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Hot beans episode 3


Hot beans


As a waffarian with coded sensitivity, I observed the entering pattern of all the campers and made sure I go in, after the pretty girl.
My calculations really worked for me as she climbed in, locating the window end of the second row of seat, while I follow her as fast as I could.
I was able to seat next to her, but the worst happened when that very fat girl that scolded me joined us on that roll, to complete it 3 passengers. This is the last thing I could ever think of; Does it mean i miscalculated? Gosshhh, She is so annoying and irritating with the way she does her things.

I was so unlucky to have seated in between the winner of my heart, and that so called fat bread buns that almost insulted my life..
Imagine the way she proved to be a matter by occupying extra space, making us to tight ourselves on the seat.
How I wish I could push her to another seat. The only option here, is for me to leave the seat for another, which I can’t do because of the privilege I had to seat close to that babe.


Before we kick off the journey, the youth pastor of our student fellowship prayed to God, in regards to our journey before the driver woke up the car engine.

let us pray
“In the name of God we go on this journey. May God the Father be with us, God the Son protect us, and God the Holy Ghost be by our side.
Lord, be our guide and our protector on the journey we are about to take. Watch over us, Protect us from accidents, Keep us free from harm.
Lord, support us with Your grace when we are tired. Help us be patient in any trouble which may come our way. Keep us always mindful of Your presence and love.
O Almighty and merciful God, who has commissioned your angels to guide and protect us, may they be our companions from our setting out until our return. Clothe us with their invisible protection; keep from us all danger of collision, of fire, of explosion, of falling; and finally, having preserved us from all evil, and especially from sin, guide us to the Lagos camp yard. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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After the prayers, the camp leader gave a little talk while the vehicle was on acceleration (moving), and sat down immediately he was done. The entire bus was free of noise, as it came to our notice that the stereo was faulty.
While the journey commenced, I really wanted to have a talk with the girl but because of that fat bread buns I decided to forget about having a talk with her. Probably I might be opportune to know her better in the camp yard.

We haven’t driven up to 40minutes when my tommy started hitting me, it didn’t only hot me but could even boil any water poured on my belle. It repeatedly bit me up to the extent that I could not bear it anymore.
I pour some saliva on my hand and used it to rub my belle button to see if it will stop, but it didn’t.

Kai, I pray you never experience such in public, please say amen oooooo! Don’t see this as super story, I guess some of you must have experience it before me sha….


I couldn’t shout or cry, I was so in pain that I had to bend my face on the ground, supporting it with the front seat.
I was like that for some time when I noticed something heavy in my anus.
I tried to s–k my anus in and out and noticed it was fart (mess). I knew if I released it, definitely everywhere will ooze like suckaway pit.
I tight my anus, but the pressure it has was far stronger than centrifugal force, that I didn’t know when it burst out from my anus uncontrollably.
The odour was so horrible that everyone in the bus started covering their nose.
I was happy it didn’t produced noisy sound while coming out, so nobody will suspect me.
Everyone were just staring at each other, but the attention drawer was the fat girl because she was the first person to perceive it.

The girl whom I wasn’t able to ask what her name was, or start up a conversation with, brought out her handkerchief which she placed on her pointed nose
**she did that to dilute/filter the odour following the air inside her noise**
And located the music player on her phone, after placing her earpiece on her ears.
hot beans at work

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