His Majesty

His majesty episode 2

His Majesty
Chapter two
I stared at my reflection in the mirror, the darkness was whispering to me like it always did. It mission was to get me to join them, to do something evil, to become the new dark Lord. It was the price I paid, concealing all the forces of darkness in my own heart, that’s hærd to live with.
‘….these people are mare mortals, easy weak preys which unique souls can make you more powerful than any universe guardian. Just take as much as you want and you’ll be indestructible…’
‘I am their king, I protect, not ki….’
‘They killed your mother with their selfishness and….’
‘You poisoned their minds! You made them kill her!’
‘Maybe, that still means they deserve to die,’ I cracked my neck and chuckled. ‘They might, few of them might have special abilities, those are the ones you need to take, s-ck their souls and be immortal.’
‘I am immortal, I don’t need…’
‘Ha! I laugh at your stupidity, you’re not immortal. The other guardians can kill you within the snap of a finger, why? Because you’re as dark as we are.’
‘Wrong, I’m the most powerful being among all….’
‘Then prove it, take our hands and join us,’ I closed my eyes so I won’t see their dark hand stretching to me. ‘How long will you run from your destiny Skylar? How long will you be a coward?’
‘I am not a coward!!!!’ I yelled slamming my fists on the sink, it cracked.
‘Yes,’ they hissed. ‘You’re a weakling.’
‘I am n….’
‘If you weren’t a weakling, would you have waited until your entire family was dead before you stopped us? Why didn’t you kill us instead of concealing us in you? Because deep down, you know you’re weak and we are the only ones who can make you stronger. Unite with us Sky, be us completely in body, soul and mind.’
‘No,’ I whimpered clutching the sink for support. ‘Aaaah,’ I fell on my knees, the pain in my head increasing. The thousand cries of banshees echoed in my head, my body shuddering in absolute agony.
‘You cannot keep fighting us Skylar, the more you fight, the stronger the pain. Soon you will accept us for we are one.’
‘I am nothing like you! I am the son of Aramis and Aurora! Arch Guardian of the Alpha realm of Alphedia!!!! We are nothing alike!!!!!!’ I yelled, it only increased the pain.
‘Poor little Skylar is in pain,’ they taunted. ‘I’m sure you’re strong enough to bear it, very soon son of Aramis, you will join us and together, we would rule!’ They laughed maniacally. The scre-ms in my head increased, I clutched the necklace mom gave me, the only thing that once helped control the pain. The pain increased, forcing me to curl up in the ground and sobbed, the things I do to protect.
The pain stopped all of a sudden, I forced myself up while breathing heavily with sweat running down my body like I was under the shower. I stood up and looked at my reflection, my eyes were red with blood running down them, my nostrils, mouth, and ears. I sighed and took the towel above the mirror, used the water from the tap to drench it and wipe the blood away. I staggered out of the bathroom to the bedroom and touched the photographs of mom and dad above the headboard of my King size fourposter bed.
‘It’s getting worse mom, how long will I keep it in? I can’t bear the pain much longer,’ I sobbed. I’d been bearing it since I stopped it at eight. Imaging bearing something that bad from that little age, it was easier when her necklace still had enough magic to withstand it but after it faded when I became 13, my life had been hell. ‘I can’t do this anymore, I’m dying.’ I rest my head on the picture and cried, sometimes it feels like she’s watching me. ‘Help me dad, help your only son.’
‘His Majesty!!!!’ Someone shouted from outside my room. What now! ‘The tyroins, they are attacking again!!!!’ I huffed, I was weak and likely to die if I came out but either way, I die. ‘Your….’ I silent his voice, talking too much is tiring. I stood up and staggered to my wardrobe, another war. The weaker I got, the stronger they get.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I crashed on the ground, my breath temporarily leaving me. Fighting with such little strength is bad but fighting with taunting voices in my head was worst, they were sapping my energy. I was fighting the pain mentally and bearing the one out physically. I rolled out of the way before the fire burnt me to ash, I ran out of the h0le I created with the impact of my fall and jumped up, forcing the head of two tyroins down and smashing it on ground and crushing their skulls.
‘The birds are heading to the isolated village, we are free!’ My assistant general, Bartholomew shouted through the intercom.
‘That’s not free, we need to help them.’
‘Help sire? The….’
‘Get a healer to heal the injured, I’ll handle the rest myself,’ I cut off the communication from our rings and flew after the rest. Normally I wouldn’t care but something was pushing me to go save them, I gasped and fell on the ground as another wave of pain hit me. I held my breath for five minutes before standing up and opening my eyes. ‘I don’t have enough energy for t….’ I gasped again, the cloud took a form staring down at me. ‘White!’
‘Hello Skylar, longest time.’
‘White, where have you been? Where have Gold been? You both left me to s….’
‘Right now, what do your instinct say to do?’ I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. ‘I know you’re weak, I know you’re in pain but the best thing comes from sacrifices. Go Skylar, save them and let the blessing that follows forth comfort your pains.’ I smiled, him saying that meant something was definitely going to happen, something to help me. I jumped again, leaping to the sky and flying after them.
I got to them, they were already attacking the poor village, people running here and there. I stopped at the roof, my eyes suddenly catching a caped girl running in the midst of the people. My mouth fell open a little, something felt different about her, something was different about her. I followed her, jumping from one roof to the other, she was like a magnet. A fireball was heading to her, I raised my hand and pushed it, wh¡pping to the house she was running to.
‘Dad!!!’ Her voice, I shook my head, something wasn’t right. I felt heat behind me, I spun around sharply, fast enough to block the blasts of fires heading my way. It wh¡pped me further away from them, pushing me down.
‘See, if you’d accepted us, you’d have been able to control them instead of fighting. You can still live now, accept us.’
‘How many times would I have to say no before you f-ck off,’ I snarled as I cut off one’s head.
‘Until you die!’ I huffed and hissed in pain. ‘No one can help you, no one cares about you. We are your family, your friends, we are you.’
‘Keep telling yourself that!!!’
‘Dad!!!!’ I averted my eyes to the girl, an old Ostrazian who was protecting a little one was about to get killed. I ran to them and shielded them, the rest six joined the first one. The scre-ms in my head increased, my body shuddering in absolute agony again.
‘Accept us or die now, no one can help you, you’re alone….’ I scre-med in pain going on my knees, the fire burnt into my fingers, it was consuming me. ‘Accept us!’ The fire stopped, I held my breath and looked at the caped girl helping me, she was helping me. For the first time since I became king, someone helped me. I snapped out of it and jumped up, killing the remaining two. I fell on the ground, voices flooding my head and causing me the greatest pain I’d ever felt.
Accept us!
Accept us!
Accept us!
Accept us!
Accept us!
Accept us!
Accept us!
Accept us!
Accept us!
Accept us!
I rolled as the voices shouted, I couldn’t breathe, my life was leaving me. A cold s-nsation ran through my fingers up to my brain, like a musical whisper sweeping through my mind and silencing the annoying voices with it authoritative command. The surface of my skin tingled, the feeling was wonderful, like mom’s. I opened my eyes and sat up abruptly, my eyes wandering the place. Blue star dust flew in the wind, falling and healing all the injured people, even the dead were coming back to life.
‘Look to your left,’ White whispered in my head, did he heal me? I looked to my left and saw the girl, an Ostrazian was trying to carry her in fear.
‘Don’t move an inch,’ I commanded, he froze. ‘Who are you?’ He dropped the girl back on the ground and bowed. ‘Don’t let me repeat myself.’
‘My name is Armek Almelo….’
‘Don’t care anymore, who’s she?’ He kept shut. ‘I really hate repeating myself,’ I said warningly glancing around the waking people.
‘S…..s….s….sh….m…m…s….’ I growled. ‘She’s my daughter sire.’
‘How so?’ I could see her hands, she was normal.
‘She was born like that, she’s a healer, a very powerful one.’
‘She did….she healed all of us at the same time?’ He nodded. She stopped the voice. My eyes averted to the white cat sitting beside me, at my right, his silver eyes sending a message. White.
“Save them and let the blessing that follows forth comfort your pain.” His words reverberated in my head, I smiled.
‘This is my little help to you son of Aramis, the rest will be uncovered with time.’ And with those words whispered telepathically, he ran off. I stood up and sighed. What was I to do with her?
‘I’m taking her with me, she does not belong here.’
‘Sire, please don’t take my only joy away from me, she’s all I have a…’ I raised my hand, silencing his voice.
‘I do not seek your permission, I take what I want whenever I want it. From now on, your daughter is my personal slave, at least until I can find what to do about her or why she’s different…’ I paused and looked around the destroyed village. ‘She saved my life, I’ll have you all moved to the new lower city as reward, you’re here by free citizens but the cursed look stays.’ I didn’t give him time to argue not that he could speak, I carried her and teleported back to the doorstep of my castle. The men outside waiting for me all ran towards me.
‘Here,’ I dropped her in one of their arms. ‘Take her to Madam O’Reilly, she should be given the best treatment and when she awakes, report to me. Do not ask questions, just do as I say.’
‘Yes sire,’ he carried her away.
‘Bartholomew, have the Ostrazians moved to the new lower city, it belongs to them now….’
‘What!!!’ I arched a brow at him. ‘I’m sorry sire,’ he apologized quickly. ‘I’ll have them moved immediately.’
‘No use of force because I’d know and have you mowed, is that clear?’
‘Yes, sire,’ he replied grumpily. I scoffed and teleported to my room. I walked to my bed and flung myself on it.
‘You think you have hope now because The Great Cat came back? You think she can get rid of us?’ They laughed. ‘No, by the time she wakes up, we’ll make sure you kill her with your own hands.’
‘Your plans will never work,’ I said shakily knowing fully well that it wasn’t the first time they had frustrated me into hurting someone. They laughed as a reply.
If White could appear once, he certainly would return soon.
To be continued.
Hope nobody is confuse?

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