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His Mistress episode 14


His Mistress

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Episode 14

Continuation from the last scene
“Boss,boss” Jeff voice ring through the warehouse as he struggled through the crowd to meet jerry
“Am sorry sir…it is all my fault” he said while bowing his head
“Don’t worry Jeff” he said while he turned to me
“Wat is ur name ams his name?” He asked as he pointed to my brother
“I am harry and he is henry” I answered while he bent low and examined Henry’s wound and the next thing he did was charting henry in his arm while everyone gasped and Kaycee was dumbfounded
“Follow me we are going to the hospital” he said to me and Kaycee
When we entered his limousine I didn’t sit down comfortably because it was so neat and the ac was cringing my teeth
“Your brother will be alryt ok” he said with a smile while I and my brother smiled back which I found weird while Kaycee stared at us and got himself after I pinched him
“Wat is it” he asked in a hush tone so as not to disturb his conversation with my brother and I find it weirder
“Who exactly is this man?” I whispered to him
“He is the owner of Antonio corp and even Tonio’s beverages” he explained and I gasped
“And y is he helping us” I asked
“I don’t know” he said and I kept quiet

Later on after we went to the hospital and treated Henry’s wound,he bade us goodbye and also gave us some money

Jerry’s POV

Grnn!!! My phone rang as I drove home…it is lex
“So wat did u find out ” I asked
“I have found where she lives” lex said
“Ok this” I replied and cut d line
I made a u-turn and went to jade’s after lex sent the address

Episode 15

Sonia’s POV
I stared at myself in the dressing mirrow while my hand maid dressed me up,this was my third day in Nigeria…I just came recently to Nigeria to meet jerry…phew!!!it has been long since I saw that dude and I can’t wait any longer
“Am done ma’am” the handmaid said while I smiled and took my bag…ready to go to Jerry’s house, I bet he is going to be happy to see me

At Jerry’s mansion
Jerry got a house here in Nigeria, I thought as I walked to the entrance of the door where I met some maid and they bowed when they saw me and stood straight back
“Is jerry in?” I asked Already impatient
“Mr jerry isn’t in ma’am” one of the maid answered while I was still standing at the entrance
“Oh Gosh” I said angrily
“Did u know where he might be?” I asked while they nodded negatively and I sighed and turned and left after which I went to his office and didn’t see him too….I got really frustrated and left

Jade’s POV

“Who is there” I called back at the person who was knocking at the dorr and when I received no response,I opened it and saw the one last man I don’t want to see in my life
“Jerry” I muttered and shifted back in shock while he came in and his domineering body covered the whole house…he doesn’t look like the old jerry,he looks more older more handsome and he command this kind of authority without even talking,he was dressed in a grey suit and his hair was swept back,his silver hair just like my twins
“Jade u look more beautiful” he said and I returned back to reality
“Wat are u doing here” I spoke in a harsh tone
“Jade is that wat u supposed to be asking me” I asked in surprise
“And wat so u expect me to do…. Jump on u happily while thanking God that u are back,u know wat jerry u are nothing to me now,so pls leave” I said while looking straight in his eye while I fought d tears that threatened to fall of my eye
“Mum”Harry voice broke d silence and I looked and saw harry and henry at Jerry’s back staring at us
” when did u guys entered?”I asked while they ignored me and turned to jerry
“Boss?,why are u here?” They asked in unison
“And how did u know our mum?” Harry said
“Harry, Henry, leave here at once” I commanded while they both left
“Is that the reason why u hate me now?” Jerry asked
“Who?” I asked
“Ur twins,the children u had for another man” he said his voice already rising
“Wat d hell are u saying” I asked
“Ooh don’t play dumb with me,u left the house even when I said I will come back and even married another man and had child for him”he said angrily and cursed when a tear of drop fell from my eyes
” I hate u jerry pls leave now….before I lose it”I said
“So it is true ryt?” He asked and cursed again after which he barged out of the room while I fell down and cried my eyes out

Jerry’s POV

Smoking and drinking in a dark room is not really my thing but that was wat I need ryt now…I thought as I opened my third bottle of brandy and gulped a mouth full at once when I heard a knock and the person entered without permission…. I will so kill the maid that disturb me
“Jerry?” My mum voice came through instead

“Mum, why are u here?” I asked not looking at her
“U didn’t came down for dinner so I went to check ur room and didn’t find u so one of the maid told me u were here….so wat is wrong why are u drinking” she asked
“Is there any law that says drinking is prohibited” I asked while she sighed again
“Jerry talk to mama”he said
” I found jade at last but…. She got married and had children”I said in a low tone while my mum gasped
“That B—h!!!” She retorted
“I don’t want to talk about her mum,just give me a hug” I said and my mum hugged me while petting me gently

Jade’s POV

Since my twins came back after the incident with jerry and they were looking at me questioningly buy I ignored them even after dinner and when we were about to go to bed I decided to ask wat was wrong
“Ok wat is it boys,why the weird stare?” I asked
“Mum it is about our boss and u,why were u asking him out of the house….did u know him before?” Henry asked
“And we heard ur conversation, were u guys lovers?” Harry asked
“U eavesdropped?” I breathed
“We are sorry mum… But pls answer our question” harry begged

How is this episode guys…..

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