Home Alone

Home alone episode 10

Home alone episode 10
Continues from the last episode
We remained in that s₱0t for a while. Her head resting on my shoulder and one third of her massive b-obs pressed against me.
Me: *cleared my throat* you told me yesterday that we have something important to discuss, something that has to do with my performance in school.
Fatima: please don’t be angry with me. I did so because I am always lonely, no friends so I lied just to get you here with me.
Men!! Like seriously? Why me? I am the cutest guy in Port-Harcourt, not the richest and not also the most friendly type of guy but what ever made her choose me to keep her company, I will be damned not to give praises to that thing. Be it an idol, a person or just a reason.
Fatima: I know you must be thinking less of me. Is alright, you can still go home if you want.
It was then I realised that I was quiet for a long time.
Me: no, don’t get it all wrong. It’s just that am somehow surprised and happy. You choose me to keep your company and I will try my best to do so.
Fatima: thanks.
She said and relaxed more on my body. I used summoned the courage to and threw my left hand around her, waiting for a while, she didn’t push the hand away and I was glad.
Using my other hand, I took the remote control. Since the cartoon they have been showing is over, I decided to check on JOY TV to see if they are being displaying any action film.
However, I made a mistake in pressing thee station’s number or maybe I didn’t. In our DSTV, joy Tv was stationed at number thirty. Thinking her was same as ours, I just pressed the number thirty on the remote and kept the remote at the table in front of me.
A channel that I know very well that isn’t Joy tv popped out and was displaying the legendary film, “SPARTACUS”. I was shocked to the bones, though they haven’t started their s€× scenes, it looked as if I am familiar with that Tv channel not knowing that I was searching for Joy tv.
Fatima: spartacus.
She giggled and for a minute, my hand stopped in its fluid motion of picking the remote to change the station.
Fatima: this movie is interesting. Have even watch all seasons.
I will be damned not to say I am surprise as my Jaw dropped.
Me: that makes us even. Have you watched “GAME OF THRONES”?
Fatima: yea, all season.
I started calling many seasonal s€× movies and she had either watch all, or stopped half way. We were still in our discussion when the mo-ning from the Tv drew our attention as Dominus was rewarding his triumphant gladiators with wh-res.
The s€× scene on the Tv became so tensed I didn’t know that her hand was on my crotch. She started m-ssaging my beast through my trouser and it rose to full length.
Fatima however withdrew her hands, I guess she is shy but men, I gat to do everything within my power to score THREE POINTS with this s€×y teacher of mine.
I waited for a while, looking at her with the side of my eyes. I made sure she was about to turn and say something to me when I tilted my head towards her and engage her in a hot k-ss.
This way, I made it look as if it was a coincidence of our faces turning at same time. She didn’t break off the k-ss and men! She was a great k-sser. Just then, she withdrew her head and looked sideways. One could easily tell that she is still feeling guilty some way.
Fatima: sorry Idris, we shouldn’t be doing this.
I gave a short laugh. This is a perfect example of “THE FLESH IS WILLING BUT THE SPIRIT ISN’T WILLING”
fatima: why are you laughing?
She asked but i cut her short with another k-ss, then this time around, I pinched her n-pples and she mo-ned into our k-ss before she shifted back again.
Fatima: sorry, we shouldn’t..
Me: *placing a finger on her l-ips* shhhhhh!! That’s the reason why you called me here, I know. Truth is, I love you and think you are s€×y. So don’t be feeling guilty over nothing.
Her eyes popped out and before she could speak, another k-ss came from me again. Only more hærd this time around. To my frustration, she withdrew from the k-ss, stood up and poked her tongue out to me.
Knowing what she is about to do, am fully in to play with her. I dived in an effort to catch her but to my surprise, she dodged me and ran upstairs.
I quickly followed her, she opened the door to a room I guess to be her bedroom and I made it just in time before she closed the door. Without thinking wise, I dived towards her and we both  landed on her king sized bed as i attacked her with a hot k-ss.
The k-ss we shared together was so hot that my l-ips felt like burning. I love this hot and s€×y teacher of mine.
With great joy and happiness, she didn’t break off the k-ss this time around and wanting to take it to another level, my hands moved downwards as i grabbed her two gigantic br-ast.
Boy oh boy! She wasn’t wearing any b-ra as expected so I gently squeezed her br-ast while she gave a slight mo-n.
Her b-obs were so soft, I tacticaly raised her gown up and she surprisingly stood up with her two hands up in the air signifying i should remove the gown for her.
With much pleasure, I removed the gown and threw it to God knows where. She was wearing a yellow p-nt and wow, she looks so hot. I never knew that this woman is well endowed.
That is because of her clothes. She do dressed neatly and fashionable but as a Muslim, her clothes are not too tight hiding her accessories very well.
Fatima: will you sit down and look at me all day?
She asked and my cheeks turned red, I never knew I took much time starring at her beautiful body. I lay her gently on the bed as I k-ssed her again, before k-ssing her earlobes and her neck.
Fatima: oh yea, make me feel like a woman once again..
She mo-ned and I smiled. I planted k-sses all the way till I landed on her b-obs. Starting with the left, I made sure I lick round the aeroles before take the t-t in,side my mouth.
Fatima: ouchhh!!
She exclaimed as I bit her t-t. I smiled and continued my mouth magic on her t-t while playing with the right one in between my fingers. After spending much time on the left t-t, I could sense the right one growing jealous so I quickly changed over to the right t-t and played with the left.
Fatima: oh Idrisss, you are so good, oohhh yeeaa!
She mo-ned and I feel like showing her how good I am. I left both t–s and traced my way to her crotch planting k-sses along the way.
I got to her p-nt covered p—y and I could see her swollen l-ips from the cotton like material. I traced her p—y l-ips with my fingers and she jerked upwards.
I smiled, then drew her p-nt down until I finally got rid of the p-nt. Her p—y was hairy, though not bushy. Well anyhow, I wanted to show this s€×y teacher of mine how good I am so nothing is going to stop from doing that.
I wanted to attack the p—y with my tongue when she held my face quickly.
Fatima: what are you doing?
Me: erm, trying to taste your p—y.
Fatima: yuckk, that is disgusting.
Me: wait, you haven’t had your p—y eaten before?
Fatima: yes of course. My husband doesn’t do that and I find it disgusting and wait, you know that is my pee h0le right.
Me: yea but relax, you will love it.
Fatima: can we just skip this process?
Me: no.
I said and forcefully opened her closed legs. Without waiting for any opposition, I took one of her libias in my mouth and s—-d it pretty hærd.
Fatima: ohhh, ahhh, please stopp, it..it… feals goood, ahh.
She mo-ned and I interchange the libia. I took the second in,side my mouth and s—-d it pretty hærd. She started to shout
Fatima: Don’t stopp…i love uu..don’t stop please..
She was now shaking and I knew that she is close. Without any further delay, I took her most sensitive part, her c–t in between my teeth and my face was splashed by wave of wave of o—-m.
Fatima: my gawwd… i feel like dying.. This is soo good. Ahhhh!!
I can’t help but laugh. Seriously? She feel like dying. Well let her wait, I still have three points to score.
Fatima: *recovering from her massive o—-m* I haven’t felt that way before. This is my first o—-m, thank you Idris.
Me: you’re welcome.
I said astonished. It seems her husband isn’t that good on bed.
Fatima: alright, I heard the girls talking about the beast. I think its high time I see it for myself.
What!! To say I was embarrassed and shy was an understatement. So those f—–g girls have been gossiping about me in school. D–n.
Fatima: don’t worry about those girls. Just bring out the beast and ravage my p—y now.
Me: with pleasure.
She think she can handle the beast, then lets give it a try.  I removed my boxer and the beast sprang up joyfully.
Fatima: Allah-Wu-a-kubar

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