Hope and revenge episode 6


Alexandra bolted throu-gh the open huge iron gates, ma-king her way throu-gh the compound and into the comforting interior of the Aston Villa.
A place where she used to consider home.
A place where suddenly felt more like a prison cell to her after her mother’s demise.
Stepping into the hall, she sp©tted the twins seated on the couch as they wrestled with pillows.
She ignores them and walks up the stairs towards her father’s room.
She and the twins had never gotten along anyway.

Sighting her father’s room, a few metres away, she increases her pace.
Reaching the door, she was contemplating whether to knock or not.
But then she thought.
To hell with manners! She pushes the door open, and steps In only to reveal an empty room.
She calls out looking around.
The large white painted room was visibly empty.
She tries again.
No response.

Where could her father be? There was no sound emanating from the bathroom also.
Turning on her heels, she walks towards her room.
Maybe he had gone to look for her.
Entering her room, it was empty also.
Sighing in exasperation, she begins to search the entire house, every nook and cranny until she finds herself back at the living room.
Still no sign of him.
Where could he have disappeared to so suddenly?
“Dad where are you?!”
She screams
“Looking for your papa love?”
The sickening voice which always s£nt disgusting shivers down her spine snickers from behind.
Alexa doesn’t reply.
She wasn’t going to indulge her.
Not today.

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“Just in case you’ll like to know where your papa is, well he’s out of town for an urgent business meeting”
she continues unperturbe-d.
At that, she spins around immediately to face her nemesis.
“What do you mean he’s gone for an urgent business meeting? My father never attends such aprubt meetings and if it’s so urgent he at least informs me!”
Alexa scowls at her, earning a rather much unwarranted chuckle from Alice.
“Oh well, things change. People change. Sorry he didn’t inform you love”
She narrows her eyes at her suspiciously.
“You did this”
she says.
It wasn’t a question up for debate.
It was the truth. She knew.
“You made up this fake meeting just so my father will be out of town. That way I wouldn’t have the chance to speak to him right?”
She accuses and Alice’s silence confirmed her thoughts.
“You’re not just a heartless woman but you’re a viper. A venomous woman. Snake! I hope you know what happens to snakes right? Just like any s-en-sible person will chop the head of a snake if they come across it, I’ll do the same thing to you. I un-derstand you hate me because of your ulterior motives but trust me, the feeling is so damn mutual. You make me wanna puke! This isn’t over Alice. I’ll be back!”
Alexa sneers with every ounce of disgust she had for the woman and turns on her heel, bolting out of the room.
She had to see Will.

Will sat dejectedly, staring at the brown coloured prison clothes he had been made to wear.
He had just managed to find himself a sp©t for himself after great difficulty.
Jail was hell.
If not hell, it was the second in command.
Jail wasn’t what he had envisioned it to be.

No. It wasn’t like how he usually saw in Hollywood movies.
How every prisoner had their own mattress or be-d to sleep in.
How some prisons had basketball courts.
Pfft! He should have known better.
Ghanaian prisons were nothing like American ones.
This place ba-rely had be-ds.
Only the feared ones and those who had been there for so many years had a be-d to themselves.
The rest had to find a sp©t on the dirty unscrubbe-d cemented floor.
And more often than not,you would end up sharing a tiny sp©t with two other people because each cell was over crowded.
He sighs.
He hadn’t even gone out to eat when lunch was served.
He could just imagine how tasteless and pathetic the food was.
How were his brothers doing? How was his mother doing? He sighs again, fighting back a tear.
He shouldn’t cry.
How did his life become so disoriented and messed up in just the matter of hours.
How could his life be turned around with just one word from a man called a judge? How? How did….
“William Wilson? You have a visitor!”
A prison warden shouts.
A visitor? ba-rely three hours since he got here and he had a visitor alre-ady? That was impossible unless whoever the visitor was, had bribe-d his/her way in.
Sighing, he gets up and waits for the warden to unlock the cell before he steps out and follows him.

Entering the visitors area, I st©p dead in my tracks, a de-ep scowl on my face as my eyes rest on my ark nemesis.
The devil incarnate.
How dare she? Taking long strides towards where she sat, I occupied the seat opposite her ban-ging my fists in the process startling her.
But I could care less.
“How the he-ll were you given permission to see me? As far as I’m concerned I just got into this hell hole today so I’m not allowed visitors. How did…”
I pause, b!tt!g myl-ips.
Yeah, how could I forget.
“Ah right. I forgot. I’m sure you bribe-d your way. Typical of a Wallace to do”
I spit out and hurt flashes in her eyes.
I ignore it.
Not like I care.
she reaches out to t©uçh me and I yank my hand away.

“Don’t you fv¢king t©uçh me!”
“I’m so sorry Will. Believe me, I tried. I wanted to speak to my father to drop the case but… But he’s out of town. But I’m not giving up.. Will.. I..”
I don’t let her finish the pathetic excuse when I interrupt.
“I said leave!”
“Godammit! leave!”
I ban-g my fists and get up, motioning to one of the prison wardens.
“If she ever comes to visit me, plea-se decline her visit”
I tell him and walk out.
She can sit there for all I care.
bit-ch! Why did she have to come here? To add salt to my wounds? Stomping back into my cell, I was so angry I didn’t realise I accidentally hit my foot against a person.
“Hey? You! Bozo! You blind?!!”
“Uhh. I’m sorry. I didn’t see you”
I apologise, desperate not to get into trouble on my first day here.
“Oh, you the new kiddo huh? The one who ban-ged the rich man’s daughter? Ah.”
He sm-irks.

“Umm excuse me”
I try to walk away but he gr-abs me.
“You don’t walk away when I’m still talking to you. And you don’t leave my questions unanswered! When I ask a question, you answer. Got it kiddo? Else I’ll make your stay here in prison miserable.!”
“Hey Rock, leave the boy alone”
a cell mate interferes and the Rock guy let’s go off me.
I immediately scurry to sit at my tiny sp©t against the cold wall and shut my eyes.. How did I end up like this? Mother.
I pray mother is fine.
“I know how you feel. I felt the same way two years ago”
a voice says beside me and my eyes shoots open to stare at the owner of the voice.
It was the same cellmate who defended me.
“What do you mean?”
I couldn’t help but ask.
He chuckles darkly
“I know you’re innocent. I know you didn’t do anything. Just like I didn’t do anything. But welcome to the era where the rich suppresses the poor.”
“You know nothing”
I turn away.
“Oh trust me I do. I do because I was accused falsely like you.. By the same Wallace family”
At that revelation, I wh!pmy head so fast.
He nods.

“I was a witness to a crime committed. I used to be the family’s designated driver. But when Henry Wallace found out what I knew, he swiftly asked me take a leave for a few days. Imagine my shock when I got home only to find the police waiting at my doorstep to arrest me. They claimed I had defrauded Mr Wallace. Imagine my shock. I couldn’t defend myself. After all, I was just a normal driver with average income. Mr Wallace had alre-ady created concrete evidence against me. it was a perfect plan.”
The man shakes his head laughing.
“But why are you telling me this?”
His laughter disappears instantly, replaced by a dark look
“Revenge. I want revenge. I’ve been here for two years alre-ady. I want revenge and no one knows how this feels better than you. Tell me, don’t you want revenge for being thrown into jail for something you didn’t do? Are you going to let this go?”
I frown. Of course I’m not going to let this go.. But revenge? I rub my face.
How can I accept this offer? Isn’t revenge too extreme? But something bugs my mind. I turn back to face him.
“What did you see? Why did Mr Wallace Frame you?”
“I saw something I wasn’t supposed to see. Don’t get me wrong. Henry Wallace is a good man. He’s built community schools, clinics and Whatnots. But like any man, he’s got flaws. He’s got his dark side too”
Can’t he get straight to the point? My God!
“They were arguing that day. A heated argument. She was crying. She was accusing him of cheating on him for more than fifteen years. She was accusing him of having other children outside their marriage.”
“Mr’s Wallace. Alexandra’s mother”
“get straight to the point. What did you see that day?”
I ask impatiently and he li-cks his l-ips.

With the way his eyes are twitching, I feel like I’m not going to like what he has to say.
And so I wait.
“I saw him… Mr Wallace.. when he killed his wife that day. He pushed her down the stairs”.
My eyes bulge. What?!