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Home alone episode 13

Home alone episode 13
They both walk to us, Rose coming to me and Ruth moving over to Samuel.
I held Rose close to myself and gave her a deep k-ss. This is my first time of having a group s€× and oh yea, my adrenaline rush is high.
Samuel not wanting to take last decided to step up a bit as he removed the top of Ruth and she was clad in her b-ra and short skirt. Without wasting time, he removed the b-ra and her small b-obs were free from their prison.
Well, since this is gradually turning into a competition, I also removed the shirt and b-ra of Rose and started s-cking her little b-obs.
One thing about the twins is that their b-obs are pointed though little.
Rose: yeah baby..yeah yeah yeah.
Ruth: wuu ooh ahhh.
She mo-ned and I laughed. This is the first time I will hear her mo-n and it sounds funny. I switched b-obs and Samuel did same. Looking at each other with the corner of our eyes, we s—-d on the b-obs so hærd that they slapped us hærd.
I k-ssed my way down her stomach and removed her skirt, she was clad in a white p-nt. I looked at Samuel and he had removed her skirt too, both wearing white p-nties.
Now time to score the hat trick, without warning, I attacked her p—y with my mouth.
Rose: ohhh my gawdddd!!!!
She shouted and gave out her first o—-m.
Samuel: d–n, you just…you just….disgusting.
Me: maybe that’s what you think.
I said and began to eat her p—y again while Samuel watched in surprise. I paused and looked at Ruth and she threw her face away in jealousy.
I made sure I took my time in licking her libias before taking in her c–t and again, I was blessed with another wave of o—-m.
Rose: oh..oh…. Idris I love you you.
She breathed down and stood up.
Rose: common Samuel, eat her p—y.
Me: yeah do it.
Samuel: I… I can’t.
Ruth sighed, obviously she was in need of a head.
Rose: d–n Ruth, you are missing it big time.
Ruth: *disappointed* I know but he will never do it.
Me: lemme help.
I said and her eyes shone happily. Rose gave the go ahead signal and I walked up to Ruth.
Me: just close your eyes and enjoy.
I said and she did close her eyes. Then my magic tongue came and she gasped. I licked her slit, took the libias one by one from the left to the right and back to the left.
Ruth: gawdddd… There’s no….no…nothing like this, so…so…sweet.
She mo-ned out loud and I stopped.
Me: if you continue that, the neighbours will be here in no time.
Ruth: sorry!!!
She said and before I could say Jack, my head was buried deep into her p—y and her legs crossed over my head (submission style).
If I am not careful, then I will definitely pass away soon. Breathing is even a problem, I was just breathing in her sweet p—y scent.
Without wasting any time, I took her little c–t in my mouth and pinched her n-pples with both hands.
Ruth: I…dris…I…dris… I…I…I…dris… you you have arghhhh!!!!
She shouted again as another wave of o—-m hit her and she released me.
I started breathing hærd and she was doing same.
Ruth: *recovering from her o—-m* wait samuel, you definitely need to be giving me a head. So you have been cheating on me all these while?
She asked in a serious tone.
Samuel: how?
Ruth; don’t gimme that crap. I will s-ck your d–k but you don’t return the favor.
She said in an angry tone while me and Rose were laughing. Samuel agreed to be giving her a head and we all moved to the next stage.
Me and Sam but removed our cloth and this is the first time I will be seeing him unclad. We are almost similar in structure both in abs too but the BEAST was far bigger than his.
Ruth: jeezzz, Rose don’t tell me you have been taking…taking…that monster c–k and you’re still fine.
Rose: *sighed* you have seen things for yourself. The beast is filled with pleasure and and painsss.
She said and I grinned wickedly.
My friend Sam was dumpfounded as he couldn’t speak.
Sam: no wonder most of the girls in school are all taking about you, you are beast menn..
He said and I smiled. His own d–k is big, long and meaty but mine is another case entirely.
Ruth: don’t keep me waiting, come and stick your d–k in here.
She said to Sam pointing at her vag-nal. Samuel walked up to her, lay her on the floor and with one stroke, his d–k was in,side her and he started f—–g her slowly and passionately.
Ruth: oh my… Yes… Just like that, I loveee it.
She mo-ned out and he continued f—–g her deep but slower.
I moved to my awaiting Rose and placed her on the floor also without wasting time, I thr-sted deep into her.
Rose: ouchh…. Ummmm.. Ohhr…
I pushed h-rder and half of my d–k was in,side her now. Still not satisfied, I pushed even h-rder till I hit her rock bottom, the last place my d–k can ever reach and now, she have almost taken everything in,side of her.
Rose: arghhh….. I… I…. I… Am full. Don’t dare move an inch, don’t dare even move an inch.
She mo-ned and came again. I withdrew my d–k and thr-sted into her again. She was so tight that my Beast was literally tearing her p—y into two. I could feel her raw flesh, tearing w¡der and w¡der to accommodate my beast.
Rose: my gawddddd…… I am damned ooo, ouch… Ouchh ouchh, idris ooooo!!!
I looked at Sam and he was still busy, Rose was closing her eyes as wave and wave of orgasmic bliss hit her.
I gave him a nod and he understood. We turned them and made them stoop on all fours. Rose was directly facing Ruth as I entered her from behind while Samuel entered Ruth from behind too.
Ruth: argh, f–k me Sam..
F–k me h-rder I love you!!!!!
She mo-ned as Samuel hit her hærd from behind. With one hærd stroke, I hit Rose rock bottom with pressure and she jolted.
Not knowing what to do, she held her sister and gave her a deep k-ss as I rammed her from behind.
The sight of the two sisters k-ssing each other was so d–n hot and I could feel my o—-m build up.
Samuel: Agg… Argh… Oh yeahhhh. Ahm
He mo-ned as he emptied his load in,side Ruth. I couldn’t hold it anymore, I pushed my d–k so hærd into Rose that she scre-med in pains and I began to pour in in,side of her.
Me: yeahhhh….. Oh yeahhhhhhhh…..
I mo-ned endlessly.
We all laid on the floor. Me and Samuel’s d*cks were limp, Ruth breathing hærd and Rose’s legs spread wide apart to allow air in.
Ruth: holy sh.it!!!!!!!!
She scre-med at the sight of her sister’s p—y which was now very wide but closing rapidly.
Ruth: d–n you Idris. You are destroying my sister’s p—y. Just look at the size of that thing for goodness sake.
Rose: am just tired, I can’t even feel my legs. It’s like he was forcing his way all up to my womb.
Me: oh, so sorry about that.
Ruth: what’s the time?
Me: few minutes to seven.
I said after checking my phone.
Ruth: our telenovela will soon start, got to go.
Samuel: you and this your silly telenovela enh.
Ruth was already standing up, she wore her cloth but Rose couldn’t stand. Her sister helped her up and also helped her with dressing up.
Ruth: next time, you f–k her slowly, now I know the reason why she comes home limping sometimes.
Me: hi hi captain, will f–k her slowly next time.
Ruth: very good.
She said and went out with her sister who just kept quiet. Me and Samuel stood up and wore our cloth before we sat down to watch cartoon this time around.
Sam: d–n, ur d–k big o.
Me: yours is big too.
Sam: no, you get monster c–k. No wonder.
Me: no wonder wetin?
Samuel: nothing, I don dey go.
He said and we both shook hands before he ran out. Wow, today’s group bang was amazing. Day 1 being home alone.

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