His Mission

Hiss mission episode 17 – 18

πŸ’” Revenge πŸ–€

πŸ’£ Mission πŸ’£

(πŸŒƒJust one nightπŸŒ‘)

By Authoress Fik kyβœπŸ»πŸ“πŸ“š

πŸ‘  Chapter 17 πŸ’”

βš”οΈ Kylie POV πŸ’…

I bent down to pick the pen which fell whenever I felt a spank on my butt.

Standing upright with the pen, I found Mr Wellington smirking down on me.

Like seriously! This man has been doing this shit for the past two days now.

The first time, I thought it was a mistake so I over look it. But this one, I won’t let it pass like that.

“What the hell Mr?” I asked looking at him with no smiling face.

“Wow wow wow… Hey cool down lover girl. Your butt needs some spanking so I help you out. ”

He said smiling like he just said something normal in the world.

” Please don’t ever try this with me again.” I warned eyeing him before I walk off to my place.

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I shouldn’t have replied him like that but am damn angry that he hasn’t make a move on me since.

Two, I haven’t fish out the spy who supplies him information from London.

“What are on my list today?” He as when I was about sitting.

Looking into his schedule for the day, I found only one thing on his schedule.

Which is a business dinner party by six PM meaning am f**king free.

“You have a business dinner party by six PM today sir.” I said politely.

” Oh… That means you are free for today. “He said thinking while I nodded.

” Hmmmmmmmm…. I was thinking if you can tag along for the party.” He asked looking at me.

I smiled taking it as an opportunity to eliminate both him and his family.

“Yes sir, it will be my honor sir.” I said bowing in respect as he stood from his chair.

“Pack your things for you are leaving in five.” He said checking his wrist watch.

” Why Sir? “I asked with confusion written all over my face.

“Do you have a nice gown you can wear for the party?” He asked writing off on his cheque.

” No sir, “I said giving him a puppy dog face.

” If so, this a cheque of 500 πŸ’Ά.”he said giving me the cheque.

” Wow… Thank you sir. “I said taking the cheque with both hands.

“Had it been you have a bank account, I would have transferred it instead.” He said taking his keys and phones.

I don’t want him to Trace me that why I didn’t bother opening another bank account here.

“You should get going now, you don’t want to be late.”

He said and I looked at him like he has grown an extra head making it two.

“The money is for you to get a dress and shoe. Maybe make-up for the evening. ”

He said making me understand what he truly meant.

“Oh… Thank you sir.” I said packing my bag before running off like a wide dog.

Thank God he gave me time to plan and Mao out his death…

# Later in the evening

With my sleepy eyes, I drag myself into the bathroom to run my bath.

Am now perfect bathing without bathtube or shower stand.

After drying up myself, I wore my undies which are red.

Putting on the red grownπŸ‘— I bought with his money, I parried it up with a red heel — six inches heelπŸ‘ .

Using my golden earring and necklace which has a red pendant.

In the pendant, there’s a red smoke which add more beauty to it.

Using my red lipstickπŸ’„, I dye my hair dirty brown instead of wearing the wig.

Putting my phone and keys into my red purse πŸ‘›,I took it from my side table.

Walking out my apartment, people were busy looking at my dress before noticing it’s me that’s wearing it.

Their mouth hung opened when they realize the person in the gown.

Even those bitches couldn’t help but feed their eyes.

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I flug a cab giving the cab man the location I am heading too, he took off after reading the location I want…

Stepping out of the taxi, cameras couldn’t stop doing their click click with Flash of light.

I was busy doing my elegant catwalks when my phone rang.

I don’t want to spoil the show I have started, so I continue my catwalk until am out of the press sight.

Walking to a side, I bummed into someone little to say.

Looking down at the person, I found out it was a small girl with tears coming down her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” I asked squatting to her level.

“He took me away from my dad.”she said pointing to the picture she was holding.

Looking down at the picture, I found out it was Wellington picture.

Like seriously! This man again, I thought looking at the small girl.

Am very sure she would be nine years old or ten years old. She is too lean.

I mean she has lost so much weight to say. Maybe he is making her go through hell.

“Don’t worry, I will take you to your dad.” I said and she nodded cleaning her face.

” Stay at my house till am done.” I said taking her to the cab man who just dropped me.

“Take her to where you took me, just call this number as she would take her to my apartment. ”

I said giving him Mary’s number before walking away from him.

I picked Mr Wellington call moving to a quiet place.

πŸ“± “Hello sir.” I said in a polite voice even if I want to snap his neck.

πŸ“²”Are you there already Anna?” He asked.

πŸ“±”Yes, am at the entrance. “I answered smiling at the death that’s going to kill him today.

πŸ“²”Okay tell the bouncer you are my guest and move down through the left.

You will see a door, open it and you will find me there. “He said.

I did like he has said I should. Reaching there, I met him and a lady who he later introduce as his wife.

What a perfect time, I thought smiling at them while slipping my drink.

“Darling, I have to pick this call. See you in an hour,” she said walking out of the room.

I was about leaving also when I was pushed back roughly on the bed.

“You are the Kylie Bibber I have been looking for!” He yelled holding my neck really tight…

πŸ’” Revenge πŸ–€

πŸ’£ Mission πŸ’£

(πŸŒƒJust one nightπŸŒ‘)

By Authoress Fik kyβœπŸ»πŸ“πŸ“š

πŸ‘  Chapter 18 πŸ’”

βš”οΈ Kylie POV πŸ’…

I was about leaving also when I was pushed back roughly on the bed.

“You are the Kylie Bibber I have been looking for!” He yelled holding my neck really tight.

“It.. to… ok… You… Long… Enough… To… Fi… Gure… Out.” I shuttered due to the way he held my neck.

“Of course yes, it took me so long to figure out but I will make sure I kill you today! ”

He yelled squeezing my neck the more while I gasp for air.

I kicked his balls making him fall off me while I hit the ground with a loud whine.

Standing up, I started taking slow and steady breath while I clean the sweat that were forming around my forehead.

He really knows how to squeeze live out of someone, I thought coughing out nothing.

Something flash infront of me, all I was thinking of was to doge which I did.

Too late, the knife he threw only scratch a little bit of my arm.

“You could have done that a little more better.” I said mocking him.

With anger written on his face, he walks towards me with full speed.

Before I have time to register what his next move was, a punch landed on my stomach.

Damn it, it hurt like hell, I thought returning it with a punch on his neck making him gag and move away from me.

“You know it’s twenty years now?”

I asked slipping out of the wine on the drawer while looking through the mirror.

“Of course it been twenty years have been waiting for today. ”

He said hitting my spinal cord really hard that I thought it would break.

I Yelp due to the pain coming from my back especially my spinal cord.

He held my hair drawing me back with it, had I known I should have used wig instead of my hair.

It hurt like hell that I can feel my hair ripping out of their root.

He said using my face to hit the wall. I felt my head throbbing really hard from headache.

Am very sure at the end of the day, I will end up with a broken nose and a splitted lips.

Also with a bruise face. My beautiful face will be gone.

He left my hands still using my face to hit the wall.

Taking that as an opportunity, I squeeze his balls making him Yelp in pain.

Am sure he is going to end up not been able to use his dick again.

When he left my hair, I used that as an opportunity to hit his lungs really hard that he spat blood.

We continue fighting till I make sure he is weak that he won’t be able to carry his hand.

Suddenly, his wife walks into the room seeing me holding knife against her husband.

“If you love your husband and yourself, close and lock the door. ”

I said ready to slay her husband throat when she comply to it.

I kept driving the knife into him making the design of my wish.

I kept using the knife on him except his head so that he can feel the same pain I felt when he killed my parents.

Taking the knife that he had threw on the wall, I sliced his throat.

Making blood gush out like newly opened tap.

He tried stopping the blood from gushing out using his hands but too late, he is lossing so much blood already.

His wife quickly unlock the door wanting to run away.

But I was quick to stop her by throwing the knife which slice her throat also.

Turning around to look at her, she was pinned to the wall by the knife.

I quickly erase the CCTV cameras all for the day then jumped through the window making the glass break.

Seeing the perfect job I have done, I jumped in again tearing my own thigh while I remove the gloves I used.

I dip the gloves into my dress and lay myself under the bed pretending to be scared till his men arrive.

Even his men where Happy he is Dead that they started jubilating.

The police men came in and they stopped jubilating pretending to be dad.

I was taken to the hospital while the dead bodies were taken to where I don’t know about.

# Minutes later πŸ™ƒ

The police men came by and I told them lies about what happened which they believe.

Rolling my eyes at the doctor which entered into my room.

“Can I please get discharged?” I asked taking off the tubes and wires he have passed into my body.

“No ma’am, you should at least wait for some days or even weeks.”

The doctor said trying to hold me down.

“I won’t say it twice.” I warned playing with my hair while looking into the mirror.

” But… “He couldn’t say the remaining words in his mouth because of the face I gave him.

# some minutes later 😌

“Stupid people!” I hissed dusting my dress and body as I walk out of the hospital.

The minutes I stepped out of the hospital, different flash of cameras and their light.

I have to close my eyes as a result from the flashes of light.

“Ma’am can you please tell us what really happened to Mr Wellington and his wife? ”

A lady asked from my left. I looked at my left to find a short looking girl holding up her camera.

Hmmmmmmmm…What kind of answer can I give her? I thought looking forward to the space.

“Go ask your boyfriend what he sees in fucking you.”

I said near her ear making colours drain out of her face.

“Can you describe how the killer looks?” Another asked making fake hurt.

” If you can describe how your fiance d**k looks like.” I said getting into the waiting taxi.

” Good luck at finding who it is.” I said closing the door…


Finally Thank God Wellington is goneπŸ€ΈπŸ’ƒ

Fear well to him as he go down to hellπŸ˜πŸ’ƒ.

Spare him just a second of your time to comment RIP Wellington 😌

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