Home Alone

Home alone episode 16

Home alone episode 16
Continues from the last episode.
Me: I love you.
I said again without thinking. She was caught unaware and kept quiet for a long time that I became shy.
Me: am so…so…sorry.
I stammered in shame as she was still quiet. Seriously, I don’t even know my true feelings towards her Love or Lust?
I know that I love Bella with my heart and will like to keep a relationsh¡p with her but, the BEAST is also throbbing, trying to enter a v-h0le. That should be lust.
But be it love or lust, What I felt for Bella, I haven’t felt so for any other girl before.
I was still deep in thought and didn’t know that Bella has parked all her books and was standing at the door post.
Bella: Idris I will be going now.
She said and I stood up immediately, we both came outside and as I was locking the door, Amaka passed by.
She stopped, looked at me, looked at Bella and me again. She gave a long hiss, eyed me and then walked away.
I was fortunately enough as Bella was on a phone conversation so didn’t she take note of Amaka looking at her wickedly.
Me: we can now go.
I said and we both walked away.
Bella: I thought I heard someone hissed? Was it that girl that passed by?
Me: yeah. We are both having problems that’s why.
She kept quiet till we reached Bori camp gate where she found a Taxi going over to her side. I payed the taxi driver and watch as the taxi zoomed away.
I ran back home and fortunately, Samuel and Amaka was sitting outside discussing. As soon as Amaka saw me, she wanted to run away but I was quick enough to catch her by her hand.
Me: Amaka we need to talk.
Amaka: talk about what?
Me: about Bella, the girl you saw me with.
Amaka: oh that pr-stitute, go on.
I nearly slapped her but decided to keep my cool for now.
Samuel: Bella, the one in our class?
Me: yes, she came here.
Samuel: to do what?
Amaka: to f–k him of course.
Samuel turned to her with disgust.
Samuel: Bella isn’t a w—e. She is one of the most discipline girl in our school.
Me: yes, thank God you saw her with her physics book because we were working on our assignment.
Samuel: abeg gimme your key.
Me: why?
I asked giving him the keys.
Samuel: I need to copy the assignment. Me and my mum go fellowsh¡p the time wey Bella come here.
He said and ran off. I held Amaka’s hand and apologized to her but she wasn’t buying it. I wanted to kneel down and beg when she held me and took me up.
Amaka: is alright.
Me: so have you forgiven me?
Amaka: maybe.
Me: common, why maybe?
Amaka: there’s something you need to do to seal your forgiveness.
Me: which is?
She gave a naughty smile, licked her l-ips and looked at my crotch. Now I understand her, and yeah I love her way of forgiveness.
Without any further delay, we both dashed in,side our house and Samuel started laughing.
Sam: dem they pursue una.
He said as he took my physics book, winked at me before leaving. Before I could say Jack, Amaka was already on top of me, k-ssing me very hærd.
I held her tight and gave her a deep k-ss that lasted for several minutes.
Realizing the door was left open, I left her and hurried to the door which I quickly bolted before coming back to see Amaka struggling with her dress, she was trying to take them off.
Amaka: finally.
She said and breathed down in relief as she threw her leggings to God knows where. She removed her little shirt and unhook her b-ra quickly too.
Amaka: don’t just stand there looking at me, common pull of your cloth and plug the beast in,side of me. Heavens know that I have missed you.
I just smiled at her funny words, didn’t take up to three minutes for me to stand fully unclad before her.
I walked towards her, held her and carefully placed her on the floor. Knowing what I wanted to do, she spread her legs wide apart for me making my job easier.
Without wasting time, I started eating her little pink p—y. She was singing in different tones but that didn’t stop me. I was busy eating and placing my tongue on everything down there. Lastly my tongue got to her c–t and it didn’t take long for her to mess up the floor with her orgasmic fluid.
Amaka: *breathing hærd* haa…I missed you…but I missed the beast more.
I ins**ted the tip of my d–k into her p—y and she squirmed in ecstasy. I pushed half of my length in,side of her and she raised up her back and mo-ned out loudly.
Before I could say Jack, she quickly rolled me over and climbed on top of me in the cowgirl position. Then she held my chest and descended slowly on my d–k till I hit her rock bottom.
We both looked down together and few inches of my d–k was still outside. I wanted to push it all in by raising my wa-ist but she also moved up and maintained the length in,side of her.
Now I know what she is up to, she is afraid of getting hurt. Moving her h¡ps to and fro, grinding her p—y on my d–k and letting her p—y fluid flow on my g—n, I mo-ned out endlessly.
Then she decided to pick up the pace as she started bouncing on my d–k.
Amaka: oh…f…fu…f–k… oh…f–k…
Were the words that kept coming out of her mouth. She started bouncing up and down my d–k. Her p—y wall remain tight, very tight that the beast in,side of her felt it was being strangled.
Amaka: I am c-mmminngg!!!!!
She shouted and came heavily on me, then it flower and made a pool on the floor as she collapsed on my body.
Amaka: I love you……I love you.
Were another set of words that came out of her mouth. She stood up and turned around, 180° degrees, in a reverse cowgirl position and continued bouncing on my d–k.
The sight of those massive ass bouncing on my d–k with fury was too much I couldn’t hold it for long.
I held her ass and violently pushed upwards. Just like I felt before, my d–k hit her womb but with a little force, I pushed through the opening and she scre-med in hot pains.
Amaka: my tummy is on fire……
Mummy!!! Mummy!!!!
The tight feeling was just too much and I shot my load deep into her womb with my eyes shut.
Some minutes later, my limp d–k slipped out of her p—y as lay on the floor with tears in her eyes.
Amaka: that was why I was riding on you but you still found a way to hurt me.
Me: Amaka am…
She gave me a slap.
Amaka: that is what you always say after hurting someone.
Me: what is the slap for?
I asked holding my burning cheek. Trust girls slaps.
Amaka: that’s for hurting me.
Then she surprised me by giving me a k-ss, a hot k-ss.
Amaka: and that is k-ss is a thank you for the hot s€×. Wow, you were in my womb for real?
She asked leaving me in total confusion. The person that slapped me earlier just k-ssed me. I hope she is not growing nuts.
We both lay down resting for a while before she stood shakily and wore her cloth.
Me: i love your tight p—y. I live f—–g you and I love you too.
I said brainwashing her.
Amaka: me too honey, that’s why I was angry I saw you with another girl. Please promise me you will always be with me?
Me: I promise.
She smiled, wore her cloth, rub her p—y for a while as if to ease the pain she is feeling and walked out.
Then I burst into a round of laughter. Samuel also came in and started laughing.

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