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Hot beans episode 6 – finale


Hot beans


We arrived there a little bit late as a result of the delay I caused the rest campers.
The first person that welcomed me was my little kid sister Elizabeth, she rushed down to the park when she heard that our bus just arrived.
Seeing my mood and the way others who boarded the same bus with me looked, she knew all was not well.
She tried to know the secret behind my state of depression, but I didn’t unveil it to her immediately as I wasn’t in the mood for such.
The first thing I did was to lodge in the quarters meant for male before meeting up with my Sister again.


She complained of being hungry and insisted on eating from any restaurant around, before the church catering service will provide meal for all campers.
With the experience I had from Mama Yabasikiri restaurant, I declined her suggestions and made her know that if not eatery like sizzlers, Mr. Biggs, Fantazia etc then I won’t allow her to eat anywhere else.
She tried to know why I stopped her from eating in the canteens around, but i didn’t educe any explanation at that moment.

We later saw a small store where I bought a 50cl of Pepsi, and eggroll for her.
While she was eating, I narrated all that I passed through while coming to the camp.
Elizabeth was so ashamed of the situation and felt pity on me.
She knew I will be mocked by those who I came with, and planned on how she will rundown anyone that tried to make jest of me because of all that happened.
Elizabeth being helpful, also assured me that I will get the pretty girl I have been yelling for.

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Immediately she finished with her light meal, we went back to the camp where we partook in all the activities for that day.

— — — —


The next day of the camp (Saturday) was scheduled for Bible quiz.
Those that normally represents our branch didn’t come with us this year.
Myself and the fair pretty girl were the ones chosen to represent our school branch, in this years edition.
I wasn’t really prepared for the Bible quiz, but since I was chosen by our camp leader I had no other choice, than to accept.

Our names were submitted on her behalf by the camp leader. And it was as a result of the quiz, that I knew her name to be Anita….
We did well in the bible quiz as we counter all the questions co-operatively, but at the end we weren’t able to clinch the first prize.
We took second with an overall grand point of 145, while Lagos branch who hosted this years youth camp took first with a total point of 155.
The difference wasn’t that much, and this made us to be more happy with the intention of doing better the next year. And as a result of this Anita became more friendly to me.
Those who were mocking me due to what happened on the bus, became friendly to me also. The secret behind it is because our branch has never excelled that far in any competitive game @ our camping history.

— — — —

Ya, I was really immersed in shame but my extra-ordinary performance throughout the camp brought back honour to me, especially that of the quiz.
My younger sister (Elizabeth) on my behalf talked to Anita, and behold I never knew she accepted me.
We both came across each other severally, but I never gave her time nor talk to her.
Even the fat bread buns came to congratulate me, but I gave her fake smile and stylishly left her presence…

After the Sunday activities, we all prepared our belongings so we can leave early Monday morning…

It was fun moment all around me in the camp, but whenever I am happy, Mama Yabasikira always come into my mind. If only I could approach her and give her the insult of a life time…


We left the camp yard in Lagos as early as 5am.
It was just as if myself and Anita were meant to be, we both sat in same seat but my greatest happiness was that the bread buns of a woman didn’t sit close to us…
Anita started a conversation with me, and told me she noticed I liked her and she felt same for me.
In the course of our discussion, I observed my Elizabeth was the secret behind her acceptance.

Anita didn’t stopped there, she cross-examined me by asking what made me excrete on the bus, and I explained it all to her. She was really sorry for all I went through during our Journey to camp and adviced I stay-off roadside meals next time am travelling…


We finally got to our destination, and she pleaded I shouldn’t go to Mama Yabasikira to complain or pickup a fight.

QUESTION: What kind of complain do I even have to lay? and if I should complain is there any offence I can hold her with?

Well, ever since this disgraceful event, I vowed never to taste beans not even the one cooked by me….

Thanks for reading Hot Beans….


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