November 29, 2021

His Is My Golden Key episode 12


🔑 His is my Golden Key 🔑

Brought to you by choice novels 💎

America with a touch of 9ja💋💋💋

Crazy Is her middle name 🤣🤣🤣

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🔑 Twelve 🔑

Let your beauty be your character not your face or shape -Choicey

Extra long episode to make up😋


I collapsed on the bed thinking of the hot attractive golden eyes that just left my heart in a tumbling thud

Why was he so attractive??
Even without seeing his full face, from his eyes, she was already enchanted

Although he attracts her physical, but it seems her heart cannot contain her chest anytime she was around him

Was it love??? or was she just attracted to his golden eyes ???

Now he has offered her a chance to be his date to a fascinating party

Obviously he was going to show up and she would get to see his face but however she doesn’t know if to accept his proposal

I mean, if she rejects Raphael proposal who obviously asked her first, it would be quite improper

But how could she rejects a man that could make her loose her breath in just two seconds???

I sighed frustratedly, as I thought of the dress to wear to such occasion

I mean it was a huge party right, and i was sure that so many famous appearance would present there


don’t have any fancy gown or attractive Gucci flip flops or sneakers so what would I even wear to such party

I sighed again thinking of the possibility of just calling off my acceptance to any of the men and just staying at home tomorrow night

My eyes slowly closed as I drifted into dream land…………

I woke up few hours later and discovered that it was already morning

I still can’t believe I slept through the whole night

I skip dinner,wow!!! I was famished

I quickly walk into the bathroom and take my shower,after brushing my teeth

I got out and applied lotion on my face and did a light make up with a smoking eye brows

I slide in a short rocking roll top and a black skinny jeans to match it

I look like a bad girl and I like it at least it would make those Mumu white kids fear me


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headed downstairs to see crim already eating

“Hey! couldn’t you wait for me huh? “I asked eyeing the pancakes and bacon on the dinning glass table

“Good morning to you too!” He greeted rolling his eyes sarcastically making me to chuckle

“Sorry, Erkaro ohhh!(Good morning ohhh) “I greeted in my Yoruba dialect and he stared at me weirdly

“What the fvck is er….ra… karjjumnn
..!”He tried pronouncing it making me to smile

“It is my language, it mean good morning! ” I explained taking a bacon into my mouth

“Woah,werid!”He said but I kept eating

Soon after we were done and he took me straight to the door of my class

“Alright good luck dummy! “He smiled and vanished into thin air

I shook my head and walk into the classroom smiling

Thankfully I wasn’t late cause the lecture hasn’t begin yet

Soon the human physiological proof came in and we began our lectures

He taught for a while as two other teachers also came in

I tried to concentrate and honestly I still didn’t understand what they were teaching

The bell rang signifying lunch time and I quickly packed up my books and headed to the cafeteria

When I got there, almost every seat was taken,luckly for me, the last seat at a distant edge wasn’t so I quickly rushed to it

I sat down as I could hear some mumblings about me but I didn’t give a damn about anyone


eat the chicken nuggets that crim made for me to take to school and quietly devoured it

I was still eating when I heard loud girlish screams followed by different exciting mumbles

🤰OMG is that rapheal

🕴Damn! He is so hot

🤰I feel like licking him like ice cream

🤰Why is he here??

🕴Am so envious of his looks

🕴Girls are just all over him

🤰We love you Raphael

I heard different talks as most girls screamed loudly leaving some of their cleavage open just for Raphael to look at them

Unfortunately he didn’t, he just smiled and walk towards me

He sat close to me, and I heard a large gasp

🤰OMG he is sitting with her

🤰Who the hell is she 👿

🤰Look at the way he is looking at her, with love in his eyes

🕴It seems he has fallen for her

🕴I wonder what he sees in a black bitch like her

🤰Scoff!!! I can’t believe him

I heard hurtful and useless statements

Girls were sending me death glares including some boys but I ignore them all

“What do you want?? “I asked him still chewing my chicken nuggets not minding to look at his face

“You look beautiful! “He murmured only to my hearing and I just scoff

“Really, is it today you are realizing it? “I asked sarcastically and he smiled

“Nope, I did the first day I saw you, you were breathtaking! “He said and I paused finally looking at his face and scoff

“You are unbelievable! ” I went back to chewing my chicken nuggets while I heard him laugh

“So…. how about what I asked you yesterday? “He asked and I sighed

“Look Raphael, I don’t think I want to go to any rich man party, please find another date!”I said straight forward and he look disappointed

“Please Sophia, I beg you please, just this once, come with me please! “He pleaded looking really sad

“Look Raphael I can’t…..

“Please Sophia, I will kneel to beg you, please just come with me! “He was about to kneel and I quickly pulled him up

“Have you gone nuts?? What will people say if they see their admin kneeling in front of a girl! “I yelled a bit and he smiled

“Then please don’t turn my request down, fine! If you won’t go,i won’t go then! “He brought out his ticket and was about to tore it to shed when I quickly held his hand

“Don’t! Fine, I will go, gosh! “I cried out and he gave his fullest sweet smile

Somehow I found his smile really Charming

“Awwwnn thank you Sophia, thank you so much! “He said and I nodded

“So were should I pick you? “He asked and I described my hostel to him

I didn’t want to invite him over to crim’s,it was not like I didn’t want his to see the place but I had no direction to the house

“Alright, let me have your number! “He said and I gave it to him

He gave me his sweetest smile then nodded like a gentleman before leaving

Immediately he left,the whole hall went silent

Three barbie doll walked up to me

The one in the middle bang my table in a drastic manner

“Who is this scvmbag that Raphael came to see? “She yelled at me while I kept eating my meal

“Ohhh my God, I can’t believe she has the guts not to reply Amanda!”The other girl at her right hand side said eyeing me with a murderous eyes

“She is as stupid as she looks! “The other one at the right hand added as they all glared at me


looks could kill, I would probably be ten foot deep under the ground but too bad, looks can’t

“Look at how she eats, like a pig! “One said and everyone on the cafeteria burst into laughter but I kept eating anyways

in my country, the only way to annoy somebody is to snub the person so that’s what am doing

“Am definitely sure her parents are pigs also! “The Amanda girl said and I didn’t waste time to slam the glass tray I was holding on her face

She immediately fainted

My eyes turned to white in anger as the weather also change

Everyone was beyond shocked
The two girls that were beside the girl moved in fear

I look at the Amanda girl who was lying unconscious

“In your next life, never you ever insult my parents, if yours didn’t teach you manners,mine did! “I said in a thunderous voice that was followed by a huge lightening and thunder

My anger subsided so as the weather changed back to normal , I look at the cafeteria and everyone had this shock and fearful expression on their faces

I walk out of the cafeteria with my books smiling at my accomplishments

Am definitely sure that with what just happened, no one would dare talk about me nor my parents anymore

Let this day end already, am sick of it

⚡Goldlex ⚡

I smiled as I watch the girl she beat up groan in pains trying to regain consciousness

She has so much of silvers attitude in her

Silver never tolerated bullies or insults against people she cared about

The other two girls should be lucky they didn’t get beaten up to stupor too

“I see you are enjoying watching her! ” Crim said and I smirk

“She is crazy, but sweet! ”

“Wow! First time you have complemented her so far! “He said and I chuckle

“I can’t believe just a slap sent that girl to coma, isn’t that strange! “He said and I nodded

“Yeah, it seems Sophia’s power is finally accepting it’s new owner! ”

“Hmm, you know anytime I stay close to her, I feel like there is more power in her! “Crim confessed and I stared at him weirdly

“What do you mean?? ”

“I mean I sense a stronger power in her, I feel that she has not only silvers powers but also another stronger power, much more stronger than you can imagine! “He said and I sighed thinking of what he said

I couldn’t deny that I could not sense the powers in her also

Anytime I pushed her to the wall, I felt this auring and strange powers dragging me to her

I still don’t understand which powers she posses but it doesn’t smell like human at all

It smelled like a goddess powers
Was sophia a goddess?

“You know, she has accepted Raphael’s invite right? “Crim asked and I shook my head

I don’t know why I felt so mad when she accepted his invitation

“What are you doing to do about it? “He asked but I didn’t reply

Seeing that I won’t reply, crim sighed

“Hmm!, Where you actually going to reveal your identity to the world tonight? ” He asked and I sighed

“I have no choice, sita will certainly be there and I know she would try to do something bad to Sophia, I can’t let that happen! “I said and he nodded

“But you know she is playing you right? she wants you to come, meaning she has much other plans! “He asked and I nodded

“Dont worry crim,she can’t do anything shit while am there, am only there to protect silvers powers that’s all! “I said trying to convince myself that I was actually doing this for silver and not because I was jealous of Raphael been with Sophia all night

“Alright then, I better start getting prepared! “He said and patted my back before walking to the door

“Hold on,! “I ordered and took a black material bag for clothes and gave it to him

“What’s this? ”

“Help me put it in Sophia’s room would you?” I asked and he nodded

I could see he has questions but he held it back and for that I was grateful

He left immediately to Sophia’s room and I collapse on my bed thinking of sophia

A huge smile spread across my face
Gosh! This girl always seems to surprise me

💎Authoress 💎

It was a huge party was in the center of the city New York, there was a huge hall

People were trooping into this huge hall with different attires looking dashing

Of course, we won’t forget the press and paparazzi that kept taking pictures of all the celebrities that they could find

So many rich people
Classy and expensive dresses that caught the attention of so many

Different cars and limos are parked inside the parking hall

Inside the hall was breathtaking and mesmerizing

It was so huge and mighty
It was decorated in the best way it could be

Different guest were moving so as different waiters and guest servers

There was talking as everyone kept laughing and smiling

Just then a white limo pulled across the hall, the paparazzi kept taking pictures of the car as a young lady step out of it

It was Betty

She looked ravishing in a black feathering gown that expose her back and reveal her huge cleavage

The press took so many pictures of her as she kept smiling waving at her

🎙OMG Miss Betty you look so beautiful and enticing” A reporter said and she smiled

🎙Thank you, I own it to my designer

🎙Woah,who is your designer please? ” Another reporter asked and she smiled

🎙Miss Eva ransom ” Everyone gasp at her statement

Miss Eva was one of the best Italian designer
She has won so many awards

🎙Woah,i must say you look so hot, so please tell us, why is your date,our city sweetheart goldlex,not here with you today? “A reporter asked and she fake a smile

🎙You know how shy he gets in public! ” She replied giving a fake laughter as other chuckle with her

🎙But I assure you,he will be here tonight! “She said silently Hoping goldlex doesn’t disappoint her

🎙Wow, we will be looking forward to meeting him for the first time, please enjoy the party “They said and she smiled catwalking into the party

Others that followed was her mum, who wore a crystal gown with Crystal shoes to match it
As her date, she came with her son, Zack who was wearing a black tuxedo

Raphaela followed wearing a red fitting down with a smoking eye dark shadow followex with a smoothing red lipstick
She look devilish but really hot.

Immediately her brother followed and quickly made his way to his date that stunned everyone

Sophia was no longer Sophia, she was now like an angel

She wore a golden fitting short gown with a tail that flowed down her legs

Her cleavage were revealing as almost every man present drooled at her sight

Raphael look so dashing too in a white tuxedo, holding his date

Sophia glammed into the event not minding the paparazzi that tried getting her pictures and info about her

Immediately she got in, everyone in the hall went speechless looking at her

The men drooled immediately as the women glared at her envious yet wanting to know who her designer was

Betty was fuming in anger and jealousy as she saw Sophia, she immediately recognized her as Sophia

She was so mad with jealousy just staring at her huge hips and big b00b’s

How could someone be so s£xually hot and attractive! That was the question on her mind

As she was about to walk towards sophia,when a golden Lamborghini pulled right in front of the hall pulling everyone’s attention to the car

The paparazzi tried taking pics as they were all overwhelmed who had such a golden car that was followed by 20 other cars

Guards quickly rushed out of the cars and stood in front of the golden Lamborghini

Crim first stepped out in a silver tuxedo as everyone one gasp at the most handsome man they have ever seen

He dyed his hair in silver color and had a silver eyes to match his outfit

Everyone both man and women drooled at him

Stepping aside, a man stepped out taking everyone’s breath away

It was as if time stopped as everyone stared at him with their mouth widely opened

He was putting on a golden tuxedo, golden shoes, a golden piercings in his ear and nose, a golden wrist watch and visit hair and eyes were golden

He look like an angel bad boy
As he kept chewing his bubble gum not minding the millions of eyes staring at him

He made his way together with the other guy as the both entered that hall

Immediately they entered, everyone stopped and gawk at them
The ladies were mesmerized by the beauties in front of them while men could not help but wonder who they are

“OMG, please everyone join me to welcome, Mr crimson and Mr goldlex”immediately the announcement was made, every jaw drop down

OMG It truly was goldlex in flesh
For the first time, people were seeing him

Betty was stunned, beyond shocked
She had never expected that her betrothed was this handsome,stunning and beyond beautiful

Crim wink at Sophia whose jaw was still down
She recognized that golden eyes man beside him anytime any day

How can he be this handsome she thought

Betty still in shocked fake a smile and walk towards goldlex as if she was about to hug him

He totally ignored her in front of millions of people as everyone gasp

He made his way to the beautiful girl in the golden outfit as they both stared at themselves with so much expression on both their faces

Betty who was so shocked that goldlex ignored her, was even more stunned when he walk towards Sophia

She was now eating vinegar fuming in anger, jealousy and pains

“You look beautiful! “He said to the girl as everyone gasp

Betty was beyond jealous and pissed off
She wished the ground would open and swallow her

She glared at Sophia who kept staring at goldlex who in return could not keep his eyes off her

They look like these perfect couples
The thought alone was slowly killing Betty


Biko somebody should hold Betty before she collapse of jealousy and anger ohhh 🤣🤣🤣

jealousy no go kill some people

See as goldlex ignore her abeg,kia omo I need a guy like goldlex ohhh

omo more surprises to come in the next episode ohhh

That one will be hotter ohhh, don’t miss it
Please next episode will be rated 18 ohhh please

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