His Favourite Addiction

His Favourite Addiction episode 38 – 39


(Melting His Heart…)

Chapter 38

By: Summer Gold

” Friends? What sort of friends??” Kimberly asked almost angrily

” Close friends” Andrew replied

Kristen stood up instantly

” Are you kidding me? When did we become close friends? We are not even friends yet and you’re claiming to be my close friends?? What are you trying to achieve right now?” Kristen snarled

” Kristen,,let’s get out of here. I lost my appetite ” Kimberly said and took her bag,she stared at Andrew angrily before going out of the restaurant

” That was so low of you Mr Andrew,,,just stay away from me. I don’t want your f**king friendship,if you’re doing all these because you once helped me,I don’t mind paying you back,just leave me alone please” Kristen said gently

” Kristen wait,,that’s not it,,”

” I don’t care,,I am going to pay you back,am sure you will stop all these after that”

” Do you think I need the money? I don’t,,”

” Then what do you want from me?? What,,” she asked

” You Kristen,,I want you” Andrew replied

” You’re crazy ” She said and walked out leaving him

” Don’t worry,,I will surely get you no matter what ” Andrew assured himself
” What was all that about? What the hell does he mean by you two are close friends??” Kim asked As Kristen joined her in the car

” He’s probably crazy,,we are not friends. The only reason why we started talking was because he helped me once,he saved my sister. ” Kristen said

” Did you tell my brother about this? ” Kimberly asked starting the car

” No,,”

” You should,,,there’s something you don’t know,Our family and theirs are not really in good terms. It happened a long time ago,,we all use to be friends,Andrew and Nicholas use to be best friends until something happened,,,,,,,,,,am not trying to involve you in our problems,am just trying to protect you. Stay away from Andrew,he’s not as gentle as he look. Just stay away from anything that involve him please” Kimberly said

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” Thanks Kim,,,am sorry for making you mad. ” Kristen said

It’s okay,am fine. ” Kim smiled

” But,,what happened between your families and theirs?” Kristen asked curiously

” I can’t tell you here,,it’s a long story. Why don’t we hang out on a free day? Maybe when my ugly brother get back ” Kim said making Kristen to chuckle

” Okay,,am cool with that” Kristen replied

” Oh,,talking about him. He told you about the surprise he have for you right?” Kim grinned

” You know about it?” Kristen asked

” Yeah,,but that doesn’t mean he’s really open. He wouldn’t have tell me if not because of the trip,so he had no choice. We are going to see the surprise right now” Kimberly winked

Okay,,,,” Kristen nodded and take out her phone

She dialed Nicholas number trying to check on him,,,

He picked at first ring

📞 Hey Kristen

📞 Hi,,,how are you?

📞 Am good,,,you?

Nicholas replied

📞 Missing you,,,so have you seen any hotel or,,,

📞 About going in now,where are you?

Kristen faced Kim who winked at her

📞 In the car with Kim,,she talked about a surprise she have for me,so we are going there

Kristen teased

📞 She told you the surprise is from her??

Nicholas asked

Kimberly immediately asked Kristen to tell him yes

📞 yeah,I really can’t wait for it

Kristen said playing along

📞 That little devil,,

Kimberly laughed out

📞 Hey brother,,are you calling your sister a devil right now? That’s bad

📞 You should tell her the truth,,

📞 What’s the truth?
Kristen asked

📞 The surprise is,,,,,

His voice stopped

📞 Nick? Nick?

” Oh,,,hanged up” Kristen sighed

Kimberly raised her brow up

” Nick? Seriously?? You call him Nick??” Kimberly asked

” Oh that,,,,” Kristen bite her lips and itch her hair

Kimberly bursts into laughter

” This is interesting,,now I need to get a boyfriend quickly,what will I call him?”

” Jolly?” Kristen teased

” You’re crazy,What’s Jolly?” Kim said shyly

” Joel,,or,,,You can call him JoJo ” Kristen chuckled

” Who said it’s gonna be Joel? Stop dreaming”

” But you’re blushing right now,,Joel,,”

” Kristen Stop,,or I turn back” kim said

” Okay,,am a good girl now. Please don’t turn back,I can’t wait for the surprise”

Greece ( Hellenic Republic ) ✍️

📞 Tell her the truth

Nicholas smiled sheepishly

📞 What’s the truth?

📞 The surprise is,,,,,

A figure bumped into him and the phone fell from his hand,he turned to his left and it was Megan who almost fell. He quickly grabbed her preventing her from falling

” Are you okay?” He asked

Am fine,,thank you” Megan replied

” You should be careful next time,,” He scoffed

The only guard who went with them took the phone

” It broke,,,what should I do with it?” He asked

” Just dispose it ” Nicholas replied

” Am,,sorry,it’s my fault” Megan said sadly

” It’s nothing” Nicholas pronounced and Megan smiled

She actually did that intentionally,she was getting annoyed that he wasn’t even paying any damn attention to her,and even more annoyed when he started talking to his so called girlfriend
They got a very comfortable place to lodge and everyone decided to rest until evening when the first meeting will start.

Nicholas was in his own separate room,he was working on some things when a knock came on the door. He stopped and turned to the door wondering who it was since he wasn’t expecting anyone

” Who is there?” He asked

” It’s Megan sir” She answered

” It’s open”

Megan pulled the door opened and came in

” Do you want anything??” Nicholas asked

” No,,,I couldn’t sleep either so I was wondering if you want me to do anything for you ” Megan asked

” Nothing,,we still have more than five hours ” Nicholas replied calmly

” Okay,,can I stay here and watch you as you work? Please?” She demanded

Nicholas nodded and faced what he was doing

” Thanks” She smiled and took a seat beside him

There was total silence until Megan spoke up

” I think it will be more better if you make this information in an ordered reference standard,or what do you think?” She asked and Nicholas faced her

” You mean,,a scale?” He asked but she wasn’t listening anymore.

She was so engrossed in staring at his eyes,even Nicholas was surprised,normally she doesn’t keep eye contact with him.

” Megan?” He called her back to reality

” Am sorry,,,” She said and looked down

” Explain what you are talking about” He said

” Okay sir,,”

She told him her view and he chuckled

” That’s amazing,,but are you planning to ruin the other company??” He joked

Megan burst into laughter and in that process touched his forearm which took him by surprise,,

(Melting His Heart…)

Chapter 39

By: Summer Gold

Nicholas looked down at her hand which was still glued to his forearm and then her face,,she immediately removed her hand

” Oh,,am sorry. I was carried away,,” She said and sat down very well

Nicholas chuckled

” I have a girlfriend Megan,,I don’t want to know if you’re really carried away or you have any other thing going on in your head. Don’t do something that’s going to make me become unfriendly to you,next time you touch me,am getting you fired,” Nicholas said gently and she gasped

” Sir,,,”

” Do you want me to become cold to you so maybe you can learn how to maintain your lane with your boss?” He asked

” Am sorry sir,,forgive me”

” Leave this room and get prepared for the meeting,,” Nicholas snapped and she bite her lips angrily

” I just asked you to get up and leave the room,,now” Nicholas said trying his best not to yell at her.

Megan stood up feeling so mad and embarrassed at the same time

” Am sorry sir,,,I didn’t do that because I wanted to,,am sorry ” She pleaded with her head down

” Okay,,but still. Leave ” Nicholas said

She nodded and then walked out of the room,,

Nicholas sighed and closed his tablet,,just then another knock came on.

” Come in ” Nicholas said

The door opened and his guard entered,,,

” Here is the phone boss,,” He said dropping it on the table

” Thank you,,you can go and take a nap, I will do the rest”

” Thank you boss ” He smiled before going out


After the thirty minutes drive,Kimberly stopped in front of a building obviously a house. The gatekeeper opened the gate for them and she drove in,,

” Is this your house? Why are we here? ” Kristen asked

” This house is not mine” Kimberly replied

” So where is this??” Kristen asked Curiously

Kim smiled and get off from the car,Kristen also followed.

They went into the house,,

” Wow,,this place is beautiful. But what are we doing here? Am impatient already” Kristen groaned

” The surprise I was talking about,,this is it. This house is yours ” Kim said with a wink

” What do you mean by,,this house is mine?? I don’t get ”

” I don’t know how to explain things Kristen,this is all yours. Everything in it,,the cars and everything here is all yours. What else do you want me to say ” Kim explained

” Oh no ” Kristen muttered and passed out

” Kristen!!!!” She immediately rushed toward her

” Kristen,,,Kristen are you okay?!!! Kristen!!” Kimberly screamed

Kristen opened her eyes slowly

” You mean,this is all mine now??” She asked

” Yes,,so please stand up ”

Kristen closed her eyes again

” Kristen!!”

” Am sorry,,I am just so emotional right now ” Kristen said getting up on her feet

” Nicholas really got me this place?? What do I do?” Kristen muttered in tears

Kimberly scoffed and sat down

” Are you planning to give me an attack? How could you pass out just like that” She said

” Am sorry,,but. This is really too much,,,oh Nicholas just come back already,,,” Kristen sniffed

” Hey,,That’s enough. Don’t cry beside me please ” Kim rolled her eyes

” I still can’t believe this,,,,with the cars outside too??” She asked and Kim nodded

” Do I deserve this?”

” Yeah,,you deserve more. So don’t tear up okay??”

” Okay,,,can I just check it out? I can’t wait,,” Kristen said going up the stairs

Kimberly immediately followed,,

” You have a sister right? You won’t be alone so am glad. If you had no sister,I would have come live with you ” Kimberly teased

” I will be glad to have you around” Kristen said

” My brother is gonna kill me,,” she laughed

Kristen smiled and wiped her tears

” Oh,,you’re really emotional,,come let me give you a hug ” Kimberly said and hugged her gently touching her hair

” How do I thank him now? I’m speechless,I don’t know what to do next” Kristen mumbled under her breath

” Like seriously,you need to calm down,,gosh ” Kim groaned

” Am sorry,,,okay now am calm. ” Kristen said and breathe out loudly through her mouth.

” We need to go back to the company,,we spent so much time thanks to your boyfriend” Kimberly teased and Kristen laughed


As soon as the school closes,some students rushed out of their classes in a hurry while some could be seen hanging around the school. Just as the teacher ordered,Max and Natalie are also ready for their detention.

” Sorry dude,,have fun ” Jimmy Tapped Max trying hard not to laugh

” Get off” Max snapped and threw his hand off

” That’s rude,,,I was trying to make you feel better ” Jimmy said

” Where is Iris?? She left already??” Max asked

” I don’t know,,I saw her going out some seconds ago.

” Okay,,,” Max said and left Jimmy,,Natalie also joined and they both started walking to the room

” It would have been better if he just punish us,,not this. ” Max muttered

” I would have been worried,but right now am not. ” Natalie said

” Why are you not worried?? ”

” Because I have no one who’s gonna be worried about me” She smiled

” Meaning??”

” I left home,,,right now am staying with my aunt. And she’s not even home for now,,so am all by myself,so free ” Natalie said with her hands in the air

” I wish am like you,,granny nags a lot and always treat me like am still a kid,so tired of her ” Max scoffed

” that’s because you’re still a kid,” Natalie chuckled

” Then you’re a baby ”

” No,,that’s not true ” she laughed

” This place is cold,,damn that teacher is wicked ” Natalie said loudly as they got to the detention room

” Silly punishment,,until when are we going to stay here?” Max asked

” That’s it over there,,the sticker says ,,Maxwell And Natalie,detention until 7pm ” Natalie pointed at it with her finger

” He’s crazy,,am leaving here by 6,,,how can I stay in school till 7? Granny will Have a heart attack” Max said

“What If we escape? We can bribe the securities so they can help us testify tomorrow that we left by 7? How about that?” Natalie asked in a whisper

” Bribery is a corruption” Max muttered and she frowned

” Am only trying to help,,fine we can stay here till 7″ Shs said and sat down

Max ignored her and sat down too

” Do you have your phone here? Let’s listen to music ” Natalie said

” What type of music do you like?” Max aaked

” Love songs,,slow,solemn and beautiful” She said with her eyes closed

” I guess you love to imagine things that won’t happen,,” Max chuckled

” Who says it’s not gonna happen? Just play the songs”

” Are you indirectly calling me a DJ ?” Max teased

” Yeah,so drop it” She winked

” You’re crazy” Max said with a wide smile
Iris was still waiting for the driver all along until she noticed Michelle, Max’s sister.

” Hey,,are you okay?” Iris asked

” Oh great,,good to see you. Do you have any idea where my brother is? The driver is here already,I can’t call him because my phone is not here with me ” Michelle explained

” Detention room,,,so I guess you should just leave” Iris said

” okay great,,but I don’t think he have any money with him. ” Michelle said and immediately brought out some notes

” Can you please give this to him? I need to go now,,thanks” She said and entered the car in a hurry

Iris looked at the notes in her hand and sighed,she then turned toward the direction of the detention room.

She was not feeling happy going there knowing fully that Natalie is in there with him

” That witch ” She hissed

Getting there,she moved to the window to get their attention as the two were talking and doesn’t seem to notice her.

” This is annoying” She muttered

Natalie was the one who saw her first but she looked away and Iris scoffed

” Hey Max,,” She called

” Iris,,,what are you doing here?” He smiled and walked closer to her

” Have this,,,Michelle left so she asked me to give you,,to board a taxi I guess,,” Iris said handing over the money to him

” You’re leaving now?” Max asked

” You want me to stay here?” Iris asked and he nodded

” Not when she’s here,,,” Iris rolled her eyes

” I don’t want you here either,,I and Max were having a good time before you came here with your bad luck” Natalie snapped

” Me? Bad luck?? Do you want me to show you what a bad luck is?? Huh??” Iris asked angrily opening the door

” You two shouldn’t start again please” Max said and hold Iris

” Like seriously? Are you going to hit me??? Max,I don’t know what you see in this guy,,He’s so annoying” Natalie scoffed.

” What do you mean by guy? She’s a girl” Max said

” Girl? How come she’s ugly??” Natalie asked and Max chuckled

” Did you just laugh at what she said?” Iris asked and released herself from his grip

” No I didn’t,,am sorry” Max said

” Maybe because what I said is funny” Natalie smirked

” Let me teach this bitch a lesson” Iris snapped rushing toward her again

Max groaned and hold her again

” You are going to get into trouble,,come on try to control yourself even for once” He said taking her out and closed the door.

” Are you taking her side again?”

” No am not,but if you keep on fighting like this,how will people get convinced that you are a girl??”

” So,,you also think am a boy?” Iris asked calming down already

” You’re even stronger than me,,,” He laughed

” You’re so stupid,,am a f**king girl. You should see me as a girl not a boy” Iris snapped

” How can I see you as a girl when you don’t act like one? Just go and stop getting mad unnecessarily ” Max said

” You’re so annoying right now,you told me you don’t like that witch,”

” I changed my mind,,and don’t call her a witch” Max said and went back in leaving Iris alone

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