November 29, 2021

Hiss nagging wife episode 2




( My pastor is my God)

True life story

Aishat short story series

Written By Aishat kemisola (Three star)

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Episode 2

Cathrine p.o.v😞

Sister Cath you came late today my pastor asked me. Father I was very busy that’s why I replied.

Sister Cath your mother called and report you to me, she said you’re not making her Happy at all my pastor said.

The nerves of that woman. Am not even sure she’s my biological mother cause she’s too dumb for my liking.

Sister Cath I just asked you a question my pastor said. I burst out into tears. Pastor, you knew am gentle and hardly talk.

There’s nothing I do in that house that my mother like. She always treat me like an half cast in my father’s house. Just because I have not gotten married I said faking tears. Oh am sorry for that sister Cath.

Did you believe there’s nothing Good cannot do my pastor asked.

Yes father I believe in him, that’s why I serve him with my heart I replied him. How far with the fasting I gave you he asked.

Oh am done with it since yesterday I replied.

That’s nice, make sure you see me after service for some prayer points he said. Ok father. Thank you sir.


Mother what’s the meaning of the rubbish you did this morning I asked my mother. My did rubbish, Cathrine did you realize am your mother she yelled.

And so look here I came to your office to issue you a warning. Don’t dare report me to my pastor again.


said and walked out. I pity the man that’ll marry you she said but o ignore her, I need to see one of my boyfriends.

Samuel p.o.v🤴

I woke up around 4:30am work calls. The bitch I carried home yesterday wrap her hand around my waist and I gentle remove it. The girl really tried. But she’s not as sweet as my babe happiness.

That girl is a pack of seduction am happy she’s mine and only mine. Talking about happiness I haven’t called her since yesterday and I have been busying her calls.

I haven’t been a good boyfriend to her and it wasn’t my fault she knew am a Playboy before she accept to be my girlfriend.

She’s very gentle and reserve she’s very gentle that I always think if she’s a human sometimes.

I might be pretending as if I don’t care about her but I really care about her cause I love her Alot. I went inside the bathroom and freshing up.

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I came outside and the bitch is still sleeping. I tap her gentle on her lap and she wakes up. Good morning beauty I greet.

Morning handsome she replied. I hope you enjoy your self yesterday I asked her and she blushed. Fool, it morning already I need to go to work I said.

Oh you can go and I will wait for you she replied. What did you mean by you will wait for me i Asked her.

We can go another round if you come back you know she said seductively.

Oh didn’t they tell you I don’t f*ck girls twice I said.

Didn’t I satisfied you enough yesterday or am not beautiful enough she said biting her lips. Hey stop bitting the innocent lips.

I have a girlfriend and she must’nt meet you here I said and her face fell.

Is she more beautiful than I am she asked. Hey don’t compare yourself with happy,

she’s not like you. She’s not a bitch like you I said. Am not a bitch I followed you here because I love you she said.

You followed someone you don’t Know home. You’re nothing but a bitch.

Am going to take my breakfast and I don’t want to meet you here when I come back I said and went out.

Happiness p.o.v🤩

Mum you didn’t told me you’re coming o asked my mum. Aren’t you happy to see me she asked.

Mum am very happy am just surprised you came to visit me you’re a very busy person and you hardly have my time I said.

Yeah happy when Will you give me my grandchildren mother asked. Mum is that why you’re here I asked her.

Yes am not getting any younger she replied. Very soon mum I replied.

Is it Samuel that’s delaying you or you’re the one that is not ready mother asked. Mum don’t worry very soon. We will give you your grandchildren,

I will talk to Samuel. Samuel is not at fault but I am the one I said. You better do fast cause am not getting any younger she said and carry her bag from the table.

Mum don’t tell me you’re leaving I asked her. Yes my darling I need to go to the office mother said. Mum you need rest.

You’re always working am your only child and am capable enough to take care of you I said.

I need to take over my husband properties since you’re not ready to take care of it mother said and went out.

Ma’am there some women are outside waiting for you my personal assistant said. Really what did they want from me I asked.

They need your help she said. They need help and you keep them outside. Let them come in I said. Alright ma I will be right back.

Come back here I told you times without number not to use ma for me again. We are age mate am happiness not ma.

Understand I asked her and she shake her head.

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