Home Alone

Home alone episode 6

Home alone episode 6
Mrs Fatima: Idris!!
She called out and I turned back with a smile.
Me: good afternoon Mrs fatima.
Mrs fatima: aren’t you going home?
Me: yes I am going home ma.
Mrs Fatima: alright, hope in lemme drop you off.
Me: actually am with a friend, he is waiting for me at the school gate.
Mrs Fatima: you guys are going at the same direction right?
Me: yes ma.
Mrs Fatima: alright, enter the car. We will pick him up at the gate.
I dey like this kind of thing enh. No tp fare o. That means I go just use the tp money, even though na three sachet of c-ndoms, I go buy.
Me: alright ma, thanks a lot.
I followed her till we entered her cream colour camry car. Me sitting at the front. I quickly pointed at Samuel when we got to the gate of our school.
Me: that’s him over there.
Mrs Fatima: *with a wicked smile* I should have known its Samuel. Tell me, do you guys live in the same place?
Me: yes, we stay at Bori camp. The same block (flat) but different rooms.
Mrs Fatima: I thought as much, no wonder you guys come to school the same time and leave the same time.
I waved at Samuel and he came close to the car.
Samuel: good afternoon Mrs Fatima.
Mrs Fatima: good afternoon Samuel, hop in let me give you a ride.
Samuel: ok ma, thanks a lot.
She took us to Bori-camp’s small gate at rumuokoro where we stopped and alighted from her car.
Me: thank you for the ride ma….
Samuel: thank you ma, we are really gratefull.
Mrs Fatima: don’t be, just playing my part as a good citizen of this great nation.
She said with a wink that made us laugh.
Mrs fatima: ok dears, bye!! Don’t forget to come over tomorrow.
She said referring to me. Samuel ears got w¡dened and eyes almost popping out of their sockets. I knew that I was in for a lot of questions and answers.
Me: alright ma, I won’t forget.
I said and she nodded, started her engines and zoomed off.
Samuel: oga oo, start the explanation from genesis to revelation, book by book, number by number and chapter by chapter.
Me: *sighed* oh boy!!!
Me: *sighed* oh boy!!!
Samuel: I dey wait o.
Me: at least make we dey go house, I go dey tell you everything for road.
Samuel: ok.
We entered the gate and although I was very exhausted, I took my time in telling him everything that happened. How she called me into her office, how she removed her jacket and I was being tempted and how she invited me to her house. By the time I was done, we were already close to our block.
Samuel: na wow o, she give you the address of her place.
Me: yes oo, she even write am for paper give me.
Samuel: but wetin you think. You think say that woman dey fall for you?
Me: I no know o. Make we dey just dey watch and see the way things dey go. But that woman fine dey o.
Samuel: she package wella. What if she invite you to score three points, you go take.
Scoring three points is our coded language for (FVCK)
Me: I no sure o, na my teacher she be naw.
Samuel: yes you are right. Even if na me dey your shoe, I go think twice because just the way you use talk am, na your teacher she be. Make we just dey observe things first.
He said by now, we have gotten to our block. I saw Jennifer (the s€×y, hot, and young soldier babe in room 5) cleaning her apartment. Images of her masturbating flooded my memories and I smiled a mischievous smile.
Samuel also smiled as he knew the reason why I was smiling.
Me n Samuel: aunty Jenny good afternoon.
Jennifer: bobo Idris and handsome Samuel, how far na.
Me: aunt Jenny we dey o.
Samuel: this one you dey do house sanitation so, hope no prob.
Jennifer: just having a party at my place this night. I need dancers o, Idris can you come. Even you too Samuel, can you guys make it?
My system boot, reboot, reboot and reboot again. In fact my head burst, and burst and burst again. For those of you that are not in PH (port Harcourt), you don’t know how PH house party use to be.
The amount of girls always supersedes boys. You’d rock, press b-obs and sometimes when it goes on overdrive, you did fu.ck and fu.ck and fvck.
Now truly speaking, I am good dancer, very good more than Samuel. I have been in a group known as the EXCLUSIVE DANCERS and we have been to many shows before.
I don’t know if she’s inviting me because of my dancing skills or for anyother thing else but all I know is that I am coming.
I looked at Samuel and he also looked at me with one thinking and we said..
Me and Samuel: we are coming…
Me n Samuel: we are coming..
we said in unison. A satisfactory smile
quickly appeared on her beautiful face.
Me: so aunty Jenny, when is the party gonna
Jennifer: the party will start by 11pm till
anytime you wanna go, maybe 6am or 5am
in the morning. Wait, hope your parents
won’t disturb you?
Me: no, I am a big boy now. I can sleep
I said while she laughed and turned to
Jennifer: what about you Samuel? I hope
your parents won’t shout at you.
Samuel: nay they won’t.
Jennifer: very nice. Lemme continue the
She said and continued her work while me
and Samuel walked to our separate room
with a smirk on our faces.
I entered in,side our room and my brother
was seating on the floor, eating fried yam
and was watching cartoon displaying on the
Farouk: welcome brother Idris.
He quickly greeted while I answered him
and walked to my bedroom. I quickly
removed my uniform, wore a red short and
a singlet and came back to the parlor.
Me: where’s mummy?
Farouk: she has gone to shop not long ago.
He said still focusing on the cartoon he was
watching. I simply entered in,side the
kitchen and opened the pots one by one.
One contained rice, the other contained
eguisi soup.
So it’s either I make eba to go with the
eguisi soup or rice, since I am not a fan of
eguisi soup, I quickly dished rice into my
plate and came back to the sitting room.
As I began to eat, my mind drifted back to
the party that will be taking place this night.
Wow, I am really glad that I will participate
in it.
But how will I use and come out of my
house by 11pm. If my dad was around, it
would have been mission impossible. But
my mum isn’t like my dad. She is an easy
going mum but she won’t allow me to come
out by 11pm.
Me: what about Samuel?
I asked still deep in thought. Samuel mum
isn’t like my mum. She is a little bit strict and
also won’t allow Samuel to come out.
This one we just agreed without even
thinking, how am I sure that we won’t
disappoint Jennifer.
Me: how am I sure that we won’t disappoint
Just then, my mum walked in,side with a
polythene bag in her hand.
Me: welcome ma.
Mum: Idris, so you are back?
Me: yes mum, not too long ago.
Mum: how’s school today?
Me: stressful but great.
Mum: hahaha, I know you’d say that.
She said and entered in,side her room. When
I was through with my food, I returned the
plate to the kitchen, took my bath and
walked straight to my bed where I fell down
and drifted to sleep.
Time check 8:30pm
I woke up, looked at the time and was
surprised. I have slept long and am really
grateful they didn’t wake me up or interfere
in my glorious sleep.
I got to the sitting room and my mum
looked up on seeing me.
Mum: sleepy head. Your food is in the
Me: thanks mum.
Mum: good thing you have over slept,
tomorrow you’ll have enough energy for
That was when it dawned on me that I
haven’t even tell her that we don’t have
school tomorrow which is Friday.
Me: no school for us tomorrow.
Mum: no school?
Me: yes.
Mum: ah, then you’ll be at home looking the
house in that case.
She said as I smiled. I entered in,side the
kitchen and still served myself with rice
again. I came back and ate the food before
sitting down with them watching a movie.
Time check 10pm
Mum: oya farouk. The time is 10pm, lets go
to bed if not tomorrow you’ll wake up late.
Farouk: oo mum, please lemme just watch
this movie, tomorrow is Friday naw.
Mum: and so?
Farouk: what about brother Idris?
Mum: Idris can stay, didn’t you hear that
they don’t have school tomorrow?
Farouk: mumm!!!
Mum: shut up, oya, lets go and have some
My mum said and took my little brother
away. I was d–n happy. I kept on
watching the movie with my eyes constantly
looking at the wall clock.
Time check 11pm.
I tiptoed and peeped in,side my mum’s
room, I was pleased when my mum was fast
asleep. She was even snoring, I guess today
has been over stressful.
I tiptoed out of the house quietly, wearing a
short and a cool top. I closed the door
gentle and with a smile on my face, I walked
to Jennifer’s room and when I entered
in,side, my eyes  popped out.
What did I see?
Find out in the next episode.

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