His Rude Chef

His Rude Chef Episode 15 – 16




By Naomi Cindy B.


In the next minute, Melanie slightly pushed him away and he let her go

She stepped back, far from him, held her chest and did breathing in and out for about two minutes before facing him again

“Mr Albert, what were you saying?” She asked

Philip kept looking at her , his tears are dried already

“Nice voice, I love it” she said

“Are you planning to start singing again?” She said again

Instead of answering, he entered his practice room again and shut the door

Melanie inhaled hard before rushing to her room

She stayed behind the door after shutting it, she felt her chest again

It’s still beating wildly maybe cos of the shock she received

She reminisced on the hug again

“Maybe he was drunk, why else will he hug me if he’s not drunk” she said

” But he’s not reeking of alcohol, then was he serious?, No he can’t be… Maybe….. He got too much into the song he was singing, that must be it… Yeah that’s it” she said and sat on his bed slowly

” But why did he not answer me when I was talking to him?, Why did he enter the room and shut the door like that? ”

That remains an hanging question with no answer

She sighed heavily

” I’m confused” she said

Next morning**

“Dad says he’s not coming down for breakfast, ion know what’s wrong with him again, maybe you should go talk to him” Robin said during breakfast

” He’s not coming down for breakfast?” Melanie said worriedly

*Will you try to cajole him?, Please honey” Robert said

” I’ll be right back” she said and climbed upstairs..

Philip has finished dressing up for work, he sat on his bed, waiting for when Robin will finish breakfast so he can go downstairs

Yeah, he plans to avoid her cos according to his thoughts, he thinks it’s the best decision now

What he did last night, he’s not sure of what made him do that but it’s crazy


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her?, It’s crazier

Thinking about her till daybreak is the craziest

Maybe if he avoids her, these feelings will stop coming

A knock came on the door slowly

“Who’s there?” He asked

“Melanie” she replied

“Why are you here?”

“It’s time for breakfast but you aren’t coming down” she replied

I’m fine” he said

” But …

“I’m fine, please leave” he said

He can hear her footsteps as she left his doorstep

He closed his eyes and rested on his bed

Robin came upstairs thereafter

“You’re done with breakfast?” He asked

“Yeah, but you really won’t eat? ” Robin asked

” This is not my first time of not eating breakfast right?, I’m ok, I just don’t feel like eating this morning” he replied

” I hope it’s true” he replied and led the way out of the room

” Goodbye honey” Robin waved at Melanie when they got downstairs

“Bye Robin” she waved back

Philip pretended like he didn’t see her though that’s hard to do


getting to the door, he can’t seem to be able to keep it in anymore

He looked back at her but quickly looked away, he just stole a glance

Melanie wondered the reason for his cold attitude this morning and hoped it doesn’t continue like this, she was disturbed throughout that day


AR group of companies**

A meeting is going on with the staffs and the management team of the company but seems Philip is not in the hall, his mind is elsewhere

The look of worry on Melanie’s face this morning when he stole the glance is bothering him

“Is she worried about me?, I don’t want her to worry too much” he thought

“Mr Albert” one of the management team called after they’ve thought of something concerning the matter they’re discussing but Philip is lost

His mind is not with him

“Mr Albert? ‘ another one called but yet, he didn’t hear

” Boss” Kat called beside him

“Huh?” He replied, coming back to his senses

“We were saying that….

” Meeting cancelled for today, shifted till next week Monday” he interrupted and stood, he left the hall Immediately

Kat wondered what might be wrong with him

He has never behaved like this before


Lighthouse highschool**

“I’m sure he threw it away, he hates collecting things from people and he hates people touching him” Lillian said as she walked to class with Valerie

“He didn’t throw the patch away in my presence” Valerie said

” He’d throw it away after you left him, trust me, he’s stonehearted” Lillian replied

” Well no one is too hard beyond melting, even an hard ice melts” Valerie said

” He’s harder than ice , he’s a stone, and a stone doesn’t melt” Lillian replied

” There will still be a way” Valerie replied

Whitney crossed their way

” That’s the only thing you know how to do besides stalking Dwayne” Lillian said, rolling eyes at her

I’m not here for you” Whitney replied, facing Valerie

” I just came to sound a warning, stay away from what’s mine” she said

” You mean badluck?, Well she’s not a fan of it so you can have it all” Lillian said again

” Stop butting in! ” Whitney yelled

” And stop being a bch!, The last time I checked, after Darien you’re next in the list of people Dwayne hates, so what are you talking about” Lillian said, stepping in front of Whitney

” Lillian..

” Whitney” Lillian said

” Lillian stop getting on my nerves” Whitney said

“Whitney stop showing us that you’re a bitch” Lillian replied

Whitney walked away angrily, feeling defeated

“Are you sure you really like Dwayne?, He said it to your face that he hates clumsy retarded girls who can’t stand up for themselves, but here you are…. Keeping mute and allowing Whitney to spew rubbish” Lillian said

” I’m sorry” Valerie said slowly

” Change please, I want a crazy friend” Lillian said

” I’ll try” Valerie replied

” And have you done the math assignment?”

” Yeah, I did it all last night” Valerie replied

” I hope you’ll get it all and go to the competition with him, I heard it’s happening in New York so definitely, you both are traveling” Lillian said

” I can’t wait” Valerie replied

“Just look at that” Lillian said, staring at a corner

Darien is busy kssing another student.

“He’s… really really a Casanova” Valerie said

” I know right?” Lillian replied, entering the class with her

Dwayne is in class already and surprisingly, the patch Valerie gave him yesterday is what he patched his lip with

Yeah, she recognizes it, it has yellow flower designs on it

“He used it” she said

“I don’t believe it” Lillian replied

” I’m serious, I recognize it” she replied

” Unbelievable things keeps happening” Lillian said


Melanie left school at twelve cos she’s not concentrating too, all she’s thinking about is why he was grumpy this morning

She can’t think of anything else, and the hug last night kept roaming in her memory

She decided to skip going to the coffee shop today

She went straight to the vegetables market

Had it been she didn’t recite the survival poem last night, only God knows what she’d have done to Philip

She decided to follow the doctors words again, maybe starting with the carrots

She sighed carrots from far away and walked towards it

“3 dollars worth please” she said to the seller, closing her eyes

The woman put it inside a nylon and placed it on her hand

She took it and opened her eyes

Luckily it’s a black nylon

She payed the woman and rushed out of the place then board a cab home

She got home and dropped her bag on the couch

She went to the kitchen and placed the black nylon on the chopping tray

“I can do this” she said and slowly starting bringing out the carrots…


Philip felt like he has taken enough

He can’t take it anymore, maybe he should go to her and just say sorry for ignoring her in the morning, maybe that’ll help clear her off his head

He left the office and drove to her school, Kat followed him discreetly, wondering why he’s so restless, determined to find out whatever it is…

Sally said she left some minutes ago , Philip decided to go home maybe she went home early just like the other day

He started the drive home…


Melanie grabbed the knife and at the same time, she slowly brought out the carrots

Immediately they’re out of the black nylon, her heart Started skipping beats as a result of fear

“If I can finish chopping it without getting violent, then I’m good to go” she thought

Her mind is trying to replay the scene six years ago but she’s trying hard to obstruct it

“I don’t want to think about it, I don’t want to think about it” she said repeatedly and started chopping the carrots into small bits at a fast pace just like a real professional chef

Tears came out of her eyes voluntarily but she kept chopping it

“Go away!!, I’m saying I don’t want to think about the painful memory!!!” She screamed as the rapping memory still continued trying to take over her, she still continued chopping till she mistakenly cut her hand

Blood dropped on the tray and her eyes widened

The memory she’s trying hard to fight came like a movie

It flashed through her memory, how the rappist slapped her hard and made her spit out blood that night before pen..etrating into her

She started $tabbing the cabinet with the knife angrily, she started imagining it as the rappist again

“Stop living!, You ruined my life you don’t deserve to live!!!, Stop breathing and die!!” She screamed and continued $tabbing , the kn!fe got her hand wounded badly in the process but she doesn’t feel any pain that moment

She held her head tight, her hair is scattered now and her face is full of her own blood as she wiped her sweating face with her bleeding palm

She continued stabbing the cabinet furiously, not ready to let go anytime soon

Philip entered the living room and heard struggles from the kitchen

He ran there and met shock

Melanie is stabbing the cabinet, calling it a rappist, her face and hand is bloody

And her blood is much on the floor too , the cabinet is in ruins already

The only mistake he made was rushing to her

But is it really his mistake?, All he’s thinking about is stopping her from hurting herself

He ran to her and held her shoulder

“Melanie!, Melanie stop!” He screamed

She slowly looked at him, part of her hair covered her face

“Please stop hurting yourself, please…

“Rappist!!!!” She screamed


The rest of the word got stuck in his mouth, the kn!fe is already deep inside his stomach

Melanie stabbed him

His eyes widened in h©rror as he started vomiting bl©©d from his mouth and his whole body shaked in pains

Blood rushed out of the $tabbed stomach

“Die!!, Just die!!!” Melanie yelled

“Melanie….. I’m… Philip Albert….. not a rapist, … come back to your…… senses” he said with the remaining strength in him before falling down heavily, losing consciousness

His last words seems to have effect on her, she slowly came back to her senses and is shocked to meet herself in that state

Her bleeding palm, the bloodstains on the ground and….

Philip lying unconscious on the ground with a knife deep in his stomach and his blood bleeding from his stomach, it formed a small pool round his body

Her eyes widened and she knelt beside him

“Mr Albert!, Mr Albert!!!!, Mr Albert!!!” She screamed in hot tears

“I didn’t do this right?, I didn’t do this, no Mr Albert!!!!, No!!!” She yelled again, shaking him, holding his shirt in the front

Kat came in that instant and can’t contain her shock at what she’s seeing

“Mr Albert!!” She screamed, running to him

“You did this!!!, How dare you!, How dare you!!!!” She yelled, picking her phone hurriedly

She made a call for an ambulance before making another call

“Hello , speaking from house four, MV street…… come to the house now,…..yes there’s a murderer who needs to be arrested”


The ambulance arrived in no time and Philip was placed on a stretcher and pushed into it

They started giving him oxygen so he won’t give up before they get to the hospital

And just some seconds later, the police car arrived

“Here is she, the murderer!” Kat said, pushing Melanie out of the house

She fell just when Robin is coming back from school

He came down from the car and is surprised to see cops in front of the house

And Melanie on the ground with bloodstains allover her

He rushed to her

“Honey what happened to you?, Why is there blood everywhere?,, Why…

“This murderer tried to kill your dad, she $tabbed him! ” Kat said loudly before behind

He looked up at her unbelievably

” Are you out of your mind?, Stab my dad?, Is this a joke?” He said, looking at Kat angrily

” Well the blood is enough verification, she tried to kill Mr Albert” Kat replied

“Stop spewing nonsense! ” Robin shouted

” Honey please be fine, I’ll tell my driver to get you to the hospital” he said, facing Melanie again

Melanie is still crying profusely

“It’s true, I $tabbed him” Melanie said and her tears doubled

” Honey…

“Yes I did though… It wasn’t…

That was interrupted when Kat pulled her up again and handed her over to the police

*Miss Melanie Fontana, you’re under arrest for the attempted murder of Mr Philip Albert” a cop said and her hands were bedecked with handcuffs

” No it’s not true, honey you’re lying right?” Robin said and his tears Started falling as Melanie was pushed into the car

“No please don’t take her away….. Melanie!!!” He screamed loudly

It’s too much shock to take in and after screaming so loud, he passed out immediately and Kat quickly caught him , he was taken to the hospital too…


“Prepare for the surgery of Mr Philip Albert, shift all the necessary sterile equipments to the theatre” the doctor in charge said Immediately they successfully conveyed him to his private hospital

All the interns and assisting doctors Started preparations immediately and after some minutes, the theater is ready

Philip was shifted in, he has been dressed in the hospital uniform already still unconscious

He was placed on the surgical bed and the surgical lamps came on

“Scalpel” the operating doctor said and it was passed to him

“We’re starting the surgery for the removal of a kitchen knife from Mr Philip Albert right now” he said

” It’s 3:31″ an intern said

The doctor sighed and proceeded to starting the surgery..

Robin was rushed into an emergency ward by Kat and he was also attended to immediately

He was infused with the needed injections and the doctor assured he’ll wake up..


“Pass the knife” Susan said to Valerie who’s busy chopping vegetables but too slow

Valerie gave her the knife reluctantly

“You should have at least learnt something from Melanie when she was still here, how unserious” Susan said and started chopping it fast

” Whatever” Valerie said and left for the living room

She put on the TV and a news is trending on TV

“A chef attempted to kill her boss?, How ridiculous” she said, concentrating more when the full news came on

News: the popular singer who has quit singing for a while who’s also the CEO of one of the most prestigious companies in Paris was almost killed by his chef some minutes ago in an attempted murder,..

The victim by the name Philip Albert popularly known as MV was said to be bleeding profusely while getting rushed to the hospital after getting stabbed by his chef, Melanie Fontana who’s currently with the cops…

“Mummy!, Mummy!!!, mummy!!!!!” Valerie screamed, running into the kitchen in shock

” What?

She pulled Susan by her arm and took her out of the kitchen to the living room

Susan saw the news herself and the video of how Philip was rushed into the ambulance and how Melanie was pushed into the police car after getting handcuffed was played shortly

“No, no this can’t be happening, my daughter!” Susan said and in a dash, she rushed out of the house

Valerie ran after her and luckily they got a cab quickly

They met Sally just in front of the police station, about to enter, they entered together and met Melanie sitting on a chair, crying with a bleeding palm and blood allover her dress and face

“Melanie!!!” Susan screamed and tried to go near her

She was blocked by the cops

“She’s a murderer, you can’t go near her”

“She’s my daughter!” Susan yelled in tears

” Still ma’am, it’s not allowed yet” the cop insisted

Susan wanted to talk again but felt pains on her belly, she held it tight and bent over to her knees

“Ma’am” Sally said

“Mummy are you ok?” Valerie asked, trying to control her tears

“I’m ok” Susan replied, standing straight

She has been experiencing that for about four months now anyways so it’s nothing new, maybe it’s stress

Melanie kept crying and crying

Kat entered the station with a doctor and a nylon which was given to one of the cops

It contains the kn!fe when it was opened

“This is the kn!fe she stabbed Mr Albert with cos it has her fingerprints, trust me she can’t escape jail”

“Mr Philip is not conscious yet though” the doctor said

“You guys should calm down and ask about her condition too, she’s traumatized and suffering from a lot of phobias, she gets scared of men around and carrots, ion know how this happened but in one way or another, it’s because of her phobia” Sally said

” Yes just believe, she’s not a murderer” Susan said

“My sis is not a murderer, she’s just a suffering lady fighting for her life” Valerie said

” So cos of that, we should overlook what she did to my boss?, Impossible” Kat said

Sally called the doctor she took Melanie to the other time and he confirmed it that she really has problems with her mind state

Some cops were sent to the house and they came back with carrots from the kitchen

“That’s what I’m talking, I’m sure she was trying to fight it buy trying to chop carrots, maybe Mr Albert stepped in and…

“Stop talking!” Kat yelled

“Stop telling me to stop talking cos I’m saying the truth!” Sally yelled back

” Order or you both will have to excuse us” a cop said

They both kept quiet

“She’ll be kept in detention till the victim wakes up” the chief general said finally

” The victim needs to narrate his own side of the story too”

Melanie was taken to the a detention room roughly and pushed in

Susan and Valerie can’t stop crying

Sally is trying her best to console them but it doesn’t seem enough

Now she won’t only be tagged a rapped girl but also a murderer

Life is unfair to Melanie, really really unfair…

But Kat doesn’t seem to be satisfied, to her, Melanie needs to be t©rtured

She connived with one of the cops on night shift and paid handsomely for her to be t©rtured throughout the night…


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Philip lay unconsciously on his hospital bed, he was put in the same room with Robin who’s also still unconscious

The shock must be really too much for him to take in

Access was denied for Sally when she came to see them

Access was denied for Susan and Valerie too, Only Kat was allowed as his manager…

She smiled satisfactorily as she say beside his bed

“Now though I might sound selfish but I’m glad this happened, at least I get to be the only one with you” she thought silently

She held his hands and bent towards him

“Let’s not waste this chance” she said and in a jiffy, she kssed him lightly on the lips…



The payed cop made sure he sent three of the cops on night shift out for patrol

He got alcohol and drank with the remaining two till they got drunk

He smiled that his plan worked before standing up

He got a belt and a gag

He entered Melanie’s detention room and gave an heavy scornful laugh

“Get ready to shed blood, I’ve been paid to t©rture you and make you feel great agony” he said

Melanie never bothered to move

All that’s in her mind is Philip and Robin

The cop went closer and tied her mouth with the gag so she won’t shout

He tied her hands and legs with a rope so she won’t struggle

He made her lay on the ground and started the torture with belt

He lashed out at her with the thick belt, beating her mercilessly

She can’t cry, her mouth is gagged, her agonizing cries all stuck at her throat

She can’t move, she’s tied

She just kept shedding tears at the pains getting infested on her

Soon, her body is full of wounds and blood ooze out of the wounds, staining her white gown badly

“Mr Albert, if you’re ok, that’s the only way I can survive…. and Robin, I hope you won’t forgive me… right now my phobia, fears and trauma….I forgot them all” she thought

The cop kept lashing and lashing till he became tired

He untied her and removed the gag, leaving her on the ground like a living dead, unable to move

He burned the belt, gag and rope before going to where he had left the drunk constables

To avoid suspicions, he drank a lot too till he became drank and slept off with them…


Next morning**

“What happened last night!!” The chief general questioned the eight cops

He met them all sleeping with bottles of alcohol around

“You might all lose your jobs at this rate, what the hell!” He ranted angrily

“sir, the chef is not in a good condition sir” a cop reported

He stood and left for her cell

He sighed at what he saw and came back

“You all will be punished in the most heinous way ever, just look at what happened” he said, removing his glasses

Kat entered the station immediately and when she wants to talk, Susan entered with Sally and Valerie, Lillian inclusive

Susan went straight to Melanie’s detention room and held the rods, staring at her daughter’s body unbelievably

You’ll think she’s wearing a red dress with the way it’s soaked with blood and the wounds allover her body

She’s just laying on the ground, unable to move

“No, no what did you guys do to her!, Why is she like this!” Sally yelled

” What happened to my daughter!” Susan yelled too

” Sis!” Valerie said and started crying, sitting on the ground

Lillian covered her mouth as tears came out of her eyes

This is too b.rutal

“Anything that happens to her in there serves her right cos she’s just a murderer and nothing else…well I’m here with a note with the signature of all the management team of AR group of companies, Melanie won’t be given any medical attention till my boss wakes up, and that’s final” Kat said, raising up the note with a smug little smile on her mischievous face

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