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His Mistress episode 12


His mistress
Episode 12

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Jade’s POV

I sat down on the foam on the floor I call a bed in the one room apartment I and my twins stay crying in pain about the latest development the kind landlady has suddenly turned to a viper and changed towards me
“Mum!!,mum!!,we did it!!” Henry voice jolted me out of my thought, I turned and saw my handsome two son looking really happy
“Oh u are back” I said and quickly cleaned my tears
“Mum”harry called calmly and knelt beside me while henry did the same
” u are crying “Harry said
” no am not “I said quickly and forced a smile
” mum we are not babies anymore that u can lie for ,u don’t look good”the ever intelligent and smart harry said
“The landlady collected the stall,she said she need it” I said finally and harry cursed
“No cursing is allowed harry!!” I shouted
“Y won’t I curse when our only source of livelihood and my only hope of going to the university is taken away from me?” Harry asked angrily while I just stared at him…I wish I could heal his pain
Harry cursed again and ran out of the room with his uniform while henry turned to me

“Mum pls don’t be sad,God will make a way for us” henry said and I looked at him…he has got this kind and calm nature from my mum
“Wat made u guys happy today at school?” I asked
“Harry was the best student in his department and he got a medal,the same thing as me,I was d best in the commercial department in the ss2 class , I was also given a medal…look”he said and showed me the silver medal that was beautifully decorated
He smiled while I gave him a warm smile….I wish u are here jerry to see how wonderful your sons are..I thought
” mum don’t worry about Harry, he will definitely cool off,u know how hot tempered he is”he said and I nodded and he rested my head on his chest while I cried, I felt safe in his arms…Jerry’s imaginary arms

Harry’s POV

Why should everything go wrong when it is about to go ryt?I asked myself angrily as I kicked some stones as I walked down my street,I wonder how I will save up for my waec by January….shit!!! I shouter angrily while some passerby turned and looked at me while I ignored them
“Harry!!harry!!” A voice shouted my name from behind and I turned and saw my best friend, kaycee
I faced front back and continued while Kaycee continued running in order to catch up with me
“Hey buddy watup,why the long face?” He asked while shrugged
“Is it Deborah, did she reject u?…wait,have u asked her out?” Kaycee asked
“Kaycee u know how shy I am,I can only crush on Debby and not approach her and that is not even the problem now” I said
“Then wat is the problem,maybe I can help” he said

“Our source of livelihood has just been collected from us and now,I don’t know how I will pay for the waec fee….remember I told u that I will do my waec this year,don’t wanna spend another year in that school” I said
“Ughhh that is bad harry,looks like God wants u and ur bro to finish the ss3 class” Kaycee joked and I frowned the more
“Ohh am sorry u guys are just too intelligent so u can’t wait to finish ur secondary school” he joked again
“Kaycee u know,I and henry are even more intelligent than most ss3 student,so we deserve a chance to prove my self” I said angrily

“Ok am sorry my future mechanical engineer” he joked again and I walked fast away from him
“Hey wait up I have a solution to ur problem man,that is if u can do it” Kaycee proposed and my eyes brightened
“And wat is it” I asked
“I work in a factory and they pay us 1000naira per day…. But it is somehow hard oo” he warned
“I will do it Kaycee,anything” I quickly said

“Ok I will take u there…it is TONIO’S BEVERAGES owned by one of the business tycoon,that is just one of his investment I mean the smallest of his investments….the guy is filthy rich and he is just 35” Kaycee said
“Ok Kaycee I will inform my brother ” I said
“So will u guys skip school or wait till the summer holiday” Kaycee asked
“We will skip school and work maybe for 2 weeks” I said
“And ur mum, wat will u tell her” he asked
“She don’t have to know,we will pretend we are going to school in d morning but we will take an extra clothe in our bag” I said while Kaycee grinned
“Hope it won’t affect ur academic performance” Kaycee asked
“Kaycee if we don’t work, we won’t he able to pay for our fees and the waec fees so we must do this” I said and Kaycee nodded and we bade each other good bye promising to meet at a spot the next day

Jerry’s POV

Since I got back from London I havent worked or visited any office in Nigeria… I got fed up from staying at home and not doing anything,I decided to resume work buy first I will have to visit one of my best investments tomorrow
I picked my phone to call my secretary
“Mimi I will resume my work by tomorrow and I am visiting……..


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