His Favourite Addiction

His Favourite Addiction episode 8 – 9


( Melting His Heart….)

Episode 8

By: Summer Gold

Iris got up and adjusted her cap to the front,, she walked in. The woman sniffed in and out which made Iris rolled her eyes.

” Don’t tell me you smoked again ” She said

” Do I have a choice?? ” Iris asked and sat down

” You told me you were going to stop ” The woman said

” I stopped when I told you,, I didn’t say I was stopping permanently ” Iris snapped

” You’re a disgrace ”

” Just like father is a disgrace too ” Iris said

” I need some cash,,Next week is our exam,,going into the final class in high school ” Iris said grumpily and rubbed her nose frequently as she talked

Her mother shook her head and walked out on her

” Am going to call your first daughter if you don’t give me,I am the best in my class ” Iris said

” Don’t you dare call your sister,, don’t you dare call her. Okay??” Her mother shouted from the inner room

” And you think am gonna listen ?? ” Iris scoffed and walked out in her normal boyish manner.

She was still walking on the street when an expensive car pass her and mistakenly splashed the little water on the road on her,,

” What the hell!!” Iris shouted and immediately ran after the car and hitting it at the same time which made the driver to stop.

” What is it young girl? ” the driver asked

” Young girl indeed,, are you that blind that you didn’t even noticed that you’ve socked me with this fake car of yours?!! ” Iris shouted

” Am sorry,, ” The driver apologized

” Sorry is gonna make my clothes dry right??!! Huh!!”


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opened the car and stepped out,,he’s a teenager like her but he’s some rich kid whose look was hot and cold at the same time.

” What else do you want from sorry?? Are you,,,,,,,,” He stopped and moved away

” Gosh,,you stink. F**k,,,” The boy said

What?? Are you talking to me like that?? ” Iris asked getting mad already

” Who else?? ” the boy snapped

The driver got down from the car seeing that the problem is not solving quietly

” Little Miss,,what do you want??” He asked

” Hey,,did you really call me stink??” Iris asked and grab his shirt immediately

” Wow,,are you crazy right now?? Get off me ” He pushed her away making her land on her butt

The moment she stood up,,she saw a bottle right beside her,, she took it and broke the bottle on his head.

” F**k!!!!!” The driver shouted and immediately hold the boy whose head was bloody already

You sure have a short life ” Iris said and ran off

” Young Master!!! Young Master!!” The driver shouted shaking him but got no response. He immediately carried him and dropped him into the car.

Almost immediately another car parked right in front of them and two men came out,,

” What happened to him??”

” A young girl hit him with bottle,,don’t let her escape. She passed through this way,,I will take him to the hospital alone ” The driver said and immediately drove off while the guards also went through another way.


📞 What?? Iris hit someone with a bottle??
Kristen asked in total shock as she received the call

📞 But,,,how could she,,even think of doing that??

📞 Is the boy okay??

📞 But I have no money mom,,I just started working this week. Where do you expect me to get that type of money from??

Kristen hanged up in tears,,she couldn’t think of what to do at that moment. She doesn’t even have any money, and her sister may go to jail if she doesn’t act fast.

She roughed her hair out of frustration and then wiped her tears before turning to leave,,she was shocked to see Nicholas right in front of her. She couldn’t say a word, all she could do was stare at him.

Should she ask him for money,from her monthly payment? But she hardly used one week ,,what is she going to do??

” Hello sir ” She finally found her voice

Nicholas nodded and walked away,she turned toward his directly instantly

‘ He’s not human’ she said inwardly and walked toward Jenna’s room.

” Where have you being?? I’ve been waiting for you,let’s go eat dinner together. Daddy is back” Jenna said with a grin

Kristen sniffed and bent down in front of her,

Am sorry Jenna,, I need to leave. ” She said

” What? Why? You promised to join us at the dining tonight”

” I wanted to,,but something came up. I need to go,,am sorry.” she said

Jenna nodded sadly

” I will help you with your night bath before leaving ” Kristen said

” You can go,,I will order one of the maids to do that for me ” Jenna said and before Kristen could speak up,she already pressed the maids alert

📞 Yes Jenna?

📞 I need to take my bath,,nanny have something important to do
Jenna replied

📞 Okay,,will be there in two minutes

Jenna hanged up and faced Kristen who let out a sad smile

” Thank you Jenna,,I will leave now ” Kristen said and pecked her cheek

” You look sad,,,” Jenna said

” Am fine,, ” Kristen replied and took her bag,she was almost going out of the room when the door opened and Nicholas came in

Kristen stopped

” Daddy!!! ” Jenna shouted and ran to him

” Baby,,how are you??” He asked

” Am fine,, but nanny is leaving earlier today. She said she have something important to attend to ” Jenna said and Nicholas turned to Kristen

” Am sorry Mr Bill,,,it’s really important ” Kristen said bowed before going out of the room

Nicholas dropped Jenna and left the room,,,

” Wait,,” He called after Kristen who was about going down the stairs

She stopped and turned back looking surprised,,

” Sir??”

” Is everything okay??” Nicholas asked

👔 His

( Melting His Heart )


( The Conversation )

💎Episode 09💎

” Is everything okay??” Nicholas asked and Kristen was shocked

Did he just asked her that question??

She was not expecting it,she was even beginning to think that he hates her.

” Sir??” She asked again to be sure

” I asked if everything is okay ” Nicholas said without expression

‘ should I tell him about it maybe he can help??’ She thought

” Something came up,,,,,and I really need money badly. ” she stopped and focused her gaze on the floor nervously

” I really didn’t want to tell you about this,, but I have no choice now. Mr Bill,,,can you please give me half of my monthly payment?? I know it’s not even up to a week since I started working here,,but my family is in trouble. Am the breadwinner,, and if I don’t help,something bad may happen. So,,,please do this for me,,,just this once,,please ” Kristen said and wiped her tears which doesn’t seem to move him at all as he only listened

After Kristen explained everything, he nodded

” I can just send everything,,so that means no payment at the end of the month ” He said and Kristen immediately nodded

” Good,,,you can give Shane your details. You will see it before getting home ” He said

” Oh my God,, thank you Mr Bill,,I really appreciate this ” Kristen said

” It’s your Money not mine ” He replied and walked away

Kristen didn’t care about his attitude,, she immediately ran downstairs, lucky for her she met Shane about going in

” Hey Shane,,, ” She called and Shane smiled

” Hi Miss Kristen,,”

” I need your help,,,”

” He told me already,, just tell me details and I will send it,,,boom ” He said

” that’s crazy,,” Kristen said and called her account details

” You can go ” He said

” I will take you home ” Richard called as she almost went out

” wow,,you’re so amazing Shane,, thanks ” Kristen smiled and immediately ran to him.

Richard only nodded and then drove out of the compound.

The next morning, Kristen had to inform Nicholas that she wouldn’t make it to the mansion, she had to see her sister who was in trouble.

She didn’t mention what she did though,Nicholas approved it as he doesn’t even seem to care wherever she goes to.

As Kristen got down from the taxi in front of the station, she breathe out.

Iris,when will you ever change? She thought

And then started walking in,,she hate coming to places like this, Hospitals, Stations and other places which seems bad to her.

She was stopped at the entrance,,

” Who are you?? ” a female cop asked

” Kristen,,my sister is here ” She replied

” Oh that criminal?? ” The cop asked

Kristen didn’t reply,, what will she say? Anyone like Iris is obviously a criminal,, real one. But she doesn’t blame the teenager,this is what happens when you grow up with a father who is a drug addict.

If she haven’t left years back,maybe she would have been addicted too. Thank God for Tara,,,

” Can I see her??” Kristen asked

” Yeah,,and besides the family whose boy’s was injured are here ” The cop said taking her in

Walking for just few seconds, they got to the cell where Iris was kept.

” Iris,” Kristen called and she looked up with a smirk playing on her lips

” Why are you f**king like this?? Shouldn’t you try to be considerate for once?? You really want to live the rest of your life in jail?!!” Kristen scolded

” Get me out of here,,I have things to do ” Iris rolled her eyes grumpily,Kristen shook her head in pity for her sister.

” Come with me ,,,you need to meet those people. They’ve been waiting ” The cop said impatiently

Kristen sniffed in and followed her,,,

” She’s here ” The cop announced and A woman in her late 50s faced them, she was dressing so expensively and it’s obvious she’s someone wealthy

Another boy was brought out,,his head was plastered gently, obviously the boy Iris hit with a bottle

” So you’re the sister of that criminal?? ” the woman asked angrily

” Mam,,,am very sorry. She’s just a kid,,, ”

” Heard She’s 18 already,, she can be jailed and I am not gonna forgive her. She’s going to be jailed!! Look at what she did to my lovely grandson!!! Just see for yourself? Your sister is a murderer ” The woman shouted

” You can’t do that please, am ready to pay you whatever,, just let my sister go. She’s all I’ve got ” Kristen said in tears.

” You think I care??” The woman was interrupted with a call

📞 Hello Son

📞 Yeah ,,just come in. We’ve been here waiting like forever

She hanged up and faced Kristen angrily

They were taken into another large office by a detective,,,

” Have your seats ” He said

The woman and her grandson sat down while Kristen stood up

” Sit down Miss ” The detective said and she sat down

Just then the door opened and a figure came in,,

” Good,,my son is here ” The woman said

” Oh,,you’re welcome Mr Andrew ” The detective greeted standing up with a bow

Kristen gasped and looked back,,, her face met with Andrew’s and she immediately stood up. Andrew is also a very popular Billionaire who is the CEO of AMAZON COMPANY.

” Brother,, ” The claimed grandson said with a smile

” Is it that bad?” Andrew asked pointing at the plastered head

” It’s really bad son,,you need to see the young criminal. Am sure she would have killed many,,,”

” That’s not true,,my sister is not a killer. This is just an accident,, please ” Kristen said

Andrew raised his brow still not getting what’s happening,, Kristen bite her lips

” She’s talking about my sister” She told him in a gentle voice

” Are you okay Max ” Andrew asked

” It’s better now ” Max replied

” Bring Her in ” The detective said and almost immediately Iris was pushed in,,she doesn’t seem to care about what was happening at that moment.

She frowned at Max who immediately moved closer to his granny,,,

” There she is,,”

” Why did you do that young girl?? ” the detective asked

” He provoked me,and I gave him what he deserved” Iris said and Kristen stood up ready to slap the craziness out of her but Andrew pulled her back

” You can’t do that here Miss ” He said with a smile which surprised Kristen but she sighed and sat down again

” Breaking a bottle on my head?? Are you even real right now?? ” Max asked with a scoff

” Shut up ” Iris snapped

” She’s getting jailed,,that’s it ” The woman said

” It’s okay,, Since My brother is fine. Let her go,,she’s just a young girl ” Andrew said and Kristen gasped

” What?? Son?? Like seriously?? You are letting her go??”

” It’s okay mother,, ” Andrew said

” Thank you so much sir,,, ” Kristen said to Andrew

” It’s nothing, you don’t have to thank me ” He said

” It’s really surprising to know she’s your sister,,you are so different. ” Andrew added

” And really Pretty ” He added and Kristen looked up wondering what he’s saying

” Can I have your contact?? We can just talk some other time ” He asked

Kristen agreed and gave him

” Okay,,thanks bye Miss Kristen ” He said walking toward his car

His bodyguard immediately opened for him and then drove off while Kristen only stood there waiting for Iris to come out.

” Wow,,never knew Miss Kristen and Mr Andrew are close ” Shane said and Nicholas looked out of the car

He was surprised to see Andrew and Kristen talking and had to watch until Andrew’s car was out of sight.

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