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Hot beans episode 5


Hot beans


I have disgraced myself by shiiting (stooling) on my body.
The fat girl was the first person to jump up from the seat and struggled to climb the next seat. Her size couldn’t make her secure a place in the next seat as those there pushed her from their body.
The bus became rowdy, some people who don’t know what was happening shouted at the driver to stop the bus, which made him matched an automatic break.
Everyone started fighting with the door, struggling to come out from the bus. The driver taught it was only the fart he never knew it’s more critical;
DRIVER: Na who mess sawa (sour) mess for this bus?

PRETTY GIRL: Gossshhh! Its more than fart

FAT GIRL: Na shiit and mess combined together oo, the thing dey kill me here

STUDENT PASTOR: Driver I can’t open this door please help
(Talking with his nose closed)

ANOTHER CAMPER: Oga please come and open your door ooooooo

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The driver was still behaving reluctantly, that it was the camp leader who was sitting at the front with the driver, that came to their rescue.
He rushed to the door and opened it at once.
The campers were jumping and climbing each others, especially those who could not alight from the bus quickly.


At this point I was just shaking my head in disbelief. How on earth will I wash this shame of myself.
Imagine the shame and disgrace Mama Yabasikira has put me. Soon everyone evacuated the bus leaving me alone inside.
I quietly removed my trouser, bent down on one of the seats where I toilet comfortably until I was satisfy, it was smelling just like the beans I ate.
I collected another trouser from my bag and put it on after cleaning my anus with the first one I wore.

All the campers including the camp leader and the driver were complaining outside that I should come out, but I didn’t answered them until I was done.


After I finished cleaning the shiit (poop) that stained the seat, I walked out shamefully;

DRIVER: Na true say you shiit for inside?

ME: **looked at him and send my face back to the direction I have decided to throw away the clothes I used in cleaning the excreata**

FAT GIRL: Driver you be doubting Thomas? Go and see for yourself na, or can’t you perceive the smell from his body?
(Blabbing as if she was the only one in the bus)

PASTOR: May the good Lord be with you

DRIVER: Good Lord ke! Better go and look for soap and water to wash it oo

I gave them deaf ears, walked to the bush part off the tar road, and throw away the clothes.
To avoid further embarrassment, I went to a nearby store where I bought klin soap.
Thank God the car stopped closed to a small community, I explained everything to the lady who sold the soap to me, and she instruct her son to carry a bucket of water along with me.
I got to where the bus was, and with the assistance from the small boy, I was able to wash the vehicle…

After washing it, I gave the small boy N500 for his support which he refused to collect and ran down home.
Everyone entered the car in turn, and I could see the kind of pity look I got from my intended to be church girlfriend.
Immediately everyone got in, we continued our journey and I could not say a word as other campers especially the fat lady beside me, makes jest of me.
She even did the worst by bringing out her aboki perfume and spray all around me and the seat. She deliberately borrowed it to each roll of seat for them to spray it round so the bad odour won’t dominate…

We finally got to our destination, and I was the laughing stock in the camp

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