His's A Korean S£x god

His’s A Korean s*x god episode 101 – finale

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He’s A Korean S*x god
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Episode 101

The EnD

Unknown POV

Ji-a stood alone, observing herself in the h-uge standing mirror in front of her. She was amazed at the beautiful image she was seeing.

Is this really me, she thought.

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Yes, she is looking extraordinary beautiful today and that’s because today is her wedding day and they have spent hours preparing her to look very beautiful and appealing for her soon to be husband as if he isn’t going ‘ gaga ‘ for her natural beauty already, this will only make him go more crazy for her.

The makeup was perfect, not too much not to little neither, just perfect! Her long black hair was comb£d beautifully backwards with golden and silver hairpins in the shape of flowers, leaves and love.

The light golden necklace on her neck complimented her off shoulder V shaped gown perfectly, that showed only little of her cle-vage.

The gown hugged her body perfectly, revealing her amazing shape. Ji-a never realized she has such lovely shape until now maybe because she really never took notice of herself but now her beauty was no where hidden.

From the front the slick white gown only k-ssed the floor slightly but it was still enough to bury her beautiful silver shoes, however a little lift of the gown would reveal those amazing pairs of heels.

From the back the gown extended down, not just k-ssing the floor this time but sweeping it. Yes the gown was very long at the back. So beautiful!

The part of the gown touching the floor were made from like net materials and had beautiful patterns with flower ribbons on them.

Everything looked perfect. She was dressed up like a queen and she was indeed feeling like a queen because to her Lee Chun is a king, her king…

The door opened up and her best friend Gira came in, looking all beautiful in her golden dress. Of course she was Ji-a’s chief bridesmaid, who else. She is her best friend.

“ There you are. I have been looking everywhere for you. Do you want to be late for your wedding. ”
Gira said as she walked to meet Ji-a with a slight frown.

“ Gira, I can’t believe I am actually getting married..to Lee Chun! ”
Ji-a said and Gira could s£nse the joy and anxiousness in her friends voice.

“ You better believe it, because it’s happening. You will soon be called Mrs Lee. ”
She teased, smiling happily at her and Ji-a’s face flushed and her t-ummy sang with joy.

“ Let’s get going now, you don’t want to keep the groom waiting, he might just come here looking for you, you know possessive he can be and you know it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. So come let’s go. ”
She said and Ji-a nodded in a smile.

Inside her head she was already wondering how handsome Lee Chun would look like in his suit, she really can’t wait to see him..

Ji-a left with her best friend and her wh0le bridal train which consists of her friends from the orphanage home and Lee Chun’s two sisters. Mia and Kia. Together they all went to the alter where Lee Chun was already waiting anxiously.
Location: Wedding Venue.

The wedding was taking place in an open garden, that had beautiful leaves and flowers, it needed to be in a open place course the people where much as if half of Korea was attending the wedding.

The alter was made up of two short white pillers but that was taller than even a very tall man about 9ft tall was the two pillars and it was cloth and decorated with beautiful living leaves and flowers.

Standing in between the pillers on the alter was Lee Chun, dressed in a fitted light grey designer, complete suit that looked more like silver and white but it was neither silver nor white, it is light grey.

His inter shirt though was pure white and he had a fanciful black bow tie. He was looking super handsome with his hair comb£d and fall neatly to the front, covering most of his forehead. Sparkling handsome!

He looked really handsome but he was really nervous_ anxious rather. He couldn’t wait to see his bride, Ji-a.

He can’t wait to wed her already, he was tired of waiting he just wants to hold her t¡ght in his arms, he wants that badly and his black expansivr Italian shop was constantly tapping the floor of the alter anxiously.

If Ji-a doesn’t come within the next 10 minutes he had made up his mind to go look for her and take her home without even wedding her. He really can’t wait to have her anymore..

The wh0le garden was already filled up with people, even the paparazzis are here only the bride and her bridal train where yet to arrive, but when Lee Chun finally lost his patients and wanted to go look for his bride…he became frozen at the spot at the sight he saw.

There was an echoing gasp that emitted from the large crowd, and all the guest, everyone person had their faces bent backwards…

There she was the lady of the hour, the beautiful bride that caught everyone attention but stole the number 1 playboy’s heart and soul. There she was, taking gentle steps to the alter with her elegant bridal train accompanying her and her Nana by her side holding on to her hand.

Lee Chun had never been so proud, never been so happy to see his Ji-a. She looked like a goddess on earth and he found himself drowning in her beauty. He couldn’t take his eyes off her and his heart began beating, drumming infact. His wh0le body was in a state of unreached happiness and joy. He was sure no man on earth has been this happy. How could they? There exists only one Ji-a, she is definitely 1 in a billion.

Her type is rare and unique. They can make even the most h-rd hearted person or beast love and cry, that’s the kind of effect she has.

He was indeed and truly lucky that among the 3 billion men on earth, he was the one who gets to have her. She is his own and he could no longer wait for her to be in his arms.

His dreams were almost becoming reality, in a few minutes time she will be his wife and he could have her as much as he pleases. k-ss her, touch her and love her all night long, but he had suddenly grown impatient to death.

His wh0le body craves for her with a passion he can’t explain. For more than four years he had controlled his urges and desires, surely he can control himself for some few minutes right? Or can he?

He could feel his body burns and scre-ms for need, a need he has suppressed for so long and just could no longer anymore. These few minutes suddenly seems like an eternity an eternity he couldn’t wait. He wants her and he wants her now!

“ Relax yourself ”
A voice came whispering into his ear.

Lee Chun finally took his eyes off Ji-a who was still slowly walking to the alter. The voice belongs to his best man, that is Byung-ho of course.

Byung-ho had noticed how Lee Chun’s wh0le body was vibrating as soon as Ji-a came in. He could also see that burning desire in his friend’s eyes, in the way he gazed upon his wife to be.

“ Just wait a little bit longer and she will be all yours friend. ” Byung-ho continued with a smile.

“ I.. I don’t think I can wait any longer. I can’t control myself any more. ”
Lee Chun said and honestly, he was trying his extremely best to kill down these urges but the more he tries to take control of his urges and desires the more it becomes h-rd. His mind kept flashing images and pictures of Ji-a without her clothes on.

Gosh! He wants her now!

It driving him.insane, he just wants to rip apart her dress and have her the way he has had no one before..

“ Of course you can, just few minutes my friend. Surely you don’t want to ruin this special day for her because you can’t control yourself. That will make her sad, so sad. ”
Byung-ho said in a low whisper as Ji-a had drew pretty close to the alter now.

As soon as Lee Chun heard that Ji-a would be sad if he didn’t control himself, immediately his body became calm for the meantime. There was no way he is going to ruin this day for Ji-a and make her sad. He will wait, he will wait a little bit longer and then when she is finally his he would feed his great hunger!

Finally Ji-a was standing in front of him, she had no veil on, so her beauty was clearly seen by him. Her cheeks were constantly turning red with the way Lee Chun was staring at her, she knew he wants her, he wants her badly!

” You look really beautiful. ” He said not taking his eyes off her face and her face flushed some more.

“ Thank you. You look super handsome, more than I had imagined ” She said and it was Lee Chun’s turn to blush…

The vows were made and the rings exchanged and it was sealed with a long, passionate k-ss.

Finally Ji-a belongs to Lee Chun and he belongs to her. They are one now.

It was a joyous occasion and their guests ate, drank and dance. The newly wedded couple also danced and k-ssed some few times…

Many greetings and gifts were offered to the newly wed. Lee Chun really didn’t care about all these gifts and greetings, he just wants to be alone with his beautiful wife but because of the sake of Ji-a he remained enduring his hunger for her.

Ji-a bridal train came stealing her away from him, they wanted to take pictures with her. Lee Chun stood at a distance watching as people took pictures with his wife. She looked so happy, so beautiful and that put a smile on his face although he wanted her only for himself.

“ My son has finally become a man. ” A voice said from the side, Lee Chun recognized it as the voice of his father.
Turning to that direction, Lee Chun made a respectful bow.

“ Father. ” He greeted, his father tapped him gently on the shoulder and Lee Chun stood upright.

“ I am so proud of you son. You really made the right choice by choosing her, I am sure she will make a good wife. ” He said and Lee Chun turned his face to where Ji-a was.

She was laughing and hugging his two sisters now. Mia and Kia.

“ She is the perfect wife for me. I know she is, without a doubt. ”
He said and his father smiled.

“ Son, I think is finally time I hand the company over to you, I think you are ready to run the family businesses. ”
Mr Lee said.

“ I am so honored father but I am afraid I will like to decline the offer. ” Lee Chun said and his father was surprised at that.

“ B..but why? ”

“ It’s too soon Dad. Mia is doing pretty great handling the company and I need 1 or 2 years to enjoy with my wife before I take the h-uge responsibility of running the family business. ” Lee Chun explained.

“ Alright then. 1 year it is. ” Mr Lee said, using a tone of finality.

“ Thank you father. ”
Lee Chun said then bow. With that his father left…

Then something caught Lee Chun’s attention, his best friend Byung-ho, smiling and laughing in a deep conversation with a beautiful lady. He recognized that look on Byung-ho’s eyes. His friend fancy this pretty lady.

Lee Chun smiled, he was happy for his friend because it seems the lady also fancies him too. He hopes their relationship works and become like his and Ji-a’s. Byung-ho really deserves to be happy.

He took his off Byung-ho and it landed on his elder sister, she was with her fiance. Not Smith the actor fraud. That bastãrd is out of her life for good that very day Mia caught him cheating on her. Two years ago she met someone else, Jeremy. A handsome wealthy businessman. Both of them fall in love and he recently proposed to her which she said Yes.

Lee Chun moved his eyes away from one sister to the other and yet again same thing. Kia was with her boyfriend Kaa-tan. The two love birds met a year ago and they have become inseparable. Lee Chun quickly removed his eyes from them when they started k-ssing passionately and his eyes landed on….

“ Hello, husband. ”
The most sweetest voice said and a wide smile formed on his face when he saw Ji-a standing so close to him.

“ How are you wifey? ” He said softly.

“ I am good, just can’t wait to be alone with my husband. ”
She said and his eyes burn with desires at her words.

“ Neither can I. ” He said placing his hands firmly on her wa-ist staring deep into her eyes.
“ Are you ready to go home with me, wife? ” He cooed.

She nodded, with a flushed cheeks. He smiled and k-ssed her forehead.

“ Let’s go home. ”

Everyone bid the couple goodbye as they drove off….

Ji-a’s POV

“ Wow! ”
I excliamed in amazement at the building I was seeing. It wasn’t as big or long as the white house but I will say it’s more beautiful than it.

The house is on top of a freaking mountain. How cool is that? And not only that, it’s besides the ocean.

“ Do you like it? ”
Lee Chun asked as I came out of the car. He held the door for me. I nodded my head to that.

“ This will be our new home. It’s a new house, it’s not yet furnished properly course I want you to pick the design you want for the house and it will be done before we come back from our honey moon. ” He said.

“ Honey moon?! ” I exclaimed excitedly.

“ Yeah we will be leaving for our honeymoon in a week’s time. I want you to decide where we should go, anywhere you want us to go we would. ”
He said and I was just so excited even though I don’t have anywhere planned but I am sure I will think of a place. The most important thing is that I am with him…

We got into the building and true it is a new house and not that furnished it only have some few chairs and b£d but it was beautiful even like this. I love it. Lee Chun made it beautiful for me.

There where lots of flowers and burning candles on the floor that formed a road path to the master b£droom and on the b£d lots of red rose flowers formed the shape of a heart.

I blushed when I imagined, I and Lee Chun sleeping on that b£d together as a married couple….

“ I know here is not as big as the glass house and it you don’t like it I can get another just as big. ”
He said and I wondered why he would think I won’t like it.

It’s damn beautiful!

” No, no, no. It’s perfect. Can’t believe this is my new home. It’s really beautiful! ” I said looking round the wh0le place.

” Not as beautiful as you. ”
Lee Chun said, staring somewhat lvstfully at me. Like he couldn’t wait to get his hands on me.

He had been giving me that look since we were in the car and his stare was really making my stomach twist in excitement and my heart beat in pure desire. I wanted him just as much as he wanted me even though I am kinda nervous.

” I should freshen up. ” I said walking to the direction of the bathroom but he held me by the wrist.

“ I have waited too long, I can’t wait any longer. Please don’t make me wait anymore wife. ” He said, his eyes burning with desires.

I swallowed down and stood still. I won’t let him wait any longer but my wh0le body was now shaking.

He placed his hand on my cheek, his f-ngers spreading down to my chin. “ You are very beautiful wife. Very beautiful. ” He cooed making my stomach dance ang sing with a million butterflies.

He placed his free hand on my wa-ist – alittle bit close to my hips and his touch although wasn’t on my bare skin felt tingling sweet.

I swallowed down again as he was being to lean his face towards mine…his l-ips drawing closer to mine and before our l-ips touched I short my eyes closed.

His l-ips brushed slowly on mine s£nding waves of pleasure to my spine. His hands slowly started car-ssing my body, from my wa-ist up to my back.

He k-ssed me slowly at first but it was like he was changing gears and now has pushed up to 2.

He ran his hands faster up and down my back, car-ssing it all the way up my neck and all the way down my th-ighs amid brushing his w€t sweet l-ips against mine with much intensity and passion.

s-cking my lower l-ips, I could feel his h-ot breath hitting against my cheeks and I couldn’t help but give out soft pleasurable mo-ns and I w-rapped my arms around his neck – brushing his hair and feeling his back.

His k-ss and touch where giving me much pleasure, messing with my s£nses. It felt like I was high on drugs and I wanted to feel him even more.

I want more!

He moved up yet to another gear. Gear 3 and this time, his hands were now on the zip of my gown at the back and he was still k-ssing me with much passion, introducing his t0ngue into the mix. It was becoming a bit difficult for me to breath but I never wanted him to stop, as his l-ips tastes so good!

He zipped down my gown and it fell off my body to my wa-ist. Leaving me half unclad. I wasn’t putting on any b-ra. He didn’t look at me yet, he was still busy k-ssing me and car-ssing my bare skin, the feeling was dangerously sweet!

I could feel the heat from his touch and I tried to catch some air from the intensity of his k-sses. I couldn’t get the air I need and I was just slowly dying in the wave of pleasure….

Finally he pulled his l-ips away from mine. I should be thankful that I can get some air now but honestly I wasn’t thankful. I never wanted him to stop and I nearly cursed and hit him for stopping.

” You are really beautiful. ”
He said with his voice full of hunger and his eyes scanning my body, from my face down to my breaṣts – his stares lingering a bit longer at my breaṣts.
His gaze where like fire on my body and my wh0le body burn with need, I just want him to take me.

His hands rest firmly on my wa-ist and he resumed k-ssing me, this time on my neck and ear.

I felt weak in the knees, like I wanted to fall down.

God! It felt so good!

“ I love you wife. ”
“’ you beautiful wife.”
“ You so sweet wife. ”
“ I want you wife. ”

He kept breathing on my neck and ears.

Finally he lifted me up in bridal style, maybe he knew I wanted to fall down.

Lifting me up in his arms he walked slowly to the b£d that is full with flowers. He lay me down gently on it then started unbuttoning his inner shirt, as he was no longer wearing his suit jacket, he had removed that a long time ago in the car.

After unbuttoning his shirt, he flung it somewhere in the room then placed his two arms at the sides of my head staring at me for some time… before he brought his l-ips slowly to mine, pressing his body to mine that I could feel the warmth of his body and hear his racing heart beat.

This was gear 4 and the last gear.

He feast on my l-ips hungrily and I tried to keep up with him as I k-ssed him back with that much intensity he was k-ssing me but I couldn’t keep up, he was much more hungrier than I am.

His hands ran freely on body… Then he started k-ssing me on my neck again and I couldn’t help but mo-n, bitting my lower l-ips.

It felt so good especially when he licks my ear with his t0ngue.

He k-ssed me down my neck, moving to my collar bone which he licked with his t0ngue.

Oh Gosh! I was going crazy.

He went further down and as I felt his t0ngue on my already h-rdened n-pple, my wh0le body vibrated in pleasure.

Oh Shittttttt!!

“ Ahhh! ” I mo-ned out loudly this time my hands on top of his head.

He licked my left nipplë and started s-cking my breaṣt with one of his hand gently fondling with my other breaṣt.

My nipplës had become super s£nsitive. Gosh!

He stayed there a long time and as time passed the intensity at which he s-cked and squ-eesed my breaṣts increased. Now he is greedily s-cking on them. Changing from my left breaṣt to the right one.

Oh God! I could not take the pleasure anymore, the feeling is driving me crazy!

My wh0le body was vibrating!

“ Lee Chun. ”
I mo-ned out his name…

After he was satisfied, he left my bøøbs and k-ssed down my t-ummy down to my wa-ist region. Licking my belly button.

It was really tingling and pleasurable that I want to laugh and mo-n at the same time.

He then pulled down my gown from my wa-ist through my legs, revealing my White p-nt.

He rom-nce my th-ighs, all over with hands, his hands rubbing on top of my p-nt

God! That’s crazy sweet!

Then gently he pulled down my p-nt off my wa-ist.

My heart was racing and I could feel that tingling feeling hit down my V making me feel like I need to take a pee.

Taking my p-nt off he took some seconds just staring at my honey pot and my wh0le face flushed.

“ What are he doing? ” I asked shyly. He smiled at me.

“ I have waited so long. I want to savour this moment wife. ” He said and I blushed some more.

I don’t know but I enjoy him calling me that, wife. It makes my heart tingle with joy.

“ Lee Chu_ ”
I was about to say something when ” Ahh! ” I mo-ned instead as I felt his l-ips and t0ngue on my V.

My wh0le legs tremble and my hips shook out of raw pleasure as he started feasting on my V.

“ Oh..god! ”

I grabb£d hold of the b£d sheet, tilting my head backwards as waves and waves of pleasure hit me.

What is he doing to me!

My wh0le V area had become flooded with my juice and Lee Chun was busy eating it up.

Disgustingly sweet!

After tormenting me with his l-ips and t0ngue he, pulled out, k-ssing me from from my th-ighs down to my toes. He moved to the other leg and k-ssed me from my toes up to my th-ighs, moving to my t-ummy and higher to my breaṣts.

He k-ssed, squ-eesed and s-cked on my bøøbs once more before he moved up to my l-ips.

“ I love you. ”
He breath as he took my l-ips and as he k-ssed me he pathed my legs apart with one hand while the other unzipped himself.

I felt his h-rdness against my t-ummy. It was big, long and h-rd like a rod, making my heart beat of nervousness but a part of me want to fill it inside me.

I soon got what I wished for, as I felt his h-rdness pressed on the entrance of my V.

Gosh! What the hell!

I wanted to push him off me immediately as I felt a sharp pain. It’s d-ck has not even entered fully and my wh0le puṣṣy was burning up.

“ Ahhh! ”
I tried pushing him away but he k-ssed me h-rder and slowly his monster rod pushed it’s way into my V

It was tearing me apart

“ Ahhhhh! ”
I scre-med, placing my hands on his chest to push him away but couldn’t.

“ Sorry. ”
he breath remaining where he was, on top of me but he stop pushing his rod inside of me.

He paused.

I could still feel the pains but it was dying down slowly as started k-ssing me my l-ips, neck, ears while his hands were slowly squ-eesing my bøøbs.

From time, time I will scre-m out as he would slowly push down a inch of his d-ck in…

He kept at this. k-ssing, squ-eesing and pushing his d-ck in until, he his d-ck was fully inside of me.

The pain was much! But the pleasure from his k-sses and touches were like ice, cooling the pains down…

“ Ahhhh..Lee Chunnnn! ” I was mo-ning out loudly as he slowly started thr-usting in and out of me. His l-ips k-ssing on my neck.

” I love you wife, sorry for hurting you… ” He kept breathing on my neck and his words alone where killing me with pleasure.

I held him t¡ght from the back, with some of my f-ngers dung into his flesh…

At first, it felt like great punishment, my entire puṣṣy was as if it was on fire and tearing apart and I wanted to just give up and run away but as the seconds passes by I was caught up in a strange type of pleasure.

The pains all of a sudden seemed sweet, it was still painful no doubt but the pain had some sweetness to it. I didn’t want him to stop thr-usting in and out It was crazy really. Although he was very gentle and slow.

We were fully engrossed in each other, it felt right and perfect. Lee Chun was gently and steady.

k-ssing and squ-eesing me more than thr-usting. He knew I am new to this and he didn’t want to rush or hurt me even though I could see it in his eyes that he wants to devour me.

I climaxed, over and over again until we both became exhausted and lay on the b£d besides each other’s arms, maybe I was the only one exhausted course he still had that look of desire when he gaze at me.

“ Thank you. I love you Mine. ” He said with a k-ss on the forehead.
After 3 days we went on our honeymoon. The city of Paris, I have never been there before but I just love the name, it sounds rom-ntic and it was indeed rom-ntic. I and Lee Chun had so much fun and oh yes! Not forgetting the s-x.

There was lots of love making and it was awesomely incredible. I had improved, I ain’t no longer a novice and each time we made love it always seems to get better. Lee Chun kept showing me lots of tricks making me scre-m my lungs out. He truly is the s-x god, my s-x god!
After a month in Paris we came back to Korea, to our new house that was now totally furnished. It was looking extremely beautiful.

Friends and family came visiting us and it was just an happy atmosphere.

Lee Chun surprised the orphanage home by building a newer and much bigger building for them he also agreed to donate annually for the upkeep of the building and orphans.

Gira was no longer living in the orphanage home she is now an adult so Lee Chun helped her with a job in his family company where she met a boy she likes.

My Nana still bake her delicious rice cakes but not in a small shop. Lee Chun opened a big restaurant for her and she employed lots of people too.

Mia wedding with her handsome, wealthy fiance Jeremy was set on the 5th of next month, while Kia’s and Byung-ho’s relationship was doing great respectively.

Everything was going on great. Lee Chun and I were madly in love, he takes good care of me and our love life is amazing and spontaneous. We made love in any every corner of the building.

Kitchen, sitting room, bathroom even the garden. Lee Chun really is a s-x freak and I love him. I think I have also become a s-x freak too.

I never imagined my life would turn out this beautiful and amazing, however I didn’t know it was about to get even more amazing.

4 months later

I suddenly felt weak and dizzy that I nearly fell to the floor. I wasn’t sick but I know I felt weird. Lee Chun wasn’t taking any chance so he took me to the hospital. Some test were conducted and it in the hospital I discovered I was 3 months gone. I couldn’t explain the joy I felt when I heard I was pregnant. I was carrying a beautiful creature inside of me.

A scan was done on my womb and it turned out to be a boy. Mimi Lee Chun was growing inside of me. The expression on Lee Chun’s face was priceless. He had never been so happy, even before he discovered the gender of the baby he had that face of complete happiness.

“ I love you Ji-a. Thanks for making me a father. ”
He cooed planting a k-ss on my forehead then k-ssed my exposed t-ummy making me smile happily.

“ I love you too husband. I love you so much! ”


Some months later, Ji-a delivered safely, a cute baby boy and 3 years later Mimi Lee Chun would have a beautiful little sister.

The end!
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