Hope and Revenge episode 4 – 5


Episode 4
***** WILLIAM’S POV 11:00PM.

I [email protected] for the hundredth time this evening as another b!ow comes my way.
I sit my bu-tt on the cemented floor and lean against the wall.
This place is disgusting.
Foul smells emanating from each side of the room.
It’s like this place hasn’t been swept or scrubbe-d for ages.
What was I expecting? That a police cell would be sweet scented like a h0tel room? Literally no.
But it’s a cell.
A place where humans are kept not where animals are kept.
The least they could do was clean this foul smelling cell.
And to think I’m going to spend the night, perhaps more nights here for a crime i didn’t commit in the first place.
I was only trying to help Alexa.
Talking of Alexandra.
She fainted.
Her scar was bleeding bladly.
I hope she’s okay.
I really hope she’s okay. I [email protected] frustration.
Here I am locked up in a cell and being beaten by two policemen and all I can think of is the girl who’s father had me locked up? Ah fv¢k me! A strong fist connects with my face and all I can do is spit out blood.
That’s all I’ve been doing for the past hour.
gro-an ing and spitting out blood while they beat me up like I was caught committing murder.
“That was a low b!ow
. Real low. I mean seriously, you couldn’t get any other girl to in-sert your di-ck into other than the rich man’s daughter? Henry Wallace? Don’t you know what happens when poor people mess with the rich huh boy?!”
The shorter policeman teases me and his companion laughs, taking a swig of his beer.
I shake my head. This is a real fv¢ked up country.
A police on duty is getting drun!kand none of his colleagues care enough to st©p him?
“Fool! He is! Now watch how he’s going to rot in jail for attempting to r*pe Mr Wallace’s daughter! Fool! You could have [email protected]£d some homeless girl and no one will dare to arrest you because their case will be thrown out by the court. You could have daily escaped. Money talks, bullsh*t works!”
The drun!kpoliceman says and I clench my fists. My anger getting the better of me.
How dare they spew such gibberish?

“I can’t believe policemen, People who are supposed to protect the country is actually encouraging me to commit a crime. Aren’t you ashamed? You’re shameless enough to tell me to have r*ped a homeless girl? Why? Because her family will probably be irrelevant in society. Aren’t the police supposed to protect both the rich and poor? Isn’t it your job to protect the weak and defenseless? You’ve put the entire police f0rç£ to shame! We’re no longer safe in a country with shallow minded policemen like you! Pathetic!”
I spit out and the drun!k policeman growls in anger and fury hitting me repeatedly.
I don’t budge.
At least I spoke the truth.
He’s nothing but a disgrace to man-hood.
I let him keep hitting me, blood coating my ba-re che-st and belly.
Eventually he’ll get tired.
“You are fools! Stupid! Nincompoops! Arhh! How could you? I gave you a simple instruction. Get me the girl. And you ended up hurting her? Couldn’t you just drug her to make her lose consciousness? Thank God Lydia told me on time and I managed to avert the situation else my husband would have gathered the entire police f0rç£ to search for you fools!”
Alice ban-gs her fists on the table angrily.
“Sorry ma’am. We’ll bring her to you” one
of the men spoke up.
“fv¢k you! I don’t need your services anymore. I’ll do everything myself from now on. Get the fv¢k out of here! You’re useless! And don’t expect me to pay you because I’d be a fool to!”
“What?! But we agreed…”
“We agreed that you bring me the girl, I pay. And you failed like the losers that you are. No pain, no gain. So fv¢k off!! Out!!!”
She screams frantically until both men walk out angrily.
Feeling disrespected.
This wasn’t over.
“Does that mean I don’t get paid too?”

Alice turns at the sound of the voice.
She sm-irks.
“This plan just started Lydia. You do your job well and I’ll reward you”
Lydia grins.
“You know, I really like your son”
“I have two sons Lydia. Twins. Which of them?”
“Marcus. The eldest”
Lydia answers shyly ma-king Alice’s sm-irk widen
Such a fool she was to think she’ll let an 18year old school drop out like her get into a relationsh!pwith her sixteen year old son.
She was stupid to betray her so-called best friend for money.
She scoffs inwardly Oh well, she was useful for now.
Why not take advantage now? For now she was going to use her to get what she wants and when she was done, Poof! She too was gonna disappear.
Alice laughs.
“Sure Lydia. Anything you say”
her voice drips of pure sarcasm, an evil glint flashing in her dark eyes.
I cuss when the bright sun rays blind my vision.
How come it’s shinning suddenly?. I thought it was evening.
My eyes shoot open and I instantly sit up ignoring the sharp pain coursing throu-gh my head.
William!! My eyes roam around frantically.
Oh my God.
He was falsely accused.
I have to st©p my dad.
pu-lling away the duvet from my b©dy, I drop my ba-re feet to the tiled floor when a soft hand holds me back.
“No Alexa. You just regained consciousness. Relax”
I turn, shaking my head
“No Sophie. You don’t get it. William. He’s innocent. And to think he spent the entire night in jail. Sophie I need to tell dad he wasn’t at fault. He’s innocent”
“You mean to say he didn’t try to r*pe you?”
“No. He saved me instead. He saved my life”
Sophie sighs beside me.
“Come on then”
Sophie wra-ps her arms around my shoulders to help me.
I smile appreciatively.
“I think you should let matters be for now”
Lydia suddenly speaks up and I wh!pmy head so fast I heard a crack in my n£¢k.
. There she was, seated at the edge of my bed muching on my favourite ch!ps. I glare at her.
“What do you mean? An innocent man is in police custody and all you can think of telling me Is to let it go? Really Lydia?”
I ask in bewilderment.
She rolls her eyes.
“It’s the truth”
I can’t believe her!
“Seriously Lydia, what’s gotten into you off late? You act so weird sometimes. How can you be so ins-en-sitive. Would you rather she stays quiet and let’s an innocent man go to jail? It was your fault anyway. If you didn’t give Alexa the tequila to drun!kshe wouldn’t have gotten drun!k!”
Sophie accuses.
“She wasn’t herself so I wanted her to relax. It was just two sh0ts of tequila!”
“You know Alexa doesn’t drink. Like ever! And two sh0ts was enough to get her drun!k!”
Sophie retorts. I sigh, ru-bbing the bandage around my head.
“Guys it’s enough. What’s done is done. Let’s concentrate on the issue at hand yeah?”
Lydia dismisses lying back on my be-d.
I li-ck my dryl-ips.
I feel like I don’t know her anymore.
She’s become so ins-en-sitive.
“Come on Alexa. Let’s go to your father so he can drop the charges against the guy”
I nod and we begin to walk towards the door.
gr-abbing the door knob, I turn it to push the door open.
And there stood none other than Alice.
The witch of a stepmother.
I ignore her and try to move but she blocks my way.
“Not so fast dearest stepdaughter”

Episode 5

“Mother that’s enough plea-se”
I plead worriedly.. But as stubborn as she is, she just shakes her head, crying.
I sigh.
“The doctor says you shouldn’t be stressed so plea-se st©p crying plea-se”
“How can I not be stressed when my son is behind bars tell me. Just look at all the wounds on your b©dy
. They’ve beat you so badly Will. You know, you and your brothers are all I’ve got.”
She sobs and I feel my heart breaking into a thousand pieces.
I can’t bear to see my mother shed a single tear.
I’ve been a witness to how my mother suffered to bring all three of us up by herself after dad left and abandoned us after my mother suffered an accident.
He didn’t want to be burdened with a crippled wife and three kids.
She was hit by a car.
A black sedan.
I was there when it happened.
And the driver, a young girl who’s face I didn’t exactly see didn’t bother to st©p after she hit my mother.
Instead she drove away leaving my mother in a helpless state and causing her to be crippled.
That’s if my mother doesn’t get her surgery before the time expires, then she’ll be rendered a cripple for life.
My two elder brothers who after great difficulty managed to complete college few months ago have been searching for jobs here and there.
But in this 21st century,even a degree can’t get you a decent job. It’s all about favouritism and nepotism.
And after two years of completion of high school at age nineteen, I had finally managed to get enrolled in a university where I’ll be starting next month September
. But now,only God knows if I’ll get out of here soon enough. I sigh,l!çk!ng my dryl-ips.
Michael, my eldest brother calls out, jo-lting me out of my reverie.
I answer abs£ntmindedly.
“You’re innocent aren’t you?”
I shoot him a death glare at the ridiculous question.
“You know me better than that Michael! I would never disrespect any woman.”
“Then why did you spend the night in jail? Why didn’t the girl drop the charges against you?”
[email protected],the second eldest questioned.
“It wasn’t her. Her father was the one who filed a case against me. As for Alexa she was bleeding pretty bad last night. She fainted. She didn’t even know what was going on. She’ll come to give her statement when she is better”
I say with a hint of certainty.
Do I really trust her that much..
“Enough boys. Don’t make your little brother talk too much. Can’t you see how weak he is?”
My mother scolds and I’m tem-pted to gro-an ..
“I’m not little mother. I’m twenty one!”
I emphasize but all I get is her pinching my cheeks like a two year old.
I sigh.
“Here, I made you your favorite.”
She tells me,opening the food flask.
The aroma filling my nostrils ma-king me [email protected] in pure delight.
[email protected] chuckles.
“You’ll always be a little boy Willy boy. See how you gush over mere food”
I glare at him.
I hate it when they call me that.
“I wasn’t gushing!” “Oh st©p bullying my baby!”
Mother hits [email protected] and I gro-an .
“I’m not a baby mother!”
I exclaim and it was Michael’s turn to laugh.
“Eat. You must be hungry. My poor baby, see how they hurt you”
she sniffs, holding back tears.
We all sit at the counter-back in silence as I eat the rice ba-lls with groundnut soup.
And for the first time, I losr appetite while eating my favorite food.
I can’t st©p thinking.
Thinking about the possibility that I may never go scotfree.
That I may end up getting s£ntenced because we do not have enough money to pay for a good lawyer.
What was my fault in this? I was only trying to help.
If only my brothers hadn’t persuaded me to go to the club with them to celebr@te my admission into the university, I wouldn’t have been here.
What if Alexa never comes? What if? No no.. She will. She will.
I snap my head up.
“Yes mom?”
“Are you okay?”
“Yes mother. I’m fine. I will be fine”
I give her a small smile. I will be fine.
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She betrayed me.
She fv¢king betrayed me! That bit-ch! That lying bit-ch! I grit my teeth as the police officers guide me down the van and walk me towards the courtroom.
Media personnels rushing to surround us,[email protected]£ras cl!çk!ng in each other direction as they all begin to bombard me with questions.
I’m tem-pted to insult all of them but I hold myself.
With both my hands cuffed, I lift it to shield my face from the [email protected]£ras.
Alexander Wallace betrayed me.
She never [email protected]£ to give her statement.
She never dropped the case against me.
She never [email protected]£ to visit me once and now my case is going to be tried.
There’s no escape.
My family couldn’t even afford a lawyer so a lawyer was given to us by the government.
And when that happened, I just knew we had lost the case.
I make sure to avoid all the death glares I’m receiving as I walk into the box.
It doesn’t take long for the judge to arrive and everything begins after I’m made to swear to speak nothing but the truth.
I snort. As if the truth will even save me.
“William Wilson, do you plead guilty?”
The judge asks and I’m tem-pted to walk to him and punch him.
The fv¢ktard!
“I’m innocent”
I say for the thousand time.
“Very well then. Plaintiff,do you have anything to say?”
The judge asks and the lawyer gets up and begins to speak lies against me.
Alexa, the so-called victim didn’t even show up to testify.
The lawyer giving flimsy excuses saying she’s still recuperating and suffering from trauma so she can’t testify.
Pure lies! I tune out to the whole conversation when witnesses are being called.
All of them.
And even when the court takes a break for fifteen minutes I refuse to go meet my family.
I can’t afford to see them broken,helpless especially mother.
And so after the break was over I just stood there,staring at the handcuffs as I await the verdict.
Alexandra let me down.
She betrayed me.

In the most painful way.
“Taking into accounts all evidences and arguments between both [email protected], I hereby declare that William Wilson is guilty of attem-pted r*pe, physical and emotional abuse as charged. I hereby s£ntence him to twelve months in jail. This court is adjourned”
I’m transfixed.
Twelve months?!! A whole year? For a crime I didn’t commit?.
fv¢k! This is injustice! I’ve heard stories where people have been s£ntence to only six to eight months in prison for r*pe.
But I? For attem-pted r*pe, which isn’t even true and I’m s£ntenced to twelve months? Why? Because I’m poor? Because I couldn’t defend myself?
I turn.
My mother is Wheeling herself to where I am.
my voice breaks.
“Will this is unfair. This is injustice! You’re innocent! Let go off my son!!”
Mother screams, tugging the handcuffs on my hand.
“I’ll be fine mother”
I say,doubting my own words.
I won’t be fine,but I can’t let them see me broken.
“Take care of mother Michael”
I tell my brother as the police drag me away.
Yet again,my education has been stalled for a whole year because of a frivolous issue.
I’ll be known as a r*pist and an ex convict.
My mother is in tears.
My brothers are in distraught.
All because I tried to do good.
Never again! Never again will I do good! fv¢k!

“Drive fas-ter!”
I yell at Sophie who in turn steps on the [email protected], pushing us forward.
I shut my eyes and pray fervently.
I hope the judge hasn’t [email protected] his s£ntence yet.
Oh God!.

That witch of a stepmother had managed to convince my father that I was suffering from psychological trauma and so I wasn’t allowed to go out.
I was un-der house arrest.
My phone was even taken away and anytime my dad would come to my room,i always tried to tell him but my stepmother always interrupted.
It like she was doing all she could to prevent me from speaking up.
A guard had been placed in front my room for two weeks.
Only God knows how we had to hit him unconscious and get past all the guards to escape.. I have to testify.
He’s innocent.
William is innocent.
Knowing my father’s influence, he would be given a longer s£ntence than normal.
A lone tear escapes my eye and I wipe it quic-kly.
“plea-se step on the [email protected].. fas-ter Sophie!”
I yell in exasperation.
“Almost there Alexa. Almost”
she answers.
plea-se let me reach on time.
I pray.
Upon arriving, I don’t even wait for Sophie to park the car well before I bolt out of the car, running towards the courtroom.
But then I st©p when I realise people are trooping out, I see William being esc-rted out by three police officers.
Journalists surrounding them.
I push my way throu-gh the crowd till I get to him.
I call out,[email protected].
He st©ps and turns to face me,a dark gleam in His eyes.
He looks broken,defeated.
“Ah,the victim finally showed up.your lawyer had said you were still on a hospital be-d,recuperating and still in trauma”
he pauses to stare at me
“I see you’re perfectly fine”
What? Me? In a hospital be-d?
“William I…”
I begin but he st©ps me.
“Don’t you fv¢king say a word else I swear I’m gonna commit a crime for real this time. Just because you think you’re rich, you pay off anyone to do your bidding. You never [email protected]£ Alexandra. I waited but you never [email protected]£. You watched an innocent man get s£ntenced for a crime he didn’t commit. I trusted a stranger that much to have waited. What a fool I am”
William laughs bitterly.
“Watch your back Alexandra Wallace. Because I swear to all things holy that if I ever make it out of jail alive after my twelve months s£ntence is up, I’ll come for you. And I’ll tear you to pieces. Mark my words”
he spits with pure venom in his voice and I flin-ch, a tear escaping my eye.
I watch as a woman in a wheelchair drags herself out rushing after William who’s been hogged up into the police van, crying.
Oh God, what have I done?

What’s going to happen now?