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Hot beans episode 2


Hot beans


After thorough consideration on all the available meal, I decided to go for the third option on the signboard which is Beans and Bread .
I observed inside the canteen immediately I entered, and discovered the joint was meant for labourers and not gentlemen.
So many bike men and keke-napep riders were battling with what they ordered for, while some were even ordering for extra plate.
I shrugged as I located a cool spot and sat responsibly, waiting for one of the attendant to confront me on what to take.
Before I could balance on the chair, The owner who people were calling ‘Mama Yabasikira’ walked to me;
MAMA YABASIKIRA: Bros Watin I go give you?

ME: I nor know if you get fried plantain oo, but if you get abeg sell am come with beans

MAMA YABASIKIRA: Eh! Nor vex bros, plantain too cost for market and costumers dey complain if we sell one dodo N10, na make we stop am

ME: So na only bread person go fit use chop the beans?


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ME: Okay, give me the beans and bread N200

MAMA YABASIKIRA: Ah! You go enjoy am I swear, make I go bring am

ME: Hope the beans hot?

MAMA YABASIKIRA: E’ nor hot oo, but I fit warm am for you

ME: Please do, because I dey travel and I need Watin go hold my belle well well. In short, add 2 cooked egg join because I nor like eat meat

MAMA YABASIKIRA: No problem bros, na the right place you don enter so, after you eat finish na only you go give the testimony

ME: Its alright, I am waiting.

After about 10minutes of waiting, Mama Yabasikira brought the hot beans and bread to me.
I ate it in hurry, rushing the beans and bread and finally topped it with a chilled fanta.
The combination was so sweet that I wanted to order for an extra plate just like others. There was no doubt that Mama Yabasikira is washing something-beneath, inside her food because I bet you no one will have a taste and won’t request for another.
Just to meet up with the other campers i paid Mama Yabasikira N500 without collecting my change, and rushed back to the church.

When I got there, everyone including the charming Angel who has been plaiting my bololo dada (bursting my brain) were all sitting helplessly in different positions, waiting for the last person.
I approached the first people that came with me at where they were standing, to know if everyone was now present. But they let me know that everyone is around apart from one Eliboy who didn’t answered his name while the camp leader was calling the names of those who registered.
I let them know I am the one, and decided to make a general apology;
ME: Please I am the last person you all have been waiting for, sorry for the delay I must have caused you all
(They all responded calmly, but the fattest girl in our midst chooses to oppose)

FAT GIRL: Sorry for your head! You kept matured people like me waiting and you are there saying sorry
(In my mind I was like; what type of a christian is this, or does she think fatness is maturity?)

ME: Madam, It hasn’t gotten to insult nah haba!

YOUTH PASTOR: Its okay, we don’t have to abuse ourselves, the camp leader went to look for you Eliboy and I think he will soon be back.

ME: Okay! Thanks

The fat girl was still grumbling when the camp leader finally came.
I apologised to him and the rest campers before we finally entered the bus to occupy our seats…



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