Hope and revenge episode 1



Beauty,they say lies in the eyes of the beholder.
But what happens when no eyes behold your beauty?

Alexandra Wallace has lived all her life fighting to achieve perfection just so she can can be accepted amongst peers and society.
But fate seems to have something else in store for her as she keeps bouncing back to her deserted self.
With time, depression and self esteem [email protected]£ Alexa’s daily meal as she continues to struggle to achieve what seems impossible..In the course of her struggles, William Wilson, in an attempt to save Alexa has the tables turned around as he is falsely accused of [email protected]£ and s£nt to jail.

After being re-leased from jail, an enraged William is determined to have his revenge on the Wallace family and thereby,disguises himself as their new driver.
But then what happens when William Wilson begins to discover dark secrets he was never meant to discover? William Wilson is torn between the bridge of revenge and love whereas Alexa is slowly drowning,drowning in her unquenchable quest to achieve the unattainable.

William Wilson and Alexandra Wallace
Two broken souls. Two disoriented lives.
A darkened heart and a drowning heart.
. When both meet, will it become the start of a new dawn.


Episode 1

The dark clouds hovered over the skies, the weather changing ra-pidly as thun-der rumbles dangerously.
Lightening strikes.
s£nding shivers down her spine. Strong wind blew, against every creature and building in it’s way.
People rushed helter skelter searching for a place to hide their heads.
Such impending heavy rain hadn’t befallen the town in a long time. As crazy as it may sound, she liked it. She liked the sound of the roaring thun-der and frightening lightening.
Because it rid her of her sorrowful thoughts.
It rid of any ounce of loneliness embe-dded in her heart.
So she stood, her feet strong and firm un-der the smooth marble floor of her room’s balcony.
Waiting. Waiting for the woman who was soon going to take her mother’s place.
The woman whom she was soon going to address as stepmother.
She cringes at the name.
She continues to stay still, not minding the way the strong wind blew her hair into her face.
Her gaze was intent.
As she continued to stare at the large bronze gate throu-gh which the woman and her daughter will walk throu-gh.
She stays quiet.
“ Alexa” the de-ep yet cool voice calls out to her again. She doesn’t budge, The person sighs behind her.
“Alexa honey
. I’m doing this for you”
Alexandra scoffs at that.
Why couldn’t he just say he was doing it for himself.

After all it had been just a year since her mother died and he was alre-ady bringing in another woman who had a child and was pregnant for him alre-ady.
She scoffs again, c*ressing the silver pendant around her n£¢k.
“Alexa love, plea-se try to un-derstand
. I’m doing this for you. I want you to have a mother figure in your life. Someone you can share your sorrows with”
Alexa let’s go off the railings she was holding on to and spins around to stare at her father, her eyes blazing with fury.
“I have you for that father. I have you to share my sorrows with. I don’t need a second mother. Why don’t you just admit you need another woman in your life so we can get over this?!”
She points an accusing f!nger to her father.
She was seventeen, not a kid who needed to be brea-st fed and had her diapers changed.
“No dad”
she steps away from him, shaking her head.
“ba-rely a year after mom died and you’re alre-ady bringing in a new one. That’s okay. You love her and that’s why you married her. Cool. I’m okay with that just don’t expect me to go down there to welcome her with a smiley face because I’m not good at pretending dad.”

She turns away to stare into space. Just then, the gate to the mansion opened as the gateman hurried to open them wi-der.
A pick-up filled with numerous bags and suitcases drove in.
Well, talk of the devil and she appears. Alexa stares at their belongings.
They looked like an entire extended family’s belongings. But no. They were just three.
A mother and children.
Alexandra soon hears retreating footsteps and she knew her father was going down to meet them.
She scoffs and looks away.


Alighting from the pick-up, she inhales heavily rolling her eyes and admiring the mansion before her with sheer greed.
Finally, after fifteen solid years, she was going to live in this mansion.
Finally she was going to enjoy the luxury she had waited so long for.
Finally after being the mistress and lover for fifteen godamn years, she was going to be the wife.

The owner of all the Wallace’s properties.
She turns to stare at her fifteen year old twin boys who had alighted as well and gawking at the beautiful house before them.

She grins.

“Yep. That’s right kids. This is gonna be your home from today”

Everything was hers now. Everything.

The money, the luxury, the fame, the power.

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Every fv¢king thing.
Now all she had to do was to get her soon to be husband to give her the power of attorney and sign off all his properties and bank accounts into her name.
Now that won’t be so difficult will it? Seeing as Henry Wallace was so in love with her.
So much so that he was re-ady to marry her just a year after his wife died.
She sm-irks.
The hvge [email protected] door slides open and talk of the devil.

Henry walks out towards them smiling.
She smiles back but then frowns when she notices his first daughter, Alexandra walking behind them, a de-ep scowl on her face.

From all indications, Alexa didn’t like her new stepmother.
Well she didn’t like to have a step daughter as well.
Because she didn’t want sharing the property with anyone.
She watches as three maids stroll out and begin to carry their belongings inside.

“Alexa honey, come say hi to your stepmother and brothers”
Henry gestures to his daughter who frowns de-eply.
She watches with keen interest.

If things go on like this, Alexandra will make things difficult for her.
Plastering a fake smile on her face, she beckons to Alexa.
Aww Alexa baby. You’re so pretty. Much more than you father had describe-d you. I promise I’ll treat you like my own and not like my step daughter. Come love”

she flutters her eyelashes.
Alexandra hesitates for a moment before walking past her father to hvg the woman.
Once she hvgged her, the older woman whispers into her ear.

“I’m gonna treat you like a princess”
Alexa frowns s-en-sing the negative vibe.

Why did she feel as though the woman didn’t mean any of what she just said? Her smile, sweet talks. Was so fake.
She could s-en-se it.
Everything about her was fake.
“Everything about you screams suspicion. I really hope you’re here for the right reasons, if not I’d make my father divorce you fas-ter than he married you. Watch your back”
Alexa sneers before she breaks away from the hvg.

She turns to find that her father and the twin boys who arrived with her supposed stepmother were talking and laughing, strolling into the house.

She frowns.

“It was nice meeting you dearest stepdaughter.”
Alexa hears the woman say.
She turns to find her grinning evilly.. What the… Before she could bring herself to form audible words, she suddenly felt herself being pushed r0ûghly.

Losing her balance, Alexa t©pples forward.. She was falling.
But not before she set eyes on the broken pieces of one of the flower pots aligning the lawn. Her eyes wi-den as she tries to still herself.
But then she felt someone push her [email protected] again and she fell [email protected].
The broken pieces of flower pot dug into her eyes.
She felt her own blood splashing into her face.