November 29, 2021

His Rude Chef Episode 21 – 22




By Naomi Cindy B…


“Like seriously?” Philip said in surprise

This little trouble here shouted that loud just for a picture?

HIS RUDE CHEF: Chapter 21 – 30.

“But Robin you know I used your picture as my phone wallpaper even my tab and laptop” he replied

” You should change it and snap my new picture, you know I look more handsome everyday, so the picture you’re talking about will be ugly already” he replied

Melanie smiled and held her heart

” Honestly I almost got an heart attack, I thought something happened with the way you shouted” she said

” Calm down honey, nothing will happen to me” he replied with a wink

Philip went back to bring his phone and snapped various picture of him

“But it’s not so cool dear, you wore only one dress in everything, won’t it be more cool if you change dresses?” Melanie said

” You’re right honey, dad let’s go to a studio by Saturday, let’s go to your studio and do photoshoot” Robin said

Philip looked at Melanie

Melanie giggled sillily

” Ok fine, can you sleep now?, it’s past ten” Philip said

” Oh it’s really late” he replied and fell on the b. ed

“You’re sleeping like that?” Melanie said but he’s fast asleep already

“Gosh, how could he” Philip said and left the room

Melanie smiled before taking off Robin’s snickers, stud and shirt

She wore another comfortable shirt for him and covered him before leaving the room

She got to Philip’s room and met him sleeping already

She slept beside him and thought about the other time

She touched her lips and smiled, it almost happened


snuggled closer to him and coiled her hand around him before sleeping off goo…

Next morning**

She woke up first too in the early hours, she made to stand but he pulled her back

“Where are you going?” He said

“You’re… awake?”

“Yeah, just now, how was your night?” He asked

“It was … Cool” she replied

He sat up and pecked her cheek

Her cheek turned red as she blushed heavily

He smiled and got down from the b.ed

“Going to brush with Robin again?” She said

“Yeah, we never brush without each other, he’ll be waiting..but you’re joining us as from today” he said, pulling her up too

He took her out of the room to Robin’s room

“Yeah!, I was wondering why you didn’t make her join us but you did the right thing today, love you Dad” he said and pecked him

” Love you mum” he said and pecked Melanie

“Mum?” Melanie said

“You’ll soon become my mum anyways” he replied and entered the bathroom


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pretended like be didn’t hear and went in too

Melanie sighed and entered with them

They picked new toothbrushes and pressed paste on it

“I…two… yeah!’ Robin exclaimed as the three of them stood in front of the mirror, Robin had to stand on the mirror stand as usual

They started brushing…

“Isn’t this cool mum?” He asked

“I mean honey, isn’t this cool?” Robin said

” Extra cool, I love the feel” Melanie replied

” And dad, please do the needful fast, I hope you understand” Robin said

” Sure boy” Philip replied, both putting Melanie in the dark

” What’s that about?” She asked

“Between father and son” Robin replied

Melanie smiled and continued brushing after wish Robin and Philip bath together as usual, Melanie went to her room to take her bath and they all met downstairs, Robin is prepared for school already

They settled down for bread and omelette, Philip made the omelette

“And I can cook already” Melanie said

“You already promised not to talk about doing any work till your resting period is over” Philip replied

” We can manage till then, so stop talking about doing anything” Robin said and winked

Melanie smiled and continued eating

Robin left for school after eating and Sally came over with two girls

“Sally!” Melanie exclaimed happily, hugging her

“Mel I’m glad you’re doing well” she said

“Yes I am , Philip is really taking good care of me, See?, I’m back to my normal self but he won’t even let me touch anything till my resting period is over” she replied

Yeah, just calm down and do all what he asks” Sally replied

“Thanks for that statement Sally, all she knows how to do is work work work” Philip replied

” Morning Mr Albert” Sally said

“Same here Sally, are they the cleaners you got?” He asked, gesturing at the two other girls

“Yes, they’re trustworthy, they’ll come to clean everyday so no need to worry, the pay is huge so they don’t dare slack off” Sally replied

” I really appreciate” Philip replied as the two girls followed Melanie upstairs

“Mr Albert” Sally said


“Make the right moves please, it’s taking too long” she said

” I will do that, just chill” he replied…



It’s the last day of Melanie’s rest, she drove with Philip to the airport to see Valerie off, she’s travelling to New York with Dwayne today

“I’ll miss you” Valerie said and hugged her immediately she came out of the car

*Same here, but it’s just for three days, you guys will be back on Monday right?” Melanie replied

Valerie nodded

” So it’s cool, just be good ok?” Melanie said

Dwayne is standing differently without talking beside his car, he’s into his phone

“He’s your partner?” Melanie asked


“Is he mute?”

“Nope, actually that’s his personality, he hates talking too much so just ignore him” Valerie replied

” Now that I’m looking at you, you look more pretty today, you wore makeup!, I just knew it!, Wait is he your crush?” Melanie asked silently

” Yes he is” Susan replied

“But I never said that” Valerie said shyly

” Well isn’t it obvious?’ Susan said

” Very obvious” Melanie replied

Philip just kept smiling at the family drama

The Principal of the school and the principals of all other schools in Paris came since they’re representing all the schools in Paris

“I’ll miss you bestie” Lillian said

“I’m already missing you” Valerie replied

” You guys shouldn’t disappoint us, make Paris proud please” their Principal said

All other principals came to give words of encouragement and they almost got tired of listening before they finally got in the plane for the flight

“Finally I entered a plane, how cute!” She said slowly, looking around

“Stop acting naive” Dwayne finally spoke

“I think you used gum as your lipstick today” she replied, rolling eyes at him

They took their seats beside each other …

A chaperone would have been sent with them but Dwayne declined, saying they need privacy so they’re the only ones

They tightened their belts and their take off was announced

The plane took off and Valerie closed her eyes throughout

Dwayne isn’t concerned about it, it’s not his first time anyways

She finally opened her eyes and inhaled hard

“Retarded” he said

“That again …. Grumpy Bear” she replied

“Grumpy Bear?” He said

” Yeah, continue calling me retarded and grumpy Bear will be your name too” she replied

” How silly” he replied, adjusting his cap

She took off his cap and wore it

“Cool” she said

“My cap on your head?” He said

“What?, Are you planning to kill me cos of it?” She replied and smiled brightly

“You did makeup” he said

She quickly looked away

” None of your business” she replied

“I know, just wanted to say it’s… cool, it fits you, I hardly give compliments so grab this” he replied and plugged in his earphones, listening to music , he closed his eyes too

She smiled at the compliment he just gave

Valerie tried not to stare at his handsome face but it’s Impossible, she kept staring

She forgot to bring her earphones she’d have been listening to music too, she played games till her fingers cramped up

She inhaled and started feeling sleepy

She’s unaware of when sleep took over her and she slept off

Her head lost balance and fell on Dwayne’s shoulder

He opened his eyes and tried to take it off but her head kept coming


really really really retarded” he said after the third trial

He left her head on his shoulder and it stayed like that till the end of the flight

The plane landed in New York at about three in the evening

He tapped her

“Retarded” he called

“Grumpy Bear” she said slowly and yawned, opening her eyes

“We just landed” he replied

Sleep cleared off her eyes immediately and she jumped up after loosening the belt

She looked out through the window

“It’s true!”.

Dwayne left her in the plane and when she looked back, he’s nowhere to be found

She went out of it too and marvelled at the sight

“New York I’m here!, New York I’m here!, Whoa!” She should

Dwayne smirked

” She’s … Gosh” he said

He knows where they’ll be lodging so he took the lead to the car waiting for them

Valerie is still shouting

“Move the car” he told the driver

The driver obeyed and Valerie saw it

She quickly ran after the moving car

“Wait for me… Grumpy Bear!” She kept shouting after him

“Stop” Dwayne said to the driver, smiling lightly as he watched her running from the mirror

He stopped immediately

Valerie came running and opened the car door

She entered and Immediately pulled his cheeks

“Are you crazy!” He said

“Yes I am, you’re enough to drive anyone Crazy with your hard to understand attitude, I hate you” she said

He chuckled as the car moved…


Night, after dinner**

Robin has been put to sleep already, Philip is busy working on his laptop in the living room

He just finished attending an online meeting and he’s now chatting with the staffs in a group chat

He barely concentrated anyways, all he has in mind is to go upstairs and be with Melanie

Melanie is upstairs on the bed, feeling lonely, now that he’s not beside her, she knows how much it means to have him around

She kept caressing his own part of the b.ed and kept hoping that he should come upstairs quick

She felt too too bored and when she ran out of things to do, she decided to take a shower

She entered his bathroom and took a cold shower and just when she’s coming out of the bathroom with only a short towel, shorter than the one he saw her with the other time

Philip entered unexpectedly and she stood still on her spot beside the b.ed

Philip felt like time stopped and the only thing he’s seeing now is the two of them in the whole world

He looked at her from head till her cute toes before looking back at her w€t face

His throat ran dry already and his body is yearning for her right now, … He needs her badly

He covered the space between them and stood in front of her

Melanie anticipated a lot at she watched him

He raised his palm to her face and let the back of it brush her cheek, she gasped sharply at that


By Naomi Cindy B


“You don’t have to be shy in front of me sweetheart, you don’t have to” he said

She kept her face down still

” Look at me” he said

She slowly looked up and their eyes met, she wants to look away again but he quickly held her face

“I love you” he said slowly, saying every word with a smile

He kept staring at her after saying that and she found herself smiling big

“Yeah, that’s what I want to see… I’ll be right back, I need to get my laptop and phone downstairs” he said and left the room

She felt her chest, it still hasn’t stopped beating fast

She touched her lips, it swelled a little bit as a result of the intense kss

“He loves me” she said silently, feeling too cherished, too treasured and loved, to her .. she doesn’t deserve it but this man is giving it

Maybe she deserves it, or maybe she’s lucky

She quickly got up from the bed and changed into her nightie in his closet, yeah, she has some of her clothes in his closet

After changing, she went back to the b.ed and sat back

Philip entered after about a minute, he still has a big smile on his handsome face

He dropped his laptop and tablet on the table

He joined her on the be.d and pecked her

“I’m thinking of changing my phone password, I already changed my tablet and laptop password” he said

” To what? ” She asked, picking on her nails in fidgety

He held her hand when he noticed

“Don’t be scared Melanie, please” he said

She nodded

“I’ll try” she said

“I changed it to the combination of your name and Robin’s name” he replied

” Melbin? ” She said

” Yeah,… So I’m thinking of changing the password of my phone to the combination of our names” he said

Her cheeks turned red as a result of blushing

” I saw that” he said

She quickly covered her cheeks with her hands

He smiled at the cuteness before changing the password

“Philanie” he said

“Cute” she said, finally taking her hands off her cheeks

” Yeah it is, the photoshoot… You’re going with us so I’ll wait till you give me an answer before we go for it, it’ll be a family shoot” he said

” Oh” she replied, picking on her nails again

“Is that your habit when you’re nervous? ” He asked

She looked up at him

” Huh?, What?”

“Picking on your nails” he said

“No.. it started just tonight” she replied

He dropped her phone on the stand and pulled her to himself before laying on the bed with her

He kept patting her back gently and sang gently…

🎸 My dearest love

🎸 So far our days are full of ksses

🎸 And crazy romance I wish would never end

🎸Then the nights should be for a blissful rest

🎸 Though I still want more

🎸 Cos I can’t get enough of you

🎸 But I want to watch you sleep like a baby

🎸 So sleep tight and wake up to see my face first tommorow

She’s already sleeping when he finished singing the love lullaby

He lay her on her side of the bed and covered her well before starting to stare at her

She’s …. Perfect

She later [email protected] her arm around him in her sleeping position

He smiled and rest his head on the pillow before pulling her closer too…

“Goodnight sweetheart” he said slowly, closing his eyes…


New York**

“Why will our rooms face each other?” Dwayne asked the attendant who took them to where they’ll be lodging at

It’s a big suit that’s clean and condusive too with many rooms but they were given the rooms that are facing each other

“The other rooms aren’t as big as this two, that’s why we specially picked the two” the attendant replied…

Dwayne looked at Valerie who’s still snapping pictures around the house before trying to enter his room

“Master Dwayne….you should freshen up and come out for dinner thirty minutes from now* the man said

Valerie came to join them

“I guess this is my own room” she said, holding the knob to the second room

“Miss Valerie, I think you should take a shower too and come downstairs for dinner thirty minutes from now” the man said

” What’s for dinner?” They both asked at a time

“Steak and..

” I’m not interested in f*cking steak, get me noodles or snacks or better still…bread and butter” he replied before going inside his room

” Don’t mind his uptight attitude sir, but please get him what he wants, I’ll take the steak” Valerie said

” Alright miss” the man replied and left

Valerie entered her room and fell on the big bed

It’s big!, The bed itself is big and just clean

Then it smells nice

She Inhaled the scent hard before standing up

She quickly arranged her small bag in the closet before going into the bathroom to take a shower and gosh!

She has only seen expensive things like this in movies, the big bathtub, soaps and body treatments

But she only needs a shower so she went under the shower and turn it on

Even the water feels nice

She finished taking a shower and went back to the room

She dried herself with a towel and an hairdryer is available for drying her hair

She put on a new nightie she got cos of this trip, it’s somehow short but she got it for the cuteness though, it has a teddy bear cap and she put it on before going out, Dwayne is coming out of his room just that time too

His eyes travelled to her nightie first, it reached her middle thighs and stopped there

He closed his eyes and inhaled hard

“That’s….short” he said before opening his eyes

“They you should shut your eyes” she replied with a scowl.

“I wish I can do that….. and that cap, I think it’s…babyish” he said and started walking out, she followed beside him

“Babyish?, That’s the main reason why I got it so scratch your lectures” she replied and stick out her tongue

He smiled secretly…

They got to the dinning room which Is also very big with many chairs and a long table

They took their seats and while Dwayne ate his noodles, Valerie ate steaks

“Hey Dwayne, you know it’s really nice that you have no bruise on your face right now” she said

” Talking while eating” he said, rolling eyes

” You know how to roll eyes too?” She said

” So far I have eyes” he replied, doing it again

She started laughing

” I won’t say sorry if you choke” he said

“But like seriously it’s funny when you roll your eyes” she said, still laughing

” Retarded” he said

” Grumpy Bear” she replied

He rolled eyes again and she laughed again but this time she didn’t go Scot free, she choked on her food and started coughing incoherently

Dwayne pretended like he didn’t see her for a while before finally offering water

She took it and gulped it down before calming down

“Thanks” she said, breathing hard

” Easy next time, eating while talking is not for you” he said

She kept looking at him as he ate without looking you

She finally smiled

Though he acts like he’s hard hearted and cold, but deep inside him…he’s actually kind..

They finished eating and went to the equally big study for their revision since tommorow is the competition

“I hate reading” he said as they took their seats

“Then how come you’re brilliant” she said

“Maybe I’m just destined to be brilliant” he replied

” That’s.. strange, but you can’t escape it tonight, you must revise with me, it’s really good to revise, ok?” She said

He curved his lips as usual

“nagging again” he said, picking a book and a pen

She smiled and sat in front of him

They started the revision and Valerie can’t believe her eyes

Yes she read madly for the competition but this crazy guy didn’t read, yet he’s teaching her new things

That really got her wondering what kind of human he is

He’s too different and Unique in his own way..that made her crush for him grow deeper a lot…


“Morning sweetheart” Philip said Immediately Melanie opened her eyes this morning

“Same here Phil” she replied, sitting up

“Phil,…..I just love the sound of that” he replied and kssed her lightly

Her eyes widened

” It’s Saturday!, And my resting period is over… I’ll cook something delicious today, and you know what?, Robin’s classmates are coming over for dinner” she said

” Really?, That’s cool” Philip replied as they both got down from the b.ed

They went to Robin’s room and met him still on the bed but a look at him, Philip knows he’s awake already

“Stop pretending” Philip said

Robin opened his eyes and blinked like a doll before standing on his bed

“Morning dad, morning honey.. today is Saturday and I can’t wait for my classmates to come for dinner in the evening…dad let’s shift the photoshoot to.. maybe next week Saturday cos throughout today, I’m gonna be eating honey’s food” he said

” Yeah, I was thinking of that too” Philip replied and carried him

” Mr kid” he said

” I’m not a kid Mr Albert” Robin replied with a pout

They entered the bathroom and brushed

The cleaners came for cleaning early that morning already

They went downstairs together and Melanie wasted no time In entering the kitchen to cook something delicious

“Bye bye to bread and jam, bye to restaurant foods, bye to daddy’s tasteless food” Robin said

Philip laughed and pulled his cheeks

*Spoilt brat!”

” Yeah, that’s me” he replied

Philip kissed his cheeks and tickled him, making him laugh badly

“You know Daddy loves you right?” He said

“Yeah and you know Robin loves you more but Robin needs a mother….” He said

” I understand, and I’ll surprise you”

“Really dad?”

“Trust me” he replied and winked

Robin winked back and they both stuck hands

Robin later went back upstairs to pick something

Philip entered the kitchen and tiptoed to Melanie who’s busy cooking

He hugged her from behind

“Hey….I’m cooking” she said, facing him

“Just a kss please” he said with a pout

She smiled and closed her eyes

He kssed her and just a kss turned to a deep kss

“Uhm” she m0aned gently

“Dad!” Robin called from the living room

He broke the kss and rushed out

Melanie smiled and licked her lips before concentrating back on the cooking…



About twelve students from Robin’s class are already in the house for dinner

Robin can’t be more happy, he can be seen chatting with one one kid or the other especially Michelle

They later sat round the big table for dinner to be served..

“Welcome everyone to this delicious dinner, sponsored by me, dad and especially my honey….you guys should get ready to taste a sweet delicacy this evening…after taking it, I guess you’ll want to come snatch her from me but don’t try it, she’s only for me” Robin said

Everyone laughed as Melanie Started serving the food for everyone

Philip watched from the living room as she served…

She’s….a source of happiness for everyone


*I love it!*

*This is sweet!*


*Chef you rock!*

*I haven’t tasted something sweet like this all my life*


The kids can’t stop commenting as they ate

“I told you” Robin replied

“I’ll take her from you” Michelle said

“Crush don’t try it” he replied

“Stop calling me crush” Michelle said

“I don’t know how to tell lies” Robin replied and winked

Michelle looked away with red cheeks

“I saw that!, She blushed!, I’m so handsome!” Robin said happily

” He’s too naughty” Philip said, laughing from the living room

Melanie is still smiling when Valerie called her

She picked and her ears almost bursted with her scream

“OMG!!!!!!!!!!!, Sis!!!!!!!!!, We won!!!!!!!!!”

“My ears” Melanie said

” I’m just overjoyous, sis turn on channel curious minds” Valerie said

” Congrats dear” Melanie said before hanging up

She went to sit beside Philip in the living room and turned on the TV

Yeah on the channel she mentioned, their video is live

How they were awarded as the best mathematics students allover the world

They were given medals and cash, cool cash…

And they became celebrities too

“Wow!, Mum will be so happy” she said

Philip rested his head on her shoulders

” She made everyone proud together with that grumpy guy” he said


” What’s that?” Dwayne asked when Valerie brought out a drink during dinner

They’ve heard many congratulations from over thousands of people today after winning the competition

They both did well and their efforts yielded good results

Yeah, he feels good .. they both feel too good to win

They made Paris proud and Valerie has been shouting since then

“Alcohol, I got it secretly” Valerie replied, pouring it into a cup

” You like doing things you’ll regret right?” He asked

” I’m just so happy…whoa!!!!” Valerie screamed, drinking a lot of it

Dwayne covered his ears

She has been screaming like that since they won the competition..

“I might lose my ears at this rate” he said

Valerie kept drinking till she got tipsy and can’t control herself anymore

“I knew it” Dwayne said, standing up to leave but she pulled him back

“Cute Grumpy Bear” she said, smiling sillily and pouting

“Let go of my shirt” he said but she’s not ready to do that

“How do you manage to be rude, grumpy, cute and handsome all at once” she said, blinking drunkenly

He inhaled hard before guiding her up

He tried to take her in but she kept swinging her arm , she mistakenly poured away the remaining alcohol in the bottle and the bottle broke on the ground

“I’m going Crazy… come back to your senses!” He said loudly

“I’m in my right senses” she said drunkenly and smiled again

He tried moving again but he stepped on the alcohol on the ground

He slipped and fell on the broken bottle, hurting his palm seriously

He stood furiously and left for his room

Valerie slept off on the table..


Next day**

Valerie roamed in front of his door, not knowing how to enter and apologize for last night

Yeah she remembers everything that happened, immediately she woke up, everything rushed to her memory…

And she feels a lot of guilt right now, to think that she made him hurt himself

She dipped her finger in her mouth, thinking of how to go in and beg but he came out that instant


He looked at her for a while before sighing

Her eyes went to his palm, it’s bandaged, her guilt increased

He tried walking away but she held his arm

“Dwayne I’m so sorry…I wasn’t in my right senses and…..

“Let me go” he interrupted

“Dwayne please…

“Leave my hand” he said again

“I’m very sorry… please forgive me I…

He forcefully took his hand from her grip and that made her lose balance, she staggered and fell, hitting her head hard on the wall

It made a loud sound and Dwayne looked back

He rushed back and bent beside her

She’s facing down and her hair is covering her face

“Are you ok?” He asked

She slightly looked up at him and she already has tears in her eyes

She stood hurriedly and rushed into her room, shutting the door behind

“Val!, Val!” Dwayne called, hitting her door but no answer came

He roughed his hair frustratedly

“Fk me* he said…

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