Hope and Revenge episode 11



I toss and turn on my be-d for the hundredth time.
It’s six pm now, time to take my bath or the tiny bathroom will be crowded.
This is even worse than high school when we used to bath together.
Because, here, while you bath they keep checking you out like some per-verts.
Gah! Disgusting.
I cringe.
I really need to get up but somehow my b©dy finds more comfort slee-ping on the floor.
I sigh.. My mind goes back to what transpired earlier today. I can’t believe I said those things to Alexandra.
I mean yeah, she’s the one who put me in prison but she totally didn’t deserve me insulting her in such a manner..
. Why am I feeling so guilty?.
Should I apologise? How do I even get to apologise? Will she even come to visit me again? I doubt.
With the way hurt flashed in her eyes, how her eyes watered and herl-ips trembled as she tried to keep her tears at bay yet failing miserably as the tears cascaded down her cheeks. How she desperately bowed her bead and covered her face with her scarf.
The memory of it all still haunts me I remember how we had first met at the club.
And she had told me how people mocked her.
I recall telling her they were nothing but scars and she had the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen.
And I wasn’t kidding.Her eyes are really beautiful.
So blue like the ocean, But there was one thing they lacked It was life. Her eyes lacked life.
Almost like there was so much sadness hidden behind them.
I sigh again.
No matter how much I despise her for what she did to me, no one deserves to be mocked or insulted with their shortcomings or flaws, That was so ungentlemanly her tearstained face haunts my mind and I gro-an .
When next she comes to visit which I’m not sure of, I’ll apologise.
And with that thought in mind, I manage to get on my feet, taking my sponge bag and tiny towel with me and head to the bathroom.


I wipe my face for the thousandth time and blink.
“I’m so sorry Alexa” Sophie says beside me patting my back.I shake my head.
“St©p apologising Sophie. You’re not the one who humiliated me”
“I know but still..”

“Yes never mind. I mean it’s been a year alre-ady and by now, I should be used to seeing people watch me with either curiosity, pity or disgust wherever I go. I should be used to hearing people make crude remarks about my scars behind my back. But I guess that’s not happening anytime soon. Oh I don’t know why Sophie but hearing Will make such comments about my face hurt me than all those ones made by strangers. It really hurt and…oh I felt so humiliated. So I run. I just run Sophie”
I sob uncontrollablly for the first time after arriving at her home three hours ago.
“Oh Alexa”
she pu-lls me towards her and I hvg her,needing the comfort I’m so thankful her parents are out of town.
“He’s just like the rest. I tried so [email protected] to make up for everything but he keeps pushing me away. When my father reopens the case, and hes re-leased,I’ll leave him alone”
I pu-ll back, wiping my face again.
“It’s late Alexa. You should go home, eat and have your medicines and rest okay?”
I nod. “Thank you Sophie”
“What are friends for?”
She smiles stro-king my hair.
“And you too Lydia, get up”
Sophie turns to Lydia and I don’t miss the slight anger in her voice.
I would have cared if it were another day but I’m too tired to care.
“Yeah yeah. Whatever. Take care lexy honey”
she b!ows a k!ssand gets up.
I get up,shaking my head.
I feel like I don’t know her anymore.
Lydia’s changed.
Too much.
I sigh.
“We’ll see you tomorrow guys”
I wave as Lydia and I step onto the corridor.


As Lydia walked home that night, she couldn’t help the smug smile on her face.
It was exhilarating, To see Alexandra in tears.
Somehow, she had managed to build a tough facade around her but magically this Will guy had managed to get her crying with just a few words.
Alexa never even cried when she received the news of her mother’s death.
Her face had remained [email protected] and straight,void of any emotions throu-ghout the funeral. She sm-irks.
Whoever this William guy was had managed to gain a special place in her heart which was why his words affected her so much.
Hmm,she thinks.
If William hated her and had hurt her with his words, why not add more petrol to the alre-ady blazing fire.
William’s hatred for Alexa could help her achieve so many things,So many.
So why not fuel his hatred for her? pu-lling out her small phone, she dials Alice’s number. It took a while before she answered.
“H..hi madam Alice, it’s me Lydia”
“I know, what do you want?”
“I was thinking..”
Lydia begins to explain her entire plan to Alice who In turn, listened to everything with unwavering attention.
There was a long pause after her narration.
“Hmm. Is that so?”
Alice finally asks

“So let me get this straight. You want me to use my husband’s influence to pay a few people in jail to beat up William in a way that he will believe it was Alexandra who paid them to kill him?”
“Precisely. That way, his hatred for her will increase and we can then use him as a bait”Lydia replies.
“Hmm. Brilliant plan but I’m not paying any prisoner to do that job”
“Sure. The payment you gave me the last time,I still have some left. I will take care of it. Just help me get some men in jail to beat up the boy”
“As long as you have the money,leave it to me. I’ll get a few boys in jail to do the job”
“Great. Thanks madam Alice”
Lydia hangs up feeling giddy with excitement. Now all she had to do was till morning for everything to fall in place.


“Get up! Up! You lazy prisoners!”
The loud thun-derous scream wakes me from my alre-ady poor sleep.
Ah! I rub my eyes and look around.
The sun is not even out yet.. It’s still dawn..what time is it? 3am? 4am? Is this the time they wake everyone everyday? Ah! I ba-rely sle-pt last night.
Judging from the fact that I had a [email protected] time trying to get comfortable in my little sp©t on the floor.
I was ba-rely able to sleep, having to curl my b©dy into a ball.
“Up! All of you! You got work to do.This is not your mama’s home!”
The annoying prison warden yells again hitting the prison bars with his stick creating a loud unplea-sant crinkling noise.. I hear gro-an s of displea-sure as everyone else tries to get up while the warden unlocks the cells.
“Get up! It’s 4am and move straight to the backyard. The [email protected] are grown. Divide yourselves into two groups. One group weeds and the other picks out food ingredients from the farm and s£nd it to the kitchen. Failure to do so and no one is eating today! Get the fv¢k up! [email protected] and hoes are at the backyard. Move it!!!”
The warden yells louder entering our cell and hitting the still slee-ping ones with his stick.
I swear if I had my way, I’ll kick the light out of his @ss.
But I can’t else I’ll be punished or worse, s£nt into isolation, a cell much stinkier than this one.
I grumble a million curses onto the annoying prison warden as I get up and follow the path where the other prisoners are headed.


Holding a [email protected] in hand,I stare at the long [email protected],blinking any remnants of sleep away.
The fact that we’re prisoners doesn’t make us any less of humans. I mean come on!.
Who’ll be ins£ntive enough to s£nd a bunch of-men, both young and old to a bushy area to weed at 4am with no lights? What if someone gets bitten by a snake? Or accidentally hits his leg with a [email protected]? Oh right. I forgot they don’t care because we’re tagged criminals.
Letting out a loud sigh, I bend and begin to weed.
I don’t get too far when something [email protected] hits my legs.
I ignore it, thinking someone must have hit a stone while weeding and the Stone ended up hitting me.
I continue to weed. Two minutes later.
Another stone hits me.
Again,I ignored
One minute later, another stone hits me, much [email protected] this time.
I frown dropping my [email protected].
If something reoccurs more than thrice then it’s no mistake.
“What the hell?”
I spin around only to come face to face with three dangerously tall and bulky men with skeletal tattoos all over them.
“Excuse me plea-se”
I say trying to avoid trouble and begin to move away to find a different sp©t to weed.
Suddenly, I receive a b!ow in my back.. I turn.
“The fv¢k you do that for?!”
I yell at them,enraged.
“Nothing,just catching some fun” one of them answers.
“I’m not the right person to have fun with”
“Ohh… I’m so scared”
the second guy laughs.
I shake my head.

They just want to provoke me and have a reason to make my stay in prison unbearable, but I’m not giving them that chance.
I turn to leave but then a strong arm gr-abs me, nails digging into my flesh.
“You don’t walk away when we’re still talking boy”
the third guy says. And that’s when I realise the humor in their eyes seconds ago was now replaced by a cold,[email protected] look.
“What do you want from me?”
I sign. I’m tired. Hungry and sleepy.
“Oh nothing. We’re just doing our job”
“Uh huh” third guy answers and it takes a while to un-derstand because I notice the shiny metal peeking from his clothes.
He pu-lls it out and li-cks the sharp edges.
It’s a knife.

“W..who s£nt you?”

I gulp [email protected]

“Oh,you’ll know in due time. You know her though”

“Her? A woman? But why? I.. Mean..”

I pause, searching for words but my [email protected] seems stuck.

“Let’s make this quic-k yeah? Sorry Willy boy,we got nothing against you.

. We just doing out job. You know, orders from above. It’ll be painful but for a little while and it’ll be over”

“Who s£nt you?! Tell me who paid you to kill me?!”

I shout, hoping someone will come to my rescue but everyone seems busy weeding. Either that, or they’re too scared to help me.

“If you insist we’ll tell you. It’s a certain rich man’s daughter named…”

He pauses stepping closer, the other two men holding me still.

I struggle against their hold.

“Her name is Alexandra Wallace. In other words, Alexa. That’s how you call her right? Yep”

What? fv¢k! No! Alexandra may be everything but to order for my death? No way! I refuse to believe.

How can… I don’t get to finish analysing how Alexa ordered for my death when the third guy plunges the knife into my abd0m£n and pu-lls it out immediately eliciting a painful [email protected] me.

I [email protected],feeling the air knocked out of my lungs as I watch my blood ooze out.

“Sorry Buddy. No [email protected] feelings. Alexandra wants you dead and well do just that”

And that’s the last thing I heard before he stabs me again