November 29, 2021

His Rude Chef Episode 27




By Naomi Cindy B


Dwayne later broke the hug and winked at her knowingly, that made her heart leap

“My charm is irresistible right?” He said

“Stop being cocky” she replied and he smiled again

” Never knew you can ever smile like this” she said

“Well I never knew I can ever smile like this again… Until I started talking to you, then I realized maybe life is not all about being grumpy, frowning and being grumpy won’t change my life for good, but smiling has a great impact on my face… I look more handsome with a smile” he said, arching his brows

” Not only that, smile draws people more closer to you” she replied

” Ion want more people close, only you is enough” he said

She smiled widely

“Only me is enough? ” She thought happily

” You know archery? ” He asked, picking an arrow and bow from a table

“No I don’t, I’ve never shot an arrow before” she replied

Dwayne positioned himself in front of the dartboard and set the arrow in the bow before shooting, he hit the bullseye

“Wow!” Valerie exclaimed

“I’m good in everything, isn’t that what you wanted to say next?” He said

” I already told you to stop the cockiness” she replied , rolling eyes

He smiled again and came to her after picking another arrow from the table

She gave her the arrow and bow

“What should I do with this?” She asked

“Shoot with me” he said and went behind her, he stayed at her back and pointed his arms forward to the arrow and bow in her hand

As his chest made contact with her back, she can’t help but imagine things…


helped her position the arrow in the bow

“Your legs must be at least three inches away from each other” he said

She widened her legs

” Good, then your eyes must be focused on the bullseye in the dartboard” he said

She made sure to focus too then he held her hand together with the bow and shot, it hit the bullseye

“My go$h!, I hit the bullseye! ‘ she screamed

“As if….. If I hadn’t stayed behind you, you won’t have been able to do it” he said

” But I’m still happy” she replied happily

He smiled and pulled her hand out of the place

“You said we should go shoot fireworks, let’s go” he said, opening his car door and pushing her in gently

He came in too and drove to the bridge of the large river

They came down and got firework sticks and a lighter from a seller


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went beside the bridge rails and lightened up the sticks….

The fireworks started going up, shinning like stars and it’s just too beautiful…

“I’ve never seen something as beautiful as this before” he said, watching as the fireworks go up with interest

Valerie looked at him and smiled

“Honestly seeing you happy like this, seeing you smile and laugh, you talking with me is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen” she thought with a smile and continued looking at the fireworks

Dwayne looked at her that moment and smiled widely

“I dunno how we managed to get so close like this… But I must confess, it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me, I love being around you and the happiness you give to me is one in a million, you always make me smile, talk at length and laugh even when I don’t want to, I just found out that… You are the source of my newfound happiness… My Retarded friend” he thought, still looking at her, she’s busy looking up at the fireworks still

He looked at her and without thinking, he held it

She faced him…

“You can’t stop being friends with me… Ok?” He said

Valerie smiled widely

” Never” she replied and that made him smile handsomely and they kept smiling at each other till a news came up on the street TV

“The popular Singer MV will be coming back on stage very soon with a new song… The star announced his interest to start singing again today at his producer Industry… J-BLISS music industry and the fans are going Gaga with happiness”

I can’t believe this” Dwayne said

” It’s better to believe Dwayne… I can’t wait! ” Valerie said

” This man has been my best singer since I was ten, it was saddening that he stopped singing, and now he’s back?, Val I can’t wait too” he said

” When he’ll Finally make his comeback concert, let’s go together” Valerie said

“Sure” he replied

They shot the remaining fireworks before driving home

Dwayne dropped her in front of the house and she came out of the car slowly, feeling sad that she’s leaving him
She waved and he waved back

She’s about to go in when she turned around again…



“You’ll come to school tomorrow right?” She asked

” Sure ” he replied with a cute smile

“Alright” she said, smiling..

” Then goodnight, see you tomorrow” she said

“See ya” he replied and moved the car

She smiled widely, jumping up happily

She eventually went in and met Susan sleeping in her room already, she covered her well before going to her room

She pull off the pullover and hugged it, it’s crazy but she feels like she’s hugging him that instant

“Today is one of the best days of my life” she said seriously…


” Leo is coming back” Philip said during dinner

“I can’t wait to see him… and you need to see how people are going crazy over your come back news, your fans are still on” Melanie replied

” Yeah, even his page has come back alive again, when we eventually go for shoot on Saturday, he’ll go live on his page” Robin replied

” I just can’t wait” Melanie said…

” Me too” Philip replied

” Having a happy family like this has been my lifelong dream, and I’m glad it eventually came to pass” Robin said

“I love you Robin, I love you sweetheart” Philip said

“I love you my love, I love you dear” Melanie replied, referring to Philip and Robin

” Love you dad, love you honey” Robin replied

” Melanie you’re graduating tommorow” Philip said

“I was planning to tell you tonight” she replied

” You didn’t tell me too” Robin said

“I’m sorry..I just don’t want you both to go through the hassles of …

“We aren’t tired to go through it Melanie, you’re my everything and I can do anything….I mean anything for you” he said

” Ok I’m sorry” she replied slowly

” It’s ok mum, we can still surprise you, since I heard you’re graduating a month ago, I’ve prepared your gift” Robin said

” I love you baby” Melanie said

“I think you’re in for a surprise tommorow from me too” Philip said

“I can’t wait” she replied

Robin later went to bed while Philip and Melanie went to their room

“Turn your back” Melanie said when it’s time to change into her nightie

“Are you kidding me?, It’s for me anyways so I ain’t turning my back” he replied

” We haven’t even walked down the aisle” she replied

” It doesn’t matter, we’ll eventually do that so please change, I’m watching” he replied

” You’re too naughty, turn your back before I throw something at you” she said with a playful scowl

He reluctantly turned his back

Melanie smiled and took off her clothes

She quickly turned her back to put on the nightie.

He smiled as she finished putting on her nightie

“Nice backside too, I’m so lucky!” He said

“My jeez!, You’re more per.verted than I thought” she said and jumped on him on the be.d, he started pinching him

“Ouch!, Sweetheart ” he winced and she continued pinching till he grabbed her hands

“You obviously like it, stop pretending” he said

She tried to free herself but it’s Impossible

” I hate you” she said

“Love you more sweetheart” he replied


love you Melanie… and once again, thanks for coming into my life… keep your promise of not leaving me….I won’t survive it if you do” he said

” I have nowhere to go love….I love you a lot and I can’t possibly leave you, you’re my favorite, my everything” she replied seriously

” I love you” he said

” Love you more ” she replied

[Next day, lighthouse highschool]

The first class is just ending and Valerie can’t wait to give the bracelet he got to Dwayne, she actually got two, one for him and one for her, same color and design..

“I envy you, like your first meeting wasn’t cute, I can still remember he pushed you…your second meeting was bad too.. remember he made you kneel in the rain but here you are, buying friendship bracelet” Lillian said

” I know right?, It’s unexpected but maybe that’s just how it should be” Valerie replied…

” Valerie, Mr Jordan requests to see you in the lab” a junior student said by the door

” I’ll be right back” Valerie replied and went there but surprisingly, it’s Whitney

“You used Mr Jordan’s name to call me here?” Valerie said

“Yeah, and I need to tell you something” Whitney replied

” You know I hate you most in this school” Valerie said

” And I hate you more because you’re trying to take Dwayne away from me, now listen…stay away from Dwayne or else…

“Else what?” Valerie said

“I’ll make sure you regret it, you’re just like a fly that’s killable with just a clap, it’s as easy as that” Whitney said

” I don’t believe the great Whitney can be as stupid as this, I’m off, if you have nothing to say” Valerie replied and made to go but she pulled her back by the hair and tried to hit her back on the wall but Valerie stood still and pushed her Instead, Whitney fell heavily

“Stay away from me….witch” Valerie said and left, walking past Darien in front of the lab

Darien entered the lab when Whitney is just standing up

“How pitiful” Darien said

“You want her right?” Whitney said

” What has that got to do with this?” Darien said

” I want him too…let’s work together, we just have to keep them apart by all means” she said


School garden**

Valerie got there, breathing heavily and her hair is a bit scattered as a result of the struggle

“I’ve been waiting” Dwayne said

“I’m sorry, something happened ” she replied

” Whitney?” He said

” How did you know?”

” She’s the only bch in this school and she’s obsessed with me so it’s understandable, sorry about that” he said, looking at her hair

” It’s ok” she replied, sitting beside him

He immediately started arranging her hair with his hand and she smiled surprisingly, he’s acting nice these days

“It’s cool now, is that my bracelet on your wrist?” He asked

” No” she replied, bringing out another one from her pocket

“Your hand” she said

He gave his hand and he slipped the bracelet on his wrist

“Friendship bracelet” she said

“I like it” he replied, admiring the colour…



Melanie just came back from school where she went to get her certificate, finally out of the unique school of nutritionists

She can’t be more happy

She came out of the car and went in but surprisingly, everyone is waiting, Sally…. Robin, her mum… Valerie, and her love

Champagne were popped immediately she entered and a big cake is on the center table already

“Congrats Melanie” Sally said, smiling charmingly

” Congrats daughter, more wins” Susan said

” Sis congrats…more success” Valerie said

” Congrats honey….more years to live in my father’s house” Robin said

Philip came forward and hugged her

“Congrats sweetheart, more wins, more life, more successful things to come and more great things to do…I love you” he said on her shoulder

She smiled and closed her eyes

” I love you more darling, thanks a lot” she replied, breaking the hug

She cut the cake thereafter and Robin brought out his present in a gift bag

Melanie took it in curiousity cos it’s big

She opened it and took it out

It’s a white teddy in shape of an heart, it has big eyes, red cheeks, red lips and long lashes

“That’s me” Robin said

Melanie hugged him tight

“I love you dear, I love you so much” she said, admiring it…

“We need to go somewhere” Philip said

“Where?” Melanie asked

“You’ll get to know” Philip replied with a smile, leading the way out of the house

They all got in the car and the ten minutes drive brought them to the front of a big building

It’s too too massive, bigger than AR group of companies that’s one of the biggest companies in Paris…

It’s cute too, without doubt it has just been completed

They came down from the car and stood in front of it

“This is yours from now on” Philip said


” I planned to use it as my second company before but when I heard my sweetheart is graduating, I have to make a move…it was uncompleted before so I just had to rush things and it was completed yesterday…. it’s one of the biggest buildings in Paris right now and sweetheart….. this should be your own school, you can start running it anytime you like since you have your excellent certificate already” Philip said

” OMG!” Melanie exclaimed unbelievably

She wasn’t freaking expecting this and now…it came

Like she owns a big school now?, Bigger than even the one she graduated from?

*Love” she said and jumped on Philip like a baby, he carried her too and hugged her tightly

“I don’t know how to express how much I love you anymore, you’re just full of surprises and too awesome, Philip I love you endlessly..I love you immensely, crazily, madly, deeply…. intensely…… Philip I can die for you I swear” she said in his arms

” I can die for you too I swear” Philip replied with a naughty smile

He gently placed her down after the hug and she hugged him again

“Chef, Valerie, mummy Susan.. . mum and dad are so cute right?” Robin said with a big smile

“Yeah” Valerie replied

” I admire them” Sally said

” The cutest I’ve ever seen” Susan said

“I wanna kiss you” Melanie said

” My lips is all yours” Philip replied as Melanie stood on her toes and their lips connected in a deep kiss right there

“Awwn” Valerie said, blushing on her sister’s behalf

Susan can’t help but smile as a result of too much happiness

“I and Michelle will be cute like this one day” Robin said, blowing kisses…

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