Home Alone

Home alone episode 3

Home Alone Episode 3
Me: don’t tell me you are still scared of the BEAST.
Amaka: am not, only that it hurts a lot anytime you try putting more than half the total length in me.
I just sighed. Honestly none of my girlfriends and s€× mates could do better. That’s the reason why I do visit brothel sometimes. There was a time I banged this particular runs girl and she enjoyed it to an extent I was given a free ride.
Me: ok, I won’t put all the length you in you…
Amaka: promise?
Me: yes.
She spread her legs wide for me and I postioned the tip of the BEAST In her punani. Rubbed it around her punani to get it moist, I t—-t it in,side of her and she gasped.
Her p—y expanded as it tried its best, tightening its walls and milking the BEAST. Oh my poor BEAST, if my BEAST and her punani were to be alive, then her punani would have strangled my best to death.
I moved inch by inch till I got to the end of her p—y wall. I looked down and smiled.
Me: welldone, you have successfully taken more than half the length.
Amaka: *with eyes shut* I told you I’d take all one day, practice makes more perfect.
I smiled and started thr-sting into her little by little, when I saw that she has gotten used to my d–k in,side of her, I started banging her really really hærd.
Amaka: ouchhh! Ouchhh!!!! Eeasyyyyy!!! Ouchhh! U rr hitting myyyy womb!!!!!
She mo-ned and shouted as her first wave of o—-m took her under massive shock. Still maintaining almost half of my d–k outside, I don’t want a situation where someone’s father will come and hold me responsible for crippling his daughter, I banged her at an average speed.
It hasn’t been up to twenty five minutes when I last c-mmed so I was expected to last twice as long.
I turned her to d—-e style. Her legs and hands were on the couch while I was standing behind her.
From behind her, I located her p—y and entered her again with the same length she was able to take. With my work made easier for me, I grabbed both butt cheeks as I slammed in and out of her p—y.
Amaka: BEAST!!!!!!!!!!! BEAST!!!!!!!!! youuuu arrree killing meeeeee!!
She mo-ned and triggered the devil controlling my BEAST. I was high, lost in pleasure and ecstasy, in my ultimate bleeping mode, I turned her and raised her up.
We were now standing as i raised her up with my two hands. I took her to the wall for support, my two hands holding her two legs. She used her hand to grab BEAST and guide it to the entrance of her punani.
Since my both hands were holding her legs, I didn’t know when I thr-sted deep into her, more of my length that she could take all entered in,side her.
Amaka: ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
She scre-med in pure pains. The new feelings I got when almost all my d–k was buried in,side her made my d–k to become double in size as I shot my c-m deep into her deepest part.
I quickly brought out my BEAST and little drop of blood was at the tip of it.
Amaka: *crying* am hurt, my stomach is on fire, why did you that.
Me: sorry, it wasn’t intentional.
I helped her and took her to the couch where I lay her down. She was still crying. I helped in cleaning the house and she told me that her father will soon be back so I dashed out.
I was very weak and tired. Poor BEAST was tired too. My sp**m box need to be refill. As I got close  to our room, my vision became bury and I passed out..
I woke up weakly and my mum was sitting besides me. She was very worried thinking something bad has happened to me.
Me: mum..
I muttered weakly.
Mum: Idris, oh thank God you are awake.
Me: yes mum, what really happened.
Mum: I was coming back from the shop when I saw you fell down from afar. I was so worried so I ran to meet you lying down unconscious and I took you in,side.
Me: ok mum, thanks but now, I am strong.
I said as I tried to get up.
Mum: wait, take this.
She said handing me a tin of peak milk and a bottle of maltina. I smiled, just the exact thing I need to refill my sp**m box.
I drank the malt and milk and within few minutes, I was totally revived.
I got to to our sitting room and my little brother was there watching sponge bob on the tv. I looked around and saw some of his books on the floor. Its obvious he is through with his assignments.
Farouk: bro Idris, you are awake thank God. Do you know you really got us scared?
I just smiled as I ignored his question and went outside. The wh0le place was dark and there was no light around.
Time check 8:39pm
The worst thing was that they was no light, the useless Nepa did not even bring light for us at all.
I decided to go and meet Samuel my friend. Since his room is next to ours, I got there and knocked. His mum came out and I greeted her.
Me: good evening ma.
Samuel’s mum: good evening Idris.
Me: please is Samuel in,side.
Samuel’s mum: no, he is at their Rose’s house.
Me: thank you very much.
I walked passed their samuel’s room, walked pass their Amaka’s room when I decided to stop and check on her.
*knocked on the door*
Mr Johnson came out and I greeted him.
Me: good evening sir, please is Amaka in,side?
Mr Johnson: yes he is. Amaka!!!
He shouted.
Mr Johnson: Idris is looking for you.
He said and moved in,side. Few minutes later, Amaka came out and we moved a little distance away from her house.
Me: I came to check on you, hope you are alright?
Amaka: yes but my p—y still hurts. Today’s s€× was something else. Please next time when you want to f–k me, take it easy please.
Me: alright but the feelings I got from your p—y drove me mad that’s why…
Amaka: *blushed* as if it’s not the same p—y you have been f—–g. Abeg let me go in,side and complete my assignment joor, tomorrow is school.
She said and entered in,side her house though she were holding the walls for support.
Just two rooms away from Mr David’s room (where Samuel is) that is Musa’s room and Jennifer’s room.
I was passing by Jennifer’s room when I heard a sound that made me stop. Hope you guys all know Jennifer, the s€×y young soldier that lived in room 5.
I was hearing mo-ns and soft sounds coming from in,side her house. Thank God, a rechargeable light was in,side her house. I peeped in,side through the window and what I saw drove me wild.
Jennifer was lying on a couch, she spread her legs wild. She was wearing a gown but the gown was short and with her legs wide enough, I could see her white and blue p-nt that was shifted to one side.
Then her middle finger was busy entering in,side her halfly exposed p—y. D–n, the site was so er*t*c. I never knew that Jennifer was into self servicing.
She kept fingering herself to an extent she started to shake vigorously and I knew she was about to c-m, within minutes, she exploded and bit a pillow in other for her not to shout.
I was still peeping when someone touched me on my shoulder, BUSTED!!
I instantly froze before turning around, oh my God… Not again,
Me: *whispered in anger* Samuel!!!
Samuel: *whispering* hahaha, wetin again.
I looked in,side and miss Jennifer has gotten up, she was cleaning the mess she made on her couch.
I looked at Samuel and I dragged him to a corner far from Jennifer’s room.
Me: thunder go fire you oo.
Samuel: na wetin I do again.
Me: thunder fire you! You just dey bust out dey spoil my show anyhow. You dey craze?
Samuel: see mumu o. You no go even thank God say na me. Imagine say na your mother abi na another person wey touch you, you go fit talk?
Me: make I no talk first, but abeg just leave me make I dey flex. I beg you in the name of God…
Samuel: no prob.
Me: how far with Ruth na.
Samuel: baba, I don score three point o (meaning he just fuc.ked her)
Me: wait o, how manage.
Samuel: you no see say na their place I dey come from?
Me: na true, your mother say you go there.
Samuel: yes na, I tell her say I dey go there but when I go, I surprise o. Rose and their parents commot go greet person.
Me: no wonder, that’s why you just dey dey score three points anyhow. We be the same be that. Me too don score three point with Amaka and joy.
Samuel: God forbid, I no dey like you o. My own three points na with my babe o. You too like to chooke your BEAST for every girl h0le.
Me: tarh, I get choice and moreover, na them dey come meet me, no be me dey meet them.
Samuel: I don hear but wait, sheybi today na the first time you dey see Jennifer dey self service?
Me: yes oo and I surprise.
Samuel: baba, you never start. She like am o, and the worst thing self be say she no dey carry man come her house, she go just dey do her thing by herself. I dey see her well well naw.
Me: hmm, I just dey think, Imagine how bleeping her go dey..
Samuel: I talk am, you like to chooke your thing for every girl p—y.
Me: hahahahahaha.
Mum: *shouting* Idris!! Tomorrow is school o, come and eat and have some sleep.
Me: baba, tomorrow we go see.
Samuel: ok naw, make I go rest.
We shook our hands and I ran home. Today has been a little bit adventurous for me but the part where I fainted remained a mystery to me.
I woke up with a smile on my face and walked to my parent’s room, my Dad was packing his clothes in,side a bag.
Me: good morning dad, good morning mum.
Dad and mum: good morning.
Me: are you going out to your duty post?
Dad: yes.
I sighed, unlike anyother duty post, My dad’s duty post isn’t in Rivers state. They do guard an oil pipeline in Bayesla so we get to see him thrice in three months or four months depending on the case maybe.
He has spent his three days with us and he will be out for another three months again. Well, we have gotten used to it. I mean he do get millions from guiding the oil pipeline.
Dad: have this, I will send more to you later.
He said giving me a bundle of one thousand naira notes. I smiled, thank him and left. Girls go suffer!
Within 30 minutes, he was done with parking and he entered in,side his car and drove off, I just love my dad.
Not up to an hour later, we were through with breakfasts and my mum took my little brother to his school with her car while I met Samuel and we both went to school at the same time.

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