His Obsession

His obsession episode 32


(The royal second wife👸

Episode Thirty – two

I will not allow the society to make s Mockery of her death” Princess Avalon said going out of the club In a rage of anger.

The next day at the Palace.

All the people in the palace both the royals and the maid gather in the throne room except from king Aiden and queen Twinkle.

“Here the king and his second Queen arrives ” One of the guards announced.

The elders sitting stood on the feet..King Aiden walked to his throne while Queen Twinkle follow him behind. He sat on the throne and Queen Twinkle sat next to him.

King Aiden sighted queen Dylan fuming, he signal her to come and sit by his left hand side. She feign a smile.

“I greeted the great people of great South Korean . This gathering is strange and weird even for me who is your King.

So I will be allowing Princess Avalon speak further and tell us the reason why she called this gathering urgently”King Aiden said and crossed his leg on each other.

Princess Avalon goes to the middle of the gathering, right Infront of the King.

“I greeted the great people of south korean and honour the king “She pay homage to him in her most fierce behaviour.

Queen Dylan glare at King Aiden due to Princess Avalon weird behavior.

King Aiden smirks.

“I am here to give an announcement which might caused some pain, sad and fear.

Which might make you all to be extra careful. But no matter how careful you are I will get you”She shouted angrily.

“Princess Avalon what is all this all about?”King Aiden asked as he stood up on his feet angrily.

“King, I am sorry but this is a game of politics. And we need to play it wisely.

Someone already dig the grave and now it’s the time for the corpse sleeping peacefully to Revenge “Princess Avalon replied.

“Stop speaking in parables, what exactly is the problem?”King Aiden asked already provoke..

“Isn’t it unusual that someone isn’t present here today your highness. Look around and tell who’s face is missing”Princess Avalon said and make a grimace

Queen Twinkle stood on her feet..

“I scent a corpse” She said as she sniffed.

“You guess right queen, a corpse indeed. Bring her in”She ordered and the police and Thomas walked in.

Everyone stood on the feet as the corpse was brought to the throne room. They all looked tensed.

They dropped the corpse right Infront of princess Avalon.

“If you wish to watch stay behind, and if you wanna go. You are free to go back to the station”She ordered the police.

“Thomas”Lee called as he rushed to meet him.

“Who’s corpse is this?”King Aiden asked boiling in anger. It’s written in his voice that he’s curious.

Princess Avalon bent to the level of the corpse with a teary eyes.

She uncovered her face and throw her face away.

Everyone was shocked.

King Aiden walked slowly to the corpse.

“Who did this?”He asked in a rage of anger.

“How am I supposed to know, I want you as the king to figure it out for me.

They killed the most closest person to me. I know they must have thought this is a better way of getting to me, but it’s a lie.

I am like an rock and nothing can extract the rock I am made of,

Killing Helen is the biggest mistake whosoever did this has made.

I will tear the person apart. I swore on her death “Princess Avalon shouted and stood up.

King Aiden covered her face back.

“I have always protected my subject and I always want everyone to leave in peace and harmony.

But why? When did my own country became the Land of killing and commiting crimes?”King Aiden Thundered and took his sword angrily from the guard holding it.

“Why will someone be so heartless to have killed her fellow human”Queen Dylan added angrily.

“Whosoever did this have dig his own grave. Because this is a message to the grave.

I will kill the person and behead who did this either a man or a woman.

I will make sure I feed the body to the Bat, and used her brain as a meat on my food.

I swear with my life that I will bring pain to the household of who did this to my Helen”Princess Avalon shouted.

“You will do no such thing, the one who digged the hole should fall into it.

Don’t go far by hurting the household.

Revenge brings nothing than everlasting pain, as it becomes a generation issue.

If you revenge by killing all the family. One person might escaped and will come for revenge against the royal family.

Then revenge won’t stop and it will be a generation thing. So I am stopping you from doing such thing”Queen Twinkle ordered.

King Aiden smirks.

“With due respect my Queen, I have made up my mind to revenge her death. How could someone be so cruel to have killed a innocent girl like this?”Princess Avalon asked.

Queen Twinkle walked towards her.

“Jealousy, that’s what makes the Person killed her”She replied walking around her.

“How Queen Twinkle?”King Aiden asked.

“Immediately her body was brought in here, I figure out the reason she was killed from the scent of the corpse, and I also see you’ve put troubles in the corpse way.

Because you don’t want her to rest until you get her justice.

You’ve really done wrong “Queen Twinkle explained and tap her back.

” Did I do wrong? I want her to get revenge, after that she can rest in peace”Princess Avalon shouted.

“My Princess, I understand your pain and grief. But you can not always be right.

As a friend you are to Helen don’t you think the best thing to give her for the last time is making her body rest in peace and make us get Justice for her.

Why do we need to involved her body in this?”Queen Twinkle asked.

“You might think I did wrong but I only did the right thing. Helen must get revenge” Princess Avalon shouted and goes on her knees crying.

Queen Twinkle bent to her level.

“Call it Justice not revenge, why don’t you let me look into the matter for you.

You’ve always being nice to me, why don’t you Bring out that sword and makes it stay in my body so I will be troubled instead of her.

I have come to realised that this country needs help.

And I have now choose to help without any hesitation.

I will fight for Justice and save the people from monstrous devil who had only choosed to destroy everyone”Queen Twinkle stood on her feet.

Princess Avalon also stood with a smirks.

Queen Twinkle walked towards King Aiden.

“I have accepted my fate, our fate.

I will save the people of south Korean”She shouted.

“Long live to our queen and King, Long live, Long live”The people shouted praising King Aiden and Queen Twinkle as they hold hands.

Queen Dylan couldn’t hid her feeling as she fumes in anger seeing this.

“Princess Avalon I promised to get Justice for her death. So worry no more”King Aiden assured.

“I am also in to help you in this”Someone in suit said as he walked into the throne room. Everyone looks shocked as they figgeted backward.

“How come”


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