffed

” She will,,Nicholas doesn’t even have enough time for himself,how is he taking care of that kid? All those tiny legs nanny,most of them are gold diggers ,one of these days,am going to pay him an august visit.” Mrs Bulk said

” Hmm” Kim muttered

” Don’t worry,,I will talk to him. He should try to act like his father for once,he doesn’t take after me ” Mr Bill said and Kim laughed

” So dad,,you mean,,you were a play boy back then?” She asked

” You can ask your mom ” Mr Bill said and smiled a little

” Mom? Your answer is needed ”

” I don’t understand,did you ask a question?” Mrs Bill asked

Kim chuckled

Her phone suddenly buzz,she checked it and stood up

” I need to go ,,,I will see you two later,bye ” She got up and k-ssed their cheeks before running out

” She needs help” Mrs Bill shook her head

” Come on honey,,leave her alone,she’s still young” Mr Bill said

” She’s 23,,her mates are getting married” She snapped

Mr Bill laughed

” My daughter is not just anyone,,so don’t tell me her mates are getting married. She’s different” Mr Bill said

” You obviously spoiled her ” Mrs Bill scoffed

” No I didn’t,,” He smiled

” Don’t forget to call Nicholas,,,,am going to see him soon though” Mrs Bill said

” Maybe we should just see him together,,I want to see his cute face ” Mr Bill said

” I wonder why it’s hard to get a lady when he have such an attractive face,,that boy is something else” Mrs Bill shook her head

” Correction,,,my son is not a boy. He’s a complete man already”

” No matter how old he is,,He’s my baby” She snapped and Mr Bill laughed

” Hey Kristen!!” Kim shouted and immediately hugged her

” Morning Kim ” Kristen greeted

” Morning,,I started rushing down here the moment I saw your message ” Kim said

” No,,I didn’t mean to rush you or something. I just wanted to inform you,,,,,”

” You don’t have to worry about me,,oh you’re just getting down from the car too? ” Kim asked

” Yeah,,” Kristen replied as she waved at the driver who was going out already

” Is that not your car?? Or,,your driver?” Kim asked curiously

” No it’s not,and he’s not ” Kristen replied

” Oh,,okay,,,let’s go in. I have alot of things to show you and then tell you,,” Kim said as she let Kristen in first before she followed

” Kristen?” Kim called and Kristen turned

” Yes?”

” You are pretty,,and I love your outfit” Kim said

” Thanks,,now am nervous” Kristen said

” Why?”

” I don’t know,,I just feel nervous. I don’t any attention” Kristen said

” You don’t want attention or you don’t want anyone staring at my brother’s property?” Kim teased

” What? Property? What property” Kristen asked looking confused

” You of course,,am sure he’s gonna frown his ugly face if any guy stares too much” Kim said

” He’s not ugly,He’s not ” Kristen smiled

” I know,I just wanted to know if you’re gonna support him ” Kim winked and Kristen laughed a little

Kristen was asleep already when the door opened,,Nicholas entered the room quietly and laid beside her on the bed without any attempt to wake her up,but Kristen was sensitive enough to open her eyes

” When did you get here?” She muttered and faced him

” How did you know I was here? Thought you’re asleep?” Nicholas muttered back

” Your pleasant fragrance filled my nose,how can I ignore it?” Kristen answered

He smiled and k-ssed her hair

” You are really late like you said,,have you eaten? Do you want me to prepare something for you?” Kristen asked trying to get up but Nicholas held her back..

” You don’t have to worry about me,,I can’t be hungry while you are beside me ” he said and Kristen smiled

” Are you sure?” She asked

” yeah,,unless if am gonna eat you ” Nicholas whispered

” Stop ” She laughed

” How was your first day at work? Am sure Kim is really going to make you tired,she’s annoying”. Nicholas scoffed

” No,I love her. She’s the best sister ever” Kristen said

” Best sister indeed,she’s a devil” Nicholas said

” Don’t call her that,,,” Kristen mumbled

” Have you ever seen a 23 years old girl behaving like her? She’s never going to grow up ”

” She’s 23? Wow,,I never knew that” Kristen said

” What,,you think she’s 20 right?” Nocholas asked

” No,,I thought she’s my agemate,,,wow. I love her more for this” Kristen smiled

” My first day was really amazing,,,thanks to you” Kristen said

” Good to hear” Nicholas said with a smile

” I told you I have a surprise for you,,,you’re getting it tomorrow. ”

” Wow,,I can’t wait” Kristen grinned

” But I have something to tell you,,” Nicholas said

Kristen sat up immediately

” Bad news or good news?” She asked

” It’s not bad,neither is it good”

” Tell me ” She said curiously

” I will be going on a trip,,,a business trip” Nicholas said

” Trip? When?”

” Tomorrow,,,”

” So when are you coming back?” She asked

” We will be using up to three days,,but I may have to do everything and come back after two days,I don’t want to miss you too much” Nicholas said and k-ssed her cheek which she didn’t respond to

” What do you mean by we? How many of you? Shane will be there too?” Kristen asked

” You’re right,Shane should be there,but he wouldn’t be there. He will have to stay back and represent the company for a very important meeting”

” So who is going with you?” Kristen asked

” My secretary”

” That lady??” Kristen asked with a frown


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