His Favourite Addiction

His Favourite Addiction episode 36 – 37


(Melting His Heart..)

Chapter 36

By: Summer Gold

” That lady??” Kristen asked with a frown

” what,why? What happened to her?” Nicholas asked

” I don’t like her,,she look desperate. What if she try to,,,”

” Desperate? How?”

” I hate her eyes,,she was glaring hard at me when I came to your office,I think she likes you.” Kristen said skittishly and Nicholas chuckled

” I don’t see anything bad in her liking me ” Nicholas teased and she looked up with a frown

” You don’t see anything bad in that? Do you like her too or something?” She asked

” Why not? She’s pretty,isn’t she?” Nicholas replied

She scoffed

” Pretty my foot,am prettier. How can you call another woman pretty when am beside you? Isn’t that a little bit awkward to say?”

” How is it awkward? I am only saying the truth,she’s really pretty” Nicholas said

” Fine,,if you are going to keep on telling me how pretty another woman is,,then am sleeping. Lock the door when you go out ” Kristen muttered and laid on the bed turning her back on him

Nicholas laughed softly and touched her cheek

” Stop it,,don’t touch me. Am mad at you” She snapped

” Why? Because I called another woman pretty?” Nicholas asked

” I don’t care okay? Just go get a night rest so you can leave earlier with your pretty lady tomorrow,not like I care” She scoffed

” You really don’t care? ”

” I don’t” She snapped

” Okay,,I’m sorry. I was only teasing you,you’re more prettier than her,everyone knows that” Nicholas said and Kristen faced him

” Everyone knows? So what about you? You don’t know?” She asked and Nicholas laughed

” Oh Kristen,,you’re something else. Of course I know,I mean ,,,,,okay,,I know you’re the most pretty girl I’ve ever seen ” He said and tried kissing her

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No,,,,I still don’t feel comfortable with her going with you.”

” I have to go with my secretary,not like I was willing to go with a woman. Trust me,nothing is gonna happen,i don’t like her and she doesn’t like me either” Nicholas said

” Am really going to miss you a lot,and Jenna too. Make sure you finish everything before three days,I can’t wait” Kristen mumbled and then hugged him

I love you” She muttered

” I love you more” Nicholas said and kissed her cheek


Megan breathe out as she opened the door and entered her apartment,her half cousin who left home and decided to come stay with her was in the sitting room watching a movie and eating at the same time.

She looked up the moment the door opened,,

” Hey Sis,,you are a little bit late today ” She said and faced the movie again

Yeah,,lot of works” Megan said

” I see ” Natalie smiled not taking her eyes off from the TV

” Shouldn’t you be sleeping by this time? You’re not planning to skip school tomorrow right?” megan asked

” Am not ,,,just want to finish this movie first” Natalie replied

” And besides,,Aunt called ” Megan said

” Mom? ” Natalie scoffed

” Yeah,,you told me you came here to spend few weeks with me and that your parents are aware,,but she told me a different story. Natalie,you ran away from home,I should have noticed when you came here with lot of bags. Why did you do that”

” Am tired of that house,I can’t even do what I want without them complaining,am tired. I want to be free,” Natalie scoffed .

” You can’t stay here Natalie,you need to go back home ” Megan said

” But sis,,I can’t go back. Dad is gonna punish me. I can’t leave,am staying here,maybe I will find a way to talk to them but am not going to that mansion anymore,if you ask me to leave,I won’t go home. I will go somewhere else ” Natalie replied

Megan sighed and shook her head heading toward her room

” Did you cook something? What are you eating?” Megan asked

” Cook? I didn’t cook,,I would have if you asked me to,I ordered some food anyway” Natalie replied

” Good for you,,anyway I will be leaving for a trip tomorrow. And I will be spending three days or if it’s all fast,two days averagely. Can you stay in this house alone?” Megan asked

” You’re funny,this house is not even one quarter of our house and sometimes my parents Always go wherever they wanted,am not complaining,just give me enough money for food ” She winked

Megan rolled her eyes and went in

” Am not leaving this house,,it’s more comfortable,,right kitty?” Natalie asked the cat pet in her hands and then stroked it’s hair before facing the movie again.


put off her clothes and walked into the bathroom,,she was thinking about how the trip is going to be. That feeling of being alone with Nicholas without those bad mouthed staff in the company gives her enough joy,she’s going to use her unusual opportunity well though.

A smile escape her lips under the shower but then her mind went to Shane,,she frowned almost immediately.

She shook her head and sighed trying not to think about him.

” He’s a bad luck,,,gosh” She muttered and run her hands through her w€t hair.
Natalie yawned as she finished the movie finally,,smiling at the same time watching the end all over again

” Awwn ” She flushed

” I wish this can happen to me,,,with Max. ” She bite her lips and touched kitty’s hair gently

” Do you think my feelings will come true? I love him so much” she said

” Meow,,,” Kitty sounded out

” Really?? Thanks Kitty,,I love you” Natalie smiled and kissed the cute cat playing with its fur

” Meoww ”

” It’s time to sleep,,,am going to get you some night milk,,let’s go ”


” Bye Daddy,,buy me a lot of things while coming!!” Jenna screamed out

” You won’t miss me?” Nicholas asked and kissed her cheek

” I will ” Jenna smiled

” But you’re not acting like you will ” Nicholas said

” That’s because nanny is here,,” Jenna said

” I know,,what do want me to bring for you?”

” Hmm,,,a lot of chocolates” Jenna said

” Okay,,am getting a trunk of them” Nicholas smiled and kissed her hair before standing up

” So,what about me? You won’t get me anything?” Kristen asked

” Am I not enough?” Nicholas teased and she rolled her eyes

A knock interrupt the moment,Kristen opened the door revealing Shane

” Boss,,Miss Megan is downstairs waiting” Shane said

” I will be there in few minutes” Nicholas replied and faced Kristen who was wearing a blunt expression

He pecked her lips

” She’s waiting,,,I will walk you downstairs” She smiled shortly

” Bye Jenna,,” Nicholas said .

” Bye dad” Jenna replied.

Kristen and Nicholas left the room.

” Hey,,are you okay?” Nicholas asked

” I’m fine ” Kristen answered

” Good Morning sir ” Megan stood up and greeted the moment they got to the living room

” morning Miss Megan,,,how are you doing?” Nicholas askes

” Good sir,,you?”

” I’m fine,,”

Kristen scoffed and Nicholas chuckled inwardly

” Are you ready?” Nicholas asked

” Yeah I guess ” Megan smiled

” Good,,,let’s go ” Nicholas said

She bowed and stepped forward

” Bye sweetheart,,I love you. ” Kristen said and pecked Nicholas’s lips which took him by shock

He looked at Kristen’s face with a complete shock while she only smiled and touched his hair.

” I love you too ” Nicholas said after getting himself back from the shock

He smiled and walked out,

Megan who was fuming in anger looked at Kristen and she smirked before going back upstairs

(Melting His Heart…)

Chapter 37

By: Summer Gold

Kristen smirked at Megan and went back upstairs not knowing why she did that anyway but she really wanted Megan to stay away from Nicholas

‘ can’t believe i did that” she bite her lips as she opened Jenna’s room

” Finally you’re back,am stuck in my clothes” Jenna complained

” You almost get it right,come here let me help you” Kristen said

Jenna moved to her with the dress in clothes in her hand

” Is daddy going with that girl?” Jenna asked and Kristen nodded

” But why? ” Jenna asked

” She’s his secretary,,it’s a business ” Kristen replied

Jenna kept quiet as Kristen got her dressed

” All done,,we need to eat breakfast so you won’t get to be late for school” Kristen said

” Thanks nanny ” Jenna smiled

” You don’t have to thank me” Kristen said and hugged her

” I love you nanny ”

” I love you more ”

They both walked out of the room,Iris was about going downstairs too.

” Morning sis ” She greeted and touched Jenna’s cheek

” Weird ” Jenna muttered

” I was about saying that too” Kristen agreed with Jenna and Iris rolled her eyes

” I was expecting this,,anyway and leaving” Iris said

” You won’t eat ??”

” I will find something to eat when i get to school,,bye ” She replied and went downstairs


Iris nodded slowly as the driver waved at her,she turned and started walking toward the class. She was surprised when she met no one in class,,

” Wow,,” She muttered and dropped her bag

She went out of the class,,

After waiting for few minutes,she headed toward the hallway as the lonely girl she was at that moment. She wasn’t watching until someone blocked her way.

She looked up and Zack smirked at her

Iris rolled her eyes

” What do you want?” She asked

” I think this is the right time to punish you,don’t you think?” Zack asked and she almost laughed

” And why do you think you can punish me? For what?” She asked

” You don’t remember? You hit me with this weak fist of yours ” Zack said pointing at her hand

” If my fist is really weak then why are you here?” She asked

” I hate it when someone hit my cute face ” Zack replied and she scoffed

” Cute? You think you’re cute? Rubbish,,are you going to leave my way or I hit you again ” Iris snapped

” Hey,,do you want to die? Hit me and watch what am gonna do to you” Zack said

Iris sighed and ignored him,,she tried walking away only for him to hold and pull her back which made Iris mad

” How dare you touch me with that filthy hand of yours!!” She yelled angrily and Zack pinned her to the wall

” Let go of me when am still gentle” Iris said slowly

” Who will save you from me right now? Is it that weak Max?? Tell me ”

Iris smiled cockily

” Do I look like someone who would ask someone to save me?? Before I count three,,let go of me or you regret it”

” Are you threatening me or what?” Zack laughed

” One ”

” Are you serious right now??”

” Two” Iris counted

” Hey,,you______”

” Three”

Iris kicked his balls which made him release her,,she kicked his face and he landed on the floor groaning

She moved closer to him and hold his shirt

” Next time you try this nonsense with me,,,,,am gonna kill you” she muttered and slapped him again before walking away leaving Zack in a complete pain.

She turned back angrily and went back to the class direction,,some students were present already.

She sighed the moment she spotted Jimmy without Max

” Hey Iris,,” Jimmy waved

She rolled her eyes and walked to him

” You look angry,,what happened??” Jimmy asked

” Am going to tell you when Max get here ” she replied

” Why? You can tell me first before he arrives” Jimmy said

” No ,am telling you both at the same time” She snapped

” Okay,,,so,,how was your night?” Jimmy asked

” It was good,,until I got to school” She rolled her eyes again and Jimmy chuckled

” Don’t feel bad,,,” He said and touched her hair

” Yeah thanks,,” She replied and removed his hand from her hair

” It’s almost time for the first class and Max is not here yet,,did you call him?” She asked

” I guess he slept off,,I called but got no answer” Jimmy replied and she scoffed

” Sleepy idiot” She mumbled

” What ?”

She was about to reply when the teacher entered and the students immediately settled down.
” Bye brother,see you during lunch” Mitchell waved

” Yeah,thanks to you am late ” Max muttered as she ran off

He sighed and went his own way

” Maxwell!! Maxwell!!Maxwell!!”

He stopped,,only one person can call him that way and loud,,Natalie.

He turned back and she was running after him panting

” Where are you coming from?” Max asked

” Home,” She replied still panting

” You’re also late? Thank goodness,I thought it’s just me ” She said and Max chuckled

” Good for you we are both late” Max said

” Yeah,,”, she mumbled and they both walked toward the class

” I hope we won’t get punished,,” She said

” Who knows,,,”

They both entered the class and all eyes landed on them,,

” Max,,Natalie,,where are you two coming from? By this time?” The teacher asked

” Where else if not our different houses?” Max asked and the class chuckled

” You know you’re late right? And you’re still talking?” The teacher snapped

Natalie didn’t talk,

” You two,,detention immediately after school” The teacher said

The two walked over to their seats,, Max looked back toward Iris,she was also staring at him. He didn’t make any expression before he faced the teacher again


” Am f**king hungry,,,,,hey Kristen let’s go get something to eat ” Kim spoke up

” But,,we have alot of works to do. We can just send the,,,,,”

” Don’t worry about the work,,let’s go eat” Kimberly said

” Okay,,” Kristen got up and arranged her hair

” You really care about your look so much,,” Kim smiled

” Am sorry” Kristen muttered

” No its nothing,,just saying. Let’s go before I pass out ” Kim said and Kristen chuckled

They both walked out of the office,,
” You seem lost” Kristen said bringing her back to reality as they got into the car

” Am fine,,,” Kimberly said and Kristen chuckled

” You like him right?” She asked

” What? Who are you talking about?” Kim asked looking confused

” you don’t have to pretend,,,your face always flush each time you see Joel,and it’s even red right now.” Kristen smiled

” Who is Joel?” Kim asked

” That cute guy,,come on ” Kristen laughed

” You’re calling a guy cute while my brother is there? Am gonna report you ” Kim teased

” Don’t do that,,but you really like him”

” Yeah,you’re right. But who want to date their boss? Am not even a guy,am a girl. You think he can talk to me even if he feels the same?” Kim asked

” I doubt that,,but you can talk to him ” Kristen replied

” That’s crazy,,,” Kim chuckled
The drive was a lively one until they stopped by a restaurant,the two ladies get off .

” Do you know this place?” Kim asked

” No,,this is my first time here ” Kristen replied

” Trust me when I say their food are the best” Kim winked

” Let’s see ” Kristen smirked as they finally walked in.

After getting their food and about eating,Kimberly stood up.

” Where are you going?” Kristen asked

” I need to use the restroom,,I will be back” Kim replied and walked away leaving Kristen.

She sighed and decided to wait for her so they can eat together,

” Kristen??” A voice called almost like a question and she looked up only to find Andrew smiling back at her

” We meet again,,in a restaurant” He smiled

” Oh,,yeah,,hi” Kristen greeted nervously,all she wanted at that moment was for him to leave before Kimberly gets back

” Are you alone? Can I join you?”

” No you can’t,,,I am with someone. ” She replied

” Sorry for making you wait,,,,,,” Kim stopped the moment she saw Andrew

” What are you doing here??” Kim asked

‘Gosh’ Kristen bite her lips

Andrew too was surprised to see her,he knew she’s Nicholas’s sister.

‘ So,,does that mean Kristen is Nicholas’s girlfriend??’ He thought and then smiled at Kimberly

” Sorry to interrupt,,,I only came to say Hi to Kristen,we are friends” Andrew said and Kristen gasped

” Friends? What sort of friends??” Kimberly asked almost angrily

” Close friends” Andrew replied

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