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His Mistress episode 10 – 11


His mistress

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Episode 10

Jade’s POV

After much begging Emma’s wife agreed to me staying in the house,I wonder y she agreed all of a sudden,I found out the reason when whenever Emma at home, she would maltreat me not caring about my pregnancy, I do all all the House chores while she would just sit around all day lazing around…all I get from doing everything was meagre amount of food and loads of insult
“Idiot!!!,didn’t u hear ur name” her harsh loud voice from behind jolted me out of my thought and I jerked up which made the spoon which I was using to stir the pot of food fell down
“Dumb b—h” she retorted and eyed me angrily
“Aunty Betty, do u need anything?” I asked while bowing my head in case she wants to slap me
“I wonder y u are so dumb,u have been cooking this food for the past one hour and am so hungry and u are here asking me stupid question” she said angrily
“Am so….” I wanted to say buy a slap landed on my face
“I said u should not ever tell me u are sorry ok,some hikes u make me think u are my husband b—h… Fool!!” She said finally and left d kitchen while I just stood transfixed

This is the new daily routine of my life, collecting slaps,insults from aunt Betty just because of her jealousy,I rubbed my protuded stomach softly “hang in there sweedies,mummy will find a way” I said and continued cooking
I served aunty Betty dinner in her bedroom and went to the living room wait like a servant for her to give me my own coz it is her rule, I waited and waited but there was no sign of her coming out of her room, after some hours I heard her called me into the bedroom and I quickly went in
“Take this plates away” she said and was preparing to lie on her bed while I stared at he in shock
“Wat are still waiting for?” She asked
“Umm..I thought… Maybe..perhaps…”I stammered
“If u can’t talk get out of my sight now!!!” She commanded
“My food” the word came out quickly in fear and she looked at me with wide eye
“Are u mad, am I ur maid or wat?” She asked
“I thought….” I was about to explain when she cut me short
“Just shut up and get out of here….fool!!” She commanded
“But aun..” I didn’t complete the sentence when another hot slap landed on my face and she was about to give me another one when a voice shouted stop from my back and I turned to see Emma
“How dare u!!!” He shouted and walked up to his wife while she just hissed
“U are shouting at me now because of ur mistress abi?” She asked in anger
“U don’t have any ryt to slap jade,she isn’t ur maid,so treat her with respect”he said while she laughed
“She is suffering all this because she couldn’t keep her legs closed from u…ok” she shouted while Emma dragged his hand through his hair in frustration while he signaled to me to leave them and I walked away silently
“Betty,u are not doing the ryt thing” Emma started calmly
“And wat is the ryt thing,accomdate ur stupid mistress with warm hands and kiss her feet because she is pregnant with ur child?” She asked
“She is not carrying my vhild, how many times will I tell u” Emma said
“I don’t care ok,as long as that girl is in this house,it is be hell for her and also for u and maybe I will leave this marriage” she said and sat down on the bed while looking away while Emma knelt beside her
“Pls don’t leave me Betty we have a son in the boarding school wat am i going to tell him when he ask about u?” Emma asked
“I don’t know ok,just do something about that girl if u still need me in ur life” she said and lie down while Emma sighed

Episode 11

Emma’s POV
I cant allow Betty to leave,she is my life and my son too,I don’t want him to have an incomplete family looks like I will have to make a decision now, I went to the living room and saw jade,she looks pitiful
“Jade” I called and she got up immediately looking agitated
“Wat is it, u look worried, wat did aunty Betty wants” I asked
“Follow me” I said to her and she just followed me to my bus parked outside

“What are we doing here?” She asked when we entered the newly rented one room apartment
“U will stay here as from today” I said and her mood changed
“No wonder u took my things along” she said painfully and bit her lips
“So u are abandoning me?” She asked
“Am sorry jade,I just have to make this decision” I begged while she just looked round the small room
“Do wat u like”she said and looked away while I dropped the Ghana must go filler with her clothes and five thousand note on it
” I paid for one year for this room,maybe u will look for a job before then and start paying the rents yourself,I will be leaving now and here is five thousand naira for ur upkeep”I said and left the room while jade didn’t look back or answer she must be so hurt….when I got to my bus I realized I forgot the key in the room…when I opened the door I saw jade in pain as she was shouted as blood was gushing out of her private part
“Pls help me am In pain” she begged as I carried her hurriedly and took her to the bus and drove to the nearest hospital

“Doc,how is she” I quickly rushed to the doctor Immediately he came out of the ICU
“She is fine and her twins are safe too,it is a miracle” the doctor smiled while I nodded
“Doc pls can u do me a favour”I asked
” sure”he answered

Jade’s POV
I felt as if thousands of hammer was being hit on my head ryt now,I slowly opened my eyes and looked around then realized that I was in an hospital,the last event flashed back to me….I remember now j was supposed to give birth I touched my belly and couldn’t find my babies…when I was about to get up the door opened and the doctor came in
“U are awake” he said as he walked in while I relaxed back
“Doc where are my babies” I asked in fear
“They are both fine u don’t need to worry” he said while I sighed
“And the other man,I mean Mr Emmanuel the man that brought me here?” I asked
“Oooh lest I forget,he left already and asked me to give u this” he stretched an evelope to me and I collected it and I saw some naira notes and a letter
“I will take my leave now” the doctor said and I nodded and read through the letter immediately he left…. Tears dripped from my eye as I read to content
“Maybe it is better for the both of us” I muttered as I squeezed the paper
I just have myself to take care of my twins now

15 years later

“When is my flight to Nigeria” jerry asked his secretary
“In an hour time” she answered while jerry nodded

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