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Hot beans episode 4


Hot beans


It was obvious and certain that, what I released was hazardous and could had even caused miscarriage, assuming a pregnant woman was inside the vehicle with us.

At my own end, I taught the released fart (mess) would stop my tommy from paining me, but the pain didn’t relieve me at all.
I quickly had a rethink and discovered it was Mama Yabasikira beans that is at work in my system.

I regretted ever entering her canteen that day, but the more I stress my brain thinking about how i rushed the meal, the more I felt the chemical reaction of the hot beans causing damages in my stomach…
Having 3hrs left on the trip, I started praying in my mind that we should get to our destination on time, so I can get myself a supplement or any available working drug to take.
I was still praying when another one came out unknowingly, this time around the odour was so unpleasant that even the student pastor that was forming hard man shouted ‘Blood Of Jesus’.
Others on the bus could not bear it, as the odour fights against the AC of the car. Those sitting closed to the windows quickly opened them, forgetting that the air conditioned was on.
Everyone was saying what they have to do about the offensive odour from the fart (mess) that has taken over everywhere.
The fat girl didn’t know when she exclaimed ‘I don die oo, who did this?’. Some were pouring out curse/swear in a Christian way, praying that God should expose the person behind it.
I was just quiet listening to them, and rejecting all their curses by saying ‘Nor be my head oo’ in my mind.

I taught the whole thing will stop with the last fart (gas), I never knew I was about performing great wonders. In-frequent bowel movements emerge from nowhere and led to abdominal pain, Its a clear sign that I had to stool as fast as I could.
It was just as if what i ate haven’t digested, and was forcing itself out with great momentum as poop.
Chai!!! I nor fit shiit for body na, that would be the greatest disgrace in my life. I couldn’t bear it, so I told the driver to stop for me to urinate.
The driver didn’t hesitate, he looked for a comfortable place to park the bus, while I stepped down as fast as I could, jumping over the fat girl who refused to come down.
The driver asked everyone who would love to urinate to do so now, that he won’t be stopping again, and some other persons alighted too.
Among all of us that came down I was the only person that went into the bush, this makes others to be surprised but I never cared.
I located a good spot in the bush, pluck some leaves which I spread on the floor and squatted, releasing the excreta that has been burning my system.

**”My readers how I wish you saw the smoke that was coming out”**

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I tried to execute all the faeces, but behold it was only few that came out.
I have to pluck some set of leaves which I squeeze together and used in cleaning my anus, before joining those in the bus.
They noticed I delayed in there but don’t actually know what I went there to do.


For almost an hour I was free from Mama Yabasikira hot beans torment, we stopped at ore where some of the campers bought food to eat.
I only bought a bottle of Eva water which I was drinking slowly as the journey proceeds.
The charming damsel by the window bought banana and groundnut which she was eating at the same time nodding her head to the soft beats she was listening to, while the fat girl at the other end bought moi-moi and bread. I don’t even know if it was the moi-moi that got my system angry again.
My tommy became bloat and painful, in the next minute I started having this feeling that I want to shiit (poop) again. I noticed the driver was in high speed and has warned not to stop again.
But the thing was becoming unbearable that I had to plead with him to stop. The driver refused to stop, even the camp leader begged him to stop so I can urinate but he said he can’t that he told us before.
Out of anger I started complaining to him
”oga u nor go stop again abi???? hope you know sey we pay you?’
“Oh because you pay me I nor go reach where we dey go eh? Piss for body because I nor go stop’
“Okay, I hear you’. I exclaimed.


I tried to hold it till we get to our destination, but the faeces refused to be hold. The next thing I heard was a thunderous spark from my anus ‘Kpokpokpraakpa’, the vibration got those sitting with me scared.
This time I have been caught red handedly, that wasn’t my problem actually but the shiit (poop) that came along with the sound was an embarrassment to me…


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